Recent Drawings: Taylor Swift is Rapunzel

Have you guys heard of the famous photographer Annie Leibovitz? She does amazing stuff, and is best known for doing a series of photographs with various celebrities representing or acting out a scene from Disney films (Scarlett Johanson as Cinderella, Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony as Aladdin and Jasmine, Queen Latifah as Ursula and even Beyonce as Alice). One of her latest pieces was Talor Swift as Rapunzel (Right).

I can't consider myself the biggest Taylor Swift fan but I can admit this is a beautiful photograph. Plus, I am a huge Tangled fan (notice past drawings I've done of this movie). So after seeing it I thought of an idea for a drawing:

I took the basic idea and pose to create the actual animated Rapunzel into Taylor Swift... or something like that. Tell me what you think!

(Btw, I know this isn't exactly comic book-related but I actually liked this one a lot and I can always go with the excuse that Disney owns Marvel... Right?)

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Recent Drawings: Lady Mastermind vs Post-AvX Emma Frost

"That top makes you look low class" -Emma

Remember back when Greg Land was doing the art for Uncanny X-Men and Emma Frost confronted Lady Mastermind about her outfit during the Sisterhood story arc? (RIGHT)

Well, it's been around four years since that happened and since then Emma has become leader of the X-Men, host to the Phoenix and a wanted criminal.

AoA Dazzler

Of course, it's completly normal that during all this a girl like Emma would like to change her outfit/uniform once in a while, but her most updated costume leaves me bafled as to why this character would want to look like this. I understand that Chris Bachalo is behind it and it is probably the only costume he knows how to draw, see Dazzler's outfit in Age of Apocalypse (LEFT), but c'mon!

I really want Lady Mastermind (who is currently appearing in All-New X-Men) and Emma Frost (star of the present Uncanny X-Men title) to interact based on their outfits...

That's why I drew the following (Be sure to tell me what you think!):

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Recent Drawings: Alice in Wonderland

An example of what I think is "a really cool Alice in Wonderland drawing"

Hi there! It's been a while... I finally got a chance to scan some of my most recent works and I'm pretty excited about this one in particular.

For some reason I've become a bit obsessed with Alice in Wonderland lately. Not exactly the Disney version but just the concept in general. So one day I decided to do "a really cool Alice in Wonderland drawing" (yes, that's how I said it in my head).

The unfinished "First Try"

So I begun drawing what I thought was a decent job, but a prank by my co-workers that involved doodles on the work in progress disencouraged my ability to continue (the unfinished work is on the left). So after getting over it I started anew and came up with what you can see below.

As you can tell, I did a bit of redesigning to the characters. I wanted Mad Hatter to look mad, but not exactly "unatractive". In the case of Alice, I aged her a bit but hopefully she can still be considered a child. Her outfit was modernized a bit. The mushrooms, well that's just an inside joke with me because I HATE mushrooms, drawing so many of them just made me sick. Hehe...

Please tell me what you think? Usually I get a lot of comments about how it should be colored; I'll say it now, I don't know how to color. I wish I did, but since I can't anyone is free to give it a go.

Also, adding to the Wonderland craze I made another drawing of Alice called "Through the Looking Glass". Check it out here.

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Felicity Jones is "the Goblin's Girlfriend" in ASM2

Felicity Jones

I don't know if you guys are aware of this but Felicity Jones, star of Like Crazy, joined the cast of The Amazing Spider-Man 2 some time ago. The intrigue into this casting choice is that Sony hasn't revealed who she is playing.

In a recent interview with View Felicity revelaed a bit about her character:

"It’s all quite shrouded in secrecy, but I’m the Goblin’s girlfriend - I’m in a relationship with him, and his accomplice. I’m on the dark side."

When asked for her character's name all she had to say was this:

"I can’t say actually. It’s all in the vaults of Marvel. I love all that secrecy, I think it’s great. It builds anticipation, there’s too much transparency in everything these days."

This leaves us with a lot of room for speculation. How many girlfriends of the Goblin(s) do we know? The first girl that comes to mind is Lily Hollister (better known as Menace) who dated both Osborns. The other option would be Harry Osborn's ex Liz Allan, but to my knowledge she was never considered "bad".

Then there's the third option. The internet suggests that Felicity Jones is most likely playing Black Cat, and during an interview she did answer this to the Black Cat question:

“Well… possibly, I don’t know. Yeah, if that happens that would be wonderful.”

Could the comic book continuity be tweaked to have Felicia Hardy and Harry Osborn date? ('Cause Jones looks a bit too young to be dating Chris Cooper rather than Dane DeHaan) Would this mean that Harry will beat his dad Norman to the glider in this incarnation of the Spider-Man mythos?

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CV's Roundtable User Discussion 039 - Spotlight: Iron Man

Hello everyone. My awesome co-host RazzaTazz got together with some CV users to give some spotlight on Iron Man. The conversation has been posted here for you guys to see, read and enjoy. After the "enjoy" step of this process, be sure to comment below where you can submit your own opinions after reading ours. Even if you disagree with us, we like comments. Also, go back and read our past conversations (Here) and share your thoughts...

Welcome to the RT for Iron Man. Lets get right into it.

Staring: @jorgevy (Jor), @yourneighborhoodcomicgeek (YNCG), @emperor_gonzo_noir (Emp), @thehummingbird (THB)

What is your exposure to Iron Man?

"My first exposure was the first movie."

Jor: Well, my first exposure was the first movie. After that I started reading his comics, mainly 616 and some Ultimate universe and obviously watched IM2 and the Avengers. I also watched some animated shows that featured him like EMH etc....

YNCG: My first exposure to Iron Man was when I bought this big, thick trade paperback of the first 10, classic Avengers comic book issues (the one with Loki, Kang, Baron Zemo, and Wonder Man). I didn't think too much of him at that point, as I was more amazed by Hulk and Thor's character, but as the series progressed, I really liked the development of his armor throughout the ages. It changed from a huge, bulky yellow suit, to a sleek, nice, futuristic battle armor. Granted, Iron Man isn't one of my favorite characters, he's still a fun concept and has really awesome variants of his famous Iron Man armor.

Emp: My first exposure was on the 90's Spider-man cartoon where Spider-man teams up with him, War Machine and Venom to prevent Carnage and Baron Mordo from releasing Dormammu from the Dark Dimension.

It was silly. Almost as silly as Morbius' weird hand suckers.

THB: I have never really followed much Iron Man because his personality is incredibly unappealing to me. I have read a few avengers comics that feature him and seen the previous two movies. That is all the exposure I have had to Iron Man.

What is your favorite story of his? (if you don't know him then it is ok to say the movies or from some other media.)

"I know it's supposed to be non cannon but it was one of my favorite stories and a great turn on the origin of Iron Man"

Jor: I'd have to say I love Ultimate Iron Man written by Orson Scott Card. I know it's supposed to be non cannon with the Ultimates now, or something like that, but it was one of my favorite stories and a great turn on the origin of Iron Man. (too bad someone decided to retcon it into a freaky japanese anime or whatever -.-). On the 616 IM, I gotta say Extremis is pretty rad of a story too

"It isn't an Iron Man story, but he has a major role in it."

YNCG: It isn't an Iron Man story, but he has a major role in it. Most people don't like his depiction in this story arc, but this was the first major story arc that involved Iron Man (I wasn't a heavy comic book reader then), and it was the Marvel Civil War arc. While I was rooting for Captain America and the rebellion 100% of the way, I still kind of felt where Iron Man was coming from, and he even tried to have peace with the rebellion. Sure, Tony made some really bad mistakes and some douche moves, but who doesn't? He's human. Everyone makes mistakes.

"I love that comics can give us stuff [that don't] seem that weird or out of place."

Emp: Doomquest, the one where Iron man and Dr. Doom accidentally get sent back in time to Camelot. I love that comics can give us stuff like this and it doesn't seem that weird or out of place.

THB: Out of what I know of Tony Stark I guess I find his origin story to be the most compelling. It seems to be the only situation from what I have seen (which is very limited) where I seem him experience major character growth due to a dire situation.

A lot of character derive their powers from the magic of superpowers which are never explained, but Iron Man is built off of theoretically possible (though advanced beyond our time) technology. Does that appeal to you as a comic fan?

Jor: Initially it didn't. Heroes that were too realistic, kinda like trying to say "hey this is possible" seemed kinda odd. Iron Man was actually the one that made me change that idea, because then I started to understand that they weren't trying to say that this was possible in our realm but quite plausible in theirs. After that super heroes like Iron Man who derive their powers from some sort of scientific progress or advanced technology have interested me more, but they aren't exactly my favorites. I don't have any sort of higher reliability with them or enjoy them more just because what they do could be seen as theoretically possible.

they are all super and great in what they do, way beyond our current state and that's what makes them great

"He can go against both street levelers and medium/high-tier characters much like Batman."

