CV's Roundtable User Discussion 037 - "Happy 2nd Anniversary"

Welcome to a special Roundtable User Discussion. Guess what TODAY is the RTs' 2nd Anniversary! (EDITOR'S NOTE: We held this RT on March 11th, 2013)Some of us got together to talk about this special event and that conversation has been posted here for you guys to see, read and enjoy. After the "enjoy" step of this process, be sure to comment below where you can submit your own opinions after reading ours. Even if you disagree with us, we like comments. Also, go back and read our past conversations (Here) and share your thoughts...

So today is the RTs' 2nd anniversary!!! This is going to be a short one since we won't be talking about comics but rather the past 36 Roundtable Discussions that have been posted here on Comic Vine. Please welcome ReVamp (RV),kfhrfdu_89_76k (khf), EdwardWindsor (EdW/Lazy) and RazzaTazz (Razz). With cameos from our compiler.

Q1: In one sentence describe your overall experience with the Roundtables.

khf: They're one of those nice but not really all that important things in my life. I haven't read that many, ‘cause they're so LONG, and I have dozens of other things to do, too (who doesn`t?). Mostly, I don't get much of anything new about them, either. But, I think that it`s cool that there`s a thing like this too.

RV: Well, I'm not extremely involved in the Round Tables, especially not as much as I'd like, but I think its been a good one.

Razz: Can it be a run-on sentence with a lot of sentence fragments which in themselves should be separate sentences because If not I will simply say that the roundtables represent the best of CV by highlighting the people in the community that simply like to get together and discuss their love of the artform (without all of the drama).

No. 8

Razz, you have been participating since RT no. 8 and you are also my present co-host in this experience, anything you'd like to add?

Razz: As co-host I can say that the roundtables have gone through a bit of a transformation much like the site has in general. It is nice to see though that with all the changes that have gone on with CV that there are some constants and that the roundtables are still around for a good reason.

EdW: Its been an interesting and somewhat confusing ride this far.

No. 2

EdW, you been participating in RTs since Discussion #2, are there any words of wisdom you'd like to share with the less experienced in this awesome experience?

EdW: I'm the longest serving guest apparently which is news to me (perhaps my wisdom is at the sacrifice of memory). But I think the continued longevity of the Round table is due to the rotating members and the multitude of views they bring to an subject. I can’t remember exactly how many I have done now ( looks at Sora and Raz 3-4 maybe?) but its good to chat with others about things especially when in some cases i have come into a discussion thinking something completely different to when I left because people consider the source so differently in cases.

Actually I think it's been more than four RTs. Maybe six?

Q2: Do you have a favorite Discussion? (Whether you were part of it or not...)

No. 31

khf: I liked Girl Talk. It was a break from the usual. The Batman RT was cool too for large part ‘cause this Kfhrfdu_89_76k fellow was in it.

RV: Don't particularly have a favorite discussion, but the ones involving the future direction of comics (ie, decisions made by the Big Two) have always been of particular interest to me. I like hearing what others have to say in regards to certain topics. So, I guess that RTs about the New 52 and Marvel NOW! are something I enjoyed quite a bit, because I find it interesting to look at it from a business perspective and then from a perspective of a comic book fan.

No. 12

Razz: I actually have a few, but seeing as I have been both host and contributor, I don't mind bending the rules. As a participant my favourite was the all female version as I feel sometimes that the voice of female readers gets lost in the comics debate and that it was nice to collect us all together. As a host I kind of went off the grid for a while by personally recruiting people to the cause who normally don't contribute. Thus my RTs with JLone and Thanosrules on sci-fi and Az and Rogue Mar1e on fairy tales were pretty fun. Of the usual ones which I hosted, I think the Batman one stood out the most to me. I timed it to be featured right when the last movie was coming out.

No. 20

EdW: I actually really enjoyed the all female one (that I believe Sora wore a dress for). As a geeky man I am used to the comic book guy stereotype (insert Sheldon Cooper/Guy from Simpsons here). The discussion of strong female characters and how the world perceive female comic fans was quite cool and enlightening to me as a man. I think i was part of the male one (I was wasn't I?) and that was more a comedic affair it's good to mix the theme an tone and i like the serious almost documentary style approach of the All girl RP.

Q3: Be honest, was there a certain RT which you didn't like in the course of these past two years?

No. 34

khf: AvX. The story is pretty mediocre, and discussing of it pretty boring. I still read it, though. To support the RTs.

RV: Not really no, I don't think there has. I mean, that are always RTs that interest me more than others, but tha'ts not to say I dislike an RT in particular. I think that most RTs accomplish what they set out to do and provide the community with an outlet (or another, I guess) to express their ideas in a varied range of topics, so I enjoy them quite a bit.

