CV's Roundtable User Discussion 025 - "2011 in Review": Part 3

Greetings Comic Vine! Welcome to the Comic Vine Roundtable User Discussion. What is that, you ask? This the most wonderful place on earth where wishes and dreams come true-- ahem, sorry I was confusing this with my other job...

Well you see, a couple of CV users virtually met up to talk comic books and other comic-related topics. That conversation has been posted here for you guys to see, read and enjoy. Be sure to comment below where you can submit your own opinions after reading ours. Also, go back and read our past conversations (Here) and share your thoughts. Even if you disagree with us, we like comments.

Part 3 (of 3)

My name is Geo but my internet pseudonym is sora_thekey. I am to continue to be moderate this discussion and adding some insight along the way as I talk to the users who are sitting around this imaginary roundtable. Please welcome back xerox-kitty (XK), The Dark Huntress (DH), danhimself (Dan) and jordama (Jor).

As you can probably tell by the title, we begun talking about the what happened comic book-wise in 2011 already. If you haven't yet, read CV's Roundtable User Discussion #23 and #24 first.

Previously in CV's Roundtable User Discussion:

(Part 1) Nobody liked the Green Lantern movie. The Dark Huntress and xerox-kitty are tired of comic book events. Jordama and xerox-kitty agree to disagree on Generation Hope. Sora_thekey hated Transformers 3 while xerox-kitty hated Schism. We all loved the Thor movie except danhimself. We all liked Spider-Island. Jordama and sora_thekey played with toy Mjolnirs.

(Part 2) Xerox-kitty hasn't touched a single issue of DC's New 52. Danhimself loves the Huntress mini. The Dark Huntress wants Marvel to be more like DC. Witchblade, Haunt, Pigs, Daytripper and Morning Glories are the non-DC/Marvel books we all like. Sora_thekey likes movie-Jane Foster while xerox-kitty likes movie-Thor. Danhimself and sora_thekey like Death of Spider-Man. Jordama and sora_thekey liked the Jean Grey One Shot. The Dark Huntress finds more loopholes and Uncanny X-Force is loved by all.

Q11: Any other comic book-related production you liked that you would like to showcase?

Walking Dead

Dan: YES!! How did you know??? I think everyone should be checking out The Walking Dead show on AMC. Probably one of the best comic book-related properties ever made!

Batman: Arkham City

XK: Arkham City! It is the best video game for years, and has rekindled my love for old DC titles.

Still have not played Arkham Asylum! <_>

Jor: I haven’t played Arkham either. I did play a few minutes of GL the video game and it was fun.

DH: I've been catching up on episodes of Young Justice and I adore it. It's always interesting to see slightly different takes on your favorite characters.

Young Justice

I stopped watching on episode 4. I should probably get back to watching this show huh?

DH: YES!!! It's so good!!!

Dan: Young could I forget about Young Justice!!?!??!!?!

Avengers: Earth Mightiest Heroes

You want a good TV adaptation?

Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes. That's it!

I think the quality of the show is up there with Wolverine and the X-Men and Spectacular Spider-Man.

Dan: Man I forgot about [...] Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes.

XK: You'd recommend Young Justice? Is it as good as Earth's Mightiest Heroes? I shouldn't be surprised at how much I enjoy that, but it's just as good as Wolverine & The X-Men was.

Hopefully one day those uncanny mutants will appear in the Avengers' show (and not just to fight them for half an hour before they join forces to defeat a common foe ;)

Q12: What moment in any comic book-related product last year made you say "Heck Yeah!"?


For me it was Aunt May slapping Captain America.

XK: In the Age of X when "Legacy" was on the run, she looked as if she'd been cornered by Dust who suddenly exploded in a sandy pink explosion. The next thing you knew, Gambit was there saying he didn't know why but he had to be by her side. I've never been one to "Ship" characters, but that turned me into a Rogue-Gambit fan. Mike Carey converted me & then took it away so quickly... What a tease!

Sad that they didn't end up together though. I always liked Rogue and Gambit together, ever since X-Men TAS.

DH: Oh man... this is a toughie. It wasn't so much IN a comic, as about a comic. I was apprehensive of what was going to happen with Dick Grayson in the reboot. He has been (one of) my favorite character for ages and I was one of those people who never quite liked him as Batman. He'd worked so damn had to break away from the Bat Family and to establish his own identity separate from Bruce, to become independent. I think he did an admirable job as Batman, but he only took the cowl to A. prevent Jason Todd from doing so and B. to keep the symbol alive. I think he did a good, even great, job as Batman, but that it was never going to be his true home. After all, Batman is Bruce Wayne's true identity - Bruce is just the mask he puts on to fool the world.

So when I was reading Higgins' interview on Comic Vine where he said this "You know, I've been getting this question a lot lately and I have to admit I don't see it that way. Here's the reality of the situation-- Batman was NEVER Dick's identity. It was Bruce's, and it'll always BE Bruce's. Dick filled in, eventually becoming more and more comfortable in the role, but deep down he knew it was going to end-- it had to. And the question of "is it a demotion" is silly-- is it a demotion to go back to being YOU?" well, I was pretty much sold on him right there. I had complete and utter faith in his ability to write this character and to truly understand him.

XK: Aesthetically I've been put of the new Nightwing, because they've made him look so much like Jason. I know comic art rarely reflects the unique physicality of real life, but at least they could try to make them look different; maybe shorter, different hair, anything? Not just Junior Bat-Clones.

Dan: The Avengers trailer. I nearly fell out of my seat with excitement when I saw that. Sure Dark Knight Rises is going to be a great movie but I can't get over how excited I am for The Avengers. To have all of these characters together in one movie is going to be amazing!!!!

Jor: ItsJustSomeRandomGuy

Hahaha! I love those videos

Q13: Overall, favorite comic book of 2011?

Wolverine & the X-Men

XK: Tricky, tricky! The problem is, the usual ongoing titles I love were written by daring writers who are willing to pick you up, throw you back down, give you a laugh and can crush your soul to keep their stories fresh. But last year needed to bring back the fun. So someone flip a coin; Heads it's Alpha Flight, Tails it's Wolverine & The X-Men!

