SDCC 2011: Draw-Off w/ Peter Nguyen & Dennis Calero

Hey there ComicViners!

As you probably already know, back in July I accompanied the Comic Vine staff as their convention intern again. I wrote a Survival Guide for the attendees and completed a Scavenger Hunt full of tasks of stuff you wanted to see (me) do at the convention floor. I also proposed to Power Girl, got kicked in the crotch by Deadpool and more in this awesome video (also embedded below). Oh and I almost forgot, I also did a tour on the Square Enix booth.

That's not all though! I was on my typical Draw-Off contest only this time it was not just with one of my favorite artists Peter Nguyen (Bruce Wayne - The Road Home: Catwoman and Fear Itself: Black Widow) but also Dennis Calero (X-Factor, X-Men: Noir and Devil Inside) -and someone else who I won't mention since the video is not up yet.

So, please enjoy the videos:

Sadly, I won't be attending Long Beach Comic Con or Comikaze Expo this year so that means that there will be no Scavenger Hunts, Draw-Offs or Shenanigans on my part until probably next year.

Hope you liked the videos!

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NYCC 2011: "It's Coming"

"New York, New York". Do you feel like singing some Frank Sinatra? That's probably because New York Comic Con is going on right now. Sadly, I am not there to enjoy the awesome geek ride that is NYCC, now that I think about it, I have not been to New York in over five year. I am glad the internet is around to allow information travel to us people who are far away from the "Big Apple".

The Cup O' Joe Panel at NYCC had a few big reveals but the biggest one might just involve a well known "fire bird". describes it to those who were not present:

"The recent Marvel teasers saying "It's Coming" saw a bit of a reveal as an image was shown featuring the Phoenix. Whether that means a return for Jean Grey has yet to be seen as the only information given were the names Aaron, Bendis, Brubaker, Coipel, Fraction, Hickman, Kubert and Romita, Jr. At sight of the image, Brevoort said the first step towards this Phoenix story will be seen in the upcoming "Point One" issue the publisher is prepping now."

I guess there is something coming. Will that involve Jean? Who knows, but I bet you were never this excited for a 'Point One' issue since Amazing Spider-Man #654.1 came out a few months ago.

If I had to make an educated guess, based on all the names involved on the teaser, I am guessing this will revolve around next year's Marvel event, once the repercussions of Fear Itself, Schism and Children's Crusade are resolved.

From the pages of UXM #542

The last time we saw Jean was in Phoenix: Endsong but there have been glimpses of the Phoenix Force (and Jean) in the X-Men books recently. Besides the obvious Phoenix/Jean resemblance in Hope Summers, Emma Frost has been having a lot of visions and dreams that involve our favorite 'fire bird'. Emma recently dealt with some psychological manipulation from the Phoenix Force in Uncanny X-Men #542 where it said:

"Scott loved her in a way he will never love you. And she always comes back."

I guess this is even more true now. Plus, I am sure it is no coincidence that "it's coming" shortly after Wolverine's new school, The Jean Grey School for Higher Learning, opens and Jean's "children" (X-Man and Rachel Summers) re-join the ranks of the X-Men in Regenesis.

It has been over five years since Jean returned to the mainstream line of Marvel books, what do you think?

Source / Source

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NYCC 2011: The Runaways vs Avengers Academy

"New York, New York". Do you feel like singing some Frank Sinatra? That's probably because New York Comic Con is going on right now. Sadly, I am not there to enjoy the awesome geek ride that is NYCC, now that I think about it, I have not been to New York in over five year. I am glad the internet is around to allow information travel to us people who are far away from the "Big Apple".

For me, one of the most exciting news came from Marvel:

Beginning in March 2012, the Runaways will guest star in a special two-part arc of AVENGERS ACADEMY written by Christos Gage. Check back tomorrow for more information.
Art by David LaFuente

Excited? I am huge fan of the Runaways so you can bet I will be reading Avengers Academy #27 and 28 next year. The Runaways is a team of young kids who joined forces when they figured out that their parents were super villains. It has been a while since we saw the kids and now we will see them face off another team of young kids who are being trained on how-not-to-be super villains. This should prove to be an interesting crossover.