Razz: Well I generally like them all, but I edited one for solicits at one point with about five participants and it took about three hours to sort out. It was still fun though. In fact this one was memorable for me as two of my closest friends at CV took part in it.

No. 14

EdW: I'm not a massive DC fan so some DC heavy ones slipped me by a little. I never really didn't like a RT just didn't understand or care for the subject matter as much. (there was a blackest night one wasn't there?)

That's the beauty of the table, different knights ( as I like to call them) for each of the roundtable meetings (PS. I call Lancelot)

In that case I'm Arthur! :P

Razz: (Geo is the best.) I call Guinevere then!

"A wild 'Poet' appears!"

Razz: Hi Poet, ignore all comments where I say Geo is the best mod, you know you are the best

(Note to Geo- ignore the above statement)

Poet: I call Merlin (and if I can't be the young BBC version then I supose I'll take regular old version) for the "Knights" of the RT if Razz gets Guinevere, Sora is Arthur and EdW calls Lancelot.

Once again, The Poet proves to be the best Mod!

(Except for Razz of course...)

Poet, ignore that last bit of this comment.

Razz... Aww screw it! I'm the best Mod! I'm Arthur after all, and because of the way I'm humbly speaking I guess I'm the BBC version...

EdW: There's more mods than normal folk up in here.

khf: We are in the presence of the mighty ones. Such glory!

"Best RT ever."

Also, if we can find a way to incorporate all of this Mod and Knights stuff into the RT it'd be awesome.

Edw: A little off topic banter adds character.

khf: Truly. But it doesn`t bother me.

Banter is the foundation of the RTs... Not excalibur!

Edw: Excalibur ( the sword and marvel team) are awesome. My RPG character is based on captain Britain who wields the sword and runs the team that's how cool i think they are lol.

Khf: Best RT ever.

Poet: Anyway...

Q4: We've had different types of features like Movie Reviews, Comic Book Solicits, Spotlights and other special RTs (Girl and Guy Talk), what are your opinions on these features?

khf: I don`t them count most of them special features. I mean, we talk about comicy stuff in all of them, which is the whole point.

Thor Review

RV: Like I said above, I think that much like RTs they provide the community with a manner to discuss and express their ideas on certain topics. I particularly like Movie Reviews and Comic Book Solicits, as I think its a breath of fresh air and helps us prevent on becoming saturated on certain comic book topics that are always a mainstay for discussion.

Razz: They are all good, I love it when the community comes together and discusses comics. I think the Spotlights are best.

EdW: Features are cool they are the little change that keeps the formula fresh. Discussing themes other than just the comic (hot topic) gives us access to wider reaching subjects. As I mentioned in question 2 its good to see other peoples view of the world not just their opinions on an issue or an arc etc. I think the features offer an easier access point for the less comic nerd type as well since from experience some subjects have got a little geeky. (i ceartinly played my part in that)

Q5: Do you guys any questions for me about the RTs? (I kind of ran out of questions)

Razz: It is interesting to look back over the course of the roundtables and look at the history of my own experiences at this website. When I first started doing them I was pretty new here and being asked to do them was a nice gesture by the old guard as to what they thought of me. As I have progressed and eventually became a moderator I took them on in a different light and learned some new things on the fly about how to conduct a group interview (it is not as easy as it seems, and Geo really deserves a lot of credit for making them seem to easy.) Mostly though I think of where I have been and who I have met here and the fact that these are ongoing gives me hope for some more great friends here in the future.

D'aaaaawwww! That's really nice of you to say!

EdW: How did you come up with the idea? and why did you decide to call it the roundtable?

Pass the Whiskey Podcast

The answer to those two questions is actually the same. For some time I wanted to be part of a podcast (listen to one of CV's Podcast for on January of last year and you'll hear I was almost a participant) but of course I don't have the equipment. I got to guest star in the Pass the Whiskey podcast that SparklyKiss hosted later on. So I got this idea of being the host of a "written podcast". Shortly after I was reading an feature article on a Kingdom Hearts website (go figure) that was called Staff Roundtable Discussion (or something like that). There they talked about KH games so I thought why can't I do that with comics. Of course, I thought about it and came up with Comic Vine's Roundtable User Discussion. Nice question...

Q6: Any future topics which you think the roundtables should show off?

khf: Golden Age of comics.

Comming Soon

Razz: I think an Iron Man themed roundtable to coincide with the upcoming movie would be great.

EdW: Comicbook computer games , PIS ( Plot induced Stupidity) and jobbing.

