Joe the Barbarian Movie in Development

Grant Morrison, writer of The Return of Bruce Wayne, Batman and Robin and 52 has informed Robot 6 that a feature film of one my favorite mini series Joe the Barbarian is in the works by Thunder Road Pictures, the same producers from Clash of the Titans.

"Thunder Road just called me today and said we can officially announce it, so I'm quite happy about that,"

Morrison told Robot 6.
Morrison himself won't be writing the screenplay for this eight issue mini series adaptation that began in January. The story is about a diabetic teenager named Joe who is sucked into a fantasy world where his pet Rat is a warrior and his toys talk. All while in the real world all his actions are in fact a diabetic shock. 
Also this is a good moment to announce that the hardcover will be released January of 2011.

Personally I love this series because I relate so well with the character better than anybody else, for a lot of reasons, but you don't have to take my word for it, go read it yourselves or take the Comic Vine staff's word for it: Joe the Barbarian #1 Review, Unscripted: Joe the Barbarian #3 & Review: Joe the Barbarian #4
So let me just put this idea out there... I love the story and the character so much that I would like to play Joe Manson in the Joe the Barbarian movie... 
What do you guys think do I have a shot? If not me then who should play Joe?
Posted by Omega Ray Jay

I love this series but I'm really unsure about this news. I have very strong doubts that a film could tell this story in the appropriate manner, i just can't see this making the transition to the screen without loosing a lot of it's character and feel. Of course i would be over the moon if it were a great adaptation, I think it would have to be done by a director with a very distinct style and vision. Elements along the lines of the UK Life on Mars would suit this i think.

Posted by sora_thekey
@Omega Ray Jay: If I were to play Joe Manson I could make sure it's a great adaptation.... *wink*
On a serious note I understand what you mean, it's one of those things where Wonderland has to translate crazy enough otherwise it won't be Wonderland...
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Posted by jakob187

Having finally seen Clash of the Titans last night, I really hope to God and every other possible higher being the world over...that they do NOT f#$! this up as bad as they f#$!ed up Clash of the Titans.  That movie was T-E-R-R-I-B-L-E in ways that T-E-R-R-I-B-L-E have only been done by Uwe Boll in some cases!

Posted by ComicMan24

I haven't read the comic but the reviews I saw here were good. I would watch it.