Strange Dream!!!

I dreamt something really odd two nights ago and I wanted to share it with all of you. Best way to describe it is: Inception meets The Dark Knight Rises meets Star Wars meets... a ton of other stuff!


At the moment I am wearing a cast on my right leg (Right), I sprained my ankle pretty bad a month ago, and in my dream some dude that resembles Don Cheadle came to my room and checked my leg. He told me: "When you wake up you'll be able to walk normally again". Then he left. In my dream I went to sleep and woke up the next day to find that my leg was fine. So, for the first time in a month I put on a shoe and just then a co-worker of mine rushes in to tell me my roommate is waiting for me in the car. I rush down to meet my roommate and he drives me to what seems to be New York City. I guess there must be some kind of black hole that takes people from Mexico City to NYC and back.


Anyways, my roommate drives up to this HUGE bank where he hands me a taser and tells me to go in. I obey and walk inside. There, I excuse myself through a sea of people (I guess it was like a lobby) and reach airport-like metal detectors. Just as I am about to go through armed men in white full-body armor start coming through the metal detectors opposite of me and block my way in. I did question the fact that "real" Stormtroopers were in the bank, but brushed it off quickly. I turn around to see the sea of people on the ground with their hands on their heads. The only man standing was the guy holding everybody hostage. He was wearing a luchador-type mask and at the moment I couldn't make out who he was beacuse I was looking at him from behind. I slowly got closer and realized it was Mr. Tom Hardy in the dream-world-flesh, in other words Bane.


I was behing the Batman villain and just as I realized who he was I reached for the taser my roommate gave me. Then a moment of prudence struck me... I couldn't take Bane on with a taser and a thousand Stormtroopers!!! I put the taser back and allowed myself be pushed toward the rest of the hostages. Then I pulled out a netbook from the sudden backpack that appeared on my back and emailed my roommate who was waiting outside: "Stuck in bank. Hostage to Bane." Then the bank's intercom system filled the room with music. A song that sounded familiar... it was my roommate's phone's alarm! Then took a deep breath and woke up.

I think this is the first time I ever have such a geeky dream. Well, one that I can remember fully. I find it strange that the dream incorporated stuff from TDKR and SW since I am not that big a fan of either franchise. I like them, but not to be dreaming about it. Plus, the co-worker that suddendly arrived is someone I don't frequent with that much. Either way, hope you had fun reading about my adventure in dream-world.

Any dream interpreters out there?

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CV's Roundtable User Discussion 034 - AvX & Marvel NOW!

Hello Viners, welcome back to the semi-regular Roundtable User Discussion! A couple of CV users virtually met up to talk comic books and other comic-related topics. That conversation has been posted here for you guys to see, read and enjoy. After the "enjoy" step of this process, be sure to comment below where you can submit your own opinions after reading ours. Even if you disagree with us, we like comments. Also, go back and read our past conversations (Here) and share your thoughts...

Let's get started! I am your friendly nehiborhood Mod called sora_thekey and I shall be the host of this RT. With me are some of the users you all know and love (to hate, in some cases). Please welcome back: Blood1991 (B91), Trodorne (Tro) and EdwardWindsor (Lazy).

(Editor's Note: Originally user SC was going to participate along but because of technical difficulties he wasn't able to participate. Hopefully he'll come back and respond in the comment section later on.)

Lazy: Hi I am Edward Windsor, the prince of power, king of the cops etc. You can call me Lazy.

Tro: I'm Trodorne and I won't try to be funny for this.

B91: Aloha. I'm Blood1991. The ironically named keeper of peace in many forums.

Nice to be able to talk to you all once again... Lets begin this discussion with a question I always begin with: hat comics have you read, what comic book movies or TV series have you watched and what comic merch have you bought recently?

Lazy: At the moment I'm reading: Gambit, Captain Marvel, Uncanny X-Force, Age of Apocalypse, The Dark Knight, All-New X-Men, Ghostbusters, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and I was reading Hellraiser which finished last week. In terms of merch the last comic thing I brought was this (Right). It was a present for my birthday I ordered. I have it now and it's awesome. But cant read it till the 6th of December: the Vine's and my own birthday. (Editor's Note: This RT took place back in Nov. 26th.)

I have been fanatically watching Walking Dead every week with my breakfast on Monday mornings; it's one of my fave shows ever. Loves me some zombie slaying with my tea and cereal. As for films, I brought the Avengers Blu-Ray box set awhile back so I have watched them all recently except Captain America since he's my least favorite. Skipped that and watched Prometheus instead.

Tro: Recently, I picked up some comics as well as some back issues for my collection: Aquaman #10, Superman #10, Atomic Robo And The Flying She-devils of the Pacific #1-4, Dark Shadows #10, Flash Gordon Zeitgeist #7, Transformers Robots in Disguise #11, Superboy #14, Green Lantern: New Guardians #14, He-Man And The Masters of The Universe #4, Green Lantern: New Guardians #10, Warlord Of Mars #21, Invincible #97, Buffy The Vampire Slayer Season Nine #15, (Ongoing) Star Trek #15 and Life With Archie: Married Life #24.

Had to go heavy this week 'cause I will be cutting down on buying during the holiday season. I ended up using my discount. Sucks that Edgar Rice Burroughs is suing Dynamite, I love this Warlord of Mars series and Lord of the Jungle is good too. New Guardians' current artist is not really a welcome change to the series same as losing Dan Duncan to the Ninja Turtles ongoing. Buffy has been good but feels like it's not contributing much in terms of the plot, while Spike and Angel and Faith seem to be putting out more in terms of merging the plot line. I had to pick up this issue of Star Trek as well as we get the new adaptation of the Mirror Mirror episode from the original series. YAY!. With Married Life of Archie there are two things I want to mention: 1) I want to see how well Reggie and Betty's reality show does and 2) it's great to see Jughead actually growing up more so than Archie just because he has his first child on the way. but yeah that is all I got to say on what I've been reading.... so far.

B91: The Epic Stuff I'm Buying These Days: Hawkeye, Captain America, X-Men, Wolverine and the X-Men, Aquaman, All-New X-Men, Avengers, Wonder Woman, Ultimate X-Men, Gambit, Justice League, Avengers Academy "moving into Arena", Batman, Blue Devil and Black Lightning, Detective Comics "Just until Ivy's arc is done", X-Treme X-Men and Adventure Time.

I Recently Bought: The Outback era X-Men Minimates (Left).

I'm watching the Walking Dead obsessively, EMH is a favorite, and I am eagerly awaiting the Return of DC Nation.

Phew! You guys have been BUSY! Good to know I'm surrounded by geeks!

Today we are hear to talk about AvX and the massive effect this had. The effect being called Marvel NOW! First we will talk about AvX...

Q1: What is your overall reaction to the full Marvel event?

B91: Does one continuous sigh count as an answer? The characterization especially the "X-Men" was all over the place, and the story failed to give me any incentive as to why many of the participants in this event were really engaged in this conflict.

Lazy: I read a lot of this event and I have to say it seemed more than a little patchy in places. Certain things that seemed a little out of character for the Phoenix Five which was okay but still incredibly frustrating to read.

"[Iron Fist] is the yin to the Phoenix's yang."

Land whales anyone? That scene annoyed me especially, since when was Colossus so stupid? Sure he had part of the phoenix in him but as far as I can remember it has never made anyone dumber. I also felt it was weird having a connection between the source of Iron Fist's power and the Phoenix. Yes it was an interesting addition, but it seems to me all they really did was say it's the yin to the Phoenix's yang and didn't go much further with it. Did I miss something?

Tro: Not really miss anything I thought it was interesting they went the route of the Chinese zodiac in which I might be giving Marvel too much credit for lol. Still the Phoenix even in Chinese zodiac was more of a neutral entity that did represent destruction and rebirth. I can see why Marvel wanted to use more of lesser known characters and make them more significant. Even though Luke Cage and Iron Fist were ALWAYS bad ass.

To be honest, I still don't get that myself. If the Iron Fist is the yin to the Phoenix yang, did Jean Grey have some sort of connection to the Iron Fists too?