YNCG: Sort of. It's nothing that will make me instantly read the story (nor like his character), but I do enjoy more down-to-earth stories (usually with street levelers). Iron Man is kind of a hybrid of those. He can go against both street levelers, and medium/high-tier characters, much like Batman with and without prep. However, I am a huge fan of science fiction, science, and stuff like that, so naturally, I really like the atmosphere around Iron Man/Tony Stark's character. I find it appeals to me more than random magical powers and such.

"As a comic fan, I do like the idea of a 'scientifically plausible' hero."

Emp: As a comic fan, I do like the idea of a "scientifically plausible" hero, (even though Stan Lee apparently didn't know that transistors don't work that way), It may be a long way off but the idea that while we won't ever be able to shoot beams out of our eyes or control water, one day we might be able to have jet boots, and that is pretty cool.

THB: Personally I love the idea of a character creating his or her own powers, however, it is a turn of slightly for me due to who the character in this situation is. Characters with powers that theoretically could become reality is always an interesting thing I believe for comic fans.

One of the main arguments which people make about the rise of Marvel Comics is that Marvel made their characters people as well as heroes, for instance with Spider-Man's teen aged lack of confidence. In terms of Tony Stark's alcoholism, do you think that has added a valuable aspect to the character?

"In terms of Tony Stark's alcoholism, do you think that has added to the valuable aspect to the character?"

Jor: Most certainly. DC's heroes at the time had no specific flaws or evident ones. I think having these problems for the heroes in Marvel did give them a boost compared to DC.

In Iron Man's case, alcoholism certainly helped but I don't think it was just that. the different moral ground and behavior, the "heart condition", even the origin, made him quite different from other heroes and gave him a distinct personality. Going from arms manufacturer to world hero; it's just a really interesting aspect and all of Marvel's heroes when they came out had those interesting catches to their personality that DC didn't because of their "super hero paragon archetype" (nothing wrong with that BTW I love paragons) but it was getting old and it was diversified enough.

Marvel, with IM and Spidey and Hulk and etc... showed it was possible to have the good guys be heroes AND humans. Iron Man certainly had his demons in a bottle to face, but that only makes his struggle with himself and the world more valuable IMHO

YNCG: Yeah the alcoholism is certainly a thing that strips away the Invincible part in the Invincible Iron Man. He's human, and even with all these technological advances and inventions, he still has human problems. On top of that, I've always viewed his heart problems with the shrapnel an even more serious and human characteristic about him.

THB: In the case of Tony Stark's alcoholism it makes him more relatable to some, however, I feel like many people would categorize alcoholism different from say Spider-Man's character flaw. Alcoholism shows an inability to properly cope with a situation generally. Why for a time i could enjoy this as something he eventually overcomes, I do not think I would enjoy this as a major plot point of Iron Man getting wasted all the time. As an underlying though it could be nice to see heroes struggling with coping issues.

A character's villains often meet the characteristics of the hero more than the originality of the villainous character. For instance, Batman has the Joker and while Superman has Luthor, there are also a lot of heavies in his rogue gallery. Do you think Iron Man villains rely too much on suits of armor themselves?

"There are some interesting villains such as The Mandarin and A.I.M."

YNCG: I certainly think some villains like Crimson Dynamo, Zeke Stane, Iron Monger, and Titanium Man are a bit redundant and generic, but there are some interesting villains such as The Mandarin and A.I.M. However, I don't think they really RELY on their tech, more so heavily invested in competing and defeating Tony Stark in his area of expertise : technology and engineering.

Jor: I think villains in general are usually either your polar opposite or bad versions of you. in Iron Man's case we see a lot of that, a bunch of his villains are just people who use technology for evil and mainly armors to be villains; instead of what Tony does which is using armors for good.

but I have to agree with ComicGeek here, I think they dont rely on tech, they kinda of USE it to beat Iron Man at his home turf. others just know that Tony is really good when it comes to this type of stuff and hope to subjugate his expertise for themselves.

But in some other way, his villains relying on armors kinda of serves to show that Iron Man is more than just his armor, and that's something his armor using villains and even the other ones, will never understand

"Downey may be acting as himself, but he is a really good representation of Iron Man."

THB: Yes, this is another major turn off about Iron Man for me is that the villains seem incredibly repetitive.

How do you feel about how he is played by Downey in the movies? Some people complain that Downey is just playing himself which is similar enough to Stark, while others think that the portrayal is really good.

YNCG: Downey may be acting as himself, but he himself is a really good representation of Iron Man/Tony Stark! No complaints there!

Jor: yeah pretty much what NeighborhoodGeek said; he may be playing himself but that's close enough actually. I think that Downey brings a more charismatic and empathic side to IronMan that he manages to have difficult with in the comics. Basically, I think Downey made Iron Man have lots more fans thanks to his acting, and that's good. But I dont think he is the only one capable for that role, and if or better yet, WHEN he leaves, Im sure Marvel will find someone suitable, just like they did when they got Robert

THB: I mean Downey is just naturally a lot like Tony Stark. Even if he is not acting he is still the most convincing Stark they could have had to play the role.

Before the first Iron Man movie came out there was some degree of skepticism that fans would flock to a hero movie about a character that wasn't as well known in pop culture. Do you feel because of the exposure in three Iron Man movies and the Avengers (plus cameo in the Incredible Hulk) that Iron Man has become more like an A list comic character?

YNCG: I always thought Iron Man was an A-lister to be honest, just not a major A-lister if you know what I mean. Characters like Captain America and Punisher are A-list, but aren't as popular as Thor, Hulk, etc. until the movies.

"Everyone knows and recognizes Iron Man as easily as Batman or Spider-Man and that's thanks to the movies."

Jor: He was an A-lister for Marvel fans, but he was never an A lister in general like Superman, Batman, Spider-man, Hulk, etc....

Now I'm pretty sure he is, everyone knows and recognizes Iron Man as easily as Batman or Spider-Man and that's thanks mostly to the movies IMO

of course Marvel and Disney getting more animated stuff on the air, and Iron Man being there also helped but the movies were the deal breaker

THB: I believe out of the Avengers cast even Iron Man is the most pronounced and recognizable superhero. I believe he is Marevel's Batman or Superman right now.

Switching gears a bit, do you have a favourite Iron Man armor? (Hulkbuster, Classic Gold and Red, Extremis ... fill in the blank)

Jor: look wise I love the Iron Man 3 Mark 42. In the comics, my favourite would be the Bleeding Edge, not only look wise but also capability wise. it's just really awesome.

other than that..... I always enjoy seeing the "busters" like Hulkbuster, Thorbuster, etc.... and I liked the Asgardian armor from "Fear Itself". Actually I liked all characters visual renditions from that event, but specially that Uru armor Iron Man had.

"Classic costumes are always best with any hero to me."

YNCG: I'll say his Classic Gold and Red was my favorite. It was the first debut of the red and gold concept, and looked awesome for me, and spawned many suits that looked similar to it, like Extremis or Bleeding Edge. Its the original, and is my personal favorite. Hulkbuster is my favorite of the "busters" though.

THB: Classic costumes are always best with any hero to me.

Do you think that Tony Stark being rich makes him more or less heroic? (he wouldn't be able to afford those suits otherwise)

YNCG: Well I personally think Tony is smart enough to just invest in things to make himself rich again, but if he was stuck in debt or poor, then he certainly wouldn't be the same person. However, he'd still be a hero, no doubt about that, but he might do more behind the scene stuff than up front and offensive without his Iron Man armors.

"Tony Stark's wealth is a result of his ego and can feed it"

THB: As in real life I believe wealth should be irrelevant when determining a persons character. In this case I think Tony Stark's wealth is a result of his ego and can feed it, but certainly not the original cause. His money has no relation to if he is heroic, I mean Bruce Wayne.

Jor: Heroism isn't about money, it's about what you do with the things you have. Being rich and still going out of your way, wasting money, endagering your business, your body etc... letting your hedonistic life behind or atleast partially, to be able to week by week save someone's life, for me, that's truly heroic.

How many people in the same position, with as much money as Bill Gates, as attractive as Brad Pitt, with tons of sexy people falling to your knees, being able to go anywhere and do anything, would choose to do the right thing instead, and go save the world at the cost of your whole life?

I think that answers the question

Who would win in chess match between Iron Man and Batman?

Jor: I always believed Iron Man would win most chess matches, but it would be close. I love chess myself and I just see Tony's thought process and personality as better fit for Chess than Bruce's, but it would be close for sure.

YNCG: Batman most likely. Bruce is more cunning and his detective skills are far more valuable in this particular scenario. Chances are, Batman will take advantage of Tony's statistical knowledge to trick him. Tony might over-calculate things in a chess match.

THB: Batman, Iron Man's ego would get in the way.

OK thanks for the input everyone this concludes this RT.

YNCG: Alright I guess we'll go now. Thanks for reading our Ironic RT.

