CV's Roundtable User Discussion 033 - How'd You Get Into Comics?

Greetings! Welcome to the Comic Vine Roundtable User Discussion (RT). I'm back! It has been a long time since I've hosted a RT so you might be asking: "Where have you been?". Others are wondering who I am and are asking: "What is this Roundtable thing you speak of?" Since I am incapable of answering everybody's queries, I'll answer the second one.

A couple of CV users virtually met up to talk comic books and other comic-related topics. That conversation has been posted here for you guys to see, read and enjoy. After the "enjoy" step of this process, be sure to comment below where you can submit your own opinions after reading ours. Also, go back and read our past conversations (Here) and share your thoughts. Even if you disagree with us, we like comments...

I am the ever-lovable sora_thekey and I shall be this Roundtable's moderator/host. Which, in my mind, it means I get to play "Good Cop/Bad Cop" with awesome users of one of my favorite websites. Speaking of awesome users please welcome this RT's participants: Superguy009e (Sup), Funrush (Fun), MatKrenz (MK), Strafe Prower (SP) & kfhrfdu_89_76k (KFH).

KFH: Well, hello everyone. I`m KFH, and apparently, I`m an awesome user.

Fun: Hey, I'm Funrush. I don't know how I got here, but whatever man!

Sup: Why Hello!! This is SUPERGUY009e, and yes ladies, I am single!

MK: Why hello there people I'm MatKrenz but you can call me Mat, the guy with the lazy screen name.

SP: Hey guys and gals, it's Strafe here, just chilling out and living life.

Now that we have gotten the pleasantries out of the way, I want to know what have you guys been doing comic book-wise. What comics have you read, what comic book movies or TV series have you watched and what comic merch have you bought recently?


Fun: Currently, Batman, Justice League, Earth 2, and I just dropped Hawkeye so I can afford to pick up Amazing Spider-Man (and eventually Superior).

B-but Hawkeye is awesome!

KHF: I`ve been reading Ultimates (Vol. 2), Marjane Satrapis Chicken and Prumes, Manu Larcenets & Jea-Yves Ferris comic collaboration which hasn`t been printed in English, Jimmy Corrigan... and a bunch of stuff I don`t remember. Oh, and also Dr. McNinja in it`s web comic-form!

MK: I've recently been mourning Hellblazer with the recent cancellation news but I've been reading Happy!, X-Factor, Manhattan Projects, The Witcher novels, catching up on Adventure Time and watched the season 3 premiere of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.

I haven't watched the latest MLP!

Anyways, with all that we establish that you are all comic book geeks. I am too and as geeks we all have stories to tell on how we got into comics. Lets flesh them out...

My introduction to the comic book genre was actually through the 90s Marvel TV series on Saturday morning. One of my earlier memories as a kid was watching Spider-Man and yellow sweatshirted Mary Jane in front of my living room TV while eating Cheerios.

Q1: What was your introduction to this genre before becoming a full-fledged comic book reader/collector?

KHF: I have no idea whatsoever. But, I could mention two experiences that can be counted as close ones.

I was very young. I looked at the TV. The moon was shown in it. Suddenly, there was a bat like plane, posing right in front of it. For a few seconds. Then it landed on water (Well, if you`ve watched Batman (1989)-movie, you know that Batplane didn`t do that. That`s how I remember it though.). Then,for some reason, I couldn`t watch it anymore. Mom didn`t want me to, I presume.

At least, I`m pretty sure that I saw that bit of the movie that day.

Then there was the same animation show that Geo mentioned. I saw Spidey fight against those Spider-slayers for the first time in the series. One of the series highlights. Not just because of my nostalgia toward the episode. The rest of the series...varied between okay and not that good. Mostly.

Spider-Man TAS

I had forgotten about the Spider-Slayers!

KHF: How is that possible, Geo?

What? The most I remember about that show is Black Cat and Moribus kissing, Mary Jane turning in Hydro-Woman and the supposed Clone Saga.

KHF: Oh, too bad you don`t remember the Spider-slayers.

SP: 90's Super hero cartoons such as X-Men TAS, Batman TAS, and many other great series. Add that to Nolan's Batman movies and I was hooked on superheros as a kid.

