Recent Drawings: Chibi New 52 Trinity w/ New DC Logo [UPDATED]

DC Comics and DC Entertainment has been going through a lot of changes lately. The most recent update it the company's New, Modern Logo. To be honest I'm not to fond of the corporation-looking logo but I guess we should embrace change just like we had to with DC's New 52. Last night, while listening to last week's podcast G-Man mentioned the new logo that I tweeted to him. Listening to the CV crew talk about it gave me an idea for a drawing.

It seems like the sticker over the C that makes the D (that wasn't an English class) makes the perfect situation for someone to be pulling on it. First person I thought of was Superman... Of course Superman alone would be boring, so why not draw DC's Trinity in there? What would make this better? Chibis!

I would also like to add that that I looked over the internet and found NO New 52 Chibi drawings in there... So I take credit in being the first to draw Chibi New 52: Trinity! :P


The amazing payno colored it:

Thank you

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Recent Drawings: Nico Minoru

While I was navigating the internet an add at the right end of my screen showed up for "goth fashion". An Asian girl with a really interesting dress was on the add. When I saw it I thought that the outfit would probably be something that Nico from the Runaways would wear.

That of course led me to drawing what you see here. I used that same dress as a reference and drew Nico wearing it. This is a nice change of pace for me... Most of the characters I draw have a set costume or outfit that you draw them in. With characters like the Runaways you can pretty much draw them in any clothes you want to. This one was fun to draw!

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Recent Drawings: Exiles

Originally drawn for the 85th Artist Show-Off Showdown. While I did finish the piece before the deadline I didn't get a hold of a scanner until today...The rules of the contest was that you could draw six or less members of the Exiles. I'm not very good at drawing more than one character on a page. Usually, some of the characters will look better than the rest. This time I decided to go with three: Morph, Blink and Spider-Man 2099.

Originally the drawing included Nocturne and Mimic but after the first three I couldn't find a good way to add the other two... Well, let me know what you think.

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Recent Drawings: New 52 - Red Robin

A lot of people (not from the site) complain about my drawings mostly being girls. Can you blame me? Either way, one day someone told me I should draw a male character. I went through the Comic Vine database trying to find a guy I wanted to draw... I decided on Red Robin in his New 52 outfit.

Of course, I am always trying to challenge myself so I went through tons of panels drawn by Brett Booth in the new Teen Titans book and reference images from Marvel's Falcon. In the end I came up with what you see here:

Hopefully you all like it!

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Future History 101 w/ Headmistress Kitty Pryde via Twitter!

Wolverine and the X-Men #4

Marvel has taken the Jean Grey School for Higher Learning experience to a whole new level by allowing readers to audit classes via Twitter:

Ever wondered what it would be like to be a student at the Jean Grey School for Higher Learning? To learn from Kitty Pryde, pass notes with Rockslide and have Wolverine as your headmaster? Well wonder no more!
On Wednesday, January 11 at 2:00 PM EST, you can log on to Twitter and grab a seat for Future History 101, directly from the page of WOLVERINE AND THE X-MEN #4! Join Kid Omega, Idie, Rockslide, Anole, Broo, Kid Gladiator and in a class taught by Headmistress Kitty Pryde with special guest lecturer Deathlok!
All you have to do is sign on to Twitter and be sure to follow @JeanGreySchool, @JGSHeadmistress, @DeathlokL17, @GenesisHero, @KidGladiator1, @QQuire, @idie_okonkwo, @_Broodling_, @SANTORULES and @_Anole_. You can also keep track by tracking and using the #WXM hashtag. Then be sure you've got your pencils sharpened and ties on straight because class starts at 2:00 PM EST sharp on Wednesday, January 11!
Don't miss this opportunity to attend the prestigious Jean Grey School! And remember: Headmaster Wolverine will be watching!

I "audited" the class and decided to share the events with all of you here wrapped up into a nice blog:

@JeanGreySchoolATTENTION STUDENTS (both local and all over the world) FUTURE HISTORY CLASS IS ABOUT TO BEGIN!
@KidGladiator1Why does Kid Gladiator need a class to teach him about the future? I know my future. It involves punching.
@_Broodling_Gah! There's the bell. I hope the seat next to idie_okonkwo is still free.
@idie_okonkwo_Broodling_ The one behind me is.
@JGSHeadmistressGood afternoon and welcome to FUTURE HISTORY 101. A special welcome to those follwing along on Twitter. Today's class is going to be a little different than usual. But before we get into that, roll call! Anole?
@_Anole_Here, JGSHeadmistress!
@SANTOSRULESIn the flesh!
@idie_okonkwoHere, JGSHeadmistress.
@JGSHeadmistressQuentin? QUENTIN!
@QQuirePresent. Against my better judgment.
@JGSHeadmistressNo you may not, KidGladiator1. Broo?
@_Broodling_Present and eager to begin learning, Headmistress Pryde!
@SANTOSRULES_anole_ Still can't believe they let a Brood in here.
@_Anole_SANTORULES Racist.
@idie_okonkwoSANTORULES You know he follows your twitter, right?
@JGSHeadmistressAll right, class. Settle down.
@DeathlockL17Is it just this unit or is this a rather frightening collection of children?
@JGSHeadmistressWe have a new student with us today. Let’s all say hello to GenesisHero.
@GenesisHeroHello. You can call me Evan.
@SANTOSRULESUm… is it just me or does he totally look like Apocalypse?
@_Anole_No, it’s not just you.
@KidGladiator1Terrific. We have added a pale-faced frail looking new student to the mix. Exactly what this school needed more of.
@SANTOSRULESKidGladiator1 Maybe you two can go tanning.
@_Anole_SANTORULES KidGladiator1 I'ma tag along. No reason.
@KidGladiator1SANTORULES You look like something we would eat for breakfast on the Shi'ar homeworld.
@_Broodling_Ms Pryde, if I may, I would just like to take this opportunity to personally welcome Genesis. I hope he finds these surroundings as intellectually stimulating as I have.
@JGSHeadmistressWhy thank you, _Broodling_ .
@QQuireHmph. Knew Brood were good at eating people’s asses. Didn’t realize they were so good at kissing them, too.
@_Broodling_I recognize your attempts at good natured ribbing, friend Quentin, and may I just say, I appreciate the sentiment.
@QQuireWhen the revolution comes, you’ll be first against the wall, Sleazy.
@_Broodling_Why thank you, that sounds like a tremendous honor!
@QQuire_Broodling_ Although Kitty's looking good in that sweater...maybe you're smarter than you look.
@_Broodling_QQuire I cannot tell you how excited I am to be the recipient of your mutant humor! WXM
@JGSHeadmistressAll right, keep it down back there. And let’s open our books to chapter three
@KidGladiator1You, GenesisHero. Frail one. What are your powers?
@GenesisHeroWell, my uncle tells me I can do anything I set my mind to.
@KidGladiator1Your uncle sounds like an idiot.
@SANTOSRULESQQuire FOR REAL! Is it just me or do... parts... look bigger today?
@GenesisHeroWhat? Why would you say such a thing?
@QQuireKidGladiator1 Burn. SANTORULES I've got a chart tracking their daily status. A very detailed chart.
@SANTOSRULESKidGladiator1 SO DO I! LET'S COMPARE!! QQuire Ooops! Meant that last one to you, Q.
@KidGladiator1The standards at this school are abysmal! At a Shi'ar academy, someone this weak and puny would have never been permitted inside. Let alone allowed to consort with warriors such as myself! Instead his parents, if they were honorable, would have set him adrift on an asteroid as an infant and left him to rot among the stars!
@SANTOSRULESKidGladiator1 HEY! If the She-Ra Academy is so good, why don't you go back there? WXM
@GenesisHeroI don’t understand. Did I do something wrong?
@idie_okonkwoIt’s okay, GenesisHero. Don’t let them bother you. We’re all devils and monsters here. Same as you.
@GenesisHeroI don’t think I like this place.
@idie_okonkwoWhoops I forgot to put a smiley face. I am smiling! It's OK that I am a devil!
@JGSHeadmistressAll right. Can the chit-chat. Don’t make me turn your vocal chords intangible.
@KidGladiator1It's not too late. I could find us an asteroid real fast.