Jor: well, goodbye everyone and thanks for reading our thoughts (creeeeepy)

Special thanks to The Poet for helping edit all this, and, of course, thanks to Razz who did an amazing job hosting this RT. Share your thoughts down below.

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CV's Roundtable User Discussion 038 - Video Games

Hello everyone. My awesome co-host RazzaTazz got together with some CV users to talk video games. The conversation has been posted here for you guys to see, read and enjoy. After the "enjoy" step of this process, be sure to comment below where you can submit your own opinions after reading ours. Even if you disagree with us, we like comments. Also, go back and read our past conversations (Here) and share your thoughts...

The mediums of comics and video games compliment each other. The topics covered in many video games include many of those covered in comics - fantastical worlds, people with powers beyond the ordinary and battling some great evil. The overlap of comics into movies has been quite successful as of late, but how about comics and video games? Here to help us find out are Trodorne, Edward Windsor and Jorgevy. Hello all!

EW: Hi I am Edward Windsor , yeah its me again.

Tro: Hey all, its Trodorne. Coming back to blow your mind with truth and misinformation.... *Shark stare*

Jor: Hi everyone! It's me, Jorgevy, here with you to talk about games! YAY

What video games have you been playing recently?

"In a time where there are more first person shooters than anything else you have to mix and match."

EW: Recently I have been playing Far Cry 3, Okami HD and Lego Lord of the Rings. Its a mix I admit but in a time where there are more first person shooters than anything else you have to mix and match. Okami is a classic and still awesome and beautiful in equal measure to this day (You guys have played this right? what do you mean no). Lord of the Rings is really quirky and fun with the Lego twist. Far Cry is just so I can run around hunting things with a bow especially bad people.

Tro: What free time I have outside of writing and work, I have been playing Toe Jam and Earl 2, Rune Factory Frontier, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Reflex, and Minecraft.

"This started with me getting Mass Effect 1 [...] and DAMN! I totally got hooked. Finished ME1, ME2 plus some DLCs and now I got Mass Effect 3"

Jor: Well, this week I've been playing Mass Effect 3. and I can tell you this started with me getting Mass Effect 1 to try it out, you know, to see what was all the fuss about and DAMN! I totally got hooked, finished ME1, ME2 plus some DLCS and now I got Mass Effect 3 and I just started it, but I'm enjoying it as much as the others (except maybe the first one, the whole mechanics of the game were so awesome, I'm kinda sad they tweeked with them so much for the sequels). Other games I've played recently but not so recently (college consumes a lot of time) are: Minecraft, COD:MW3, Dragonball Budokai 3 (best DBZ game ever), Fifa 13, NFS MW(the new one sucks compared to the older one), Tekken, Killzone, Mount & Blade (also the Star Wars mod for MB), Yu-gi-oh Duelist of Roses, Pokémon Black and probably a few others. these are just the ones of the last month or so.

What is your all time favorite video game?

"Perfect Dark since it has more options to play on it."

EW: The game I have probably played the most was Perfect Dark on (N64) so that's definitetly up there but Resident Evil 2 (PS2) is one of my favs along with Dark Souls from the current generation (PS3). Picking between your favorites is always hard. It is a hard choice to go for the one you played the most, the one you liked the design and style of most or just the one you have the best memories of. If I could only take one desert island discs style, I guess it would have to be Perfect Dark though I guess since it has more options to play on it.

Tro: Oooooo..... that is a hard one to say. if we are basing it on genre's of games... then I could pick out one from each, but Minecraft and Final Fantasy 5 are my top ones. Minecraft is just a fun game especially when you can be creative and just build up or destroy the world around you. and Final Fantasy 5 was the more real immersive rpg that I really loved.

"Pokémon obviously"

Jor: My all time favorite is a tough one. If you asked for a franchise it would be pretty easy, Pokémon obviously. Freaking love the whole world and the game are fantastic, they get better and better. Maybe my all time favorite would be Pokémon Heart Gold/Soul Silver, because my first Poké games were Gold/Silver/Crystal, so the nostalgic feel plus the new functions of the DSi and the new stuff in the world of Pokémon thanks to the two generations that followed after Gold/Silver, made the game even more awesome than the originals were. I'm waiting patiently but anxiously as well for the new games Pokémon X and Y for the 3DS!!! OMG Pokémon in 3D in a handheld MUAHAHAHA new pokémon and a new region AHAHAH Im super syked

What is your all time favorite video game based on comics?

"I imagine a lot of Batman: Arkham 1+2 mentions"

EW: I am gonna come from left field on this. I imagine to see a lot of Batman Arkham 1+2 mentions here but that's not my choice. I would like to make a case for Marvel ultimate alliance 1 ( NOT 2). The reason I think one is the better game is because while its graphically not as good and the roster isn't as well updated, the story is better. The game has a really funny post credits addition to where depending on your success with side missions little story flashes reveal the consequences to the world. For example I remember completing the story as thus saving the world but by not doing a side mission Galactus devoured the world anyways which made me really laugh. Plus the ability to mix and match your characters is always fun, I used to love running Ghost Rider, Blade, Spidey ( Ben Riley Scarlet Spider costume) and War Machine ( Ironman suit option). Basically creating my own bad ass team but with a better story . Shame that the civil war story wasn't as cool in my eyes since the game had some of my favorite characters with Gambit, Deadpool and Green Goblin ( the inclusion of villains was a nice twist especially when the expansion brought Magneto Juggernaut and Venom.)

Spider-Man 2

Tro: Spider-Man 2 or 3. That was the only game the was really true in terms of gameplay style. Superman was good but its hard to pull off when the man can go so fast in get to the other side of the city in a blink of an eye.

"That game got me hooked for hours."

Jor: Extremely hard one. On one hand you have the recent Batman Arkham City which is FANTASTIC. but on the other hand you have the classic Marvel Ultimate Alliance! THAT GAME GOT ME HOOKED FOR HOURS AND HOURS. so good... both have great gameplay and are action packed. Batman has lots of cameos and a rich universe while Marvel Ultimate Alliance is filled with heroes to use and has a great plot. BAC also has a great plot although it is in a different tone. I really can't decide which is one the better one, but I know most people will say Batman so i'll go with MUA!!!

Also, I see that my fellow RT colleague EdwardWindsor also chose MUA and he does bring up good arguments, so listen to us people! go play MUA if you haven't! (only the first one though)

Is there a video game based on comics that has changed your perception of a character or group of characters?

"Opened my eyes to other cool characters who I previously ignored."

Tro: In the long term yes. I would have to say games like Spider-Man and X-Men Legends really opened my eyes to other cool characters who I previously ignored. Like Cyclops and Mysterio. Who just have some amazing abilities. And with games like DC universe online where you make your own super hero / villain and you are mentored by your favorite characters like Flash or Lex Luthor (Mine).

Jor: Not really, no. First, there aren't that many comic book games or at least known ones. From the ones I've played, like Spider-man and Superman for PS2, or Batman Arkham series or MUA, it did help enrich the world of the character/s but I already knew most of them, with the exception of MUA and Arkham series, in which there really was a lot of more underground comic stuff being brought up. So unless you count manga, it hasn't happened yet. It did happen with One Piece, if manga/anime counts, which I barely knew anything about and after playing some One Piece games I felt a huge urge to know more about the manga/anime

Just a note, it doesn't have to be a positive change in perception, it could be a negative one.

"My hatred for Namor did increase after the Atlantis mission in MUA"

Jor: I know Razz, but I’m a type of person that doesn't really get negatively influenced on certain things, specially characters, by just one instance.

But my hatred for Namor did increase after the Atlantis mission in MUA

"Without playing the game I probably wouldn't have chased up some back issues and novels to explore the character more."

EW: Marvel Ultimate Alliance 1 sort of changed my view on Ghost Rider. His attacks were unlike anything else on the game and seeing a guy rocking a flaming chain and having the penance stare as a special was all kinds of cool. Having not seen much of him previously except a couple appearances in the 90's Spider-Man cartoon it certainly widened my view of the character. Johnny Blaze is a badass and his look as the rider is really different. Without playing that game I probably wouldn't have chased up some back issues and novels to explored the character more. Though Nic Cage has drastically lowered the tone of the character for me with the film franchise. The rider parts are good the rest not so much.

Does playing a game based on a character allow you a better connection to that character in the comics? Or to put that in another way do you get a vicarious escapism of thinking that you really are Batman or Spider-Man by directly controlling their actions?

"You're not the hero but a sort-of ghostly puppeteer" (Batman: Arkham City)

EW: Really depends on the accuracy of the portrayal and if the view point is first person or third person. If your playing a game through the eyes of a hero the immersion is much better and a connection is formed even if its only partial. In terms of escapism I don't really feel most comic games have achieved that. Most being you controlling the hero but seeing the action from the third person view so you're not the hero but a sort-of ghostly puppeteer. There is a connection because you can make them dance to your tune by pressing buttons, but its not as deep as being the hero looking on the world from the first person view.

