2011 Marvel Creative Summit Re-Tweet

What is a Marvel Creative Summit? Essentially it when a group of Marvel Editors, executives and writers get together to talk about comics and whatever they decide, that gets to happen in the next couple of months.  
The internet has thought all of us that there is no such thing as a secret. The Marvel creators have been tweeting during the Summit, lets try and decipher the tweets! (-- I also added a few comments myself): 
  • @BRIANMBENDIS: hello people of earth! how are you? marvel retreat day 1, even though we were all here yesterday. so its really day two. let the games begin 
  • @StephenWacker: Marvel retreat starts today. Which means I get 3 days of hearing how jeph Loeb could make all my books better. -- Seeing that Jeph Loeb writes a lot of stuff I don't really like, I doubt it!
  • @StephenWacker: Okay Marvel fans, going into the first retreat with new EIC...what characters do you think need more attention or even their own books? -- I think Deadpool is getting overlooked too much!
  • @mattfraction: You guys think axel and Tom will be cool with FEAR ITSELF ending in a pie fight right? -- I think that a lighter happy tone is exactly what Fear Itself needs!
  • @CBCEBULSKI: I thought @EdBrubaker & @BrianMBendis we joking when they gave me an idea for a new app. They weren't. So how do I make an iPhone app? Help! 
  • @mattfraction: between everyone at yesterday's X & Ult summits and today's all-school summit, my email inbox is more naked than ewan mcgregor in the 90s 
  • @mattfraction: you'd be amazed at how fast @BRIANMBENDIS can google up a shot of ewan's lightsaber and make it his desktop wallpaper 
  • @BRIANMBENDIS: so @mattfraction is just sitting here giggling to himself and saying ewan mcgregor's dick
  • @mattfraction: no, @brianmbendis, i DIDN'T know that "The Pillow Book" was available on region-9 blu-ray 
  • @BRIANMBENDIS: at the marvel retreat @mattfraction just dropped his pants and is singing the mcgregor love song medley from moulin rougue 
  • @mattfraction: ha ha dick jokes #brianmbendis -- This is the guy writing this years event book!? 
  • @fredvanlente: Marvel Retreat Day One Statistics: # of cups of coffee FVL consumed: 7. # of Mr. & Mrs. Smith References: 3. # of Wikileaks References: 2. -- Mr. and Mrs. Smith references? Hawkeye and Mockingbird?
  • @StephenWacker: That was the best first day of a Marvel retreat since I started here. Many people who requested characters are going to be happy. -- Is Ben Reilly is coming back?
  • @StephenWacker: Weirdest moment was seeing @remender in deep talks with Loeb. #HesAnInker!! -- He means Rick Remender writer of Uncanny X-Force and Venom!
  • @mattfraction: heard the end of my wife's OSBORN series at the editorial summit today for the first time and thought it was fucking great. #smartmove -- Of course HE would think so... What about us?
  • @jasonaaron: Talked lots of comics. Ate lots of meat. I call that a rather successful day. 
  • @DanSlott: Something I learned at the Marvel Retreat: Bendis does NOT drink caffeine. No coffee, cola, etc. :-O How's he do THAT? THAT MAN'S A GOD! :-O 
  • @DanSlott: Day 1 of Marvel Retreat is over. Stoked for all the stuff coming up! One thing I'm bummed about-- Rick's X-Force plans are SO cool that...
  • @DanSlott: ...I WISH I didn't know about 'em so I could READ 'em in the comics when they actually come out! Darn it!!! (Jaw still on the floor!) :-O -- I'm excited and I don't even read Uncanny X-Force!
  • @BRIANMBENDIS: broadcasting live from freezing nyc! marvel retreat day 2. stage is set for the most interesting retreat since we created civil war. -- Out of all the Marvel events Civil War is the less flawed. This means that this must be good!
  • @fredvanlente: Today's Marvel Summit Challenge: Can I make it from my house to the House of Ideas w/out rebreaking my ankle? #iceworld -- Apparently it's snowing in NYC?
  • @BRIANMBENDIS: got a feeling marvel this am is going to be a room full of writers waiting for the editors to make the icy commute.
  • @StephenWacker: Retreat day #2. Believe me, folks, with guys like @Remender in town, you really have to bring your B game!
  • @CBCEBULSKI: Breaking news out of Day Two of the Marvel Creative Retreat... CEBREWWSKI named the official beer of the marvel U!
  • @axelalosnsomarv: Note from Marvel summit: Mutant Lawyer #1!!!! -- 0_0?

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