Lazy: That's kind of the problem for me. If there is this connection between the two forces why hasn't in been mentioned before. It kind of feels forced and shoehorned into the universe. You would think that the Phoenix Force itself would be aware of its opposite force, and it's not like whomever is wielding the Phoenix has even gone unspoken about its power and how nothing can stand in its way. Far as I can tell they basically just wanted something unearthly to combat the Phoenix Five with and short of Strange magicking something up, using the source of Iron Fists power was the best they could come up with.

The connection between the two and Wanda's frankly crazy level of power increase where two of the things that bugged me most really since even as a reality-warper shes fighting the Phoenix Force (all of it, I assume, at one point) even a small portion of it should beat her its not like Wanda's a universal scale-warper or anything.

Tro: Overall I thought the event was very "Meh" to sub par. If we look at the sales history of the event the first four issues had more prints than anything else of that run. So maybe, just maybe they did not need to convolute the plot and just have a singular focus. All other character stories could be fleshed out more in the individual issues. The problem with it being they were so busy at trying to establish that Cyclops was going to be this new universe's villain that it seemed they tossed out the original story they were going to work with. There was one way they could have pulled off the entire event that would have made the entire build up with X-Sanction and the other stories make more sense rather than just CHEAP gimmicks thrown out by Marvel. So all in all, a lot of this event was poorly executed and not very thought out.

Civil War?

It was originally sold as a Civil War between Avengers and X-Men but it ended up being the Phoenix Five vs the Marvel Universe. What way could they have pulled off the entire event?

Tro: Had they actually focused on the idea of the Avengers being paranoid of what the Phoenix would do. Just prolong the battles and have Hope go on this soul searching mission to try and find ways to understand this Phoenix and train herself to be prepared for it. Which would have brought us to K'un Lun, and Scarlet Witch coming up with a plan to use the Phoenix Force.

In the end they would have gotten to have told their story as well as showcase the individual fights. A lot of the changes they wanted to do were forced based on bad plot holes.

B91: Not quite the way I would go about it, but I agree the randomness of a lot of what happened in AVX was a turn off and has been done so in a lot of Marvel events. By the last issue I didn't feel like this was game changing it was just a rag they used to clean up their mess with. I don't think an event that was necessary to do defy ever character in it.

Q2: Lets get into specifics now. The main book had an approximate of 10 different artists and writers Was the difference in art, writing and even panel distribution a turn off?

Phoenix Cyclops by Olivier Coipel

B91: Yes and No. Yes, because I am not a fan of all ten of these artist and writers and it made the characters behave differently from issue to issue which was confusing at times. Plus some of the artist on AVX should not be making event art. No because I am a fan of some of the writers and artist that were involved. I love Coipel's art so even though it took quite a few issues seeing him on the event was nice.

The Coipel issues were the best issues... Visually.

Tro: Yes, one of the main issues I have with this is that changing artists and ESPECIALLY writers screwing up with the story that you are trying to tell. It's like Marvel said: "Okay just to change things up I want you to write part one of this story, you write part two, but keep it somewhat close to what happened in part one. And part 3... well just make it an epic ending."

I'm not a fan of John Romita Jr's art. So while the first two issues were good for this series the art really threw me off and made it hard to fully enjoy it. I'm not saying his art is bad, just saying that for this type of story his art is not needed for it.

I agree with you there. If it wasn't because the artist duties was going to change I would've dropped the book on issue one. I simply can't take Romita Jr's art!

Q3: I now want specifics. Give one thing that you absolutely hated about AvX and one thing you loved. Why?

"Namor was the one who caused the most damage."

Lazy: The hypercritical stance of the Avengers especially them having Wanda among them when she is responsible for a mutant genocide and then going crazy at Cyclops when Namor was the one who caused the most damage of the Phoenix Five when he attacked Wakanda.

I liked that they depowered the Phoenix Five. Didn't like how it was done but I liked that it happened. Lol.

B91: I hated how the X-Men were vilified in the beginning and then the Avengers at the end. Neither sides' argument was very strong, and both looked like jerks at some point or another.

I am loving the new atmosphere of Marvel Now! and that more characters are shining coming out of this. I would be full of crap if I wasn't happy to see Hawkeye with his own series, Storm being a headlining X-Man again, and She-Hulk being used. Plus a lot of the new series coming out are way better then what Marvel was dishing out.

Are you saying that there was nothing in the actual event that you liked? Just the outcomes?

"I suppose Hawkeye shooting Phoenix Emma was pretty awesome."

B91: Well I suppose Hawkeye shooting Phoenix Emma was pretty awesome.

Tro: Just one?... Hmmm. That is a tough one, there were a lot of plot holes and aspects of this story to really pick just one. From unreasonable character progressions to changing the story not even half-way through, and the useless back material for this supposed big event. So to pick one would be hard as it would open a flood gate of problems with this series.

No good things to say about the event?

Tro: Its not that I don't have good things to say but when Marvel has been putting out event after event after event with tons of tie ins. while yes its about making money in the end. To me its not treating the reader with any respect.

When you say plot holes, do you mean things like the Iron Fist/Phoenix relationship that we mentioned earlier?

Tro: There was the thing with X-Sanction where Cable used items in the future that the Avengers used on Rogue's X-Men who obviously tried to stand against them. Why was none of that stuff used? Where was the event that would have determined if Hope lived or died before the Phoenix showed up? Why is it in Generation Hope that the other kids were told that they were important in the events of the Phoenix Force and they were to help Hope? Why was a crucial piece of K'un Lun history not told to Iron Fist? Why was he not summoned in the first place about this sort of matter and prepared for its arrival? If Scarlet Witch realized that her powers were not strong enough at the time to restore mutants, why did she not seek out Hope to tell her of a plan to borrow her powers and amplify it with the Phoenix Force? Why didn't Cyclops use Scarlet Witch even though he knew she was back and knew the Phoenix was coming? Why does saying "No more Phoenix." have a fine print to bring back mutants? The list goes on with this. Logical plot holes that could have been filled in rather than just trying to make quota and rush an event out.

Lazy: The problem for me is whilst it's interesting that they tried to tie the Phoenix Force to another entity it just doesn't seem to fit for me. I applaud Marvel for trying to bring in Iron Fist to the Pheonix mythos, it just feels like surely they would know of the connection along time ago and that Iron Fist should be aware of it.

B91: Trying to bring the Avengers into a problem that has always been the X-Men's was an issue to begin with. The Phoenix has always been a threat and now the Avengers want to do something about it? The only reason they had to be involved was Iron Man's little past excursion (Left).

Lazy: Exactly. The Phoenix Force can only be hosted by a mutant and previously only the X-Men have dealt with it. Avengers shouldn't really be policing mutants, that's what the X-Men are for. If they generally wanted to minimize mutant threats why weren't they involved with the various Magneto attacks or Sinister and Apocalypse.

That's something that is being dealt in the Uncanny Avengers book.

B91: If they had built up this idea of an Uncanny Avengers beforehand, making the X-Men and Avengers closer, or even farther apart, would have worked better. Even an off-hand comment from Captain America questioning Cyclops's motives as a leader, but all that just randomly showed up. I agree that putting the fate of the planet on the shoulders of a future savior was reckless on the X-Men's part, but no one even tried to talk it through. So much of the event felt forced and unnatural that I think it just lost credibility and made everyone involved look childish or like sheep who can't make up their own minds.

Lazy: Agreed it seemed forced/rushed or totally out of character in places. Cap telling Cyke off when he has never butted in on mutant affairs before seemed like a weird move and that was early on. It just went further from there.

Q3.5: On whose side where you on during AvX? The Avengers or the X-Men's side? Why?

Lazy: I was pro X-Men since as I mentioned before they police their own and Captain America comes across a little weird entering mutant politics this late in the game.

B91: Picking sides was difficult between The Avengers (the people who could care less for mutants unless someone non-mutant was hurt) or the X-Men (who were risking every person on the planet on a hunch). I didn't have a real moral stake in who one I just wanted it to be over. Though by the time The X-Men were Phoenixed I was on the Avengers side.

Tro: X-men all the way. Cyclops only became a favorite character of mine when Joss started writing him back in Astonishing X-Men. I was on the side of the X-Men more so, when Captain America would not trust the judgement of Cyclops or even tried to talk to him about his plans. I know time was of the essence , but still. Captain America did **** for the mutants before his death and after, and he expect 100% loyalty. Sorry Cap, but respect is a two-way street.