Jor: It does help me get more attached and connected to a character but I never go full escapism and actually think of them as me or me as them. I always see them as the characters I read about, which are my friends, I guess. and when I'm playing with them I just kinda imagine what they must be thinking, feeling, what they want to do and how they would act. Although I do get it if someone else does it; we would all love to be heroes, but I'd rather be my own than to get inside someone else's shoes.

Tro: I don't know if better connects me to that character maybe if the gameplay matches the power set that they have then maybe.

Next question:

There are many different formats of games (first person shooter, side scrolling, RPG, fighter - I don't know very much about games, but you get the point.) Is there any format that you think is best suited to video games based on comic characters? And a worst format?

"Basically fan service but no real connection to continuity or really fit the characters."

EW: I personally think the best comic games are either open world platform/action like the recent Batman and Spider man games since you can wander their world and do as they would do or just see the sights and mess around. In terms of worst I have to go with fighting games. Injustice for example looks good but its not really true to characters, is it?. Would Catwoman even think about entering a fight with Wonder Woman Doomsday or Superman? Would Batman and Robin really fight to the death?. These games are basically fan service but have no real connection to continuity or really fit the characters in some cases in my personal view. Remember Dc vs Mortal Kombat ? A gory fight game where you could pull a mans brain out his skull yet because you add Superman that no longer makes sense.

Jor: I certainly think it depends on the character/comic. Most beat'em ups and fighter games dont really fit IMO with most super heroes, mainly because you need to tweek the super heroes a lot to make it balanced. First person should only be for certain very specific heroes because it takes away to much focus from your character and it is usually connected to shooters, and not that many heroes are primarily shooters. I think two of the best genres are easily RPGs and adventure platforms. RPGs mainly because you are role playing as the hero; you can increase his levels, go further beyond, equip him how you want, just like how he would in certain situations. also the strategy behind the gameplay of a RPG is very close to what actually happens in comics, at least when it comes to tactics etc... adventure platforms are perfect because it allows you much movement and freedom, specially if it's mixed with a type of sandbox gameplay. Go anywhere, do whatever, rescue people here and there, follow the map, explore, fly, jump, DO IT ALL!

The freedom both of these genres give, plus the spectacular action they can conjure in these types of games, makes them really good for such a specific media like comics. but I think the perfect combination is obviously, both of them. You get the psychological and physical freedom that only the actual hero would and it connects you to the character and his cause much more than some random beat'em up or a first person shooter game or a RTS(real time strategy) or a TBS(turn based strategy).

"For [...] Spider-Man you practically need a city to get the scope" (The Amazing Spider-Man game)

Tro: It really depends on the character. Superman in a fighting game is just a bad idea. For things like Batman and Spider-Man you practically need a city to get the scope spanning platform to really get into the characters.

With characters like Superman its hard to do any format because his powers are WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY beyond that of any character in comics. He is so powerful you would have to have something that limits him. if they were to do a proper game of Superman they would have to have quite a few city maps in which people could fly too and fight crime in several different cities across the world.

There are lots of games which have been targeted at comic fans that are not very good. As was just mentioned games based on Superman are always not true to the comic because it is hard to replicate his powers, but do you ever get the feel that video game developers use this restriction as an excuse to make an inferior game with a comic name on it that will sell?

EW: For a really long time the term "comic game" was a black mark on the gaming industry. Games based on the material where both lackluster and poorly made. Hell you could argue that the first "good" comic games didn't truly start being made to the late 90's early 2000'2. PS2 had Spider man games, first marvel ultimate alliance and x men academy. All of which had problems but compared to Superman N64 they are truly brilliant games.

X-Men Arcade

The main problem with us comic readers as an audience is that we want it all. With such in depth back stories and libraries of side plots and characters to use it makes a game based in pretty much any comic verse a mammoth task. Take the recent Batman games for example they excel because of the vast open true to the source world with nods to the fans hidden as Easter eggs. These games where not possible back when Comic games started being made and hence for a long time we got games that were well meaning but poorly executed because the tech needed to make the games wasn't there. The simple old comic games like X-Men arcade for example was pretty much streets of rage which had different texture pack . It was a great because they kept it simple. The biggest crime most comic games have had is simply trying to do either to much or not enough.

Jor: As our RT colleague said, for a long time it was just not possible to meet the criteria comic fans demanded, because the technology could not match the amazing richness of the source.

I think that until recently developers did use that as kind of an excuse, not explicitly, but I guess that it was there and they were like "uh, can't really do much more, sorry, you guys understand" but we the recent games, I think that's changing. Mainly because of the push of the companies behind, who obviously want to get the costumers and they know how to do it easily in this case; get them everything, like it is. That's one of the reasons I'm eager for a specific video game coming out who stars a certain character, and why I'm excited to see where the Arkham series will go next. Developers can no longer use the technology as an excuse and that will make sure that unless they want to get their butts kicked out of the door with a loud "YOU'RE FIRED" behind it, they will try to stay true to the source and try to make it appealing to fans and non fans alike, so it will sell despite the name, and maybe even get some non fans into a previously unknown character (win win situation)

So where do you see the future of comic book video games going or what would you like to see?

"Deadpool looks kinda promising"

EW: Personally I think the future will continue to be a mixed bag We will no doubt get a bunch of movie merc games which will probably be not so great. But we also see new titles that are good. Deadpool looks kinda promising as does Marvel heroes. But I would like to see more niche titles see some newer or even their first video game transfer. A game based around Sandman and the endless could be excellent if they can merge the dream and in game worlds well, another/better spawn title maybe or perhaps someone like Jonah Hex or even a game based on a villain for once.

"Have we ever had a truly great X-Men game?" (X-Men: Destiny)

I think in general the comic games market is definitively getting better for us fans, we just need more quality and different options. Everybody loves Batman but we have two great Batman games, have we ever had a truly great X-Men game or noteworthy games for the more niche markets?. That's all I ask really different heroes and villains and well made.

"Rumors about the next Arkham [game] seem very interesting."

Jor: I’m quite optimistic. Not only are comics getting more well known and present outside their area, (mainly through movie but not only) the gaming industry is also getting stronger and more advanced. there's a vanguard that is trying to make video games what in my opinion (and several other opinions) are; art - and the use of already established but not exactly accepted art like comics into video games could prove to be a great alliance for both in terms of their future. I think they are realizing this and hopefully they will do something about it.

The new Deadpool game seems awesome; the rumors about the next Arkham seem very interesting and we see the companies trying to expand on video games. on the other hand several video games are starting to have their universes expanded through comics. Only the gods know of their future, but for me, VGs and comics are gonna rock the world

That's it everyone, as usual I forgot to ask people to say goodbye, but they would have liked to if given the opportunity. A big thank you to all of my colleagues for joining me in this discussion (and to various others like the Poet). Please feel free to comment below. Share your favorites or your least favorites.

Special thanks to The Poet for helping edit all this, and, of course, thanks to Razz who did an amazing job hosting this RT. Share your thoughts down below.

-- Geo (sora_thekey) 24/7 geek! -- Follow me on Twitter: @sora_thekey


Thoughts on Mewtwo's New Form

So this isn't exactly a rant about Mewtwo's new form or anything, it's more of a conversation I wanted to share with you guys... I just found out about this Mewtwo form today and I told my roommate about it. Here's what happened:

Me: Hey! Have you seen this?

Roommate: Oooh! Female form of Mewtwo!

Me: No. That is Mewtwo... or his evolution rather.

Roommate: Oh! That's even better!

Me: No it's not! Mewtwo doesn't need a new form.

Roommate: Why not?

Me: He's a clone of Mew! What is he, Mewthree?

Roommate: ...

Me: Plus, look at his head!

Roommate: Bigger brain?

Me: No! That's his tail...

Roommate: Oh you're right.

Me: The guy now thinks with his ass!

Roommate: [laughs]

Me: Plus, HE'S A CLONE! How does a clone evolve? They can't!

Roommate: Yes they can! Last night we went to the movies and watched a whole movie about how clones evolve... (Tom Cruise's Oblivion)

We ended up laughing about the whole thing, but I'm not wrong... After so many years Mewtwo comes back and evolves into this??? What do you guys think about this revelation?

-- Geo (sora_thekey) 24/7 geek! -- Follow me on Twitter: @sora_thekey


Possible SPOILERS on Gwen Stacy's fate in The Amazing Spider-Man 2

In case the title wasn't enough of a warning: (Possible) SPOILER ALERT!

This was posted on regarding Gwen Stacy's role in The Amazing Spider-Man sequel:

Gwen Stacy (Emma Stone) will indeed check out in this film, but perhaps more surprising is that it's been hinted - note we don't know this for certain - that this won't even happen at the end, and Stone's role may not be very large at all. Like I said, that's speculation based on how the info was put across, but I personally wouldn't be surprised in Gwen buys it around the beginning of the third act, giving Spidey a reason to go off the deep end and seek revenge.

