Progress is Being Made on the Loeb/Campbell Spider-Man Project

We have been hearing about a Jeph Loeb/Scott Campbell collaboration for a Spider-Man comic book for some time now. This week's Cup O' Joe article on revealed that this Spider-Man project is still in the works:

Board Member matthew2k10 asked "What's the status of jeph loeb and j scott campbell's spiderman project?"

Brevoort: It’s still being worked on, slowly but surely, Matthew -- and here’s a random preview panel from the second issue to prove it! It’s funny, but fans advocate all the time for us to get series like these finished or almost finished before we release them, and when we try to do that, other readers get impatient. But it’s our own fault, I expect, for getting excited about these projects and wanting to show them off and announce them so early.

 I personally can't wait! :)
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Posted by Emperor Gonzo Noir

Omigod, wow I actually remember this from yeeeeears back.

Posted by xerox_kitty

I'll be collecting my pension before this comes out... JSC is infuriatingly SLOooooooooooW for someone with such a rushed style of art.

Posted by sora_thekey
@Emperor Gonzo Noir: @xerox-kitty: Well hopefully we'll get a chance to read it... Someday!
Posted by zombietag

looks sweet. i can wait for it though, both these guys have their plates full with stuff. actually, at least jeph loeb does. i dont really know what j scott campbells doing besides variant covers....

Posted by kingoftheworld

dont hold your breath. when was the last issue of ultimate x?
Posted by Sammo21

I actually talked to JSC at Dragon Con this year and asked him about this. He said there still isn't any traction, so he doesn't know.

Posted by PunyParker

If its Peter Parker comic i can wait......

Posted by RogueJuggernaut

@PunyParker: Ofcourse it is.

Posted by darthfury78

Since Jeph Loeb is super busy these days, why can't Marvel just get another writer to work with Scott Campbell? No project should take this long to finish.

Posted by sora_thekey

@darthfury78: Scott Campbell is the one who is taking his time. Not Loeb.

Posted by iancoderre3

When will this come out? Its taking forever!

Posted by darthfury78

@sora_thekey said:

@darthfury78: Scott Campbell is the one who is taking his time. Not Loeb.

There was a time when Scott Campbell was doing Gen 13 and Danger Girl on a timely basis. I can't the idea of artists deciding to take their sweet time when guys like Todd McFarlane and Jim Lee do their job ahead of time.