Fun: In Kindergarten or First Grade, a bunch of my friends were playing with Yu-Gi-Oh cards in the back of the classroom. After that, I watched the show, and bought some booster packs.

This makes you sound really young... or makes me sound old. I remember Yu-Gi-Oh cards began to come out while I was in Middle School. Maybe it was before then but I just didn't realize it.

KHF: Hmm. Yu-Gi-Oh. That`s a bit different story, I guess.

Fun: Yep. XD As for American comics, a year back I got my hands on and beat Arkham Asylum. After that, I talked to a friend who was into comics in my tech class. He mentioned the New 52 to me and I looked it up. This was about in December or January of last year. I also watched some of the 60's Batman show when I was younger, and thought it was cool.

Sup: My introduction to superheroes was from a little film that many may heard of, Spider-Man!! After seeing that movie as a kid, my life was completely changed. I was just so impressed by the sacrifices that Peter had made and the consequences for being a hero that one doesn't always see in movies. To this day, Spider-Man is my favorite movie that showcases, to me at least, what true heroism is.

KHF: Oh, I like Spider-man by Raimi and co. Sure, it could`ve been better, but I don`t know if it could`ve been done in any other way.

I think that the first two were amazing. I agree with you there... With that in mind, what did you think of Amazing Spider-Man (the movie)?

Sup: I strongly disliked the Amazing Spider-Man. Simply put, they changed Peter Parker too much for the film and turned him into an unrecognizable character. The film series does have potential though, and I hope they can undo their mistake.

I actually think the opposite. The modern twist on his personality as an outcast was really well done (in my opinion). Plus, my favorite character in comics is Gwen Stacy (thanks to the first comic I ever read, which I already mentioned). Emma Stone killed the part!

Peter Parker?
Edward Cullen?

Sup: But that is my big problem with the movie, the modern twist. I agree that a big part of Peter is him being an outcast, but that was done in the previous movie as well. This movie seems to make Peter more like an Edward Cullen outcast, someone that chooses to be alone despite their attractiveness and awesome abilities. (note: I do not like twilight). And like Cullen, since he is attractive, he seems to get away with being creepy (taking pictures of Gwen) and openly showing his powers with no one thinking about who he is (Bending the field goal). The movie has potential, but with the ending they had, a lot of work is needed. As for Gwen, I have been more of an MJ fan, but it is good to see Gwen pop in and be loved.

KHF: I haven`t seen the latest Spidey-film yet.

Sup: Despite my problems with the Amazing Spider-Man, I think it has redeeming qualities and the possibility of having a great sequel.

MK: Well seeing as how I was a kid of the late 90's early 2000's the first exposure to comic book stuff came with reruns of the Batman cartoon. I think it was the "Adventures of Batman and Robin" that were playing at the time but im not certain. Also reruns of the 90's Spider-Man and X-Men played constantly so I watched those but with new stuff obviously came Static Shock, Justice League and X-Men Evolution and lots of anime that I had no idea was anime at the time. Those being Dragon Ball Z, Yu-Gi-Oh, One Piece and Naruto.

X-Men: Evolution rocked! I was from this era too.

In my case I was a second generation comic book reader because my dad was one when he was young. He was actually the owner of Fantastic Four #1 and Amazing Fantasy #15, yet my introduction to comic books was not through my dad but by a box I found in my house. We had just moved in to this new house and the previous owner left a box that included two comic books a Batman comic (which I totally forget the name, issue number etc..) and Amazing Spider-Man #399. That was my introduction to Scarlet Spider and the Gwen Stacy Clone.

Q2: What was the first comic book you ever read?

Fun: Eventually, I was in the supermarket and I came across an issue of Shonen Jump with a picture of Yugi on the front. After that, I started to get the manga volumes at my library, and also got into DBZ that way. I've been reading manga ever since.

Manga was your intro to comics. What an interesting turn of events! I actually began to read manga around the same time I began collecting comics, because Tokyopop released the Kingdom Hearts manga. If you play close attention you might notice I'm a big Kingdom Hearts fan.

