Marvel Studios: Introducing The Avengers - SDCC 2010 Video

Two weeks ago I posted three videos from which presented a recollection of videos of the Thor, Captain America and the Avengers panels and signing. Like me, most of you noticed that the work done into the videos were lacking a certain flair that would be expected from the actual source:!
Well last week made up for it in a way with a new video: Marvel Studios' The Avengers: The Intros 


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Eh. I noticed the lack of female avengers. Where is Wasp, Tigra, Ms. Marvel?
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wait for this
Posted by saiyan_earthling

I can hardly wait for the Avengers movie.

Posted by claud

Robert Downey Jr. charming as always

Posted by MatKrenz

Looks cool.
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Gonna be the BEST Comic Book Movie...EVER!

Posted by xkoenig

Potentially a great movie.

Posted by Venom999

i cant wait to see the final result of this combination.

Posted by TheMadMonkey

Posting just to complete a quest.

Posted by Zaber

not so bad! 

Posted by PsychoPanda

Funny, looking back on this.

Posted by Tandaemonium

Can't wait to see the footage start filming this week. Sets look great.

Posted by christopherwalken

Samuel L. Jackson is one cool dude. Maybe even as cool as Christopher Walken. Who knows?