@JGSHeadmistressWe have a special guest lecturer today, a friend of our headmaster’s. So let’s all give our undivided attention to Mr…. um… Mr. DeathlokL17 .
@SANTOSRULES_Anole_ WOAH! CYBORG DUDE! Or android? What's the difference again?
@QQuireSANTORULES Cyborg, obvi.
@_Anole_idie_okonkwo Gurl, I love your weave today.
@idie_okonkwo_Anole_ I don't know what that is.
@DeathlockL17Greetings, mutant youngsters. I am Deathlok Unit L17, manufactured by Roxxon in the year 2030. I have come to talk to you today about the future. The future is a violent and terrible place. Know that at least 43.897% of you will die before reaching adulthood.
@JGSHeadmistressAll right, well…that’s an awfully specific percentage but obviously no one can predict the future so exactly
@DeathlockL17Correction. This unit is equipped with tachyon probability generators... And thus can calculate exact statistical forecasts for all possible future timelines. For example...
@JGSHeadmistressOkay, I really don’t think we should get so specific with the students
@DeathlockL17idie_okonkwo There is a 34.7% chance you will live to become leader of the X-Men. And a 39.7% chance you will die in the next six weeks at the hands of the adolescent Hellfire Club.
@idie_okonkwoCan you tell if I go to hell or not?
@JGSHeadmistressidie_okonkwo I'm sure the other 20-something percent is great! Now hold on there, DeathlokL17
@DeathlockL17QQuire 38.9% chance you are expelled within the year. 67.3% chance you first burn this entire school to the ground.
@QQuireSounds about right to me.
@QQuireJGSHeadmistress DeathlokL17 I've already had them. Haven't you read my latest incident report?
@_Broodling_DeathlokL17 Would it be possible to predict the likelihood ofidie_okonkwo and myself being joined in matrimony?
@DeathlockL17KidGladiator1, Son of Gladiator, Prince of the Shi’ar. 45.4% chance you will one day fight valiantly alongside the Avengers. 46.8% chance that you will one day fight against them.
@KidGladiator1HA! I'll take it either way!
@JGSHeadmistressKidGladiator1 WATCH THAT DESK! That comes out of my salary! DeathlokL17 HEY CY-JERK!
@DeathlockL17_Broodling_, son of Brood. 22.3% chance that in the next three years you will discover a cure for cancer.
@_Broodling_Well that is rather… fascinating.
@DeathlockL1734.7% chance that during that same time, you will murder and consume at least four of your classmates.
@JGSHeadmistressDeathlokL17 That one does sound about, WAIT, KITTY REMEMBER YOU'RE A TEACHER NOW! He's wrong _Broodling_
@_Broodling_JGSHeadmistress It's all right, Ms Pryde. I'm quite confident I can suppress my biological urge to devour and impregnate my classmates.
@DeathlockL17(I can also tell you which four.)
@QQuireHa! This is great. Finally a class worth staying awake for.
@idie_okonkwo_Broodling_ That is nice for you, Broo. Perhaps people will forgive you for being a man-eating creature
@QQuireWho’s next?
@GenesisHeroJGSHeadmistress, I don't understand. Does this happen every class?
@DeathlockL17<Internal note: Lecture seems to be going quite well. Children appear to be finding it informative.>
@QQuireDeathlokL17 Dude, I can't believe you're friends with Wolverine! This is the best!
@DeathlockL17Next, GenesisHero...
@DeathlockL17<Tabulating possible futures... Tabulating...> <Fire in the sky... burning... this unit... disabled... dying... X-Men... bleeding...> <Conclusion: That child will kill us all.> This concludes the lecture.
@JGSHeadmistressYou got THAT, right. No more prognosticating on the death and dismemberment of the students.Thank you for coming, DeathlokL17 Don't let the door hit you...
@_Anole_Wait! Do I ever make it to BROADWAY?!!
@JGSHeadmistressI think we've had JUST about enough of class today. DISMISSED! Go to your next period, everyone!
@KidGladiator1That was just beginning to get interesting.
@QQuireLame. Laters, suckers.
@JGSHeadmistressGet out of here, everybody. I'm off to the Headmaster's office to talk about hiring ones friends!
@JeanGreySchoolThis concludes today's LiveTweet of FUTURE HISTORY 101. Thank you all for attending!
@DeathlockL17<Internal note: remove "guest-lecturer" from official resume.>