Tails! (Sorry... It's just that I really liked WATX)

Dan: The Walking Dead and the Huntress mini...such great stuff right there.


DH: I'm torn between Nightwing and X-Factor on this one...

Jor: I would have to say the best was X-Factor. Followed by Gen Hope.

For me it definitively has to be Wolverine and the X-Men. Then again I liked Wonder Woman and Aquaman too. Oh I know! I pick Avengers: Children's Crusade.

Now that we have covered the past, lets cover the future...

Q14: What are you most excited about 2012?

Dan: Earth-2 and Worlds' Finest from DC. I'm really excited to see more of Paul Levitz's Huntress and to see what he does with Powergirl. Plus I'm sure that Robinson's Earth 2 with the JSA is going to just plain amazing!

I might be one of the few, but I did enjoy Robinson's JLA run so I am willing to give JSA a chance too.

XK: More Wolverine & The X-Men and more PIGS! More mischievous mutant fun and international political sleeper spy thrillers!

Dan: Is anyone else surprised by how good Wolverine and the X-men turned out to be??? Cause man is it good!!

Wolverine and the X-Men #4

I am! I am! I actually didn't expect to like it at all but it became my favorite X-Men book.

Dan: Same here! Though to be fair it's still not my favorite X-book...that goes to Uncanny X-Force.

XK: I really expected to hate it. It was only because of Chris Bachalo's art that I was willing to go it a try... And I am so glad I did! It's wonderfully uplifting compared to the last few years of angst, stress & genetic eradication. It's so damn good, so damn refreshing!

I want more Bamfs!!

I was actually hesitant to read WatXM because of Bachalo's art. I've never been fond of his work... To me, it seem sloppy and you can barely make heads or tails on what's going on. But if he's the one who designed the Jean Grey School's looks then I tip my hat off to the guy!

Avengers Vs. X-Men #1 Cover

DH: I was apprehensively excited for AvX, but that has completely gone out the window into complete and utter trepidation and dreading.

I think this event might be actually bring redemption to Marvel after Secret Invasion, Siege and Fear Itself.

Jor: I am curious who wins the AvX

DH: I'm gonna have to say that I'm super, super excited for the upcoming The Night of the Owls, an event spinning out of the current Batman story line and encompassing most (if not all) of the Bat Family books.

Oh yeah! I'm excited for this one too!

DH: I was reading a lengthy interview with Scott Snyder about it on Newsarama. It's going to be DC's first event of the DCnU and it looks like it's going to be great. And this is another place where Marvel should be taking a page out of DC's book. While it's going to be an event and will touch some of the other Bat Family books (Batgirl, Nightwing, Batman and Robin, Red Hood and the Outlaws), it's not necessary to buy those issues to comprehend the story.

Q15: Do you really believe we will all die this December?

DH: We're already living in the otherworld O_O

XK: We survived the turn of the Millennium, the so-called Millennium Bug, and assorted prophecies from Nostrodamus. I think 2013 is a safe bet... Unless Genesis realises who he really is ;)

Dan: I sure as heck hope not...but if we do I can only pray that there are comics in heaven.

Jor: I believe that a new age is possible? Maybe mutants will start to spring up and take over the world ;)

Well I doubt that we will -- He said as he hid under the covers hoping the apocalypse doesn't find him there.

Glad to have xerox-kitty, jordama and danhimself here with me for the end of the year RT. Especially since they accompanied me the very first Roundtable some months ago. I'm also glad to have my new co-host Dark Huntress here to welcome in a new year of comic book fun! I guess it's time to bid 2011 a heartfelt goodbye, as well as this RT.

XK: Thanks for having me back, Geo! I'm quite happy to say "Good bye & get lost!" to 2011 ;)

Dan: I've got to get back on DCUO and get to farming...dirty rotten devs stealing my money....grrrrrrrrrr

DH: This is DH, off to rant some more somewhere else :)

Jor: Now I'm due in Comic Limbo, we do this meta party where we actually have a Limbo contest, but Jean always wins, damn TK. Farewell Friends.

This is Geo/sora_thekey saying signing off.

-- Geo (sora_thekey) 24/7 geek! -- Follow me on Twitter: @sora_thekey


4-Year Vineversary!

Four years ago, today (January 30th) I joined Comic Vine!

4 Years!

Back in 2008 I was searching for some comic book-related images on Google. One of those images led me to Comic Vine, a site I automatically fell in love with. The HUGE amounts of comic book content made me stick around... I remember going through the Spider-Man page and noticing that under the powers section something was missing. Spidey's new-found stingers (that he acquired from The Other event) were not listed so I created the username "sora_thekey" and got my first wiki points ever! It didn't take very long until I got my first rejection PM from G-Man saying that my Phoenix: Endsong entry had too many spelling mistakes. (Hopefully my spelling errors have not been consistent since then!)

Since it is my Vineversary I think that I am allowed to be biased today. Right? Then I'm going to recap the highlights of these past 4 years:


  • Wiki Points: 18,271 (Total Whiskey Media Points: 33,974)
  • Forum Posts: 6,291
  • Reviews: 30 (7 Video Reviews)
  • Lists: 8
  • Followed by: 40,274
  • Blog Posts: 300+
  • Quest Level: 30

Comic Book Conventions

For the past 3 years going to comic book conventions became a mandatory trip. That's where I met the Comic Vine staff, which later got me the opportunity to be their Convention Intern (Production Assistant according to the site's FAQ).

She said "Yes"

I starred in the convention videos where I do crazy stuff crazy stuff. I've gotten to do a lot at the cons like go on a Scavenger Hunt, do a Square Enix Booth Tour, walk and talk with cosplayers, go to the Whiskey Media offices and even propose to Power Girl!

I've also done many Draw-Offs with Peter Nguyen & Dennis Calero at LBCC, Wonder Con and San Diego Comic Con.

I seriously love going to conventions with these guys. From the witty comments from Tom Pinchuk and Mat Elfring (Inferiorego) to the crazy suggestions from Ethan Lance (Red L.A.M.P.) I just love the time I sped with them. I am not kidding when I tell you that these guys are the best!