Q4: Now let's talk Marvel NOW!. The ending of AvX resonated the end of the story in House of M. "No More Mutants" turned into "No More Phoenix". Do you think this is something that will be carried over to Marvel NOW! Or just as simple "The End" to the story?

"Wanda has never been shown to be able to warp multiple realities at once."

Lazy: Wanda has never been shown to be able to warp multiple realities at once far as I can remember so at the very most she could have nerfed the 616 Phoenix a little but it's a multiversal power source so I can say for certain its not dead its just on the back burner somewhere till its used again. Who knows new Jean (All-New X-Men) may have it come around again.

B91: With teen Jean running around the Phoenix is bound to come up again in little ways, or at least talked about. We also have Wanda working with X-Men and tension is bound to exist. As far as a major plot I think the Phoenix is going to be a dormant plot.

But would you say that the "Mutants are Engendered Species" plot is over for good now?

B91: Well, that is kinda the BIG plot line of Marvel Now!. I don't think them being endangered is far from over. I would hope that Cyclops has a reason for attacking people in the streets for one, and we have only been introduced to 6 "if I counted correctly" new mutants one of which is dead.

"The chick with the wings." (Jia Jing)

Six? Let's see... 1) Guy in jail with Cyclops, 2) Girl with the "stop-watch" powers, 3) Uuuh...

B91: 3) Shark girl, 4) Eyeball boy, 5) Healing guy, and 6) the chick with the wings. ^_^

Tro: Well, I figured any of us readers of House of M back in the old days (not really but early 2000's) knew this was coming as a moment of redemption for Scarlet Witch as well as fulfill the destiny of Hope. In terms, this is no way like Flashpoint where fall out from this event may be brought up later. One thing good that came out of this was the return of the mutant population. Lets be honest. since House of M with the loss of mutant powers you stagnate the existing character by not being able to bring in new ones.

Like Scott's transformation to Magneto with a visor?

Tro: Yes, all of a sudden Cyclops goes from a man whose first priority was making sure the mutants were safe to now trying to start a revolution. If he wanted to punish those who have done wrong to mutants that is fine, do it in secret like X-Force did. Why all of a sudden would he go public? None of these tactics makes any sense. If he is still shaken up about having dealt with the Phoenix Force that is fine. but going on some stupid crusade when mutants are popping up is just ridiculous. They should have had him as the mutant police. This was an illogical decision on Marvel's part that was not thought out.

Q5: Marvel NOW! begun a few weeks ago. When it was first announced what was your initial reaction?

"More [...] none sense like Shattered Heroes"

B91: "Whatever, more BS after event non sense like Shattered Heroes." I am, so far, eating those words and loving it.

Tro: Initial reaction was that I am dropping my Marvel titles.

From what I've seen a lot of this is going in a great direction, at the same time its just Marvel's chance to try to merge more of the movie universe with the comic book universe. Oh and bringing out number ones for the sake of trying to cash in on collectors who somehow think it will be worth something in 20 years... *shakes head "no" while looking at you*

Lazy: "One event ends another begins." That was pretty much it.

The whole "will shake the Marvel universe to its very core" quote that usually comes with each new revel followed quite often by not very much that lives up to it. Kinda expect lack luster events now since they are far to frequent now days to be truly classic and there isn't a long enough period to dwell on them before the next one is in full swing.

Q6: Now that MNOW! has begun, is your opinion on this new "status quo" for Marvel different than your initial reaction?

Lazy: Slightly. I have been reading All-New X-Men which is actually rather good, but with MNOW! starting up we have lost, in my view, Marvel's best ongoing of Uncanny X-Force. I know there is a new roster and new creative team but I just don't care about it. The new team just doesn't have the edge for me and as a result its been cut. Now seems to have put a few titles back on track and made a few new titles sell really well Thor's god butcher arc is great, new Deadpool is pretty good, but whilst they have improved here the loss of the X-Force I truly loved is a big hole in my future reading.

Tro: Yes and no. Yes that there are some interesting titles which are really making me want to check out, and no, because some of the strange "Status Quo" used. Why is Iron Man on so many teams? Why are they cutting back on character titles and focusing more on team titles? Something about this reminds me too much of the 90s.

I think this is the moment when I give a shout out to Corey 'Undeadpool' Schroeder's article: Marvel's Plethora of Team Books VS DC's Individual Books.

Emma in Cyclops' Uncanny X-Men team.

Tro: Then there's the alcoholic, violent, savage Wolverine is a teacher, and Emma Frost somehow broke out of prison and still wants to fight with Cyclops EVEN though she initially wanted to leave Utopia back in schism but only stayed because of cyclops begging her (another moment poorly executed). I know they are desperate to get this whole new Prof. X and Magneto thing going on but in all reality it makes sense, 'cause Wolverine is not that smart to be a villain. Savage and killer yes but not a smart one.

Well, it has been hinted at that there will be a mole in Cyclops' Uncanny X-Men team. At first I thought that it might be Magneto. He did witness the death of his best friend at the hands of his now leader but his "Villains it is." line in AvX: Consequences made me reconsider. Now your comment makes me think that maybe this "inconsistent" character trait on Emma is foreplay that leads to Emma's betrayal.

Tro: Honestly Emma should have left him after Schism it would have made the most sense. I can understand she loves Scott, but at the same time she does what she wants and the fact that since she is not married to him and she loves to teach. She said the happiest time she had was teaching classes back on Genosha and Westchester.

I agree with you. She should've left him to teach at JGSHL. Now she's screwed.

Tro: Magneto has always been public for his dislike for how humans mistreat mutants but back in the time when he first started there was a HUGE prejudice. Now it's done under radar. Eric does not believe in a line between good an evil he only see's himself as a tool to bring about change for mutant kind.

B91: Yes, I was positive that All-New X-Men was going to be terrible, and I was wrong and happy to say so. We also have female heroes are taking a bigger role in Marvel now as well with an all woman team, two team composed of a majority of women, and two female solo titles. However, I still have quite a few titles to judge before I start getting overly excited about Marvel upping their game.

Q7: Is there a specific Marvel NOW! title which you are NOT interested in?

Lazy: Uncanny X-Force. As I said before not interested in team and I think the new creative team has a huge job in their hands to match what's gone before them in terms of quality. Other than that, Captain America. He's not a favorite of mine though so it's not down to the creative team or anything like that.

I'm actually very interested to see an almost all-girls X-Force team.

Lazy: X-Force's roster just doesn't have the same feel for me. Psylocke and Spiral are fine. The rest, not for me.

I was pretty interested in the plot and setting in the new Captain America book but Romita Jr.'s art drove me away. I really dislike his art style... (Left)

Lazy: I just prefer captain Britain to America. He's got more to him and a much wider 'verse to play with. He's criminally underused in my view. The new Cap book's art does look a little funky and I don't like the mullet either.

B91: Out of the truly new (putting new number on a title and changing writers isn't new) I am least interested in the new Thunderbolts team.

Tro: There is a lot of titles I'm not really interested in, but I'll say Secret Avengers. It's just a reformation of the Illuminati.

Q8: What title interests you the most?

Tro: Thunderbolts, Superior Spider-Man, and maybe X-factor. Wolverine and the X-Men should be more interesting now that there will be more mutant students.

Oh, for a second I forgot about Superior Spider-Man. I'm right now reading Amazing Spider-Man #699!! So excited for that series.

Lazy: All-New X-Men mostly because we may finally see some evolution of Bobby Drake. I love Iceman but it's like he's stuck in a rut. Perhaps seeing his past self will spur him on to bigger and better things. Not to mention the whole return of Jean and conflicts between current and past Cyke.

Everybody is very curious as to how the Present Day X-Men will deal meeting their past selves. Am I the only one wondering what Present-Day Cyclops will think when he sees Past Jean Grey?

Lazy: I am guessing Cyke will have some sort of break down or she will be the one to turn on Cykes head and bring him back to the land of the sane. Though I could be totally wrong on this one.

