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Rummages through the fridge
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Pushes out the window
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I'm not sure i made the right decesion but we'll see how this works.

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Don't mess with me!
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I'm different ;)

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I wonder what Team would a tourney like this favor?

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 The former Ninjan Princess pulled herself from the floor, feeling energized but disoriented. “What…Happened to me?” She said feeling her green skin.   Glancing at the vial that had once contained Fiagro’s DNA she couldn’t form any words to explain what happened to her.   Instantly she went to her computer and placed a piece of her own hair inside. “This is amazing… he’s cells have reproduced with my own…I’m basically a Super Ninjan.” “By glance it would seem that his cells have double my natural Ninjan Abilities, with a small price of turning me Green” Feeling like she needed to record her results she picked her recorder up again to document. “Greetings again, it is I Dr. Sophia Lopez again, upon the consumption of Fiagro’s DNA, I’ve begun a physical change. My once brown skin tone has been changed significantly green. I know this sound like a bad thing but I’ve seen a surge of energy, I’m pretty sure all my former abilities have been doubled, tripled maybe. Let’s put it like this… I could knock Sha to Jupiter”. Something caught her attention not too far from her bed, peering over the edge of her cama, she saw her dusty comlink.

“Man if Fig’s DNA did this, I wonder what his sperm would do?” She said with her hands on her chin grinning. Picking up her comlink she was surprised that it was none other than Fiagro. “Speak of the devil” she whispered listening to his request. "Sophie, My Lady wishes for you to look over something I have written and build it ASAP. We need it tonight.” She nodded and then descended the stairs to Figaro’s chambers, she wasn’t completely sure that he was safe but her invulnerability would play a huge part if something did go down. The green giant placed her access code in the conduit and the doors to Fiagro roared open.

“Alright what am I looking at?” she said with her hands on her hips and her brow’s raised.   She ran her blue eyes over the schematics, they had a very basic design, and Sophie ran her hands through her head trying to decipher how she would go about creating something like this. “It looks like it can be powered by the same cells that runs my ship, if that’s the case then we don’t need much resources, I’ll get right on it.”  She paused for a moment as if she had been stunned; Before she started her cell phone rang it was her mother, she hadn’t talked to her since that day at the LOVE HQ, and for some reason she didn’t feel the need to.

Gwen didn’t like The VV because they were “Brainwashing” Sophie;   right before she “fixed” her Gwen told Sophie that these people made her do things that were “out of character” Sophie knew this was true, but this was her family, she was with them in sickness and they gave her 100% support, unlike her real family. She snapped from her day dream and hit the ignore button tossing her phone to Fiagro.

After retrieving her cells from her spaceship, Sophie constructed a teleported something like the one’s one star trek only powerful. “This can not only take you to anywhere in the universe, but during any time period in the universe”. She smiled feeling proud of her work.   “One problem though” and she made sure she gave off an adamant look to LT and Fiagro while speaking to let them know the seriousness of the situation.

“IT is Imperative that you guys don’t Violate any Civil Laws in these other worlds, Simply because if there are Gods then they are most likely Active and will seek to punish anyone who threatens their way of life.” She turned back to Fiagro. “You are a different case, for some reason you seem to exist in these other worlds, which is probably why your being effect now,” she turned back to Lt, “if there happens to be a replica version of the rest of us, it’s probably best to let him deal with it, that way the natural order of things won’t be changed”

Sophie knew that the first sign of trouble would result in somebody breaking one of the rules, but she told them to at least let them know the dangers.

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Don't think....DO!