Around the Site

I started something here on the site called the Roundtable User Discussions. I don't know if you've heard of them but be sure to check them out.

I had a few accomplishments here on the site too. I was the Community Star at the beginning of last year and became a Forum Moderator. I also got to write three articles for the site's front page: Ant-Man Movie to be a "High-Tech Spy Heist Film", Spider-Man Musical Details and the Debut of a Song on ABC News & The Avengers: Earth Mightiest Heroes Premieres Oct. 20th.


Over my time here I've been known for contributing a lot to the Artist Show-Off forums. I even made a blog post which holds every single drawing I have ever posted here: Recent Drawings: My Art!.

Around the [Other] Whiskey Sites

I have been active in Comic Vine sites too. I also begun the Roundtable User Discussions in Anime Vice and Screened. I have written various articles for Anime Vice and appeared in videos for both AV and Screened.

Thank You!


CV's Roundtable User Discussion 024 - "2011 in Review": Part 2

Greetings Comic Vine! Welcome to the Comic Vine Roundtable User Discussion. What is that, you ask? This the most wonderful place on earth where wishes and dreams come true-- ahem, sorry I was confusing this with my other job...

Well you see, a couple of CV users virtually met up to talk comic books and other comic-related topics. That conversation has been posted here for you guys to see, read and enjoy. Be sure to comment below where you can submit your own opinions after reading ours. Also, go back and read our past conversations (Here) and share your thoughts. Even if you disagree with us, we like comments.

Part 2 (of 3)

My name is Geo but my internet pseudonym is sora_thekey. I am to continue to be moderate this discussion and adding some insight along the way as I talk to the users who are sitting around this imaginary roundtable. Please welcome backxerox-kitty (X-k), The Dark Huntress (DH), danhimself (Dan) and jordama (Jor).

As you can probably tell by the title, we begun talking about the what happened comic book-wise in 2011 already. If you haven't yet, read CV's Roundtable User Discussion #23 first.

Previously in CV's Roundtable User Discussion: Nobody liked the Green Lantern movie. The Dark Huntress and xerox-kitty are tired of comic book events. Jordama and xerox-kitty agree to disagree on Generation Hope. Sora_thekey hated Transformers 3 while xerox-kitty hated Schism. We all loved the Thor movie except danhimself. We all liked Spider-Island. Jordama and sora_thekey played with toy Mjolnirs.

Q6: One of the biggest thing to happen last year was DC's New 52, what is your opinion on this HUGE moment in comic book history?

DC's New 52

Dan: I'm digging it for the most part. There are a few elements that I'm not pleased with...mostly Superman's new suit. But for the most part I think that you could call the New 52 a pretty big success. The book that's really standing out for me though is the Huntress mini. I love it and can't wait for more!

New 52 Concept Art

Wait? What's wrong with Superman's new suit? (Do you miss the underwear?)

Dan: Yes that's the reason... I know a lot of people were glad to see it go but I was in the minority where I thought that there was absolutely nothing wrong with Superman's costume in the first place.

I haven't read a lot of the New 52 books but I do have to say that I am enjoying Myth-heavy Wonder Woman and Flash!

X-k: I'm afraid I've not bought or read any. Not because I prefer Marvel; far from it! It just didn't appeal to me, so I decided to save my money in the meantime and maybe pick up a few trades in the future. I've been reliving my love for older DC titles, so there's no room in my head (or home) for a whole new DC universe.



Note to self: Add Huntress mini to pull list.

Dan: YES!! DO IT!!!!

Jor: I don't read DC but the concept really bothered me.

I think it bothered a lot of people!

DH: I was one of those crazy people who supported it from the very beginning. I know that there's a whole lot of controversy and a lot of opposing stances on this. Do I strictly think that it was necessary? No, absolutely not. Do I think that all the changes were for the better? No, absolutely not. But I think overall, what DC did here was a good thing. They have a seemingly set amount of ongoings and I think that's another thing that Marvel could use. Focus on what you have and what is and isn't working for you instead of just throwing so many things out there. Quality over quantity and I think that DC is beginning to exemplify that value.

Are you saying that Marvel should do something similar to New 52?

DH: Yes and no. Yes in that I'd like to see Marvel cut down their books. Do we really need eight X-Men books (plus three current X-related minis), Wolverine appearing in two of the X-Men books, his own solo, Wolverine: The Best There Is, plus Avengers titles, Spider-Man appearing in three? books (not counting Ultimate Universe). It's just crazy and oversaturaion. I think they could (and should) cut down to a definitive amount of books. Quality over quantity. So in that respect, yes, I do think they should do something similar to the DCnU. No, in the respect that I don't think Marvel should reboot - not at this point in time.

Q7: Is there anything outside of Marvel or DC (Dark Horse, Top Cow, Archaia, etc.) you would like to showcase that happened in comic books last year?


DH: Unfortunately not :( I'm pretty much strictly Marvel and DC with the exception of Witchblade.

Jor: The only none Marvel book I read for more than an Issue was Haunt, which I liked.

The Walking Dead

X-k: PIGS! It's vastly different from my usual superhero fare, but I've enjoyed the dark twists, turns & humour. It's written by two Funny guys with F--ked up imaginations (Nate Cosby & Ben McCool), and drawn by a really great newcomer (Breno Tamura) who I'm sure will go on to do great things in future. But I definitely wouldn't recommend it to kids ;)

Dan: It wouldn't be a Round Table if I didn't bring up The Walking Dead.

No it wouldn't.

X-k: Dan likes Walking Dead? Since when? Why didn't anyone tell me...? ;)

Dan: This book continues to be my favorite book on the shelves. So much happened over last year in the series and I don't want to spoil anything for the people who aren't caught up on it but you should definitely check out issue 83 it's by far my favorite issue of the series to date.

The television series has been pretty good too!

Morning Glories

For me it's Vertigo's Daytripper is simply one of the best graphic novels I've ever read. I can't tell you what's it about otherwise I would spoil it.

Also, Image's Morning Glories is one of the most suspenseful, thrilling books I have ever laid eyes on. If you know what's good for you, you will read those two books!

Dan: Man I forgot about [...] Daytripper

Daytripper was one of my favorite series of all year. So different from what we are used to.

