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@demolitionguy: Don't listen to them! Quickster was not mad! He's intense. What can you expect from a guy called Q!?

I know when he was created Superman and Batman went overseas to fight Nazis and did stuff for American ways and truth and justice. But he's a hero for the world. If nothing else he became one in the ages to come.

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Switching to this account for the irony.

Quickster did not get mad! He got intense. There's a difference.

But while we're on the subject, how about the android saga. Trunks comes and warns them of what happened in the future because of Dr. Gero.

Bulma: Let's go get him now!

Goku and Vegeta: He hasn't really done anything yet. Plus I'm curious and excited to fight these new enemies! Oh boy!

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It's short, but it gives my decision and me more time to work on that other thing I need to do.

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Her face and overall self looked inviting enough, and as she might have suspected, he hadn't really gotten to the mental point where he could recognize a possible threat just from being surrounded. The men were of no big concern, as far as he could tell. Just watchers. Her leader status had already gotten her position within his childlike brain which had been exposed to many hours of Batman. That, and the fact that she spoke of alliances brought him great joy. "Okay, whatever you say, commissioner!" He said with a squint, though still smiling, before himself approaching in a hugging gesture. "I'll help however I can." Though, help with what, the Star Child could only imagine.

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Whoops! My bad. I guess I got so caught up worrying about the Sky thing, I didn't realize should've done this one first, since it was simpler.
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I have no idea at all.

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@Mintaya_Olair: Woah. Did you just name me? I didn't think anybody had the gutz. 
But then, if you're not hitting me, and there's not the voice, I've got no reason to be angry. *SMILES!*
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Although not fully developed mostly as a result of not having to worry about such things, a danger sense was slowly developing inside, and on this world perhaps, it was more active than he'd previously experienced. Nevertheless, he still showed no outward signs of worry, as he was yet unaccustomed to what it meant. The closest he could recall was upon arrival on the world where the woman discharged some weapon upon his head, only a bit more. He'd been moving about mostly unabated until he noticed the large wormlike creature-weapons. Instinctively, half his mind went into defense mode, though most of him remained cheerful and open, even as the woman and her warriors stood poised for possible attack.

Just at the time as he was about to address her, though, a voice came through to his ears, but it had no directly visible source. Coming through on a special, distinct frequency naturally picked up by the man's own brain, which was exceptionally receptive to radio waves all by itself. "Huh? Hey, who's there?" he asked at first, suspecting it to be something, a kind of play or trick by the woman. Only afterward had he noticed a trail, sensible in some wavelength that he saw without even knowing how, which led away from that place. He had no chance to acknowledge it, though, as the woman had already started.

There was something mesmerizing about her; probably the bright shade of blue shone off her form. He paid little mind to the others around, acknowledging them, but barely much else, due to their relatively unimpressive appearances. That, and the fact that she spoke. He had only just begun to grasp the language she spoke, mostly from the Animated Batman cartoon which he had come to love. Being still new to it, and language in general, words like eradication and quarrel didn't register with him. The one word did throw him off a little. Somehow, he recognized it, and recalling, it didn't carry a positive connotation. Deviant. This, he understood typically to mean some form of troublemakers. He prepared himself in case they needed to be dealt with. He narrowed his eyes like Batman would, puffed his chest a little, broadened his shoulders, and took two steps forward. "Hi! I'm...Well, I people call me different things. Like, 'Hey!' And 'You!' And 'Guy!' So I guess you can call me whatever you want." His excited, informal tone and vocabulary a stark contrast with her own, conveying exactly what a lack of understanding he had for the current situation and good-natured overtones. Then his hand he threw up for a greetings high five, but as he did so, an orange flare discharged from the hand. A side effect of not being fully aware of the energies naturally building and coursing through him, and the biological imperative it served to keep him from generating too much energy at once and going supernova. Of course, it only passed through her non corporeal form, a small-sized explosion ringing out from directly behind her.
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Gonna be cominatcha.

If I were going to hack this planet, I know how I'd try to do it. But I'm as a character not smart enough to know so.