Of course, this is just speculation and is in no way oficial, but lets say it's true. After reading this, I thought of a theory on how this would work.

By the looks of it, Gwen might die by the end (or middle) of the movie, but what if "checking out in this film" doesn't mean death, but that she will simply not be around? In the comics, Gwen also disappears for a while when she leaves to live in London with her aunt and uncle after her father's death. Maybe Gwen and her family (remember that Gwen has a mom and brothers in ASM) move to London some time during ASM 2.

This could create the perfect setting for the movie's love triangle with Mary Jane Watson. What do you guys think?

PS. I just hope she doesn't die at the hands of someone other than Green Goblin.

-- Geo (sora_thekey) 24/7 geek! -- Follow me on Twitter: @sora_thekey

Start the Conversation

CV's Roundtable User Discussion 037 - "Happy 2nd Anniversary"

Welcome to a special Roundtable User Discussion. Guess what TODAY is the RTs' 2nd Anniversary! (EDITOR'S NOTE: We held this RT on March 11th, 2013)Some of us got together to talk about this special event and that conversation has been posted here for you guys to see, read and enjoy. After the "enjoy" step of this process, be sure to comment below where you can submit your own opinions after reading ours. Even if you disagree with us, we like comments. Also, go back and read our past conversations (Here) and share your thoughts...

So today is the RTs' 2nd anniversary!!! This is going to be a short one since we won't be talking about comics but rather the past 36 Roundtable Discussions that have been posted here on Comic Vine. Please welcome ReVamp (RV),kfhrfdu_89_76k (khf), EdwardWindsor (EdW/Lazy) and RazzaTazz (Razz). With cameos from our compiler.

Q1: In one sentence describe your overall experience with the Roundtables.

khf: They're one of those nice but not really all that important things in my life. I haven't read that many, ‘cause they're so LONG, and I have dozens of other things to do, too (who doesn`t?). Mostly, I don't get much of anything new about them, either. But, I think that it`s cool that there`s a thing like this too.

RV: Well, I'm not extremely involved in the Round Tables, especially not as much as I'd like, but I think its been a good one.

Razz: Can it be a run-on sentence with a lot of sentence fragments which in themselves should be separate sentences because If not I will simply say that the roundtables represent the best of CV by highlighting the people in the community that simply like to get together and discuss their love of the artform (without all of the drama).

No. 8

Razz, you have been participating since RT no. 8 and you are also my present co-host in this experience, anything you'd like to add?

Razz: As co-host I can say that the roundtables have gone through a bit of a transformation much like the site has in general. It is nice to see though that with all the changes that have gone on with CV that there are some constants and that the roundtables are still around for a good reason.

EdW: Its been an interesting and somewhat confusing ride this far.

No. 2

EdW, you been participating in RTs since Discussion #2, are there any words of wisdom you'd like to share with the less experienced in this awesome experience?

EdW: I'm the longest serving guest apparently which is news to me (perhaps my wisdom is at the sacrifice of memory). But I think the continued longevity of the Round table is due to the rotating members and the multitude of views they bring to an subject. I can’t remember exactly how many I have done now ( looks at Sora and Raz 3-4 maybe?) but its good to chat with others about things especially when in some cases i have come into a discussion thinking something completely different to when I left because people consider the source so differently in cases.

Actually I think it's been more than four RTs. Maybe six?

Q2: Do you have a favorite Discussion? (Whether you were part of it or not...)

No. 31

khf: I liked Girl Talk. It was a break from the usual. The Batman RT was cool too for large part ‘cause this Kfhrfdu_89_76k fellow was in it.

RV: Don't particularly have a favorite discussion, but the ones involving the future direction of comics (ie, decisions made by the Big Two) have always been of particular interest to me. I like hearing what others have to say in regards to certain topics. So, I guess that RTs about the New 52 and Marvel NOW! are something I enjoyed quite a bit, because I find it interesting to look at it from a business perspective and then from a perspective of a comic book fan.

No. 12

Razz: I actually have a few, but seeing as I have been both host and contributor, I don't mind bending the rules. As a participant my favourite was the all female version as I feel sometimes that the voice of female readers gets lost in the comics debate and that it was nice to collect us all together. As a host I kind of went off the grid for a while by personally recruiting people to the cause who normally don't contribute. Thus my RTs with JLone and Thanosrules on sci-fi and Az and Rogue Mar1e on fairy tales were pretty fun. Of the usual ones which I hosted, I think the Batman one stood out the most to me. I timed it to be featured right when the last movie was coming out.

No. 20

EdW: I actually really enjoyed the all female one (that I believe Sora wore a dress for). As a geeky man I am used to the comic book guy stereotype (insert Sheldon Cooper/Guy from Simpsons here). The discussion of strong female characters and how the world perceive female comic fans was quite cool and enlightening to me as a man. I think i was part of the male one (I was wasn't I?) and that was more a comedic affair it's good to mix the theme an tone and i like the serious almost documentary style approach of the All girl RP.

Q3: Be honest, was there a certain RT which you didn't like in the course of these past two years?

No. 34

khf: AvX. The story is pretty mediocre, and discussing of it pretty boring. I still read it, though. To support the RTs.

RV: Not really no, I don't think there has. I mean, that are always RTs that interest me more than others, but tha'ts not to say I dislike an RT in particular. I think that most RTs accomplish what they set out to do and provide the community with an outlet (or another, I guess) to express their ideas in a varied range of topics, so I enjoy them quite a bit.

Razz: Well I generally like them all, but I edited one for solicits at one point with about five participants and it took about three hours to sort out. It was still fun though. In fact this one was memorable for me as two of my closest friends at CV took part in it.

No. 14

EdW: I'm not a massive DC fan so some DC heavy ones slipped me by a little. I never really didn't like a RT just didn't understand or care for the subject matter as much. (there was a blackest night one wasn't there?)

That's the beauty of the table, different knights ( as I like to call them) for each of the roundtable meetings (PS. I call Lancelot)

In that case I'm Arthur! :P

Razz: (Geo is the best.) I call Guinevere then!

"A wild 'Poet' appears!"

Razz: Hi Poet, ignore all comments where I say Geo is the best mod, you know you are the best

(Note to Geo- ignore the above statement)

Poet: I call Merlin (and if I can't be the young BBC version then I supose I'll take regular old version) for the "Knights" of the RT if Razz gets Guinevere, Sora is Arthur and EdW calls Lancelot.

Once again, The Poet proves to be the best Mod!

(Except for Razz of course...)

Poet, ignore that last bit of this comment.

Razz... Aww screw it! I'm the best Mod! I'm Arthur after all, and because of the way I'm humbly speaking I guess I'm the BBC version...

EdW: There's more mods than normal folk up in here.

khf: We are in the presence of the mighty ones. Such glory!

"Best RT ever."

Also, if we can find a way to incorporate all of this Mod and Knights stuff into the RT it'd be awesome.

Edw: A little off topic banter adds character.

khf: Truly. But it doesn`t bother me.

Banter is the foundation of the RTs... Not excalibur!

Edw: Excalibur ( the sword and marvel team) are awesome. My RPG character is based on captain Britain who wields the sword and runs the team that's how cool i think they are lol.

Khf: Best RT ever.

Poet: Anyway...

Q4: We've had different types of features like Movie Reviews, Comic Book Solicits, Spotlights and other special RTs (Girl and Guy Talk), what are your opinions on these features?

khf: I don`t them count most of them special features. I mean, we talk about comicy stuff in all of them, which is the whole point.

Thor Review

RV: Like I said above, I think that much like RTs they provide the community with a manner to discuss and express their ideas on certain topics. I particularly like Movie Reviews and Comic Book Solicits, as I think its a breath of fresh air and helps us prevent on becoming saturated on certain comic book topics that are always a mainstay for discussion.

Razz: They are all good, I love it when the community comes together and discusses comics. I think the Spotlights are best.

EdW: Features are cool they are the little change that keeps the formula fresh. Discussing themes other than just the comic (hot topic) gives us access to wider reaching subjects. As I mentioned in question 2 its good to see other peoples view of the world not just their opinions on an issue or an arc etc. I think the features offer an easier access point for the less comic nerd type as well since from experience some subjects have got a little geeky. (i ceartinly played my part in that)

Q5: Do you guys any questions for me about the RTs? (I kind of ran out of questions)

Razz: It is interesting to look back over the course of the roundtables and look at the history of my own experiences at this website. When I first started doing them I was pretty new here and being asked to do them was a nice gesture by the old guard as to what they thought of me. As I have progressed and eventually became a moderator I took them on in a different light and learned some new things on the fly about how to conduct a group interview (it is not as easy as it seems, and Geo really deserves a lot of credit for making them seem to easy.) Mostly though I think of where I have been and who I have met here and the fact that these are ongoing gives me hope for some more great friends here in the future.