Alright lets talk about what we did like. I'm sure there were tons of comic books, movies, video games and animated features you all liked that we can talk about from 2011.

Q8: Some really good comic book movies came out last year, any favorites?

X-Men: First Class

Jor: X-MEN: FIRST CLASS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Certainly the biggest surprise of the year when it came to comic book movies.

Jor: I think a lot of people thought it was going to bomb, which made it so much better. Unlike the movie that everyone thought was going to be great, that actually did bomb. ;)



DH: Thor, by far. And no, it's not just because of Sexy, Beardy, Thor <__< My only gripe with that movie was Jane. I felt that she was kind of there just to be there as the romantic interest. I understand that she had an important role in the movie, but I dunno. I didn't feel that the romantic spin was necessary.

B-but! Jane is pretty n_n!

DH: She totally is, and Natalie Portman is awesome. I just felt that the romance angle wasn't integral.

X-k: I thought it was funny; a way to a man's heart is to drive badly & hit him with your car a couple of times! I can understand why they changed Jane Foster, but I can't help but wonder if I'd have been able to connect with her more if she had stayed a nurse? Instead I found myself associating more with made-for-the-movie Darcy.

Dan: Captain America would be my favorite. It was really well done in my eyes. It may not have been perfect but it was really enjoyable and left me excited for the Avengers movie.

Q9: 2011 was also the year of some sad comic book moments like the death of Johnny Storm in Fantastic Four #588 or the death of Ultimate Spider-Man in Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #160. Yet these moments were wonderfully crafted, care to mention your favorite?

Ultimate Comics - The Death of Spider-Man

X-k: Sorry, I don't read any Ultimate titles or the Fantastic Four, so it really didn't have an impact on me.

Dan: Out of the 2 listed? I'd have to go with the death of Ultimate Spider-man. Bendis may not be the best writer in the 616 universe but man he sure does know how to write Ultimate Spider-man!

I agree there! My favorite is still Death of Spider-Man.

Marvel Girl

Jor: Sad moment, hmmm...... That's tough, Maybe when Guido died in X-Factor, or the Marvel Girl First class one Shot.

I loved the Marvel Girl One-Shot! That book certainly didn't get enough praise.

Jor: I think that is because so many people just really hate Jean now and were not willing to give the one shot a chance.


Death of Nightcrawler

DH: The deaths of Nightcrawler and Cable in Second Coming, by far. I just wish it actually meant something, you know? It's sad, but I'm surprised they've kept the Elf dead this long. Marvel, and comics in general, have this terrible thing of killing a character off during some heroic display and then several years later, bringing them back. Either as something evil, or out for vengeance or oh hey, they were never dead to begin with (see, Bucky Barne, Ariel, Cable, Batman, Thor etc). It's a cheap cop out and it completely takes away the emotional impact. Dead characters should stay dead, it's as simple as that.

I was about to correct you and tell you that Nightcrawler and Cable died back in 2010 but I just remembered that you read everything in trade from. So yeah, the book came out in 2011... Once again you find a loophole to my questions.

DH: I am known for my loopholes xD

Yes you are!

Q10: Is there a particular issue or series you were fond of throughout the whole year?

Fear Itself: The Home Front

X-k: The Speedball story in Fear Itself: The Home Front felt like a much overdue apology for how Civil War warped him for many years. Yet, I want to give an honourable mention for the Alpha Flight limited series. The title that was meant to turn into an ongoing, but was pulled back into just a mini series. It has been an absolute breath of fresh air to read, really capturing the spirit of the 80's team with a sexy modern approach. I only tried the #0.1 issue as a taster and have loved every single issue since.


Jor: Because of the horrendous issue 9 of Gen Hope, I will say X-Factor is always consistently amazing.

Dan: Other than The Walking Dead and the Huntress mini which I've be gushing over this entire time? I'd say that people should get over the first issue of Red Hood and The Outlaws and give that a shot again. I'm also really enjoying Teen Titans, Superboy, Amazing Spider-man, and Invincible. How could I forget Uncanny X-Force?? It was probably the best Marvel book of the year and I would recommend it to anyone.

I just bought the Uncanny X-Force Vol. 1 HC. I want to know what is the big deal about this series which makes everybody talk about it...

The Apocalypse Solution

Dan: Don't let it get spoiled for you either. You're going to love it!!

For me it's probably the Ultimate Fallout mini. It had the best moments in comic book history: Aunt May gets a hug, Miles Morales' first appearance, Nick Fury comes to Mary Jane's doorstep, Aunt May slaps Captain America, etc.

DH: Secret Six, which was sadly one of the casualties of the reboot. Although, there was poetic and extreme closure in the final issue. Which was something I actually really appreciated that DC did - on books that were not continuing, you did get a good sense of closure. At least with the books that I was reading.


There is so much 2011 to cover that it doesn't even fit in two RTs! Be sure to come back to read "2011 in Review" Part 3 (of 3) and read Part 1! (Although it'd be dumb if you were to read Part 1 after Part 2. I mean it would be like watching Season 2 of Lost before Season 1. I mean c'mon people I linked the first part at the beginning of the post and.... Y'know what? I'm just gonna shut up now.)


-- Geo (sora_thekey) 24/7 geek! -- Follow me on Twitter: @sora_thekey


CV's Roundtable User Discussion 023 - "2011 in Review": Part 1

Greetings Comic Vine! Welcome to the Comic Vine Roundtable User Discussion. What is that, you ask? This the most wonderful place on earth where wishes and dreams come true-- ahem, sorry I was confusing this with my other job...

Well you see, a couple of CV users virtually met up to talk comic books and other comic-related topics. That conversation has been posted here for you guys to see, read and enjoy. Be sure to comment below where you can submit your own opinions after reading ours. Also, go back and read our past conversations (Here) and share your thoughts. Even if you disagree with us, we like comments.

Part 1 (of 3)

My name is Geo but my internet pseudonym is sora_thekey. I am going to be moderating this discussion and adding some insight along the way as I talk to the users who are sitting around this imaginary roundtable. Please welcome back xerox-kitty (X-k), The Dark Huntress (DH), danhimself (Dan) and jordama (Jor). Please say hi my royal subjects-- I mean, friends.