Fun: I went to a LCS (which I no longer shop at, due to the insanely high prices and bad conditions of the comics) and picked up Snyder and Capullo's Batman #1, which led me into other New 52 titles.

Spider-Man by John Romita Jr.

Sup: The first standalone comic I read was The Amazing Spider-Man #484. I did previously buy the Masterworks Amazing Spider-Man book some time prior, but if we are going for standalone comic, #484 was it, and boy was it good. Seeing Doctor Octopus get taken out by another Doctor Octopus is pretty cool, and it also introduced me to one of my favorite artists, John Romita Jr.

You and I just got off on the wrong foot... Not really, but I do strongly dislike Romita Jr.'s art.

Sup: To each his own.

SP: I've read a few comic strips in my life, but my first comic was Batman and the Outsiders #1 by Mike W. Barr. I'm always rooting for the Outsiders and was hooked into reading the rest of the Outsider's comics, which my Uncle owned at the time.

MK: Well seeing as how I've lived in Quebec all my life the comics I believe I read were french comics like Asterix & Obelisk, Lucky Luke, Gaston Lagaffe, Spirou & Fantasio, The Adventures of Tintin and Kid Paddle. Then I started following more serialized stories with Yu-Gi-Oh but stopped after a while but not long after that falling in love with One Piece and still buying it to this day.

I have no idea what these French Comics are. Then again, I'm from Mexico so I guess it would be like me mentioning Memin Pinguin comics.

KHF: I've read 2 albums of Kid Paddle.

It wasn't until years later that I actually bought my first comic book. After reading ASM #399, I investigated who Scarlet Spider and Gwen Stacy were at the library. Then I walked into a book store when I saw the cover of Ultimate Spider-Man #99 on the comic book rack. I recognized Gwen on that cover and bought it. After that I was hooked and began collecting.

Q3: Was there a pivotal moment that made you follow comics?

KHF: Nah. I just started to read more comics. Asterix and Obelix, Tintin, Lucky Luke, Batman, Peanuts, Garfield, Finnish comics you don`t know of, Calvin and Hobbes, almost forgotten comics...I like to read whatever I can get my hands on, and want to read.

Fun: Reading the first few issues of Scott Snyder's Batman, and eventually reading The Killing Joke. That, and the amazing discounts I get at my current LCS.

Sup: Now I have to admit, this next part isn't pretty. While my parents did order me Ultimate Spider-Man comics, I really didn't pick up comics myself after Spider-Man. I, and I can't believe I am going to say this, didn't want to become a stereotypical nerd and become a nerd. (Booo Hiss!!!). It wasn't until Iron Man came out that made be pick up TPBs for Marvel, and the Dark Knight came out and I began to collect Dc Comics. And I finally began to collect individual issues when I discovered that a superhero that I really wanted to read about, ShadowHawk (amazing superhero by the way), was having a new series. After that, I began to collect more and more series until I became the nerd that I am today. (Side note: As I got older, I got glasses and braces and began to read more comics. So much for not becoming a stereotypical nerd...)

So movies were your gateway. That's awesome to hear! I guess the idea that comic book movies can lead people to buying comics is true!

Sup: Definitely!!

SP: After all the Superhero movies started to pop up (Spider-Man, X-Men, etc.) I was interested in the actual comics.

Sup: I do admit that my family does like a good movie more than the average family, but I don't think that has to do with what movies have done for me. they show quick insights into characters and pull people in. They have great potential to do more with not just superheroes movies, like for example Star Trek. I do think movie properties need better care, and it seems that in the past few years, they have been getting the care they deserve with true fans working behind the properties, instead of clueless schmucks who have no idea who the character is or how they function.

I would say that the genre movies that have been made lately have been more conscious of the quality rather than just using the property to make money. Not in all cases (See Jonah Hex) but for the most part.

MK: I guess a pivotal moment for me was back in '09 when my cousin Nikola came to visit for the summer and I wanted to show around my neighbourhood and I showed him what quickly became my comic book shop. I had came into the shop some previous times but I was taken aback with the selection so I didn't buy anything but with my cousin we took are time and looked around and I saw he had B.P.R.D comics so I bought that and thanks to an online bad comic book review show called Atop the Fourth Wall I started buying back issues of Jaime Reyes Blue Beetle series, 52 and Booster Gold monthly.