Hahaha! I hope you guys enjoyed this as much as I did... (Note: How I understand it, all of this ties into Wolverine and the X-Men #4)

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Recent Drawings: Batgirl: "Un-Killing the Joke"

DC Comics' New 52 brought a lot changes but one that had a huge impact was bringing Barbara Gordon back to the super hero field.. Any Barbara Gordon fan has to agree that the her best stories were told wen she was Oracle but by making her Batgirl this might seem like a step back to a lot of people. Right now it might be too early to tell if her new status quo will bring stories as good as when she was Oracle but for now lets accept the fact that Babs is back under the cowl.

In the New 52 universe Babs was once tied down to a wheelchair but she is now free to use her legs and fight Gotham's crime once again. Gail Simone has showcased this new Batgirl as somewhat careless in her delicate state, but who wouldn't run, jump and more the moment you regain use of your legs?

There is a satisfaction to not be tied down anymore and it shows. I wanted to show that satisfaction in my drawing and I tried to convey that. Let me know how I did:

PS. This was originally made for Artist Show-Off Showdown #81 but I didn't have a scanner 'till now.

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Recent Drawings: Chibi Spider-Man & Chibi Deadpool's Photo Opp

I love drawing chibis!

Chibi (According to Smaller form of any existing character, meant to look cute. Usually has irregular proportions, with a big head and tiny limbs.

What is there to say about this drawing? Well, I wanted to draw a chibi Deadpool and came up with the idea of hanging him upside down to take a picture with Spider-Man. If the image seems familiar it might be because it is similar to a cover made by Skottie Young

Of course, I would like to clarify that the cover to Marvel Adventures: Spider-Man #59 was not the influence to my drawing. I thought of it all on my own and noticed the cover later on.

I guess great minds think alike!

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Recent Drawings: Jean Grey: Emma Frost's Dismay

Usually when the two leading ladies of the X-Men, Emma Frost and Jean Grey, are pitted against each other, the White Queen is quickly labeled as the villain. It's understandable since she was once a villain and she did terrible stuff against the team of mutants she now calls home. Still, people forget that although Jean was once the sweet and innocent Marvel Girl, the first X-Woman has done her share of damage to the X-Men as Phoenix.

Both ladies have been on both sides of the battle field and both ladies seem to hold a rivalry that will hold for a very long time. Even now that one of them is "gone" the other still fights for trust and attention. Cyclops and Wolverine have both put their trust on Emma like they once did on Jean and the rest of the X-Men have allowed to be led by this queen, even if they are not too keen on her presence. Anyways, it always seems like between Emma and Jean, Jean is always the victim but what about Emma? I know I shouldn't be defending the cold woman since I was one of the many people who "boo-ed her off the stage" when she and Scott began dating. Yet she has been able to grow on me.

If we think about it, Emma is the one who suffers more hardship because she lives under the shadow of a great woman. Which is why I came up with the drawing below:

Tell me what you think! Is it strange to see Emma be the vulnerable one while Jean takes the credit for the villain?

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Recent Drawings: Scarlet Witch: "Alas, poor Vision! I knew him"


Okay, I sometimes become a literature-nut... Just a warning.

I like to read, I guess we all do otherwise why would we spend time on comic books, and while my Shakespearean knowledge is limited I do know of some Hamlet. Of course, one of the most famous quotes from this play is the following:

First Clown: A pestilence on him for a mad rogue! 'a pour'd a flagon of Rhenish on my head once. This same skull, sir, was, sir, Yorick's skull, the King's jester.
Hamlet: This? [Takes the skull]
First Clown: E'en that.
Hamlet: Alas, poor Yorick! I knew him, Horatio, a fellow of infinite jest, of most excellent fancy. He hath bore me on his back a thousand times, and now how abhorr'd in my imagination it is! My gorge rises at it.

This scene in the play focuses on what starts to be a series of jokes against clowns. That is until the skull of the king's court jester is dug up bringing Prince Hamlet to the sour conclusion that all living things die. Making the morbid jokes cease and philosophical aspect of decay surround the scene. This is where the famous line: "Alas, poor Yorick! I knew him, Horatio" (sometimes misquoted: "Alas, poor Yorick! I knew him well") comes from.

After this Shakespeare lesson I would like to present you to my parody of this scene. I mentioned before that most of the time, when I don't know what or who to draw I resort to drawing Gwen Stacy, Disney’s Ariel (The Little Mermaid) or the Scarlet Witch. Once again in this case I drew Scarlet Witch:

It's not my best work, I know but I do hope you guys liked my little parody of the scene with one of the best couples in comics that is presently separated by death (or Stature if she counts).

PS. Drew this back in April but I forgot I had which is why I'm just now posting it.

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Recent Drawings: New 52 - Harley Quinn

When the New 52 announcement came about I was pretty excited. It's always been hard for me to get into reading DC Comics but now I can jump right in no problem.

While there are some things I still don't understand, I am enjoying a lot of the new series. One of the negative things that the New 52 brought though were some of the costumes changes. I can't really say I am liking most of them, especially Poison Ivy's.

Some, on the other hand, are growing on me. Like Harely's! (Right) To be honest the first time I saw it I hated it but after seeing Harley in a jumpsuit for so long you kind of find it weird for her to be wearing so little. Then again, it worked for Arkham Asylum.

Anyways I decided to try out the costume into a drawing and I must say I had fun drawing this... so I guess here new look isn't that bad (Just get rid of the Red/Blue combo and put her back in Red/Black).

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