Mohawk Storm in Uncanny X-Force

B91: I disagree with I love the premise of Uncanny X-Force, but Storm and Psylocke are my two favorite X-Women and I do kinda have a soft spot for Puck. Curious if he still has that psycho seeing demons thing going on. I would say I'm most interested in The Defenders/Fearless title. A Lady Liberators title is something I've been wanting for a long time, though I can't say I ever imagined it being a duo of Misty Knight and Valkyrie being the leads.

Mohawk Storm in Astonishing X-Men

Lazy: I have nothing against Pyslocke at all. But wasn't Storm one of the people in opposition to the X-Force team not so long ago? I am pretty sure it was her and Beast that kicked up the most fuss at first, hence her being on team seems like its kinda outta character or at the very least inconsistent with previous showings. The whole point of X-Force was the team to be trained or willing killers when the cause is right, I can't remember Storm being an advocate of killing anyone. Sure people love Storm but I just don't think shes X-Force material.

B91: It is risky and I'm giving him the benefit of the doubt that he will write her true to the character while putting this team in tough moral situations. A character like Storm isn't going to think on the same line as someone like Spiral, and Psylocke being the center of the title is probably going to represent these conflicting beliefs.

Are we certain that MNOW! X-Force Storm is Main Marvel U Storm? I thought the mohawk meant she was the Astonishing X-Men Storm who kissed Cyclops.

Tro: Yeah. Puck joining the team is strange to me 'cause I never thought Puck as a killer type character. Who knows things can change and it's good to add depth to lesser known characters like these.

Lazy: Either way I still don't care for Storm. Most people I know who read X-Force are seriously turned off by the new direction in fact nine out of the ten people I know who have it on their pull list here in UK are stopping at the end of Remender's run. I think that the new arc would have to have an absolutely killer story to draw fans like myself back in since the roster is just full of people I don't care about, short of Betsy.

B91: In every interview Humphries has stated he isn't going to have his X-Force mirror Remender's. With Remender we knew why this team was assembled and what they were willing to do. With Humphries we have a team that is going to be dealing with some presumably grey situations and we have a cast that see the world in completely different ways. I love it.

Q9: Let's compare MNOW! with DC's New 52. The story aspect of each of these "events" is entirely different from one another, but from a marketing standpoint these are just a bunch of new #1s to get new readers to buy the books. New 52 has been working so far and is about to enter its second year. How successful do you think MNOW! will be compared to N52?

DC's New 52

Lazy: I hope it does well. I think the MNOW! issues are having far less confusion with continuity at the moment. They are not being reset and histories not being made unclear like the now infamous seven years of DC's 52 reboot. I think in terms on new readers both work relatively well but NOW! definitely is more friendly to the long term fan since characters haven't disappeared or had drastic history changes so far. I think sales-wise it wont be to different between the two though.

Tro: It is a smart move to relaunch a title just on the sales standpoint by trying to sell number 1s. On the readership standpoint nothing will really change. We will get that initial wave of buyers who want to pick up the first issue and it will die off fast. because we still have the scavenger market out there. "Worry about its value and not about reading." But compared to new 52. Its good to continue on rather than cause confusion like the New 52 did with the whole Batman mythos. 'Cause New 52's failing points was keeping some continuity and restarting everything else. Still, the stories from a lot of the 52 are darker and sometimes not afraid to push the boundaries of their storytelling. While it's good to see Marvel wants to expand more into its galactic characters, but it feels forced as this seems like a push to get people ready for the Guardians of the Galaxy movie.

Q10: When MNOW! was first announced fans automatically compared it to New 52 and believed the worst for the company's future. Now that it has begun, do you think there was reason to worry at all in the first place?

"Marvel is trying to find a happy medium between old fans and 'jump ons'"

Lazy: Not really since they didn't reboot continuity which is a massive plus for the long term fans. They just gave the creative teams a shuffle and set yet another good jumping on point for new fans. If they did a reset like 52 I would of been majorly annoyed.

Believe me, you wouldn't be the only one.

Tro: Not so much worry as it was just seen as a ploy to copy what DC had done in order to try and boost their sales higher. What works well with DC's New 52 is that they started everything (relatively) all over in the same month. So at least with the main titles that are continuing we all know what issue should be out this month.

B91: I think there is still cause to worry. A lot is still in the mist of changing and I think Marvel is trying to find a happy medium between old fans and 'jump ons' after the Avengers movie. We saw this in Avengers #1 when the movie team was assembled in the beginning. Truthfully I think it is still too soon to tell.

Q11: Marvel NOW! Is still in its genesis state. How do you see this initiative in about a year? Will we see the MNOW! banner dropped on the covers?


B91: Probably. Marvel can't go 6 months without a new banner talking about their shattered universe after so and so, did so and so and it took a 10 issue crossover event to do so and so.

Lazy: To be honest in a year it's hard to tell with Marvel. By then we could have had 3-4 events that could have drastic effects on the NOW! reboot. Especially when some of the events teased so far appear to be rather large ones: Ultron War and the X-Termination to name a few. I hope that the concept is still going though otherwise it would of been a giant waste of time doing so. Give it six months or so and the banner will probably drop away since we'll be in full swing and people wont need the reminder of this setting. So titles will just go back tot heir regular tiles and headers etc.

Tro: It's still new. Since we gave the New 52 a few months to establish itself we can do the same for Marvel NOW!. But initially I think many people are dropping some of the Marvel titles to stick with maybe 1, 2, or sometimes 3. I think this is because we are just going to get event books anyways with most of our favorite characters. Plus with other great independent series like Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Saga, Grimm Fairy Tales, Atomic Robo, and Buffy The Vampire Slayer series, it will be harder for Marvel to hold the attention of people for long especially since all the books are not all coming out at once.

Q12: AvX certaintly resulted in big changes for Marvel and as fans of these stories we hope the best for MNOW! What do you hope for the future of Marvel books? Any thoughts on the Ultron War that is coming up? The roster changes for a lot of these teams?

Lazy: I just hope that the events that seem to be constantly in motion at Marvel serve a purpose and are good. We have seen a lot of lack luster events of late and could use something truly great rather than a new event every couple months that's nearly always forgotten or never looked highly upon within a year. Ultron War does look promising and has a vast scope I hope the story fits the bill and it doesn't end up being another Siege-type story line that people just want it to end.

Ultron War

I will be watching the reviews for the two new X-Force titles and more than likely getting Cable's roster on my pull list. I am also looking forward to seeing if we get to see a Hope/Cable reunion at some point soon and what it could mean to the Marvel mutant 'verse if Hope hangs around.

Tro: In terms of Marvel I'd say we are more fans of the characters than we are of the stories lol. Ultron War was coming for the longest time ever since they relaunched Avengers after Siege. We had that whole timeline that they made that showed the inevitable Ultron War or Age of Ultron. I would imagine it would have to end the same way it did during that Avengers run. Which means he plays dead for a while. The roster for Thunderbolts is interesting. (Not a fan of the art though.) They are taking a chance by changing some line-ups to maybe change the team dynamics a bit. As far as this genesis goes this is a great time to start showcasing or bringing in new heroes and villains.

B91: Marvel NOW! is already fixing many of my issues with Marvel and many of my favorite characters that were wallpaper or in limbo are starring in titles. A couple of years ago I would have laughed if someone said Hawkeye would have his own solo book, or Medusa and She-Hulk would star in a new team book, and I certainly would have looked at you funny if you told me Psylocke was going to lead a team comprised of Storm, Puck, Spiral, and a Lady Fantomex.

In the future I want to see more villains and less hero on hero, limit events to one, ONE every year, and keep giving female heroes time to shine in solo titles.

*Sigh* Another event. They have so much story potential and character development with this post AvX atmosphere that I hate that they are rushing onto the next big thing.

...and on that note I think we should end this. Phew! That was extensive. We sure had a lot to say about this topic. Well, it was amazing having you guys with me NOW! (Get it?) Now it's time to say good bye, please exit through the double doors on your left and say good bye to our audience.

Lazy: Edward Windsor, Lazystudent, Ryan or whatever signing off... Peace.

Tro: This is Trodorne telling you: "If you want your soap opera fix in comics, go read Dark Shadows or Life with Archie. <Takes bags of cash and leaves.>

B91: Fare thee well Roundtable for Blood needth to sign off.