Q4: How long have you been a comic book reader for?

KHF: Maybe for...pretty much my entire life. Or twelve years.

Fun: Since around '04 for manga, Jan '12 for American.

Sup: To make it simply, I would say 2008, since Iron Man, but I have been a superhero fan since 2002.

MK: For European comics and manga I guess 2001-2002 but for american comics 2009.

SP: About 6 years give or take one. I take breaks often so I don't tire out on them.

In the years I've read comic books I have been introduced to other comic stuff. Some of them were Comic Vine, forums, fan-fiction, fan-art and reviews on the internet. These are things we are all familiar with. I stumbled upon all of this because of Comic Vine, and I stumbled upon CV because of Google Images when I searched for an X-Men image.

Q5: What was your introduction to this part of Comic-dom?

KHF: I searched for pics of Dr. Doom. I collected pics from the net at the time. I found the site, and there was a massive amount of pics there, of Doom. I downloaded them.

Few days later, I decided to check the site for more pics, of Doom and other characters. Then I found out more about them. And about characters I hadn`t even known of. And comics that I wanted to get. Sometimes I read blogs that some users had written. For years, I continued to do this. Then I decided to join. Too much info?

Fun: Looking up reviews for New 52 comics I was considering picking up. I eventually came across this site, and later, Bleedingcool. I signed up ASAP, and I loved (and still do!) being part of this community.

Sup: Back when I was....indifferent to geekdom, I would just google comic stories and read reviews and synopsis online. I would stumble on this site many times until I finally decided to join the website and become the terrifying, the deadly, the amaaaaazing SUPERGUY0009E!!!

MK: Well I was reading the Daniel Way Deadpool series in 2009 and wanted more Deadpool so I searched for him on Youtube and I found the channel for mgalusic who does a live action Deadpool series. He did a video talking about his experience at Wonder Con and how he was in a video that Tony did asking people about Cable. I followed the link saw the video, look around the website and I signed up and here I am.

SP: I was looking up a comic battle and this place popped up via Google. I was a part of several forums, but decided this was the place for me. Save for a few breaks, I've been consistently coming here since 09'

Heh... You're a long time user then! I thought I'd seen you around.

Q6: Now that your are an established comic book reader because of your "origins" you just told us. Do you think you'll ever drop reading comic books for good?

KHF: Me, dropping comics? I`d like to write "no way", but you can never be sure.

Most likely NO WAY.

Fun: Probably not for a while. If it ever becomes too time or money consuming, I might, but I'm sticking with it for now.

Sup: I hope I don't have to give up comics, but i I really have to , I will. Saying that: COMICS FOREVER!!!

Besides, with the digital age, one can buy more comics for cheaper and never have to give up space for them

MK: I highly doubt im ever going to stop reading comics all together but who knows what might happen in the future.

KFH: Seems like nobody of us wants to say for certain that we`ll stay in comics for good, even if we`d hope so. What does it tell about us? That we are all pessimist? I know I am. At least currently. Or maybe we`re being realists.

MK: Well I think it's because life can and is a cruel mistress and we have no idea what it might hold for us. We never know if we might need money for the future.

SP: I will take breaks every once in a while, but it would have to be drastically bad for me to stop reading comics. I have to much interest and investment to quit now.

KHF: I don`t understand why you take breaks. If you ask me, reading from various genres instead of one, is enough to not get one self bored. And not reading boring comics. But, either way is fine, I suppose.

What provokes these breaks?

SP: A lack of characters that interest me in the big 2 companies. Nothing else really.

KHF: You do know, that there are more than two comic publishers in the world, right? Along with self published comics.

I enjoy a great deal of Image Comics series. I actually read Image Comics and Archaia Comics before reading any DC books.

KHF: I`ve thought about quitting reading DC and Marvel after I`ve finished a few series from them. I know that it sounds like I wanna be part of the whole quitting fad. Maybe I do. I just feel so pissed at how they do business. But, maybe other publishers aren`t better than them. I sure hope not, `cause Image is publishing some sweet series right now.