X-k: Happy New Year! It's nice to have Geo back in the driving seat, welcome back amigo! :)

Dan: danhimself here and I just lost 700 million dollars on DC Universe Online so I'm not very happy right now....maybe a Roundtable will cheer me up!

DH: DH here, happy to have the Roundtables back and active in the New Year :D

Jor: Hey y'all your fav X-Spert here, after X-k, and DH ofcourse ;)

Welcome everybody! Usually I would ask for an update of your comic book-life but since this is a special (and probably long) Roundtable Discussion we are going to skip this part of the regular scheduled programming and jump in on today's topic.

We are now in 2012! New year and closer to imminent death this December (according to the Mayans). Now that 2011 is behind us I say we put our year under the microscope and review what we liked and didn't like about last year... comic book-wise! :)

To end on a high note how 'bout we begin with what we didn't like.

Q1: Was there a comic book or other comic book-related property (movies, video games, book adaptations, etc.) that you would like to forget?

Dan: Off the top of my head I can't really think of anything that I'd like to forget. Honestly this was a really great year for comic book-related properties. We had a couple of great Marvel movies, some great animated series, and one great live action series.

Art by CV user crestfallen

DH: As far as I'm concerned, Catwoman had absolutely no relation to comic books.

You didn't like Anne Hathaway in the TDKR trailer?? Gasp! How could you! ;)

DH: I see what you did there ;) I've actually always been one of the people who believed she had the acting chops and sex appeal to pull that role off. And judging by the trailer, I wasn't wrong.


For me it has to be the first hour and a half of Transformers 3. Why would I care that Witwicky can't get a job and his fake British-accent girlfriend can?! Ugh!

X-k: Oh God, I second that! [Rosie Huntington-Whitley] was annoying, and the film was bloody awful. I'd repressed the memory of it... and I have to start from scratch again!

I'm sorry that I brought back that repressed memory but MAN! Did this movie bother the heck out of me!

Generation Hope #9

Jor: OH MY GOD I WOULD BURN GEN HOPE #9! Pathetic attempt to make an it gets better comic that failed so hard in my book. Pure exploitative garbage. They should have rereleased New Mutants 45, Larry Bodine completely trumps Zeeshan.

X-k: REALLY!?! Wow, I NEVER thought I'd hear you say that about Generation Hope! That was your favourite title! Now I'm even more glad I gave up on that title... but I'm also really sorry for you :(

I thought you were all about Generation Hope?!

Jor: I am, I love GenHope, I consider myself the gen hope expert, but that story was so bad. I even wrote a blog about how much that story failed in comparison to another mutant teen suicide story from the 80's.

Are you telling me that I should continue to read Gen Hope then?

Jor: I vote yes. I think that the books that have a focus on the younger mutants always have a rougher start. New X-Men was kind of bland until half way through. I think that this book has a lot of potential, but the irony is that I am giving up comics for a while, including GenHope. If you ask XK, she will tell you to run from the book however.

Q2: What is easily forgettable about last year?

X-k: Ummm... Sorry, I forgot!

War of the Green Lanterns

DH: War of the Green Lanterns. Other than the death of that one character, I really don't see how it changed the status quo of anything at all.

Jor: The fact that Astonishing X-Men existed?

Wasn't that the series that had... um.

Fear Itself

Dan: I think for me it would be Fear Itself. I think it was a great idea but poorly executed.

Ugh! Fear Itself's The Mighty!... That was such a bad idea!

The major marvel heroes become Tron-looking, Asgard warriors just for the effect to last one issue. (I didn't read Fear Itself but they made way to big a deal about this just for it to last so little.)

Q3: Specifically talking about comics, which do you think was the worst comic book of 2011?

Generation Hope #5

X-k: I'm torn on the 'worst' title. My feelings for Uncanny X-Men haven't changed with the hand-over from Matt Fraction to Kieron Gillen. Yet I genuinely felt angry, ripped off and pissed off at myself for buying Generation Hope issue #5. I had been vastly disappointed with the first 4 issues, and don't know why I didn't just drop it there. Yet the story in issue 5 was even worse that I was so angry... and yet that didn't anger me to write a scathing review as I did for Schism #1. It very nearly killed all my faith & love for the X-Men.

X-Men: Schism

Did you not like Schism then?

X-k: I can not begin to express how bad it was. At least not in polite conversation. I had to pile up several good stories to read afterwards, just so it wouldn't ruin the rest of my day!

And yet... I have Schism to thank for a surprise little gem that spun-off from it at the end of the year.

Wow... I totally didn't expect that reaction from you! I enjoyed the book for the most part but I guess what I liked the most out of the book was the outcomes.

Jor: I will have to say Uncanny X-Men. Not because it was so terrible, but because it was supposed to be the main X-Men book but it was easily outclassed by so many other X-Titles.

I actually agree with this. Last year the main X-Men title seemed to be Adjective-less X-Men and X-Men: Legacy rather than Uncanny. Oh, and of course Uncanny X-Force.

Dan: Again Fear Itself stood out to me as a real stinker. Tons of tie-in's with poor, forgettable stories.

I didn't read more than two issues of Fear Itself so I can agree with Dan here. Two issues into the event and nothing happened!

Ultimate Spider-Man

DH: This is a tough one for me. There are some that I simply refuse to read (Pretty much anything that Brian Michael Bendis and JR JR touch) simply on principle. However, I did read the first issue of Hawk & Dove and it was simply atrocious.

Does this mean that you don't read Ultimate Spider-Man?

DH: I've actually read the first three issues of the current one with Miles. I'll read his Ultimate stuff and his imprint stuff like Scarlet. Basically, when he's not destroying the continuity and characterization of previously established characters, I'm okay with him.

Q4: Specifically talking about other comic book-related productions, what was the worst to come out of last year?

Green Lantern Movie

Dan: Worst? That's a hard one because like I said this year was really good for comic book-related properties. I guess I'll have to go with the Thor movie. It's not like it was a bad movie but out of everything it's the lowest on my list.