D'aaaaawwww! That's really nice of you to say!

EdW: How did you come up with the idea? and why did you decide to call it the roundtable?

Pass the Whiskey Podcast

The answer to those two questions is actually the same. For some time I wanted to be part of a podcast (listen to one of CV's Podcast for on January of last year and you'll hear I was almost a participant) but of course I don't have the equipment. I got to guest star in the Pass the Whiskey podcast that SparklyKiss hosted later on. So I got this idea of being the host of a "written podcast". Shortly after I was reading an feature article on a Kingdom Hearts website (go figure) that was called Staff Roundtable Discussion (or something like that). There they talked about KH games so I thought why can't I do that with comics. Of course, I thought about it and came up with Comic Vine's Roundtable User Discussion. Nice question...

Q6: Any future topics which you think the roundtables should show off?

khf: Golden Age of comics.

Comming Soon

Razz: I think an Iron Man themed roundtable to coincide with the upcoming movie would be great.

EdW: Comicbook computer games , PIS ( Plot induced Stupidity) and jobbing.

Comming Soon

RV: Video Games. Discussing other media which overlaps with comic books more broadly, but movies like the Avengers and TDK already have been discussed to death. I guess by extension so has the Arkham series, but I find it curious to see how the comic book-games market will expand from now on, now that the bar has been set as high as it has by Rocksteady. DCUO, while not the best game ever, also did a pretty apt job at transferring the player into the DC Universe. I'm curious to see how we'll evolve in terms of games, especially since the market for movies is booming, which to me tells me that the interest in Superheroes is at an all time high, so hopefully we'll see something out of the industry.

*crosses fingers*

Q7: Before we go I want you all to feel like you´ve participated in ALL of the last 37 RTs. So, we are going to do our very own lightning round:

  • Favorite origin story?

Razz: Batman

EdW: Captain Britain

RV: Batman. Wolverine if it didn't get so convoluted at times.

khf: Silver Surfer’s. Or Spider-Man’s.

  • What do you prefer: Kid-themed or adult-themed comics?

Razz: Adult

EdW: Adult loved x-force (new uncanny not so much right now)

RV: Adult. Though I'm partial to Tiny Titans.

khf: Stalemate.

  • What's more important: Art or Writing?

Razz: Writing

EdW: Art bad writing isn't good either but bad art is an instant turn off

RV: Writing. Unless its Romita jr. or someone comparable.

khf: In prose, writing. In comics, both are equals. Art can stand on its own though, in comics. It needs a story as a companion though, obviously.

  • Favorite comic from June 2011?

Razz: Probably Wonder Woman

EdW: X-Force

khf: I don't remember!

"A wild 'Poet' appears!" (again).

Poet: I’m supposed to be editor/compiler, but since RV didn’t say anyway I’m going to jump in: My favorites were Darkwing Duck #13 and Batgirl #22 with honorable mention to Batman Beyond #6 . Batman #711 and Batman Incorporated #7 were both interesting, but not what I would call my favorite.

  • What do you prefer: Individual issues or trades?

Razz: Individual

EdW: Issues for keeping up, trades for catching stuff you missed

RV: Trades

khf: Trades, but issues are great too, ‘cause they're lighter reading.

  • Favorite comic book animated TV series?

Razz: Justice League Unlimited

EdW: Spawn (HBO)

RV: Young Justice

khf: Batman the animated series, of course. Or Batman: Brave and bold.

  • Favorite comic book from July 2011?

Razz: Probably Wonder Woman

EdW: Hellraiser (Boom)

khf: Something awesome.

Poet: At the time I would have said Darkwing Duck #14, Batman Beyond #7 and Batman #712, but now thinking back I retract 712 because I was too sentimental. Honorable mention to Batgirl #23

  • Favorite comic book live-action TV series?

Razz: Can I say Dollhouse? It was a tv series first though.

EdW: Walking Dead no question

RV: Don't watch any, except a couple episode of Arrow. So Arrow.

khf: Haven't watched any that would be a fail of mine.

  • Superman, yay or nay?

Razz: Yay!!!

EdW: Nay. Not for me.

RV: Meh. I've warmed up to him. Yay.

khf: Yay!

  • What do you prefer: Team or solo books?

Razz: Solo

EdW: Teams, I like interaction

RV: Team Books.

khf: Solo, more focus to a character. Team books have their own, awesome feel to them, though. Mostly there`s inner tension, big villains, big arcs and crisises. And multiple characters, that get a bit attention for themselves, not all of it.

  • Favorite team-up?

Razz: Carol Ferris as a hero with Hal Jordan

EdW: Deadpool/Cable probably

RV: Nightwing + Batman

khf: Haven't thought of it.

  • Girls read comics??

Razz: I think I can approve of that.

EdW: Yes they do, a lot actually

RV: Yes, they do

khf: Of course.

  • Favorite comic book from August 2011?

Razz: Probably Wonder Woman

khf: You expect me to remember that?

Poet: Oh, man this was the month which began a whole new wave of titles being added to my pull list. Snarked #0 was a bit short, but I knew I would like it. Darkwing Duck #15 was a wild issue. Warehouse 13 #1, Justice League #1, and Batman #712 were honorable mentions.

  • New 52, yay or nay?

Razz: Yay (and nay, most mostly yay)

EdW: Yay

RV: umm. Mixed Feelings. Going for Nay.

khf: Nay, for the most part.

  • Favorite first wave New 52 title?

Razz: I miss Voodoo

EdW: I only really read Dark Knight so I guess that. perhaps Aquaman too.

RV: Nightwing. Because... its Nightwing.

khf: Haven't read any, though a few do look good.

  • Ultimate Comics, yay or nay?

Razz: I have actually never read one


EdW: Yay, loved the first X-men run.

khf: Yays for Ultimates vol. 1 and first issues of Ultimate Spidey and a smaller yay for Ultimates vol. 2. Haven't read others.

  • Favorite comic book from September 2011?

Razz: Probably Wonder Woman

khf: The one that I thought was most awesome.

Poet: Like Razz said, probably Wonder Woman #1. Nightwing #1, Action Comics #1 and Darkwing Duck #16.

  • In one word, describe continuity in comic books?

Razz: Continuous

EdW: Complex

RV: t? WTFISHAPPENINGHERE. (Its one word, I didn't cheat xP)

khf: Messyistic.

  • Captain America, yay or nay?

Razz: Yay-ish

EdW: Nay prefer Bucky Cap

RV: Yay, especially Bucky Cap.

khf: YAY.

  • Are comic book guy stereotypes correct?

Razz: Stereotypes usually aren't

EdW: some not all, for example I kinda fit in the stereotype.

RV: Not from my experience.

khf: Partly, since they're stereotypes.

  • Is family important in comic books?

Razz: Mostly yes, but friends and teammates and the mission count as well.

EdW: Sure its what drives a lot of them.

RV: Yes.

khf: Heck yeah!

  • In one word, describe death in comic books.

Razz: Anti-climactic (yay for compound words)

EdW: flexible

RV: Non-existent.

khf: In most superhero comics: Pointless. In most other kinda comics: Meaningful.

  • Highlight of 2011?

Razz: Joining Comic Vine :)

EdW: the start of walking dead’s second season

RV: Possibly the New 52. I wanted to see what would happen quite a bit

khf: Marcos Martins art.

  • Avengers, yay or nay?

Razz: Yay

EdW: Yay

RV: Yay

khf: Yay, even if I'm not a big fan.

  • Favorite second wave new 52 title?

Razz: I think Earth-2 has been surprisingly good even though I don't read it every issue

EdW: Earth-2

RV: The Ravagers, I guess

khf: Haven't read any...

  • Cosmic stories, yay or nay?

Razz: Absolutely yay

EdW: Yay

RV: Yay, yay, yay

khf: YAY.

  • Favorite fairy tale?

Razz: Not sure, but my favourite fairy tale character is Britney Waters.

EdW: The Gingerbread Man

RV: Little Red Riding Hood.

khf: There`s more good in this world than bad.

  • Best costume?

Razz: Wonder Woman or Sydney Savage

EdW: What if Spider-Man

RV: Power Gir-- I mean, Blue Striped Nightwing because why not.

khf: This...

  • Batman, yay or nay?

Razz: Bat-Yay

EdW: Massive Yay

RV: Yay!


  • Favorite Marvel NOW! title?

Razz: The only one I am reading is Uncanny Avengers and I cannot say it is my favourite.

EdW: Does Gambit count? If not Cable and X-Force

khf: FF looks promising. I`ll probably like it, when I read it.

  • How'd you get into comics? (The abridged version)

Razz: I come from a family of nerds.

EdW: Cartoons/movies when I was a kid

RV: Family Friends and Wildstorm.

khf: I read a few, and continued to read more of ‘em.

  • AvX & Marvel NOW!, yay or nay?