Who knows, maybe I wont quit after all. I AM weak spirited, after all.

MK: I never have a feeling of quitting Marvel and DC simply because I don't pick up the all important high and mighty books from them unless they are as good as is said by them. I mean I started reading Snyder's Batman with the 0 issue because I know he's good and ill be picking up Hickman's Avengers because I know he's good, but events I stay away from unless I hear good things and I stick with lower tier characters where interesting things are happening. Also I do pick up tons of Image, IDW and Dark Horse because they give some good stories.

KHF: Same here. Okay, I don`t pick up stuff from Image and whatnot (yet), but I do read stuff from other publishers.

Well, I don't think I will quit reading comics, but I might evolve into a permanent TPB reader. On that note, lets leave this conversation about how we got into comics and bid our farewells. Guys, please say good bye to the readers...

SP: Thanks for reading! See ya later!

Fun: That's it for me.

KHF: Farewell, to you, the noble people of Comicvine. I shall return back to the darks treets of existence, stuff.

Sup: Thanks for listening, I'm Superguy0009e, and I think I hear Zordon calling!!

MK: I'm MatKrenz and I'm off to have a conversation with the whore hopper who decided to cancel Hellblazer.

See ya' guys! Thanks for joining me... This is sora_thekey signing off!

-- Geo (sora_thekey) 24/7 geek! -- Follow me on Twitter: @Geo_sorathekey

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Awesome work, and how do you get to be one of the Round Table Talkers?

Posted by lykopis

Interesting to find out how other Viners came to enjoy comics -- a real range here.

Posted by kfhrfdu_89_76k


Why, that`s fantastic.

Cool. Nicely edited.

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@YourNeighborhoodComicGeek said:

Awesome work, and how do you get to be one of the Round Table Talkers?

Check out the Guide for more information. Or just PM me.

@lykopis: You should answer the questions yourself so we can find out "How'd You Get Into Comics?".

Posted by YourNeighborhoodComicGeek

@sora_thekey: When will the next one be posted/made?

Posted by Blood1991

Cool I think that means our little group is up next right?

Lol I love the age differences.

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@sora_thekey said:

@YourNeighborhoodComicGeek said:

Awesome work, and how do you get to be one of the Round Table Talkers?

Check out the Guide for more information. Or just PM me.

@lykopis: You should answer the questions yourself so we can find out "How'd You Get Into Comics?".

lol -- that's a good idea, hopefully people who jump in this thread will do the same. :)

1) I got into comics by coming across boxes full of them in an older relative's basement. I shudder now because they were just thrown in there -- not boarded or bagged and everything was bent and yellowed and ....gah! O_O

2) As for the first comic book read, I flipped through quite a few but the one I did read from beginning to end was this one:

I was like, who the heck is this thing and why is that chick running behind him? The art just freaked me out.

3) I guess it was the way I came across them. I spent the rest of that summer reading those comics and I fell in love with the X-Men, particularly Rogue and Wolverine. Words fail actually, comics became an escape for me and they have been ever since.

4) This summer makes ten years that I have been collecting comics. Hey, I just realized -- that's half my life, lol. That's pretty cool. :)

5) Boredom and insomnia brought me to ComicVine. I randomly typed in Rogue and Wolverine and after bleaching my brain from the horrific imagery of the two of them together through fan-art, ComicVine popped up and I dived in. I first cruised the character pages for a while and then Rogue, Gambit and Wolverine Forums but what got me involved with the community was the hullaballoo over Starfire. Most of the posts were articulate and informed, but there were some that made me see red so I had to put in my two cents and I could only do that if I registered. I've been addic...I mean, I have been a happy Viner ever since. ;)

6) I will always love comics. Always. Its a fantastic medium -- I could never stop.

Posted by sora_thekey

@YourNeighborhoodComicGeek: I don't have a schedule... I just post them as I go. Have you read the past ones? If you haven't check out the Guide. The link is at the top of this post.

@Blood1991 said:

Cool I think that means our little group is up next right?

Lol I love the age differences.

It is. Still haven't finished the format though. I agree, the age differences was my favorite part of this RT.

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Great memories.