X-k: Not for me. Unfortunately I didn't get out to the cinema as much as I'd hoped last yer. Although that may be a good thing, from the reviews of Green Lantern. And I was really looking forward to seeing it.

DH: Green Lantern, it was just...ugh. Pretty terrible.

I have yet to watch Green Lantern!

Dan: Oh man I had completely forgotten about Green Lantern....hehe..mission accomplished then.

Thor Movie

Just a suggestion dan. Don't ever talk that about the Thor movie that way in front of xerox-kitty... She'll probably pummel you with one of the leftover Fear Itself Serpent hammers.

Dan: Well see I wrote that before I realized that I had forgot about forgetting Green Lantern. I actually really enjoyed Thor it just wasn't as good as Captain America. *hides from XK under the desk*


Oh I've got a good one. The Smallville finale. The episode itself was not bad. I actually thought it was a fitting ending, but it was a disappointing when >SPOILERS< you only got glimpses of Tom Welling wearing the Superman suit. You literally don't get to see him wear the costume!


Jor: All the toys that were cheaply made for the many comic movies. I saw a whole Isle of cheap Captain America masks and Thor hammers.

Thanks for bringing up something that we didn't before. I do have to admit that in the Wal Mart aisles I played with the toy Mjolnrs :P

Jor: I did too ;)

Now, lets move away from negativity. Before we talk about the good from last year I want to get your opinions on a few things...

Q5: Last year hosted comic book events like Flashpoint, Fear Itself, Spider-Island and Artifacts what did you think of these or any other cb event I didn't mention?

X-k: They just went on forever! And why were Marvel & DC competing to see who could pimp out as many tie-ins, spin-offs and mini-series as possible? I understand it's their business to sell comics, but haven't they noticed the financial problems everyone's having?

Age of X

I'm sorry, I shouldn't be so negative, but Fear Itself & Flashpoint were just cash cows. Fleecing fans for all they could get. But not all cross-overs were mass-produced nightmares. I really passionately enjoyed Mike Carey's Age of X and Dan Slott's Spider-Island. I still have those piled neatly within easy reach in case I need quality spandex stories, stat!


Age of X one of my favorites of last year! I didn't read most of the events last year but I think Schism and Spider-Island were my top favorite. Both events set up characters and stories I am now enjoying a lot.

Dan: Flashpoint was ok. For what they were doing it could have been a heck of a lot better and more thought out. Like I said above Fear Itself is better left forgotten. I loved Spider-Island, just plain loved it!!

X-k: And it was surrounded by great limited series like Spider-Island: Cloak & Dagger, I Love New York, and Deadly Hands Of Kung-Fu. It's so rare to get a cross-over event with quality tie-ins!

Dan: Artifacts was another ok story. The delays are what really hurt it though. The story itself was great and if you get a chance you should read the 13 issues back to back now that they're all out.

Top Cow's Artifacts

I read Artifacts' first four issues and I have to say I enjoyed them a lot. Especially since that TPB I bought (Artifacts Vol. 1) was the first time I ever read a Top Cow book. The creators made it really easy for new readers, like me, to jump in.

DH: I AM SO DAMN TIRED OF EVENTS. Prepare for a DH rant here. I understand that events are big sellers and that Marvel said during one of the Cons that they look at sales figures from them and continue to put them out because people continue to buy them. But I am beyond the point of oversaturated at this point. It's just absurd. There's an event literally every other month and they're all starting to lose impact. When the fate of the entire world is threatened on a constant basis and people continuously sacrifice themselves only be resurrected (or we find out they were never dead to begin with, which seems to be the new rage), I stop getting invested - both emotionally and financially. I'm just so done with it. Marvel could do to take a page out of DC's book when it comes to events. And they could also learn to keep their word. For example, at the beginning of the AvX solicits and teasers, we were told that all they were releasing was the 12 issues. Next we're told that hey, if you want to see more in depth stuff on the battles, buy AvX: VS. And in yesterday's news was the release of tie-in issues in New Avengers. What the hell, Marvel? Give me a goddamn break, please.

I guess you are doing the right thing here by not buying the issues. This way you are not supporting something you don't like.

X-k: Oh dear, I'd forgotten about AvX. It's all the usual pre-event hype, with more hints at the return of Phoenix, and that hideously clichéd comic book concept; super heroes fighting super heroes. Didn't we have enough of that in Civil War?? I can already see the endless amount of tie-ins and spin-offs that will have absolutely no impact on the status quo of the regular titles in 5 months time. Needless to say, I wont be hitting my bank account to collect all of those!

Jor: I agree with X-K and DH about the over whelming amount of events and tie-ins. None of them really made me excited, even AoX was meh.


There is so much 2011 to cover that it doesn't even fit in one RT! Be sure to come back to read "2011 in Review" Part 2 (of 3).


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Recent Drawings: Chibi New 52 Trinity w/ New DC Logo [UPDATED]

DC Comics and DC Entertainment has been going through a lot of changes lately. The most recent update it the company's New, Modern Logo. To be honest I'm not to fond of the corporation-looking logo but I guess we should embrace change just like we had to with DC's New 52. Last night, while listening to last week's podcast G-Man mentioned the new logo that I tweeted to him. Listening to the CV crew talk about it gave me an idea for a drawing.

It seems like the sticker over the C that makes the D (that wasn't an English class) makes the perfect situation for someone to be pulling on it. First person I thought of was Superman... Of course Superman alone would be boring, so why not draw DC's Trinity in there? What would make this better? Chibis!

I would also like to add that that I looked over the internet and found NO New 52 Chibi drawings in there... So I take credit in being the first to draw Chibi New 52: Trinity! :P


The amazing payno colored it:

Thank you

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Recent Drawings: Nico Minoru

While I was navigating the internet an add at the right end of my screen showed up for "goth fashion". An Asian girl with a really interesting dress was on the add. When I saw it I thought that the outfit would probably be something that Nico from the Runaways would wear.

That of course led me to drawing what you see here. I used that same dress as a reference and drew Nico wearing it. This is a nice change of pace for me... Most of the characters I draw have a set costume or outfit that you draw them in. With characters like the Runaways you can pretty much draw them in any clothes you want to. This one was fun to draw!

