Kingdom Hearts Games Update

Jack: At a very familiar place... Suddenly disappearing... Suddenly appearing...
Xemnas: “The time is up.”
Xion: “Hey… How could I be the same as you two?”
Top Screen: Information... Subdue the Dualblade*. Bottom Screen: Area- Suspended Bridge, Mission- Subdue the large scale Heartless.
Xigbar: “Hahaha! Saix sent me a really reliable guy!”
The Other three


Only the three Roxas, Axel, and Xion are together having a conversation on Destiny Island beside the Paopu tree. Xion seems to be confiding her troubles to Axel and Roxas. Somehow she seems different then the two of them...?

"In sadness, eagerly wishing for genuine feelings."

"The two of them merely watch Xion."

"Roxas cannot find the words."

Xion: "Hey... How could I be the same as you two?"
Xion: "I want to be together with you two."
Xion: "But I can't return how it is now."


Xion is troubled and struggling to find an answer, what could save her...? Like Roxas, Xion does not remember her former self. While being held up by Riku, Xion asks about her own existence.

Xion: "Who the heck am I?"


Roxas has an encounter with Riku on Destiny Island! Roxas seems surprised by something and Riku wearing his outfit from KH1 instead of the black coat stands behind him. At this point of time, these two couldn't possibly have met and yet...?


Axel talks about his friendship with Roxas, and then about Roxas and Xion's standing in the Organization. Roxas and Xion are said to be special, but does the reason for it concern their "weapon"?

Axel: "Friends eating ice cream together, talking about trivial things and laughing."
Axel: "You guys are special among Nobodies, but after all I think it's because of those things."


The commander of the Organization Xemnas is fully prepared and ready to begin. Also, in the screenshot it appears Roxas has collapsed...?

Xemnas: "The time is up."
Xemnas: "We must not forget why we Nobodies are gathering."

Roxas: "But there was something being said at Castle Oblivion..."

Saix: "As I thought it seems to be the influence of Namine."


Xion talks to Roxas with sea salt ice cream in one hand. Is Xion confiding her troubles here?

Xion: "Therefore if I can't use the keyblade, I... I'll become useless."

Roxas: "If Axel returns, then the three of us can eat ice cream together."


Roxas will travel to various worlds on missions for Organization XIII. It appears that Halloween Town will be full of difficult gimmicks, using your head to solve them will be necessary. Also, if you present a bone to Zero the ghost dog, you'll be informed where the gimmicks are at.

"Solving a gimmick!"

Roxas: (This lantern appears to be lit.")


Other members of the Organization are assigned to support the newbie Roxas on missions. But on the contrary, this time Roxas is helping out. In Hallowwen Town he will be helping out Xigbar. While Roxas is good at close range fighting, Xigbar is good at long distance attacking. Balancing each other, they make a good team. Not just making fun of Roxas, Xigbar also gives him advice.

"Xigbar is a joker, but his other side is..."

Xigbar: "Hahaha! Saix sent me a really reliable guy!"
Xigbar: "Jumping to a misleading conclusion is dangerous. You'll learn from experience."


In Halloween Town, it's residents Jack Skellington as well as Lock, Shock, and Barrel appear. Though spying seems to become the standard for Roxas, there is a scene where they meet. Also, Pete who acted covertly in KH2 appears. It seems Roxas has fallen victim to one of Lock, Shock, and Barrel's pranks so there is a fighting scenario with them. During the fight there are pumpkin bombs that display a number. When the number drops to 0, it explodes and inflicts damage.

Jack: "Good job Zero! I hid it here, my device of fear!"

Jack: "Under the black coat there are innumerable amounts of bombs!"

Pete: "My plan with the Heartless is already complete!"

Roxas: "Dammit... Why are you bothering me?"

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Punisher: Hero or Villain?

Misunderstood Hero

I'm not much of a Punisher fan as I am of Spider-Man but since Spider-Man and Punisher ave busted heads with each other more than once I know that Punisher is more a hero than a villain.... Let me explain.

The first time most of us heard of the Punisher was in his first appereance on Amazing Spider-Man when the whole story is based aroud Frank Castle tryimg to kill Spidey. Of course he didn't kill him and after time and time again he tried to kill others. Now there is a very good recent story where the Punisher appears and no it's not "The Punisher Kills the Marvel Universe". It's Civil War.
In the Civil War story arc Spider-Man is almost killed by his villains but surrvives because of the person who, when we first saw tried to kill him. The Punisher saved Spidey a guy who he tried to kill before. Anyways the reason was because he wanted to join the Secret Avengers.

We all know Frank Castle has been a huge fan and admirer of Captain America so why would a villain admire a hero. I think The Punisher is a hero who has made bad choices in his life, what hero doesn't.
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My Art

I thought of posting my drawings, hope you like them!!!!!

I made this for the Artist Show Off Showdown 11 but I lost my scketch book and never entered it.

My competition entry!!!

Iron Man, Iron Man, does Whatever an Iron can!

I don't have a scanner and this is the best I could do so bear with me please!!!

I did another one but I liked the Spider/Iron Man better than the She-Hulk/ Spider Woman (below).

Spider SMASH!!!

New Kingdom Hearts Games

I have a friend who has been wondering about the new games that will be coming out from the Kingdom Hearts series. Here's an overall description on what's going on:

-Kingdom Hearts Re: Chain of Memories comes out on December 2nd in the USA because it allready came out in Japan for PS2. A recreation of the Game Boy game that came out I think 2 years ago.

-Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep comes out on 2009 since this is pretty much the main game it's comming out later for PSP. The story is about how Ansems apprentice Xeonort becomes the evil Ansem and Xemnas. Characters like Riku, Namine and Roxas will appear but not Sora because it also takes place during his time asleep in the pod. New characters appear: Terra,

-Kingdom Hearts: 358/2 Days comes out later this year only in Japan, don't know if it will come out in the USA and it's for Nintendo DS. It tells the story of Roxas's  358 days  as part of Organization XIII. It incloudes a 14th member of the Organization named Xion who she claims to have ties with Kairi because they look alike.

-Kingdom Hearts: Coded comes out only in Japan later this year for cell phones. It tells the story of Mickey and Jimminy Cricket who find a note on one of the journals: "We must return to free them of their torment". Mickey creates a Sora out of data to have him retrace his steps to what is it that note means

-Kingdom Hearts: Mobile is for cell phoes too but it's all mini games not at all tied to the series. I don't Know when it comes out but here

"We must return to free them from their torment"- KH: Coded
- Kingdom Hearts 3.............. Well all that has been revealed about it was what the creator, Tesuya Namura, has said in an interview:

"Hmm... I have an idea but it can't be helped because my team are planning to work on our next different title. So we're not working on KHIII now and we're not planning to work on it for some time, too. I have a plot in my head but I'm not sure if it'll be released to the world or just stay in there"

"My own feelings are that I would like to give Sora a break from large adventures for a little while. In the ending of Kingdom Hearts II, there was a scene where Sora received a letter from the King; for Sora, I would like you to consider this as a new beginning."

I don't have more about the future games I can tell you though that if you wanna search for yourself go here: (This where I get all my information!!)

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