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War on the Mutant 0

(Spoiler)Kiddy Pryde is in the middle of a war between both her friends and the community she lives in. She can run, she can hide, or she can go all out and fight back to show the world why they should be afraid of this mutant teen. The story is centered around Kiddy Pryde, but it sometimes jumps point of view from other characters like Aunt May and Peter Parker. What I Liked: Peter is starting to become a stronger leader in his group of amazing friends, other characters like Iceman and the Huma...

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Zombies Rule 0

Brains have been devoured, earths mightiest heroes have eaten all life on earth, and the birth of the marvel zombies has begun. I enjoyed Mark Millar's run on the ultimate fantastic four, it gave the team a new look and feel that allowed me to actually like the team as a whole. The story is a crossover between dimensions, zombies have infected world after world and now their hunger has lead them into to a new reality. Basically, Reed Richards is tricked into opening a doorway into a weird zombie...

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Interesting? 0

Spoilers: The main purpose of the Ultimate Avengers,is to deal with situations that the public might see as frightening or completely insane and take care of them as quickly and quietly as possible. In this issue, the frightening situation of the day seems to deal with blood sucking vampires coming out of the cracks and sewers of newyork's underworld.  The main villain's plan is to turn the superhuman population of the world into blood sucking vampires to carry out his evil bidding.  The story i...

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Rebirth of A God 0

What I like about Thor is, well hes a god. He can move mountains, summon storms, but most importantly in this story, conquer death. In this issue, Thor is allowed to choose if he wishes to return to earth and protect the world from the darkness that approaches or site on the sidelines and let things play out on their own. Theres no one to judge him, no pressure on his shoulders and yet he makes the decision we all expect him to make. I am personally glad to see Thor return from the grave with a ...

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Spectacular 0

If you read the last issue, then you should know the Kingpin is dead. The reinvention of Mysterio is amazing, theres no magician acts, but he does deal a lot with machinery. It's nice to see that the ultimate universe hasnt completely forgotten about the events of Ultimatum. Kitty Pride is forbidden to use her mutant powers, the daily bugle has gone out of business, and The Spectacular Spider-man is idolized by almost all of New York. Usually, some writers forget these things but lucky, this com...

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American Son 0

By now, you'd think having constant flashbacks and reinventing well-known characters would be a tired out concept. Fortunately, in this comic that isn't the case. The Red Skull's origins are officially revealed and I have to say they go well with the ultimate universe. The only problem I had with this issue was that it left me full of questions with no answers in sight. This issue is leading up to major event that has yet been revealed, but when the time comes, I cannot wait to see the aftermath...

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Avengers Finally Assemble 0

After reading Ultimatum and watching almost all of my favorite super heroes get killed off by some mutant punk, It does my mind good to see old writers return the ultimate comics universe. This book takes place somewhere in Chicago weeks after ultimatum. Captain America teams up with Hawkeye to take down the newly formed organization known as A.I.M.  In this issue of the Avengers, the team isn't actually at their full force. While only two members are active to handle the S.H.I.E.L.D. situation,...

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All New, All Amazing, All Ultimate Spider-Man 0

After Ultimatum, I was shocked to see that Peter Parker a.k.a. Spider-man had died in an explosion in downtown New York. Ultimate Spider-man was my first comic book and to see the events taken place in the ultimate universe shook me up inside. Fortunetly, that wasn't the end of the Ultimate Spider-man storyline. The story takes place months after Ultimatum. New York has been restored to it's former glory and the Amazing Spider-man's reputation has been boosted thank to J.J.J.'s article on the ma...

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The End 0

In the last issue of the Ultimate Spider-man series, Brian Bendis makes this story one to remember. There are no words written in this issue, but that is what gives it the unique quality that every  great comic book should have. Unfortunately, to continue with my review, I'm going to have to spoil the ending. Peter Parker/Spider-Man is apparently dead after an explosion caused by the Hulk creates a devastating eruption in New York. Peter's death is mourned by all of his friend including Spider-W...

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New Heroes 0

Since the Ultimates have been known as the world's premerie superhero team, many lives have been saved in the past few months and years. Still, what about the less fortunate heroes that don't have the equipment or money like Tony Stark or Spider-man, this issue of the Ultimates tells that tale. The Defenders are a group of costumed heroes without any cool headquarters or powers for that matter, but when Hank Pym(Ant-Man) steps forward into the group, things don't actualy change that much.  I enj...

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Major 0

To Start off, I'm a big fan of this series and all of it's caracters, I enjoy the story plots and cross-overs that are created during the issues. Having that said, I very much enjoyed this issue and all of the major guest apperances that showed up during the climatice events that occured in this book. This issue gave me a great feeling that this was a major event such as Secret Invasion and Ultimatum. It carries a great ammount of action and violence while having a mildly good plot and story. It...

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Death of Daredevil 0

This issue realy suprised me, THE DEATH OF DAREDEVIL. I would never see that coming. Bendis has done a lot of work on that character, it suprised me to see his dead body after the Ultimatum wave hit. Overall, this was a great issue, a little short but a great ending. The way the Hulk was drawn was also amazing. He looked like a giant zombie compared to everything else drawn in the series. By the way that this issue ended, we will be hearing from the death of Doctor Strange next issue. I just can...

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