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Recent Drawings: Exiles

Originally drawn for the 85th Artist Show-Off Showdown. While I did finish the piece before the deadline I didn't get a hold of a scanner until today...The rules of the contest was that you could draw six or less members of the Exiles. I'm not very good at drawing more than one character on a page. Usually, some of the characters will look better than the rest. This time I decided to go with three: Morph, Blink and Spider-Man 2099.

Originally the drawing included Nocturne and Mimic but after the first three I couldn't find a good way to add the other two... Well, let me know what you think.

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Recent Drawings: New 52 - Red Robin

A lot of people (not from the site) complain about my drawings mostly being girls. Can you blame me? Either way, one day someone told me I should draw a male character. I went through the Comic Vine database trying to find a guy I wanted to draw... I decided on Red Robin in his New 52 outfit.

Of course, I am always trying to challenge myself so I went through tons of panels drawn by Brett Booth in the new Teen Titans book and reference images from Marvel's Falcon. In the end I came up with what you see here:

Hopefully you all like it!

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Future History 101 w/ Headmistress Kitty Pryde via Twitter!

Wolverine and the X-Men #4

Marvel has taken the Jean Grey School for Higher Learning experience to a whole new level by allowing readers to audit classes via Twitter:

Ever wondered what it would be like to be a student at the Jean Grey School for Higher Learning? To learn from Kitty Pryde, pass notes with Rockslide and have Wolverine as your headmaster? Well wonder no more!
On Wednesday, January 11 at 2:00 PM EST, you can log on to Twitter and grab a seat for Future History 101, directly from the page of WOLVERINE AND THE X-MEN #4! Join Kid Omega, Idie, Rockslide, Anole, Broo, Kid Gladiator and in a class taught by Headmistress Kitty Pryde with special guest lecturer Deathlok!
All you have to do is sign on to Twitter and be sure to follow @JeanGreySchool, @JGSHeadmistress, @DeathlokL17, @GenesisHero, @KidGladiator1, @QQuire, @idie_okonkwo, @_Broodling_, @SANTORULES and @_Anole_. You can also keep track by tracking and using the #WXM hashtag. Then be sure you've got your pencils sharpened and ties on straight because class starts at 2:00 PM EST sharp on Wednesday, January 11!
Don't miss this opportunity to attend the prestigious Jean Grey School! And remember: Headmaster Wolverine will be watching!

I "audited" the class and decided to share the events with all of you here wrapped up into a nice blog:

@JeanGreySchoolATTENTION STUDENTS (both local and all over the world) FUTURE HISTORY CLASS IS ABOUT TO BEGIN!
@KidGladiator1Why does Kid Gladiator need a class to teach him about the future? I know my future. It involves punching.
@_Broodling_Gah! There's the bell. I hope the seat next to idie_okonkwo is still free.
@idie_okonkwo_Broodling_ The one behind me is.
@JGSHeadmistressGood afternoon and welcome to FUTURE HISTORY 101. A special welcome to those follwing along on Twitter. Today's class is going to be a little different than usual. But before we get into that, roll call! Anole?
@_Anole_Here, JGSHeadmistress!
@SANTOSRULESIn the flesh!
@idie_okonkwoHere, JGSHeadmistress.
@JGSHeadmistressQuentin? QUENTIN!
@QQuirePresent. Against my better judgment.
@JGSHeadmistressNo you may not, KidGladiator1. Broo?
@_Broodling_Present and eager to begin learning, Headmistress Pryde!
@SANTOSRULES_anole_ Still can't believe they let a Brood in here.
@_Anole_SANTORULES Racist.
@idie_okonkwoSANTORULES You know he follows your twitter, right?
@JGSHeadmistressAll right, class. Settle down.
@DeathlockL17Is it just this unit or is this a rather frightening collection of children?
@JGSHeadmistressWe have a new student with us today. Let’s all say hello to GenesisHero.
@GenesisHeroHello. You can call me Evan.
@SANTOSRULESUm… is it just me or does he totally look like Apocalypse?
@_Anole_No, it’s not just you.
@KidGladiator1Terrific. We have added a pale-faced frail looking new student to the mix. Exactly what this school needed more of.
@SANTOSRULESKidGladiator1 Maybe you two can go tanning.
@_Anole_SANTORULES KidGladiator1 I'ma tag along. No reason.
@KidGladiator1SANTORULES You look like something we would eat for breakfast on the Shi'ar homeworld.
@_Broodling_Ms Pryde, if I may, I would just like to take this opportunity to personally welcome Genesis. I hope he finds these surroundings as intellectually stimulating as I have.
@JGSHeadmistressWhy thank you, _Broodling_ .
@QQuireHmph. Knew Brood were good at eating people’s asses. Didn’t realize they were so good at kissing them, too.
@_Broodling_I recognize your attempts at good natured ribbing, friend Quentin, and may I just say, I appreciate the sentiment.
@QQuireWhen the revolution comes, you’ll be first against the wall, Sleazy.
@_Broodling_Why thank you, that sounds like a tremendous honor!
@QQuire_Broodling_ Although Kitty's looking good in that sweater...maybe you're smarter than you look.
@_Broodling_QQuire I cannot tell you how excited I am to be the recipient of your mutant humor! WXM
@JGSHeadmistressAll right, keep it down back there. And let’s open our books to chapter three
@KidGladiator1You, GenesisHero. Frail one. What are your powers?
@GenesisHeroWell, my uncle tells me I can do anything I set my mind to.
@KidGladiator1Your uncle sounds like an idiot.
@SANTOSRULESQQuire FOR REAL! Is it just me or do... parts... look bigger today?
@GenesisHeroWhat? Why would you say such a thing?
@QQuireKidGladiator1 Burn. SANTORULES I've got a chart tracking their daily status. A very detailed chart.
@SANTOSRULESKidGladiator1 SO DO I! LET'S COMPARE!! QQuire Ooops! Meant that last one to you, Q.
@KidGladiator1The standards at this school are abysmal! At a Shi'ar academy, someone this weak and puny would have never been permitted inside. Let alone allowed to consort with warriors such as myself! Instead his parents, if they were honorable, would have set him adrift on an asteroid as an infant and left him to rot among the stars!
@SANTOSRULESKidGladiator1 HEY! If the She-Ra Academy is so good, why don't you go back there? WXM
@GenesisHeroI don’t understand. Did I do something wrong?
@idie_okonkwoIt’s okay, GenesisHero. Don’t let them bother you. We’re all devils and monsters here. Same as you.
@GenesisHeroI don’t think I like this place.
@idie_okonkwoWhoops I forgot to put a smiley face. I am smiling! It's OK that I am a devil!
@JGSHeadmistressAll right. Can the chit-chat. Don’t make me turn your vocal chords intangible.
@KidGladiator1It's not too late. I could find us an asteroid real fast.
@JGSHeadmistressWe have a special guest lecturer today, a friend of our headmaster’s. So let’s all give our undivided attention to Mr…. um… Mr. DeathlokL17 .
@SANTOSRULES_Anole_ WOAH! CYBORG DUDE! Or android? What's the difference again?
@QQuireSANTORULES Cyborg, obvi.
@_Anole_idie_okonkwo Gurl, I love your weave today.
@idie_okonkwo_Anole_ I don't know what that is.
@DeathlockL17Greetings, mutant youngsters. I am Deathlok Unit L17, manufactured by Roxxon in the year 2030. I have come to talk to you today about the future. The future is a violent and terrible place. Know that at least 43.897% of you will die before reaching adulthood.
@JGSHeadmistressAll right, well…that’s an awfully specific percentage but obviously no one can predict the future so exactly
@DeathlockL17Correction. This unit is equipped with tachyon probability generators... And thus can calculate exact statistical forecasts for all possible future timelines. For example...
@JGSHeadmistressOkay, I really don’t think we should get so specific with the students
@DeathlockL17idie_okonkwo There is a 34.7% chance you will live to become leader of the X-Men. And a 39.7% chance you will die in the next six weeks at the hands of the adolescent Hellfire Club.
@idie_okonkwoCan you tell if I go to hell or not?
@JGSHeadmistressidie_okonkwo I'm sure the other 20-something percent is great! Now hold on there, DeathlokL17
@DeathlockL17QQuire 38.9% chance you are expelled within the year. 67.3% chance you first burn this entire school to the ground.
@QQuireSounds about right to me.
@QQuireJGSHeadmistress DeathlokL17 I've already had them. Haven't you read my latest incident report?
@_Broodling_DeathlokL17 Would it be possible to predict the likelihood ofidie_okonkwo and myself being joined in matrimony?
@DeathlockL17KidGladiator1, Son of Gladiator, Prince of the Shi’ar. 45.4% chance you will one day fight valiantly alongside the Avengers. 46.8% chance that you will one day fight against them.
@KidGladiator1HA! I'll take it either way!
@JGSHeadmistressKidGladiator1 WATCH THAT DESK! That comes out of my salary! DeathlokL17 HEY CY-JERK!
@DeathlockL17_Broodling_, son of Brood. 22.3% chance that in the next three years you will discover a cure for cancer.
@_Broodling_Well that is rather… fascinating.
@DeathlockL1734.7% chance that during that same time, you will murder and consume at least four of your classmates.
@JGSHeadmistressDeathlokL17 That one does sound about, WAIT, KITTY REMEMBER YOU'RE A TEACHER NOW! He's wrong _Broodling_
@_Broodling_JGSHeadmistress It's all right, Ms Pryde. I'm quite confident I can suppress my biological urge to devour and impregnate my classmates.
@DeathlockL17(I can also tell you which four.)
@QQuireHa! This is great. Finally a class worth staying awake for.
@idie_okonkwo_Broodling_ That is nice for you, Broo. Perhaps people will forgive you for being a man-eating creature
@QQuireWho’s next?
@GenesisHeroJGSHeadmistress, I don't understand. Does this happen every class?
@DeathlockL17<Internal note: Lecture seems to be going quite well. Children appear to be finding it informative.>
@QQuireDeathlokL17 Dude, I can't believe you're friends with Wolverine! This is the best!
@DeathlockL17Next, GenesisHero...
@DeathlockL17<Tabulating possible futures... Tabulating...> <Fire in the sky... burning... this unit... disabled... dying... X-Men... bleeding...> <Conclusion: That child will kill us all.> This concludes the lecture.
@JGSHeadmistressYou got THAT, right. No more prognosticating on the death and dismemberment of the students.Thank you for coming, DeathlokL17 Don't let the door hit you...
@_Anole_Wait! Do I ever make it to BROADWAY?!!
@JGSHeadmistressI think we've had JUST about enough of class today. DISMISSED! Go to your next period, everyone!
@KidGladiator1That was just beginning to get interesting.
@QQuireLame. Laters, suckers.
@JGSHeadmistressGet out of here, everybody. I'm off to the Headmaster's office to talk about hiring ones friends!
@JeanGreySchoolThis concludes today's LiveTweet of FUTURE HISTORY 101. Thank you all for attending!
@DeathlockL17<Internal note: remove "guest-lecturer" from official resume.>

Hahaha! I hope you guys enjoyed this as much as I did... (Note: How I understand it, all of this ties into Wolverine and the X-Men #4)

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Recent Drawings: Batgirl: "Un-Killing the Joke"

DC Comics' New 52 brought a lot changes but one that had a huge impact was bringing Barbara Gordon back to the super hero field.. Any Barbara Gordon fan has to agree that the her best stories were told wen she was Oracle but by making her Batgirl this might seem like a step back to a lot of people. Right now it might be too early to tell if her new status quo will bring stories as good as when she was Oracle but for now lets accept the fact that Babs is back under the cowl.

In the New 52 universe Babs was once tied down to a wheelchair but she is now free to use her legs and fight Gotham's crime once again. Gail Simone has showcased this new Batgirl as somewhat careless in her delicate state, but who wouldn't run, jump and more the moment you regain use of your legs?

There is a satisfaction to not be tied down anymore and it shows. I wanted to show that satisfaction in my drawing and I tried to convey that. Let me know how I did:

PS. This was originally made for Artist Show-Off Showdown #81 but I didn't have a scanner 'till now.

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