Green Lantern Movie: Suit, Ring and Power Battery Details

I am a new reader to DC so I don't know much about the Green Lantern Universe as much as most of you here on the site, but I have been reading recent GL stories and I have to say I love them so far!

Man-crush of G-Man, Ryan Reynolds is going to be Hal Jordan in next year's Green Lantern movie and we have seen a few pics of the ring and a he made the cover of Entertainment Weekly in the CGI rendered suit. Well, Daily Blam! has got some Detailed Descriptions of the Suit, the Ring and the Power Battery in the movie, and apparently "they are all closely modeled after the comics."
Here's the details they had:
  • Hal Jordan (Ryan Reynolds) does not don the suit until his first trip to the planet Oa; which takes place when his power ring acknowledges his need for training after he creates his first construct on Earth.
  • When the suit, which is created out of a “hard light” construct from the power ring, is in its solid form, the mask, boots, shoulders, chest, abdomen and back are a distinct, rich green, while the arms, legs and waist areas are a deep black.
  • The suit has definitive lines which segregate the green and black colors.
  • The glowing, green textured lines which encompass the suit fluctuate in intensity as Jordan gains more control over the power ring, which channels his willpower. The more focus he has, the less it "bleeds" energy.
  • The front, green section of the suit does not extend below and around Jordan’s crotch as depicted in many of the older comic books. Instead, it ends in a sharp point at the base of his abdomen in the modern fashion.
  • When flying, or traveling through space, the suit emits a faint green glow around the ring bearer. Jordan flies, of his own will, many times throughout the film.
  • The ring is comprised of a solid silver band. Over its front, a translucent green attachment is centered with a jewel which visibly “flows” with energy.
  • The individual power batteries each Lantern Corp member carries are much different from the comics’ versions. These are mostly comprised of the same green, translucent material which covers the power ring. The handle of the battery is squared off, and immobile. A large jewel rests at its center as well.
  • An inscription around the jewel appears to be the Green Lantern Oath, which each member of the Corps must recite to charge their rings.


In Brightest Day...

 ... In Blackest Night

Like I said I am not an expert in this range of stories but as far as I can tell they are trying to incorporate a lot of the comics as much as possible into the movie. Also as far as constructs go this is what the site said about it:

As for constructs, fans will be happy to know that the filmmakers have gone to great lengths to include many complex ones; aside from the basic shields, swords and power blasts which are featured as well. Though several of these may not make it into the final cut of the film, I have seen designs for a Semi truck, dune buggy, fighter jet and anti-aircraft gun.

This is very interesting especially since the production of this movie seems to be getting the comic book treatment the right way, but we can't really be sure until the movie comes out, or at least the trailer is released. 
What do you all think? Is your hype meter going off the charts right now?
The Green Lantern
movie is scheduled to be released on June 17th, 2011. 
Source: The Daily Blam!

-- Geo ( sora_thekey), long time user, blogger, wiki editor of the Whiskey Media Sites, and an all time geek!

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@sora_thekey: Niceeeee job!
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Wow that sounds really really AWESOME !!!!!!! One thing though is that description for the suit sounds totally different to the picture we were shown. Anyway it all sounds really really good. So excited for this!!!
Posted by sora_thekey
@The Dark Huntress: Thanks! :) 

@ComicCrazy said:

" One thing though is that description for the suit sounds totally different to the picture we were shown. "

Well the site had this picture (>>) that I didn't post on my Blog entry. It was supposed to give a better idea of what the suit looks like... and it still resembles the comics in a way and at the same time the one from the cover. It's sort of the middle ground.
BTW just for artist credit, which I know is always important that depiction of the GL suit was made by qBATMANp
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Nice news. I really want to see this movie.

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Meh, probably still seeing it.

Posted by ComicCrazy
Yeah I saw that picture and thought it was AWESOME but I'm kinda confused as to what suit they are going to use that one there that you just described or the one that we were shown on the cover of that entertainment magazine. I would like it if they used that one that you showed.
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I'm really excited for this film :)

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Sounds great, hope they pull it off.

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The one thing that's bugged me about this movie is the suit, now it doesn't sound so bad.

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this all sounds very promising
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Wow all of this sounds awesome and true to the source material except for the power batteries. I'd hoped they'd be in the classic lantern design. Ah well can't have everything...

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Cool, Hal Jordan and the other green lanterns are awesome. I want to see this. In my opinion Kyle and Hal are the best DC characters.

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@sora_thekey: awesomeeee :D 
can't wait  for this movie !
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I still feel nervous...the Green Lantern stuff is pretty big in scale and I'm hoping that this movie can capture it correctly

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ill see it i have ALWAYS hated DC but thought the GL was dead sexy, so an actor as hot as Ryan play a character as hot as Hal, im in.

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   After seeing the entertainment weekly    picture i was losing hope for the Green Lantern but reading this there is hope

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I'll be seeing it still....But it is Hollywood...they have to make it "different/more modern" from the actual comics. That's probably whats wrong with movies now-a-days...

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Cool! Good job Geo