What do you expect to see when Julie Power meets the another flying, rainbow-emitting girl (Karolina Dean) again? What will happen when Mettle feels the powerful wrath of Molly Hayes? We will just have to wait and see next March.


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Paramount Gets Credit for Avengers, Not Disney

The amazing The Avengers trailer hit the internet yesterday, and boy am I excited for May of next year. The trailer was so good, I almost missed something that is not entirely coherent with the distributing deals we have been hearing about ever since Disney bough Marvel. Around the 00:34 second mark, right after the Marvel logo, we see the Paramount Pictures iconic stars and mountain appear instead of Disney's logo.

It was about a year ago when Walt Disney Co. announced that they would be distributing The Avengers and Iron Man 3, not Paramount.Now that the trailer is out, the question is, what changed? has the answer:

Knowing Disney wanted to turn "The Avengers" into a franchise and bank on the success of "Iron Man" after buying Marvel for $4 billion, [Paramount]'s brass negotiated a deal in which it continues to collect 8% of the B.O. as part of fees it would have earned for distribbing the pic, as it did with the two "Iron Man" pics, "Thor" and "Captain America." It gets 9% for "Iron Man 3."
At the minimum, it earns $115 million, should they not perform.
At the same time, the deal granted Par placement on the marketing materials for both titles, even though Marvel's films are fully owned by Disney and will be solely distributed and marketed by the Mouse House, Variety learned.
Because of the ownership, Disney wants Marvel to get the spotlight, since Marvel = Disney.
Still, pay TV rights for "The Avengers" belong to [Paramount]'s Epix, not Starz, through which Disney releases its pics.
"In completing this agreement, Disney will leverage these two highly anticipated films across the multiple global platforms of the Walt Disney Co.," studio chairman Rich Ross said Oct. 18, 2010, when the deal was announced.

While it does seem to be a good move for the marketing of the movie, and the company's income, it's sort of off-putting that Disney spent all of that money on Marvel not to be able to show the castle at the beginning on the movie.

The good thing is that this does not affect the final product since, like Variety said, Marvel = Disney. The Avengers will premiere in theaters on May 4th, 2012.

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First Look: The Dark Knight Rises' Catwoman Has Cat Ears!

After the official First Look at Anne Hathaway as 'Selina Kyle' in 'The Dark Knight Rises' we all wondered whether or not Selina would completely don the 'Catwoman' role by adding cat ears to her outfit.

Today we get the answer to the question and since a picture is worth a thousand words here are more than a thousand (unofficial) words courtesy of sister site, Just Jared and

Sadly, all I can personally think of is: "Why?!". While I do think that Catwoman should have cat ears, why was it decided that hers' would look this way? All of Batman's ensemble in the Nolan films has a purpose. What is the purpose of the Halloween-headband cat ears? At least we now know she will share a scene with Commissioner Gordon.


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Recent Drawing: Ultimate Kitty Pryde & Spider-Man

This is probably the most complicated “Art Blog” I will ever write (‘till now).

Ever since Marvel’s Ultimate Comics’ relaunch announcement I have wanted to draw something that applies with the announcement. I decided who better to draw than the only constant character in the Ultimate U that I like, Kitty Pryde (It used to be Peter Parker but as you probably already know, died).

First Try

I decided to draw a simple “profile” image of her at first (Left) with her Shroud alter ego. The problem with this is that it was too boring and as I was drawing it I realized I got the proportions wrong. Other the anatomic errors there was not much that seemed “wrong” with this approach but it was still not what I wanted. (Of course I don’t want to get into the errors in the wardrobe area.)