Comming Soon

RV: Video Games. Discussing other media which overlaps with comic books more broadly, but movies like the Avengers and TDK already have been discussed to death. I guess by extension so has the Arkham series, but I find it curious to see how the comic book-games market will expand from now on, now that the bar has been set as high as it has by Rocksteady. DCUO, while not the best game ever, also did a pretty apt job at transferring the player into the DC Universe. I'm curious to see how we'll evolve in terms of games, especially since the market for movies is booming, which to me tells me that the interest in Superheroes is at an all time high, so hopefully we'll see something out of the industry.

*crosses fingers*

Q7: Before we go I want you all to feel like you´ve participated in ALL of the last 37 RTs. So, we are going to do our very own lightning round:

  • Favorite origin story?

Razz: Batman

EdW: Captain Britain

RV: Batman. Wolverine if it didn't get so convoluted at times.

khf: Silver Surfer’s. Or Spider-Man’s.

  • What do you prefer: Kid-themed or adult-themed comics?

Razz: Adult

EdW: Adult loved x-force (new uncanny not so much right now)

RV: Adult. Though I'm partial to Tiny Titans.

khf: Stalemate.

  • What's more important: Art or Writing?

Razz: Writing

EdW: Art bad writing isn't good either but bad art is an instant turn off

RV: Writing. Unless its Romita jr. or someone comparable.

khf: In prose, writing. In comics, both are equals. Art can stand on its own though, in comics. It needs a story as a companion though, obviously.

  • Favorite comic from June 2011?

Razz: Probably Wonder Woman

EdW: X-Force

khf: I don't remember!

"A wild 'Poet' appears!" (again).

Poet: I’m supposed to be editor/compiler, but since RV didn’t say anyway I’m going to jump in: My favorites were Darkwing Duck #13 and Batgirl #22 with honorable mention to Batman Beyond #6 . Batman #711 and Batman Incorporated #7 were both interesting, but not what I would call my favorite.

  • What do you prefer: Individual issues or trades?

Razz: Individual

EdW: Issues for keeping up, trades for catching stuff you missed

RV: Trades

khf: Trades, but issues are great too, ‘cause they're lighter reading.

  • Favorite comic book animated TV series?

Razz: Justice League Unlimited

EdW: Spawn (HBO)

RV: Young Justice

khf: Batman the animated series, of course. Or Batman: Brave and bold.

  • Favorite comic book from July 2011?

Razz: Probably Wonder Woman

EdW: Hellraiser (Boom)

khf: Something awesome.

Poet: At the time I would have said Darkwing Duck #14, Batman Beyond #7 and Batman #712, but now thinking back I retract 712 because I was too sentimental. Honorable mention to Batgirl #23

  • Favorite comic book live-action TV series?

Razz: Can I say Dollhouse? It was a tv series first though.

EdW: Walking Dead no question

RV: Don't watch any, except a couple episode of Arrow. So Arrow.

khf: Haven't watched any that would be a fail of mine.

  • Superman, yay or nay?

Razz: Yay!!!

EdW: Nay. Not for me.

RV: Meh. I've warmed up to him. Yay.

khf: Yay!

  • What do you prefer: Team or solo books?

Razz: Solo

EdW: Teams, I like interaction

RV: Team Books.

khf: Solo, more focus to a character. Team books have their own, awesome feel to them, though. Mostly there`s inner tension, big villains, big arcs and crisises. And multiple characters, that get a bit attention for themselves, not all of it.

  • Favorite team-up?

Razz: Carol Ferris as a hero with Hal Jordan

EdW: Deadpool/Cable probably

RV: Nightwing + Batman

khf: Haven't thought of it.

  • Girls read comics??

Razz: I think I can approve of that.

EdW: Yes they do, a lot actually

RV: Yes, they do

khf: Of course.

  • Favorite comic book from August 2011?

Razz: Probably Wonder Woman

khf: You expect me to remember that?

Poet: Oh, man this was the month which began a whole new wave of titles being added to my pull list. Snarked #0 was a bit short, but I knew I would like it. Darkwing Duck #15 was a wild issue. Warehouse 13 #1, Justice League #1, and Batman #712 were honorable mentions.

  • New 52, yay or nay?

Razz: Yay (and nay, most mostly yay)

EdW: Yay

RV: umm. Mixed Feelings. Going for Nay.

khf: Nay, for the most part.

  • Favorite first wave New 52 title?

Razz: I miss Voodoo

EdW: I only really read Dark Knight so I guess that. perhaps Aquaman too.

RV: Nightwing. Because... its Nightwing.

khf: Haven't read any, though a few do look good.

  • Ultimate Comics, yay or nay?

