End Of the Marvel Ultimatum

Because Ultimatum is supposed to end next month, I decided to do a blog on the main events that happened doing the Ultimate Spider-man and Ultimatum series from start to finish. The series actually started in Ultimates 3, when the death of Magneto's children caused Erik to go mad or something like that. The whole thing was basically organized by Doc Doom as a plot to have Magneto start war with mankind and become king of whatever was left of Earth. Just before Ultimatum actually started though, Aunt May was placed under arrest for suspicion that her nephew was somehow involved with Spider-man. Eventualy, Magneto went all out and started a huge tidal wave that completely drowned New York in water. If that wasn't enough, the ultimatum wave killed off a bunch of heroes like Beast, Dazzler, and Nightcrawler. I did'nt realy have a problem with this until they decided it was alright for them to kill off one of my favorite characters, "Daredevil". He deserved to die better than that, he shouldn't have been drowned on some random building of New York. This did show me that they weren't playing around when they said this would be the end of the Ultimate Universe. At this point in time Charles has probably told the world that this disaster has been caused by Magneto and that they have to stop him at whatever it takes. Unfortunately, before the x-men could get involved, Magneto pays a little visit to the x-mansion and snaps the neck of Charles Xavier. While New York was rebuilding after the wave, Hulk went off and chased Peter Parker to the house of Doc Strange when all of a sudden an army of demons exploded from the house. I did'nt know how to feel about that because you did'nt realy see a lot of magic in the ultimate universe and it felt strange to me that all this was

occuring. Anyway, Doc Strange became possesed by Nigthmare are started beating down on Hulk and Spidey. Nightmare got over himself and Hulk caused this huge explosion that could be seen from all over the city. This is my absolute astonished
Final Battle
death in the seres beacuse in this moment the writters choose to take care of Spidey. This is most likely a stunt to attract readers, but it was exciting non the less. Basically what happens next is the Ultimates, Hulk, and the X-men go to confront Magneto in his fortress. Some people will die, blood will be shed, yada yada ya. Ultimatum #5 comes out next month and it's about time.