Well, I'm off too. This is sora_thekey thanking you for bearing through all of our complaints. Be sure to comment below and agree and/or play devil's advocate and tell us why you disagree. Buh-bye!

-- Geo (sora_thekey) 24/7 geek! -- Follow me on Twitter: @Geo_sorathekey


CV's Roundtable User Discussion 033 - How'd You Get Into Comics?

Greetings! Welcome to the Comic Vine Roundtable User Discussion (RT). I'm back! It has been a long time since I've hosted a RT so you might be asking: "Where have you been?". Others are wondering who I am and are asking: "What is this Roundtable thing you speak of?" Since I am incapable of answering everybody's queries, I'll answer the second one.

A couple of CV users virtually met up to talk comic books and other comic-related topics. That conversation has been posted here for you guys to see, read and enjoy. After the "enjoy" step of this process, be sure to comment below where you can submit your own opinions after reading ours. Also, go back and read our past conversations (Here) and share your thoughts. Even if you disagree with us, we like comments...

I am the ever-lovable sora_thekey and I shall be this Roundtable's moderator/host. Which, in my mind, it means I get to play "Good Cop/Bad Cop" with awesome users of one of my favorite websites. Speaking of awesome users please welcome this RT's participants: Superguy009e (Sup), Funrush (Fun), MatKrenz (MK), Strafe Prower (SP) & kfhrfdu_89_76k (KFH).

KFH: Well, hello everyone. I`m KFH, and apparently, I`m an awesome user.

Fun: Hey, I'm Funrush. I don't know how I got here, but whatever man!

Sup: Why Hello!! This is SUPERGUY009e, and yes ladies, I am single!

MK: Why hello there people I'm MatKrenz but you can call me Mat, the guy with the lazy screen name.

SP: Hey guys and gals, it's Strafe here, just chilling out and living life.

Now that we have gotten the pleasantries out of the way, I want to know what have you guys been doing comic book-wise. What comics have you read, what comic book movies or TV series have you watched and what comic merch have you bought recently?


Fun: Currently, Batman, Justice League, Earth 2, and I just dropped Hawkeye so I can afford to pick up Amazing Spider-Man (and eventually Superior).

B-but Hawkeye is awesome!

KHF: I`ve been reading Ultimates (Vol. 2), Marjane Satrapis Chicken and Prumes, Manu Larcenets & Jea-Yves Ferris comic collaboration which hasn`t been printed in English, Jimmy Corrigan... and a bunch of stuff I don`t remember. Oh, and also Dr. McNinja in it`s web comic-form!

MK: I've recently been mourning Hellblazer with the recent cancellation news but I've been reading Happy!, X-Factor, Manhattan Projects, The Witcher novels, catching up on Adventure Time and watched the season 3 premiere of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.

I haven't watched the latest MLP!

Anyways, with all that we establish that you are all comic book geeks. I am too and as geeks we all have stories to tell on how we got into comics. Lets flesh them out...

My introduction to the comic book genre was actually through the 90s Marvel TV series on Saturday morning. One of my earlier memories as a kid was watching Spider-Man and yellow sweatshirted Mary Jane in front of my living room TV while eating Cheerios.

Q1: What was your introduction to this genre before becoming a full-fledged comic book reader/collector?

KHF: I have no idea whatsoever. But, I could mention two experiences that can be counted as close ones.

I was very young. I looked at the TV. The moon was shown in it. Suddenly, there was a bat like plane, posing right in front of it. For a few seconds. Then it landed on water (Well, if you`ve watched Batman (1989)-movie, you know that Batplane didn`t do that. That`s how I remember it though.). Then,for some reason, I couldn`t watch it anymore. Mom didn`t want me to, I presume.

At least, I`m pretty sure that I saw that bit of the movie that day.

Then there was the same animation show that Geo mentioned. I saw Spidey fight against those Spider-slayers for the first time in the series. One of the series highlights. Not just because of my nostalgia toward the episode. The rest of the series...varied between okay and not that good. Mostly.

Spider-Man TAS

I had forgotten about the Spider-Slayers!

KHF: How is that possible, Geo?

What? The most I remember about that show is Black Cat and Moribus kissing, Mary Jane turning in Hydro-Woman and the supposed Clone Saga.

KHF: Oh, too bad you don`t remember the Spider-slayers.

SP: 90's Super hero cartoons such as X-Men TAS, Batman TAS, and many other great series. Add that to Nolan's Batman movies and I was hooked on superheros as a kid.

Fun: In Kindergarten or First Grade, a bunch of my friends were playing with Yu-Gi-Oh cards in the back of the classroom. After that, I watched the show, and bought some booster packs.

This makes you sound really young... or makes me sound old. I remember Yu-Gi-Oh cards began to come out while I was in Middle School. Maybe it was before then but I just didn't realize it.

KHF: Hmm. Yu-Gi-Oh. That`s a bit different story, I guess.

Fun: Yep. XD As for American comics, a year back I got my hands on and beat Arkham Asylum. After that, I talked to a friend who was into comics in my tech class. He mentioned the New 52 to me and I looked it up. This was about in December or January of last year. I also watched some of the 60's Batman show when I was younger, and thought it was cool.

Sup: My introduction to superheroes was from a little film that many may heard of, Spider-Man!! After seeing that movie as a kid, my life was completely changed. I was just so impressed by the sacrifices that Peter had made and the consequences for being a hero that one doesn't always see in movies. To this day, Spider-Man is my favorite movie that showcases, to me at least, what true heroism is.

KHF: Oh, I like Spider-man by Raimi and co. Sure, it could`ve been better, but I don`t know if it could`ve been done in any other way.

I think that the first two were amazing. I agree with you there... With that in mind, what did you think of Amazing Spider-Man (the movie)?

Sup: I strongly disliked the Amazing Spider-Man. Simply put, they changed Peter Parker too much for the film and turned him into an unrecognizable character. The film series does have potential though, and I hope they can undo their mistake.

I actually think the opposite. The modern twist on his personality as an outcast was really well done (in my opinion). Plus, my favorite character in comics is Gwen Stacy (thanks to the first comic I ever read, which I already mentioned). Emma Stone killed the part!

Peter Parker?
Edward Cullen?

Sup: But that is my big problem with the movie, the modern twist. I agree that a big part of Peter is him being an outcast, but that was done in the previous movie as well. This movie seems to make Peter more like an Edward Cullen outcast, someone that chooses to be alone despite their attractiveness and awesome abilities. (note: I do not like twilight). And like Cullen, since he is attractive, he seems to get away with being creepy (taking pictures of Gwen) and openly showing his powers with no one thinking about who he is (Bending the field goal). The movie has potential, but with the ending they had, a lot of work is needed. As for Gwen, I have been more of an MJ fan, but it is good to see Gwen pop in and be loved.

KHF: I haven`t seen the latest Spidey-film yet.

Sup: Despite my problems with the Amazing Spider-Man, I think it has redeeming qualities and the possibility of having a great sequel.

MK: Well seeing as how I was a kid of the late 90's early 2000's the first exposure to comic book stuff came with reruns of the Batman cartoon. I think it was the "Adventures of Batman and Robin" that were playing at the time but im not certain. Also reruns of the 90's Spider-Man and X-Men played constantly so I watched those but with new stuff obviously came Static Shock, Justice League and X-Men Evolution and lots of anime that I had no idea was anime at the time. Those being Dragon Ball Z, Yu-Gi-Oh, One Piece and Naruto.

X-Men: Evolution rocked! I was from this era too.

In my case I was a second generation comic book reader because my dad was one when he was young. He was actually the owner of Fantastic Four #1 and Amazing Fantasy #15, yet my introduction to comic books was not through my dad but by a box I found in my house. We had just moved in to this new house and the previous owner left a box that included two comic books a Batman comic (which I totally forget the name, issue number etc..) and Amazing Spider-Man #399. That was my introduction to Scarlet Spider and the Gwen Stacy Clone.

Q2: What was the first comic book you ever read?

Fun: Eventually, I was in the supermarket and I came across an issue of Shonen Jump with a picture of Yugi on the front. After that, I started to get the manga volumes at my library, and also got into DBZ that way. I've been reading manga ever since.