Razz: I have actually never read one


EdW: Yay, loved the first X-men run.

khf: Yays for Ultimates vol. 1 and first issues of Ultimate Spidey and a smaller yay for Ultimates vol. 2. Haven't read others.

  • Favorite comic book from September 2011?

Razz: Probably Wonder Woman

khf: The one that I thought was most awesome.

Poet: Like Razz said, probably Wonder Woman #1. Nightwing #1, Action Comics #1 and Darkwing Duck #16.

  • In one word, describe continuity in comic books?

Razz: Continuous

EdW: Complex

RV: t? WTFISHAPPENINGHERE. (Its one word, I didn't cheat xP)

khf: Messyistic.

  • Captain America, yay or nay?

Razz: Yay-ish

EdW: Nay prefer Bucky Cap

RV: Yay, especially Bucky Cap.

khf: YAY.

  • Are comic book guy stereotypes correct?

Razz: Stereotypes usually aren't

EdW: some not all, for example I kinda fit in the stereotype.

RV: Not from my experience.

khf: Partly, since they're stereotypes.

  • Is family important in comic books?

Razz: Mostly yes, but friends and teammates and the mission count as well.

EdW: Sure its what drives a lot of them.

RV: Yes.

khf: Heck yeah!

  • In one word, describe death in comic books.

Razz: Anti-climactic (yay for compound words)

EdW: flexible

RV: Non-existent.

khf: In most superhero comics: Pointless. In most other kinda comics: Meaningful.

  • Highlight of 2011?

Razz: Joining Comic Vine :)

EdW: the start of walking dead’s second season

RV: Possibly the New 52. I wanted to see what would happen quite a bit

khf: Marcos Martins art.

  • Avengers, yay or nay?

Razz: Yay

EdW: Yay

RV: Yay

khf: Yay, even if I'm not a big fan.

  • Favorite second wave new 52 title?

Razz: I think Earth-2 has been surprisingly good even though I don't read it every issue

EdW: Earth-2

RV: The Ravagers, I guess

khf: Haven't read any...

  • Cosmic stories, yay or nay?

Razz: Absolutely yay

EdW: Yay

RV: Yay, yay, yay

khf: YAY.

  • Favorite fairy tale?

Razz: Not sure, but my favourite fairy tale character is Britney Waters.

EdW: The Gingerbread Man

RV: Little Red Riding Hood.

khf: There`s more good in this world than bad.

  • Best costume?

Razz: Wonder Woman or Sydney Savage

EdW: What if Spider-Man

RV: Power Gir-- I mean, Blue Striped Nightwing because why not.

khf: This...

  • Batman, yay or nay?

Razz: Bat-Yay

EdW: Massive Yay

RV: Yay!


  • Favorite Marvel NOW! title?

Razz: The only one I am reading is Uncanny Avengers and I cannot say it is my favourite.

EdW: Does Gambit count? If not Cable and X-Force

khf: FF looks promising. I`ll probably like it, when I read it.

  • How'd you get into comics? (The abridged version)

Razz: I come from a family of nerds.

EdW: Cartoons/movies when I was a kid

RV: Family Friends and Wildstorm.

khf: I read a few, and continued to read more of ‘em.

  • AvX & Marvel NOW!, yay or nay?

Razz: nyay? I didn't read AvX but I think most people didn't like it, so I will go with the masses!!

EdW: Hmm kind of yay

RV: Naaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay for AvX. Meh for Marvel Now.

khf: AvX: Nay. MNOW!: It`s a poor gimmick, but at least they didn't reboot anything, so Yay.

  • In one word, how do you feel about Disney buying Lucasfilms?

Razz: Optimistic

EdW: Interested

RV: Okay.

khf: Meh.

  • Highlight of 2012?

Razz: Discovering Grimm Fairy Tales and the Danger Girl team among other indies.

EdW: Avengers movie

RV: Batman Movie Trilogy ending.

khf: Life

  • What do you think of CV's Roundtable User Discussions?

EdW: still fun

RV: I like them. A lot.

khf: See my answer to the first question.

Razz: Excellent

And on that note, we end Round Table User Discussion Number 037!

khf: What? Is it over? Can I go now?

EdW: This is Edward Windsor signing off. Over and out!

Razz: Geo is the host with the most, but I am the hostess with the mostest (just kidding Geo is the best).

RV: Thanks Ladies and Gents. ReVamp'll just fade back into oblivion.

Special thanks to The Poet for helping edit and compile (and participate) in this RT. So, to everybody who has hosted, participated and read the Roundtable User Discussions: Happy 2nd Anniversary!

Here's to many more...

-- Geo (sora_thekey) 24/7 geek! -- Follow me on Twitter: @sora_thekey

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