Razz: nyay? I didn't read AvX but I think most people didn't like it, so I will go with the masses!!

EdW: Hmm kind of yay

RV: Naaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay for AvX. Meh for Marvel Now.

khf: AvX: Nay. MNOW!: It`s a poor gimmick, but at least they didn't reboot anything, so Yay.

  • In one word, how do you feel about Disney buying Lucasfilms?

Razz: Optimistic

EdW: Interested

RV: Okay.

khf: Meh.

  • Highlight of 2012?

Razz: Discovering Grimm Fairy Tales and the Danger Girl team among other indies.

EdW: Avengers movie

RV: Batman Movie Trilogy ending.

khf: Life

  • What do you think of CV's Roundtable User Discussions?

EdW: still fun

RV: I like them. A lot.

khf: See my answer to the first question.

Razz: Excellent

And on that note, we end Round Table User Discussion Number 037!

khf: What? Is it over? Can I go now?

EdW: This is Edward Windsor signing off. Over and out!

Razz: Geo is the host with the most, but I am the hostess with the mostest (just kidding Geo is the best).

RV: Thanks Ladies and Gents. ReVamp'll just fade back into oblivion.

Special thanks to The Poet for helping edit and compile (and participate) in this RT. So, to everybody who has hosted, participated and read the Roundtable User Discussions: Happy 2nd Anniversary!

Here's to many more...

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CV's Roundtable User Discussion 036 - "2012 in Review" (kind of)

This is a bit of an unconventional roundtable. We never actually got around to doing the best of 2012 roundtable and also never did one looking forward to 2013 so we decided to do both together though it is already three months into 2013 and away from 2012. This means that the “best of” format is not being adhered to very strictly and that we are taking a different approach. Also, go back and read our past conversations (Here) and share your thoughts...

(kind of)

Joining me (Editor's Note: This RT was hosted by RazzaTazz) was Damswedon (DS), Jawscho (J), Blood1991 (B91), and Brazen_Intellect (BI).

So welcome to the 2012 (and 2013) Roundtable. Say hello everyone!

BI: Hello Viners, I'm Brazen_Intellect,

AKA: The last guy on Comic Vine who still likes Iron Man, no matter how hard Marvel makes it to do so.

AKA: That guy who blogs about Marvel sometimes

AKA: That guy who thinks Cyclops, Wolverine, and Captain America are all wrong.

B91: I'm Blood the most famous viner you've never heard of.

DS: Hi I'm Kurt. This is now the third time I've started doing one of these. Hey, maybe this one will make it to the website.

J: Hi, I'm Jawsh! I like sharks and peanut butter.

What have you all been reading lately?

BI: My pull list has been primarily Marvel for about as long as I can remember, but that list keeps getting smaller. I have been slowly getting further and further disenchanted with the Marvel U for some time now, there was a time I was never more than a week behind and now I find myself sometimes 3 months behind depending on the title. Bad event after bad event (damn you AvX) has just been grinding away at my patience and interest, but I am hopefully optimistic that Age of Ultron may be the one to get them out of their rut. Marvel NOW! Has really not wowed me so far, it’s more of a marketing ploy than any substantial change in direction that will improve the long term prospects of the Marvel U. I really just started getting back into DC again about 5 years ago and before you know it, BAM, New 52. I understand why DC went in this direction, but overall I am not a fan, too many of the changes are just not for the better IMO. I have tried out quite a few of the series but few have kept my interest for very long and most have been pale imitations of what they used to be. At this point I easily collect more TPB’s of the DCU than New 52 titles.

Current reading list (I pick up others here and there but these are the ones I keep up regularly):

Marvel: Avengers, New Avengers, Iron Man, Uncanny X-Men, Astonishing X-Men, Cable and X-Force

DC: Batman, Batwoman,

Indie: Saga, Invincible

B91: Oh my that is quite a list you're asking for.....

Alrighty § Uncanny X-Force § Aquaman § All New X-Men § Wonder Woman § Hawkeye § Batman § Avengers § New Avengers § Ultimate X-Men § Fearless Defenders § Justice League Dark § Wolverine and The X-Men § Captain America § Young Avengers § Gambit § Xtreme-X-Men § Journey into Mystery

DS: I just went through the hassle of moving my pull list to another comic store, so I was able to put the knife to a lot of my normal books. I've gone from about twenty books down to five, they are;

1. 2000AD

2. The Phoenix Comic

3. X-Men Legacy

4. Damsels

5. Mara

I've just finished reading John Wagner's Darkies Mob which is a brutal comic set in the Burma Campaign during the second World War. It is firmly in the John Wagner wheelhouse of bad people doing bad things to bad people, both the Japanese and British are racist scum, both sides are filled with war criminals and by the end of it you need to have a bath just to clean your soul, and all came from Battle a 70's Boys comic aimed, well, boys.

J: My pull list of comics varies from month to month, and I like to read a lot of back issues, but as of this moment these are the comics I'm reading most fervently: 1. Superior Spider-man 2. Ultimate Comics Spider-man 3. Avenging Spider-man 3. Scarlet Spider 4. FF 5. Deadpool 6. Batman 7. Batman Inc. 8. Batman & Robin 9. Daredevil 10. Hawkguy 11. Red Hood and the Outlaws 12. Aquaman 13. Justice League 14. The Walking Dead 15. All-New X-Men 16. Nightwing 17. Invincible 18. Skullkickers

What is your overall favourite comic memory from 2012?

B91: Tough one... I think Hawkeye's censorship moment takes the cake "That was 2012 right?" The entire series has been really stretching the realm of superhero comics and while I have some issues with the characterization the series is still brilliant.

BI: My favorite comic memory of 2012 would have to be Saga in its entirety. With so little going on in Marvel and DC that has me enthused, its nice to see there is something exceptional and original out there to tide me over. I could go on for pages about what this title does right, but I think just about everyone who has given it a chance has seen the light by now. While seeing Runaways come to a premature end was disheartening, if this is what we get in trade, I'll deal with it just fine.

DS: Going back to John Wagner, sorry. There is a moment during the six month long Judge Dredd: Day of Chaos story where Judge Beeny tries to hand in her badge. It was really the first point where I realised that Day of Chaos wasn't about the actual Day of Chaos, it was just a full stop to the destruction of Mega City One. I mean by this point in the story the villain was already dead, the Statue of Judgement had been destroyed, the Academy of Justice was destroyed and most of the Judges were dead. The Judges had lost three months prior and we didn't realise it, they didn't realise it. Hell I'm not sure that the current assistant to Tharg, Matt Smith, knew what he had allowed John Wagner to write. So for John Wagner and Henry Flint to take the time to show not only the Macro effects of the event, but to take the time to show the Micro effects of the event gives it a real human edge that I feel so often gets forgotten in comics. Also Fantagraphics publication of Wandering Son. You should own Wandering Son.

"Peter Parker is killed and has his life taken over by Doc Ock!"

J: Wow, this is a tough one to answer. I would say 2012 was a year where I really recaptured my love of comics. I've read them for years, but this was the year I became absolutely obsessed again. There were so many good comics out there. I absolutely LOVED Sweet Tooth- that was such a beautifully woven tale that finished well. Punk Rock Jesus was an amazing story and a powerful satire. Aquaman became cool again! The Bat family's Court of the Owls was great. Luther Strode was a fun new comic full of action and gore. The Boys ended with an emotional punch to the groin. Peter Parker is killed and has his life taken over by Doc Ock! The Walking Dead made me cry my own tears! (Kirkman, you are so brutal bro). And then Hawkeye, a character I have never liked, is placed in the hands of Fraction and Aja to become arguably the best comic of the year. 2012, for me is the year where all my old friends who haven't read comics in years came out of the woodwork buying bat, spider and zombie comics and talking to me about them like we were geeky teenagers again. 2012 is the year I became re-obsessed with comics.

How do you think your favourite moment of 2012 will carry into 2013?

B91: Well with the dynamic duo of Fraction and Aja on the title Hawkeye is bound to become a cult favorite for years to come. It's always great when a character you love finally gets some real recognition.

Birds of Prey

BI: While I have followed the Marvel U for over two decades at this point, I have twice before taken a multi-year sabbatical when I felt it was creatively at a low point, 2013 may be the time for a third one unless things improve. If so I'll likely dip my toe into the indie scene more often than I do now, there are a lot of titles I have been recommended and have yet to try out. As for the New 52, I really hope Batgirl improves because I'm a fan of the character, but her new title has been underwhelming so far.

Shout out to Mercy - OG Birds of Prey > New 52 Birds of Prey

DS: Well John Wagner is coming back to Dredd some time this year to write a Dark Judges story, which should also see the return of Judge Death who is currently in hell. Adding in the factors of PJ Maybe is currently holding the souls of Judges Fear, Fire and Mortis in a wine bottle, and that Judge Beeny hasn't been seen since Chaos Day, which could make for a fun series of events.