Manga was your intro to comics. What an interesting turn of events! I actually began to read manga around the same time I began collecting comics, because Tokyopop released the Kingdom Hearts manga. If you play close attention you might notice I'm a big Kingdom Hearts fan.

Fun: I went to a LCS (which I no longer shop at, due to the insanely high prices and bad conditions of the comics) and picked up Snyder and Capullo's Batman #1, which led me into other New 52 titles.

Spider-Man by John Romita Jr.

Sup: The first standalone comic I read was The Amazing Spider-Man #484. I did previously buy the Masterworks Amazing Spider-Man book some time prior, but if we are going for standalone comic, #484 was it, and boy was it good. Seeing Doctor Octopus get taken out by another Doctor Octopus is pretty cool, and it also introduced me to one of my favorite artists, John Romita Jr.

You and I just got off on the wrong foot... Not really, but I do strongly dislike Romita Jr.'s art.

Sup: To each his own.

SP: I've read a few comic strips in my life, but my first comic was Batman and the Outsiders #1 by Mike W. Barr. I'm always rooting for the Outsiders and was hooked into reading the rest of the Outsider's comics, which my Uncle owned at the time.

MK: Well seeing as how I've lived in Quebec all my life the comics I believe I read were french comics like Asterix & Obelisk, Lucky Luke, Gaston Lagaffe, Spirou & Fantasio, The Adventures of Tintin and Kid Paddle. Then I started following more serialized stories with Yu-Gi-Oh but stopped after a while but not long after that falling in love with One Piece and still buying it to this day.

I have no idea what these French Comics are. Then again, I'm from Mexico so I guess it would be like me mentioning Memin Pinguin comics.

KHF: I've read 2 albums of Kid Paddle.

It wasn't until years later that I actually bought my first comic book. After reading ASM #399, I investigated who Scarlet Spider and Gwen Stacy were at the library. Then I walked into a book store when I saw the cover of Ultimate Spider-Man #99 on the comic book rack. I recognized Gwen on that cover and bought it. After that I was hooked and began collecting.

Q3: Was there a pivotal moment that made you follow comics?

KHF: Nah. I just started to read more comics. Asterix and Obelix, Tintin, Lucky Luke, Batman, Peanuts, Garfield, Finnish comics you don`t know of, Calvin and Hobbes, almost forgotten comics...I like to read whatever I can get my hands on, and want to read.

Fun: Reading the first few issues of Scott Snyder's Batman, and eventually reading The Killing Joke. That, and the amazing discounts I get at my current LCS.

Sup: Now I have to admit, this next part isn't pretty. While my parents did order me Ultimate Spider-Man comics, I really didn't pick up comics myself after Spider-Man. I, and I can't believe I am going to say this, didn't want to become a stereotypical nerd and become a nerd. (Booo Hiss!!!). It wasn't until Iron Man came out that made be pick up TPBs for Marvel, and the Dark Knight came out and I began to collect Dc Comics. And I finally began to collect individual issues when I discovered that a superhero that I really wanted to read about, ShadowHawk (amazing superhero by the way), was having a new series. After that, I began to collect more and more series until I became the nerd that I am today. (Side note: As I got older, I got glasses and braces and began to read more comics. So much for not becoming a stereotypical nerd...)

So movies were your gateway. That's awesome to hear! I guess the idea that comic book movies can lead people to buying comics is true!

Sup: Definitely!!

SP: After all the Superhero movies started to pop up (Spider-Man, X-Men, etc.) I was interested in the actual comics.

Sup: I do admit that my family does like a good movie more than the average family, but I don't think that has to do with what movies have done for me. they show quick insights into characters and pull people in. They have great potential to do more with not just superheroes movies, like for example Star Trek. I do think movie properties need better care, and it seems that in the past few years, they have been getting the care they deserve with true fans working behind the properties, instead of clueless schmucks who have no idea who the character is or how they function.

I would say that the genre movies that have been made lately have been more conscious of the quality rather than just using the property to make money. Not in all cases (See Jonah Hex) but for the most part.

MK: I guess a pivotal moment for me was back in '09 when my cousin Nikola came to visit for the summer and I wanted to show around my neighbourhood and I showed him what quickly became my comic book shop. I had came into the shop some previous times but I was taken aback with the selection so I didn't buy anything but with my cousin we took are time and looked around and I saw he had B.P.R.D comics so I bought that and thanks to an online bad comic book review show called Atop the Fourth Wall I started buying back issues of Jaime Reyes Blue Beetle series, 52 and Booster Gold monthly.

Q4: How long have you been a comic book reader for?

KHF: Maybe for...pretty much my entire life. Or twelve years.

Fun: Since around '04 for manga, Jan '12 for American.

Sup: To make it simply, I would say 2008, since Iron Man, but I have been a superhero fan since 2002.

MK: For European comics and manga I guess 2001-2002 but for american comics 2009.

SP: About 6 years give or take one. I take breaks often so I don't tire out on them.

In the years I've read comic books I have been introduced to other comic stuff. Some of them were Comic Vine, forums, fan-fiction, fan-art and reviews on the internet. These are things we are all familiar with. I stumbled upon all of this because of Comic Vine, and I stumbled upon CV because of Google Images when I searched for an X-Men image.

Q5: What was your introduction to this part of Comic-dom?

KHF: I searched for pics of Dr. Doom. I collected pics from the net at the time. I found the site, and there was a massive amount of pics there, of Doom. I downloaded them.

Few days later, I decided to check the site for more pics, of Doom and other characters. Then I found out more about them. And about characters I hadn`t even known of. And comics that I wanted to get. Sometimes I read blogs that some users had written. For years, I continued to do this. Then I decided to join. Too much info?

Fun: Looking up reviews for New 52 comics I was considering picking up. I eventually came across this site, and later, Bleedingcool. I signed up ASAP, and I loved (and still do!) being part of this community.

Sup: Back when I was....indifferent to geekdom, I would just google comic stories and read reviews and synopsis online. I would stumble on this site many times until I finally decided to join the website and become the terrifying, the deadly, the amaaaaazing SUPERGUY0009E!!!

MK: Well I was reading the Daniel Way Deadpool series in 2009 and wanted more Deadpool so I searched for him on Youtube and I found the channel for mgalusic who does a live action Deadpool series. He did a video talking about his experience at Wonder Con and how he was in a video that Tony did asking people about Cable. I followed the link saw the video, look around the website and I signed up and here I am.

SP: I was looking up a comic battle and this place popped up via Google. I was a part of several forums, but decided this was the place for me. Save for a few breaks, I've been consistently coming here since 09'

Heh... You're a long time user then! I thought I'd seen you around.

Q6: Now that your are an established comic book reader because of your "origins" you just told us. Do you think you'll ever drop reading comic books for good?

KHF: Me, dropping comics? I`d like to write "no way", but you can never be sure.

Most likely NO WAY.

Fun: Probably not for a while. If it ever becomes too time or money consuming, I might, but I'm sticking with it for now.

Sup: I hope I don't have to give up comics, but i I really have to , I will. Saying that: COMICS FOREVER!!!

Besides, with the digital age, one can buy more comics for cheaper and never have to give up space for them

MK: I highly doubt im ever going to stop reading comics all together but who knows what might happen in the future.

KFH: Seems like nobody of us wants to say for certain that we`ll stay in comics for good, even if we`d hope so. What does it tell about us? That we are all pessimist? I know I am. At least currently. Or maybe we`re being realists.

MK: Well I think it's because life can and is a cruel mistress and we have no idea what it might hold for us. We never know if we might need money for the future.

SP: I will take breaks every once in a while, but it would have to be drastically bad for me to stop reading comics. I have to much interest and investment to quit now.

KHF: I don`t understand why you take breaks. If you ask me, reading from various genres instead of one, is enough to not get one self bored. And not reading boring comics. But, either way is fine, I suppose.

What provokes these breaks?

SP: A lack of characters that interest me in the big 2 companies. Nothing else really.

KHF: You do know, that there are more than two comic publishers in the world, right? Along with self published comics.

I enjoy a great deal of Image Comics series. I actually read Image Comics and Archaia Comics before reading any DC books.

