Howard The Duck in Secret Invasion

For all of you who have SI #6 there are two spreads at the end. The first has all the Avengers prepared to attack. Under Giant Girl from the Avengers is Howard the Duck!!!!

I had read that Yu wanted to have Howard the Duck in the comic so I guss he got his way!

Awesome spread and Howard the Duck is here!!!
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Sure art is what first captures the person into getting the comic but the story is what keeps the person reading the comic. If one fails then it all fails.

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Ultimately Confusing

Ultimatum gets even more complicated than before

I just read Ultimate X-Men/ Ultimate Fantastic Four Annual #1
Could it have gotten any more confusing. If you haven't read it maybe I should warn people: SPOILERS AHEAD!!!!

See the plot of it all is that the future X-Men want to chenge the future by killing Mr. Fantastic from the past. When they figure out a guy who can stretch can't be killed so they kidnaped him. The rest of the FF go to the present X-Men for help, they get it.

I'm stopping there to do head count.
Future X-Men:

Future X-Men

Capatain America who ends up being Scott because Cap, Jean and Cyclops in the future get their powers taken away so Capages 100 years and Scott takes the name and costume idea and everything

Wolverine who ends up being a future sentinel (Yeah don't ask me I didn't write it)

Rouge has not much change except that she and Wolverine love each other

Shadowcat can make herself more dense so she's stronger lighter so she can fly and she can shoot spider webs.

Phoenix is Franklin Richards and somehow he is also Phoenix. 

Future Fantastic Four:




Maybe Thing or Iron Man in a Hulkbuster suit who knows

It's confusing yes why is this being done who knows but the second part better have answered questions as in why is this happening.

To end it Rouge dies, Cap/ Scott dies, Phoenix has some serious problems with his dad all while in the future Reed meets the future FF (Row call is up there) and Future Iceman gets cptured by Sentinels.

What is Ultimatum all about????

It's all good!?!?

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Ultimate Spider-Woman and Black Widow in Ultimates 4

A little 616y don´t cha think

Wizard got this sketch. Does it mean an Ultimates 4 or a reappearing of Spider-Woman in USM?

No one knows but with the whole Ultimatum going around don´t be surprised to see Jessica appear in Ultimatum.

Also in Comic-Con it was said that a Post-Ultimatum Ultimates series would come out so does it mean its Últimates 4 or an on-going series?

Questions arrise while marching toward Ultimatum....

Note: I´m no expert on this but isn´t the logo on this Ultimate Spider-Woman the 616 Black Widow logo?

Maybe it´s not Ultimate Jessica Drew behind the costume but Natasha instead since this (images below) was a sketch for Ultimates 3 and other than Mystique we haven´t seen her.... Was this sketch only made for Mystique rather than Natasha?

What´s with the tatoo that´s new! Maybe she was hagning around Ultimate Dazzler
This is Mystique FYI

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