Is it me or has anybody else.... (Secret invasion Tie-In)

...noticed that most of the preview propaganda we all saw before Secret Invasion started are coming true?

Clint nowadays is Ronin. A guy came out of the Skrull ship dressed like this and it was confirmed it was a Skrull on SI #02
A Phoenix came out of the Skrull ship. On SI #04 Black Widow killed her and saw that she was a Skrull
Skrull Queen Nuff Said
A skrull captured the real Invisible Woman and Lyja replaced her as seen in SI: FF #01
He shot The FF's leader and lead the Initiative the wrong way (probably not sure)
A Spider-man died by being squahed by a dino revealing him a Skrull plus in the SI: SM-BND preview we saw that Spidey was a Skrull
When Skrulls took over the earth and they were all talking through TV Dr. Doom was includeded
A dart changes everything

Now here's the rest:

A Wolverine is in San Fran. and one is in the Savage Land one of them is bound to be a Skrull
I don't read Herc comics so I don't know if he was confirmed a Skrull Who knows?
Luke Cage from ship was dressed like this so I'm guessing he preety much is a Skrull
What a surprise is Black panther gonna get if this is true
Could he still be a Skrull even though he didn´t change when Reed´s contraption was used?
After so long MIA who knows what the Skrulls could've done to him but of course why would hebe killing the other Skrulls if he was one. This pic might be the exception to the rule


From this how many can you count that have been confirmed Skrulls. Also check out the costumes...
Luke Cage is wearing old costume, Hawkeye is there instead of Ronin.

I think all this time we've been told who the Skrulls were going to be it wasn't random.

Is it just me?
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Brian Michael Bendis

I mean come on he wrote House of M and ow the best story so far Secret Invasion. Plus he preety much created the Ultimate U. Plus Ultimate Spidey so far is the best comic book in the Ultimate titles and he´s written them all including annuals.
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Phoenix/ Jean Grey

I mean come on.... Best looks, power and when she dies she always comes back what could be better than that.

Also she is what ties the X-men together. I know how they say it's Prof. X or Cyclops but where would Scott be without Jean. Same goes with the prof.

Even Frost owes her, her life.
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Better Than I expected

I liked a lot I didn´t think modern Joker was going  to do a good job. Plus Two-Face..... Awesome. Although what i didn´t like was the ups and downs. What I mean was that in some parts it seemed like the movie was near the end ut suddendly a whole new thing appeared. Overall it was a lot better than I expected.

But I still think it doesn´t beat Iron Man

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Ultimate Spider-Man

I was at a book store and went by the comic section because I had decided I wanted to collect comics and there I saw Gwen


Stacy at the cover of the comic (I did have Comic Book knowledge at the time). That's when I bought Ultimate Spider-Man 99. Then I started collecting all the other comics back forward and a lot of Ultimate titles...
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Sarah and Gabriel Stacy

I was looking through comics and saw this cover for Amazing Spider-Man where what seemed Gwen Stacy at the time being unmasked by Spidey. When I read it I was shocked by

Now that's Shocking!!!!

the thought of Gwen having babies with Osborn..... Ugh!

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Hulk Smash!!!!

I thought it was awesome. Especially the part where they fight and the sneek peak to the 2nd part oh and the fact thathe can control Hulk.......... WOW!

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100? or is it 10?

I acctually read allways 4 comics by month always (Ultimate Spider-Man, Ultimate Fantastcic Four, X-Men: First Class, Wolverine: First Class )but when one-shot come out or in the case of this special event with Secret Invasion I would read up to 20..........

or more.

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