KHF: I`ve thought about quitting reading DC and Marvel after I`ve finished a few series from them. I know that it sounds like I wanna be part of the whole quitting fad. Maybe I do. I just feel so pissed at how they do business. But, maybe other publishers aren`t better than them. I sure hope not, `cause Image is publishing some sweet series right now.

Who knows, maybe I wont quit after all. I AM weak spirited, after all.

MK: I never have a feeling of quitting Marvel and DC simply because I don't pick up the all important high and mighty books from them unless they are as good as is said by them. I mean I started reading Snyder's Batman with the 0 issue because I know he's good and ill be picking up Hickman's Avengers because I know he's good, but events I stay away from unless I hear good things and I stick with lower tier characters where interesting things are happening. Also I do pick up tons of Image, IDW and Dark Horse because they give some good stories.

KHF: Same here. Okay, I don`t pick up stuff from Image and whatnot (yet), but I do read stuff from other publishers.

Well, I don't think I will quit reading comics, but I might evolve into a permanent TPB reader. On that note, lets leave this conversation about how we got into comics and bid our farewells. Guys, please say good bye to the readers...

SP: Thanks for reading! See ya later!

Fun: That's it for me.

KHF: Farewell, to you, the noble people of Comicvine. I shall return back to the darks treets of existence, stuff.

Sup: Thanks for listening, I'm Superguy0009e, and I think I hear Zordon calling!!

MK: I'm MatKrenz and I'm off to have a conversation with the whore hopper who decided to cancel Hellblazer.

See ya' guys! Thanks for joining me... This is sora_thekey signing off!

-- Geo (sora_thekey) 24/7 geek! -- Follow me on Twitter: @Geo_sorathekey


Recent Drawings: Scarlet Witch's Scars

It's been sometime since I've done one of these blogs. Don't fret, I haven't stopped drawing. I have simply been left without a scanner for the past... 5 months. I haven't been able to get my hands on one, but you must admit that digital cameras are simply amazing.

If you've read any of my Recent Drawings blogs before then you know I always recur to three characters when I don't know what to draw (if you haven't read any of my Recent Drawings blogs then check them out HERE): Gwen Stacy, Disney’s Ariel (The Little Mermaid) or the Scarlet Witch. Once again I drew Wanda!

I had to do some light editing to the image's contrast because the camera I have is very low quality... Hopefully you can tell what I was going for here and I'll be sure to try and post more of my drawings. Be sure to give me your opinion.

-- Geo (sora_thekey) 24/7 geek! -- Follow me on Twitter: @Geo_sorathekey


Five "Subtle" Ways MARVEL'S THE AVENGERS Was True to the Comics

Soon one of the biggest, if not the biggest, comic book movie in history will have its Blu-Ray and DVD release. According to the buzz that is going around the internet, the vast majority of the viewers had great things to say about Marvel's The Avengers. While the roster and origin story was not entirely true to the 1960s' team assembly, the movie created an amazing starting point for the Avengers.

A lot of comic book fans might be bothered by the fact that Marvel Studios failed to follow the origin. Yet, after watching the movie four times already (no joke), I found a few subtle ways the movie was true to comic book history. I do have to warn you there will be SPOILERS.

Hawkeye: Villain Before Hero

Hawkeye first appeared in Tales Of Suspense #57 as a hesitant villain until he eventually joined the Avengers. As part of a traveling circus Clint learned villainous ways but Iron Man's example helped him use his amazing archery skills to fight crime. In the movie, Jeremy Renner portrays Clint Barton, a SHIELD agent who is known for his watchful eye. At the beginning of the movie, Loki uses Clint's noble heart against himself by opening his mind and tricking him into joining the wrong side of the battle. Of course, this incantation does not last when Black Widow manages to change his alliances, just like in the comics...


In the movie, Loki's army is composed of the Chitauri. In the Ultimate Universe, the Chitauri are a faction of the universe's Skrulls that have tried to take over Earth with their shape-shifting abilities for centuries. While there seems to be no relation to the Skrulls in Marvel's Cinematic Universe, the Chitauri bear small, physical resemblances to the Skrulls. The most notorious being the chin and the use of purple on their armor and technology. Whether this is because the creators of the movie wanted the army to look like the Skrulls or not, it's not clear.

Infinity Gauntlet's Mind Gem

The Infinity Gauntlet made a very brief appearance in the Thor Movie. Thanos appears at the end of the Avengers film. So when we see Loki use a blue gem to open people's minds the only thing I could think of was the Infinity Gauntlet's Mind Gem. The Mind Gem is one of six crystals that power the Infinity Gauntlet. According to the Comic Vine database, the Mind Gem "taps the user into the universal consciousness, allowing for unlimited manipulation of psionic powers including telepathy and telekinesis". While it didn't do that in the movie, it did create a sense of consciousness to those who the gem was used on. Plus, it is blue like in the comics. Whether this means we'll get to see the other five gems later on remains to be seen.

Avengers Tower

One of the biggest plot points in the movie was the newly built and powered Stark Tower. Interestingly enough, after everything that happened to New York City, only the A in STARK survived the attacks. This alludes to the present Avengers base. In the comics, originally, the Avengers spent their time in Avengers Mansion. It wasn't until Bendis' Avengers Disassembled and New Avengers that Avengers Tower came to work as the team's base. In the Marvel Cinematic Universe the team has yet to find their home, but the movie alludes to stArk Tower as the likely choice.


The last line in the movie stated that facing the Avengers would be "courting death". Thanos has the tendency to do everything for the sake of his mistress... Could he be willing to take the battle to Earth in order to court Death in future Marvel movies?

Let me know if you found more of these "subtle" comic book consistencies when watching the movie. Also, be sure to buy your copy of Marvel's The Avengers on September 25th.

-- Geo (sora_thekey) 24/7 geek! -- Follow me on Twitter: @Geo_sorathekey


Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes Season 2 Preview

Last week, Marvel Entertainment released some cryptic Avengers: EMH teaser images plus a new trailer:

Fans can expect some big twists and big surprises in "The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes!" Season 2, as seen in our new trailer (Below), but we've got five new teases for you directly below!
Who stands with Iron Man? Who has Hank Pym enlisted for help? And just who could possibly lift Mjolnir besides Thor himself?
You'll have to wait for the answers to these questions, but in the meantime check out our full gallery of teasers!

As always, Marvel plays the guessing game with their fans. From what I can tell off of these teaser images, the second season of this animated series will bring forth new characters. Who do you think these question marks are? Is that Beta Ray Bill, War Machine, Luke Cage, Iron Fist and the Guardians of the Galaxy? Can't pinpoint who that SHIELD agent is though. Excited? Check out the new trailer:

I notice costume changes, Ms. Marvel, a Super-Skrull invasion, "Fantastic" cameos, Red Hulk and a lot of epic battles. Did I miss something? What do you think? Will you be watching?

Tune in to the season premiere of "The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes!" April 1 inside the Marvel Universe block on Disney XD at 12:00 p.m. ET!


-- Geo (sora_thekey) 24/7 geek! -- Follow me on Twitter: @Geo_sorathekey


Webcomic Review: Adler's Watch #1

Full disclosure here... I'm not big on webcomics. Even so, I am writing this review after I was prompted to promote the webcomic created by one of Comic Vine's very own. Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you Adler's Watch by HarlequinKiss

Adler's Watch #1
Created by: AnnaMaria Bryant ()
Summary: A Century in Seconds. Anthony Adler, a man accused of murder in the 19th century is suddenly transported through time and space after touching an old pocketwatch. Sammy & 23 find him, assuming he’s 23′s relative.
Release Date(s): Aug 2, 2011- Sept 29, 2011

The Good

I'm going to start off the bat here and just start talking about the art. AnnaMaria Bryant is one of my favorite artists in the internet world. She executes some of the best facial expressions and actions poses. I like her style a lot. In the case of Adler's Watch, my favorite design is that of the character that goes by the name/number of 23. A mysterious girl who shares some sort of relation to the main character, Adler, and a love for the abnormal.