Death of the Family

J: The Spiders- I think that Superior Spider-man will continue to go into interesting territory with Doc Ock in charge of the webslinger. We'll probably see him become both more heroic and more villainous as the year progresses. From the indication we read in Avenging Spider-man we're likely to see something pretty terrible happen this year. One wish I have- I would LOVE to see Kaine take on Octo-Spidey and just destroy him! This will likely be the year that Ock's secret is revealed, and I don't think the heroes of the world are going to be too happy about it! The Bats- I think that the Bat Family will go into a dark place after their defeat at the hands of the Joker, and the death of Damian. Dick has lost just about everything and everyone he held the most dear. I'd argue Nightwing loved Damian just as much as Bruce did. It's going to be a tough year for him. For Jason and Tim, they're both dealing with the effects of whatever the Joker has done to the two of them, and Batman will be more alone than he has been in awhile and dealing with demons that are darker than any he has faced in many years. I'm actually wondering how he's going to make it. Hawkguy- will continue to be a hilarious romp as faces off against the tracksuit bros, but I think they'll shift slightly away from the humor coming this year as he squares off against the King Pin. Lastly, I think the surprise comic success of the year will be the Skull Kickers! That comic is hilarious. I love their irreverent covers and new first editions which parody both Marvel and DC. Meanwhile, the anachronistic medieval fantasy satire is a really entertaining story. Other than the Spiders, the Bats and Hawkguy, this is the comic that my friends and I probably talk about the most. I think that will keep increasing in 2013 with the adjectivally laden, Uncanny, Savage, Mighty, All New Super Secret Skullkickers.

So let's shift gears a little bit. 2012 was also a big year for comic book movies, and 2013 is going to be big as well for a few reasons. Can you all highlight a few things that were most memorable from the big screen from last year.

DS: I saw Dredd. I loved it. Seeing my favourite comic character (Judge Anderson) get treated with right amount of respect and love just made me happy. I recommend you read Laura Sneddon's " Why Dredd 3D gets women in comics right" article if you haven't.

I didn't see any other comic book films. I'm sick of origin stories, I'm sick of Superheroes saving the city, I'm sick of these crappy PG13 action films.

J: I love the fact that we had a Spider-man man in 2012 that captured his humor and quips. It wasn't a perfect movie, but I had a lot of fun watching it. Also, I loved fact that the Avengers movie gave a new recipe for a successful super hero movie. It didn't need to be dark, gritty or realistic in order to be good. I think this was probably the best super hero movie to date. The one thing I loved most was the humor that was put into the action. It made me feel like a kid again. Lastly, I didn't love The Dark Knight Rises, but it did put a successful end to Nolan's fantastic Batman series. Loved Bane & Catwoman - my issues are more with the story, but it was a good movie.

BI: 2012 was all about the beginning of one franchise (Avengers) and the end of another for the time being (The Dark Knight Rises). Avengers was further proof that while Marvel has a lot of work to do with their comics line, their movie studio is a well oiled machine. I am not going to pretend that it was a perfect or even great movie, but it was entertaining as hell and gave fans of all the characters something to smile about. You can see how everything is tied together and one project is used to springboard into the others, hard not to be impressed with the process. On the other hand DC is still spinning its wheels, outside of the Batman franchise they are woefully incompetent, either unable to get things off the ground after years of effort (Wonder Woman, Flash) or pushing out films the fans are just not embracing (Superman Returns, Green Lantern). The Dark Knight Rises was a good movie, but also IMO the weakest of the trilogy, they need to build another franchise and soon because its going to be some time before they can reboot this one and not be trapped by Nolan's shadow.

B91: The entire Avengers film just raised the bar on Superhero films. Amazing Spider-Man and The Dark Knight Rises were alright and had some great moments. Hope to see this trend carry on now in 2013, but I'm skeptical of anything Fox makes, and Marvel's Ant Man and Guardians of the Galaxy are certainly.... Imaginative choices, but Marvel has proven they can make some fantastic things.

In light of recent news that the Bale Batman is going to be worked into the Justice League movie, plus the plans for phase 2 of the Marvel cinematic universe, do you think the ground has been set for the new movies coming out?

"I'm trying not to get my hopes up"

J: For 2013, I'm trying not get my hopes up for Thor, Man of Steel, & Wolverine. I haven't loved the previous movies for these characters so I'd rather be pleasantly surprised than disappointed again. Unfortunately, they are hyping up Man of Steel so much right now that you'd think it was gearing up to sweep the Oscars. There has never, in my opinion, been a good Superman movie yet. Until I see one, I'm not sure that it can be done. As for Iron Man 3, it's too late for me! The trailer looked amazing and IM1 & Avengers were so good that my expectations are already through the roof.

BI: As for 2013 and moving forward, I have to admit to being very skeptical with much that has been announced outside of the sequels to the established films. I am not sold on many of the properties being used as part of Marvel's Phase 2 being the right choices yet, many of these are going to be a hard fit into the existing Marvel Cinematic Universe and could just as likely be complete bombs as massive successes. With Disney, Pixar, and Marvel now all under the same roof, I would have really liked to see Guardians of the Galaxy be done as a Pixar animated film, yet still tied into the MCU. Of all the Phase 2 projects this is the one I am most apprehensive for, it just seems too easy to go astray for a number of reasons.

"If they can't make it work, I don't see them making a JL movie work."

DC's future rests on if they can actually get their act together and turn the proposed Justice League movie into a reality. Even green-lighted and with Nolan steering the ship, there are a lot of things outside of their control that will determine if the film ever comes to be. Rumors aside there is no guarantee that Bale will return as Batman ( I will believe it when I see him in costume and on-set, no sooner), and if Man of Steel is not a huge hit the whole thing could get tossed back into development hell. If these two factors come to be, then DC might finally have the momentum to get the ball rolling on building their own cinematic universe and finally satisfying their devoted fans.

B91: Marvel definitely has an entire world opening up in their film franchises and I'm excited to see the different aspects of their cast of heroes explored and how they are incorporated. DC *Sigh* not sure what to think. It really is in Man of Steels success. If they can't make it work then I don't see them making a JL movie work.

"AvX anyone?"

Are there any comics moments from 2012 that you hope will get a do-over in 2013? AvX anyone?

B91: Don't even get me started. I've moved on from that mess. However I wish that Storm and Black Panther's divorce had been handled better. The situation hasn't gotten the attention it deserved and now it just lingers over both characters, so I hope to see more closure on their situation as both characters are really shining right now. Otherwise I'm enjoying Marvel Now so I'll let AVX slide as long as Marvel keeps up the good work.

J: The moment from 2012 that I'd like to see reversed is the origin of Tim Drake. Tim used to be my favorite character from any comic book. Now he's an unlikable jerk of character with a bad costume that looks like a lame version of the Falcon. Originally, he was a detective prodigy who discovered the identities of Batman & Nightwing. Now, that's been given to Dick Grayson, and by the way... he was never a Robin, he's the guy from the hamburger train. DC made my absolute favorite character into one I don't even like. My number 1 request would definitely be for DC to redo his origin or at least redeem his character. I know DC doesn't "owe" the fans anything, but there was a reason Tim was the only character to successfully support a solo Robin series for so long.

BI: I would not like to see an AvX do-over.

DS: Can I get away with saying all of DC? No. Okay here is the thing that made me the most mad. Ste phanie Brown's announcement as Nightwing, then replacement as Nightwing. Smallville did, as far as I'm concerned, the impossible, in that it made me care about Superman the character in a Superman book. You see I like the idea of Superman the Icon, the people around Superman, and how he affects them. But I don't care about Superman. I'm fine with Clark Kent but the moment he takes off the suit and glasses my eyes glaze over, because Superman punching things is really boring. So when it was announced that Bryan Q Miller was going to bring Steph to Smallville I was beyond happy. Then there were the rumours that Steph had been replaced, then Bryan Q Miller was dropped from the Superman Panel at The San Diego Comic Con, then it comes down to Dan “writer of nothing worth a damn” Didio to come out and say Steph has been replaced, by Barbara Gordon. Lets ignore the way DC tried to justify this falling back the term “Iconic”, which DC has used in the last two year as much as Marvel promises its “events” will Change the Marvel Universe. You see my problem with replacing Steph with Barbara Gordon is it is another case of DC pitting its fans against each other. We’ve gotten to a point now where you have three distinct fan bases inside the Bat-books alone (Babs, Cassandra Cain, and Steph) constantly squabbling over every little thing when we all want the same thing. We want to see the characters we love together in comics, and not written by Scott Lobdell. How are we ever going to get back the smaller characters like Wendy Harris, Nella, and an Anarky that wasn’t bastardized by Fabian Nicieza?

That is it for 2012 and for 2013 (for now). It is still early in the year and the best stuff is mostly yet to happen (though there have been some interesting developments thus far.) One of the things to depend on for 2013 is more roundtables.