Second Try

After this I went with an action scene. I have always wanted to see Kitty phase up through the floor and punch someone in the face. I decided to try that but I failed. I have mentioned before that I am not good at action shots. In the end the drawing looked too posed (Right), definitely not what I wanted to achieve. As for who she was punching, you can’t really tell because the scanner didn’t get my light pencils but it was originally going to be Sandman.

Once again I attempted my favorite femme fatal in the 1610 universe. This one actually was the best out of them all. This is also the one with the most potential of getting finished. In another attempt to do an action scene I decided to draw Kitty jumping down through the floor. I thought this would be interesting especially because of the movement of her shroud (Left). I liked it; I still do but half way working on this I realized that a drawing of just her was pretty boring. So I dropped this and decided to add more characters. Of course, the man of the hour is Miles Morales, the new Spider-Man so I decided to add him.

Third Try
Fourth Try

Then again adding more characters didn’t prove all that productive in the end. I mentioned once that adding more that two characters to a drawing is very complicated for me. The next attempt was not all that bad. I went with another action pose. I started with three characters: Kitty Pryde, Spider-Man and Hawkeye. Problem was that my organization was so bad that the characters were lost amongst each other, so I dropped Clint (or rather, erased him). As I was completing the drawing I realized that now the piece was unbalanced because there was a huge gap where Hawkeye used to be. The drawing ended up as another failure even though I liked the action poses for Kitty and Spider-Man (Right). I especially loved the flexibility that I accidentally achieved with Morales. Another problem with this one was that suddenly the character I wanted to draw stopped being the focus of the art and instead of sharing the spotlight she faded in the background. I still might finish this one too, but for the moment I gave up and decided to go another route.

After so many attempts I finally got an “acceptable” drawing. While I do like the final product (Below), I am a bit disappointed I was not able to achieve what I did with this one on another “action” piece. I guess I should face the fact that I am better with “pin up” style art than sequential art. As for the drawing itself, I used a simple pose for Miles. The challenge with him was his costume; even though I don’t color getting the (red) webbing on his costume was hard! Kitty Pryde now shares the spotlight, instead of fading in the background. I decided to have her hood on this time, something I didn’t do with the past ones because it added a darker air for her character and if you have been keeping up with her she is definitely in a darker place now. I also used Mark Bagley’s variant cover to Ultimate X-Men #1 as a reference for the costume’s accuracy. I really hope you all like this one because it took a really long time to get it “right”.

Give me your opinions please! :)

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Recent Drawings: Phoenix

Fire Wings

At San Diego Comic Con this year I bought Phoenix: Endsong, the one book where I don’t despise Greg Land. This is one of the first books I read at the library before I became an avid comic book reader.

Favorite Panel

Reading the trade again made me want to draw Phoenix, but there has been so many amazing interpretations of her (Mostly made by EGoD [link]) that I didn’t know how in the world I would be able to make it original.

One of my favorite panels of the book is a very simple scene where Jean takes on the White Phoenix costume in order to enter the White Hot Room (That’s right people I am spoiling it, but only because this is an older story and this will let you be aware that Jean is “technically” not dead). That panel is one of the sweetest scenes in the book because it shows how vulnerable Phoenix can be in the hands of the beloved Jean Grey.

I decided I wanted to do something similar but adding the fact that she is also dangerous. That is why I came up with what I have here. One of the greatest signs of vulnerability is holding yourself with your own hands around your torso, but because I didn’t want her to cover the Phoenix sign I used another sign of vulnerability with her left hand, holding her head/face. The way I concluded I could show her dangerous side is not only by having her give you a confusing stare but also adding fire. Phoenix is a fire bird, why not give Jean wings?

Let me know what you think! I tried to go with something original here, hopefully I achieved it.

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Recent Drawing: Maximoff Twins

Not sure there is much to say about this one. I drew this one day I was bored and usually I resort to drawing the Scarlet Witch, Gwen Stacy or Ariel when I’m bored. Something I mentioned in another “Recent Drawing” post [link].