Putting aside my love for the art, I want to shift focus to the story. This comics is about man named Adler from the 19th century who is transported to the year 2011 by the means of a pocket watch. Coincidentally (maybe) Sam and 23, two girls who spend their time looking answers for paranormal situations, are on the receiving end of that watch. Why does 23 resemble Adler? Why is 23 so nonchalant about the surrounding events that would make us, normal folk, gasp, scream, and maybe even faint? Interested in the story yet?

The Bad

Even though I might be biased about the comic because the creator is a Comic Vine user, I can't just mention the positive. I mentioned above how much I love Bryant's art, but the thing I should emphasize on are her pencils. Her colors are another story. I think they are great, but the moment you put characters in a busy settings, the color tones chosen make it hard to focus on the characters themselves. Like all artists there is always room for improvement, and Bryant is always showing some betterment.

The story is well plotted, and the concept is very interesting, but for a first issue this sometimes felt like a big question mark. I felt like I was just dropped into an already established world and no one told me. That's not necessarily a bad thing, but, because of the story's quick-paced nature, I had trouble following at minor points of the story.

The Verdict

I feel like this is a a mash-up of Scooby Doo and Back to the Future with funny one-liners and a great plot. In other words, my verdict is that you should read it. Your fellow Comic Viner wrote it, it's free and it's a fun piece of internet literature. I can't wait to read issue two and find out why 23 is called twenty-three. I can't wait to understand what the pocket watch is. I also can't wait to see this creator grow into her own professional self. Kudos Anna!

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WonderCon 2012 Recap

Did you hear about the commotion that took place last weekend in Anaheim? I'm not talking about the Deaf event that took place in Downtown Disney with the ABC cast of Switched at Birth. I'm not talking about the volleyball or cheerleading competitions that took place in the Anaheim Convention Center. I'm talking about WonderCon!

Allow me to introduce Harl E. Quinn. Picture taken by Mary Anne Butler

This past weekend I had a blast! I made new friends, hung out with old friends and even cosplayed a genderbent Harley Quinn (right). Let me give you a quick rundown of what I did last weekend.

Genderbent Justice League

On Friday, I spent most of my day with my friend Michael Mullenix (Metal Mike) -who recorded the Anime Expo coverage for Anime Vice and my SDCC cosplay videos last year. After a quick hello to Comic Vine's very own Tony (G-Man) and Sara (Babs) I headed into the dark depths of the convention floor to get some video content! Mike and I got tons of video with cosplayers. Videos you'll get to see soon, after the editing process... my outtakes need to be cut out. I also got a chance to catch up with a lot of my "convention friends" like Peter Nguyen, Elena Salcedo, Christine Dinh and more. (Convention Friend: A friend who you usually see a few days a year because of your regular attendance to comic book conventions.) Added to that, I also got to hang out with Tom Pinchuk, and I also got the chance to chat with my two favorite people on the comic book industry. Thanks to Tom's encouragement, I got the guts to talk to Jim McCann and later go and have a conversation with Humberto Ramos. Afterwards, I hung out with cosplayers I've known from past cons like Barry Ruch, Jimmy Sherfy, and Sara Eberle.

Saturday was a whole other experience. Like I mentioned above I cosplayed! After driving for three hours in the rain, I arrived at the convention center unprepared for what was to come. My friend Catherine Pow, also known as the amazing cosplayer Psykitten Pow, helped me out with the application of heavy amounts of makeup. Then I was ready to meet the Genderbent Justice League. Heavy amounts of pictures were taken and I just enjoyed the spectacle... until people started to ask to take my picture too! Never before was I the one in front of the camera, and it was fun. I posed for pictures with tons of cosplayers like Tallest Silver, Roxanna Meta, Jen Peters and more.

I understand a lot of people were not too thrilled with this year's Wonder Con. Why? I wasn't making the stuff at the intro up. The Anaheim Convention Center is, literally, at walking distance of Disneyland Resort. Aside of Wonder Con, the convention center was holding cheerleading and volleyball tournaments. Everybody who attended probably compared this to the awesomeness that is Wonder Con at the Moscone Center in San Francisco. Yet, I enjoyed myself. Even more so because this is my last convention of the year. This weekend I am moving to Mexico City, making it very hard to travel north and south of California for conventions... That is why I am so glad I soaked up as much as I could from this con!

Thank you to all of the people who made this such a fun experinece!

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NEW! NEW Ulitmate Spider-Man Animated Series Trailer

Was the last trailer not enough to get you excited for the new Spider-Man animated series? Just in case, Marvel has got you covered!

Watch the full trailer for "Ultimate Spider-Man" showing off new villains, new suits, and new allies! Don't miss the series premiere inside the Marvel Universe block on Disney XD April 1 at 11:00 a.m. ET/PT!

What did you think? The constant joking doesn't cease, and I don't know if that is a good thing or a bad thing! The Iron Spider suit will be making an appearance as well as, what seems to be, a copy of Hawkeye's motorcycle. Did you catch the glimpse of Agent Coulson? What did you think of the SHIELD approved web-shooters?

Marvel also released some images along with descriptions of the villains. Associate Producer of the show, Harrison Wilcox, discusses what to expect of some of the villains in the series:

Doctor Octopus

“Doctor Octopus is actually the design that we’ve played with the most,” remarks Wilcox. “He’s not the fat guy with a bowl cut. Before the series begins, he’s suffered a horrific injury and can’t use his arms or legs. He’s essentially atrophied to the point where his metal arms have to do his work for him. His suit acts as an iron lung, and he can’t survive outside of his suit.
“He works for Norman Osborn. He’s sort of subservient to Norman, but at the same time has his own agenda. He’s more about the science at the beginning of the series, and then as we get further along, the more he interacts with Spider-Man, the more obsessed Ock gets with capturing and eventually attempting to kill him.”

Doctor Doom

“Doctor Doom is a little bit different in this series,” says Wilcox. “We’re earlier in his continuity, if you wanted to compare him to the comics, because he isn’t the evil super villain yet. He’s a dictator, but he’s not living outside the law, he has an embassy in New York, and the first time Spidey and his gang meet him, they’ve actually gone to Latveria, so they’re the aggressors in the situation.
“He’s not a magician yet in our series. He’s just about the suit and the tech and the Doombots and all the fun of that. But he definitely is the biggest bad in the universe of ‘Ultimate Spider-Man.’”

The Trapster

“The Trapster is sort of Spidey’s go-to villain for the beginning of the season,” reveals Wilcox. “He’s not the intelligent inventor from the comic with a bag of tricks. On the show he’s all things glue gun. In this series, every time he and Spidey have fought, they make a big mess everywhere, and that’s sort of a catalyst for Nick Fury recruiting Spidey.”


“Venom actually has a completely new origin that we think the fans are really going to like in the series,” teases Wilcox. “I can’t really tell you too much about it without spoiling, but the symbiote has a link to Oscorp.”
“There’s an evolution to the suit in our series. It starts out in a more as a goo form, and then it becomes closer to the actual suit and continues to evolve further into something kind of frightening.”

This seems to be a show of the training that would've taken place if Peter Parker wouldn't have died in the Ultimate Universe. With some alterations here and there somehow fitting into its own animated universe. I'm skeptical but awaiting the premiere nonetheless. What about you guys?

Ultimate Spider-Man will premiere inside the Marvel Universe block on April 1 at 11:00am ET (9:00am PT) on Disney XD!

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NEW Ultimate Spider-Man Animated Series Trailer

A new trailer for the highly-anticipated Ultimate Spider-Man animated TV series has surfaced. Feast your eyes on some fourth wall breakage, wall crawling, sombrero wearing, and Drake Bell-- I mean Spider-Man!

This seems to be a very up-beat, fun show, but it will probably step away from the sequential story its predecessor contained. I have made it very clear in the past that Spectacular Spider-Man is my absolute favorite media rendition of my favorite comic book character. Please excuse my skepticism for this show's potential success. Then again, I shouldn't complain since my favorite voice actress, Tara Strong (Powerpuff Girls, Fairly Odd Parents, Ben 10, My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic), will be playing Mary Jane Watson. What do you guys think? Are you excited, or are you weary like me?

Ultimate Spider-Man will premiere inside the Marvel Universe block on April 1 at 11:00am ET (9:00am PT) on Disney XD!


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