The thing about this drawing is that while I am aware of the many errors in proportions I made with the Maximoff twins I actually enjoyed the fact that I was able to incorporate two characters in a drawing without being entirely awkward…

What I mean by that is that if you notice my history in art [link] I tend to stay away from more than one character per page. Usually that is because one will look more awkward than the other. That’s another reason why I tend to step away from sequential pages. Still this one is a very bad drawing, anatomically speaking, of these characters but a good one in terms of balance.

This is practice I guess. Even so, I want your opinion.

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Recent Drawing: New 52 – Trinity

I guess this falls under the “old” drawings pile. I drew this right when DC’s New 52 was announced. When the only visual reference to this earth shattering announcement was Jim Lee’s JLA #1 cover.

I wanted to come up with my own interpretation of Wonder Woman’s new costume. Only problem was that when I was drawing this, the drawing fell flat, something was missing. So I added Batman and Superman. The problem with that was that Jim Lee’s cover didn’t really show feet. At the time I didn’t know what Batman and Superman looked like from the waist down, which is why I drew them from the back. Of course that didn’t help too much since they have capes.

As for the accuracy of Diana’s costume, I drew this before I knew she was going to wear shorts. So sue me!

Someone pointed out that her torso proportions were wrong, which made me realize that I messed up something I attempted. Wonder Woman, in my mind, was sort of crouching. In the end is just looks like her torso is smaller than it should be.

Give me your opinion, just keep in mind that… Aw shucks it wasn’t that good anyways ;)

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Wonder Con In San Francisco 'No More'

Personally, I must say, Wonder Con is one of my favorite conventions and today it was announced that the 2012 show will be held on March 16-18. As part of Comic-Con International's (SDCC) family of conventions, this 25-year-old comic book show is one of the most prominent . As one of the major cons in California it should be noteworthy that Wonder Con will be leaving its Moscone Center home next year.

Here's what the offical press release says:

San Francisco’s Moscone Center, WonderCon’s traditional venue, will undergo renovations in early 2012, leaving the 25-year-old show in the unenviable position of either being canceled or finding a new venue.
In a move to help alleviate an overcrowded calendar, ReedPop’s C2E2, which has been waiting to announce dates for its own show in March 2012, will now seek alternative dates while Wizard World has announced that it will postpone its April 2012 Anaheim show.

Where will the con go? According to the the same announcement, "Anaheim, California, will play host to the long-running comics and popular arts convention". This must be a bittersweet announcemnt for those in San Francisco (and for those of us who enjoy taking the trip there).

David Glanzer, director of marketing and public relations for this noprofit event says this about the change:

“It certainly was not our wish to move. However, when faced with the prospect of canceling the show for a year or moving locations, after careful consideration we decided to keep WonderCon on the 2012 calendar at a venue that could accommodate our needs.”

I guess it is out of their hands, but at least Wonder Con lives on. Yet, it seems that this change not only affects Wonder Con, it also affects other conventions. Lance Fensterman , Group Vice President of ReedPop has this to say about it:

“We fully understand the challenges of trying to secure dates at any venue, let alone one undergoing renovation. In an effort to minimize the impact on exhibitors and attendees we are currently looking to shift C2E2 from our traditional March dates.”

The same way Gareb Shamus, CEO of Wizard World has a solution for any potential conflict there might be for fans and exhibitors:

“All of us who produce conventions know securing dates can often be a frustrating experience especially when you find yourself having to move to a new city.
Because of their long history, Wizard World has decided to accommodate WonderCon and postpone our April 2012 Anaheim show.”

Comic Vine is based out in San Francisco so I'm sure it will be harder to cover the convention down south at Anaheim, but think about this. Full three days of Wonder Con and then a day at Disneyland! Of course, that's easier said than done. I wonder what this will mean for the regulars who used to attend to Wonder Con every year. What do you think? Does this affect your convention plans for next year?

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