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@son_of_storm: I too see your point. In a way I see him building towards a bigger richer plot with each of these issues, but it's very subtle. Honestly I think the series in itself is going to be like the original Phoenix/Dark phoenix saga. A slow trickling effect and then BAM. Lets hope we make it to the BAM part though.

Well you see that's where a big difference pops up this isn't a team book it's a solo. So Pak can't really take his time to hash out EVERY single little detail. He could of easily put in a BIG backdoor plot in issue one and go back to it in every issue until it leads to something bigger. Like I said in my previous post I'm happy Pak is a passionate about Storm as the rest of us but so far it seems as though he's just bringing fanfics he wrote when he was younger to work and having them printed off. Now that's not to insult Pak in any way because I've read fanfics that are better than what's being printed. But my point is so far all we've gotten are the one-shot type issues which isn't going to bring in new readers. In an interview~podcast Pak has already stated that out of the 12 guaranteed issues Storm will have NO crossovers into whatever is happening in the "main" books. So there's literately nothing to help boost her sells but us and those who decide to just buy the book.

We've all waited SOOO long for Storm to have her own book. I'd hate for it to be canceled after just 12 issues by telling stories that are pretty much one shots.

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" @Son Of Storm said:
Emma and Scott---Moms power and diamond state....evil eye appears to shoot out scotts blast on steroids..has no problem denting a 2inch think plate of admantium(spelling?)

Optic Blast!

Yea but I would have like the diamond thing to pass on. Now it looks like she has VERY bad sunburn XD

I think she's still made out of some kind of gem though. Ruby, I think.

Whoa blast from the past lol.

But yea I know she can turn into some organic ruby type form like Emma has her diamond. Guess that's why her codename is Ruby :P

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• Finishing her business with Yukio in Las Vegas, Storm hitches a flight home.

• But unbeknownst to her, she’s got some stowaways in her carry-on luggage: vengeful assassins armed to the teeth!

• And they intend to make sure Storm doesn’t reach her destination…

32 PGS./Rated T+ …$3.99

I LIVEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!! @devilsgrin81 @storm_calling @son_of_storm @roddy010 @thunderbolt30 @white_mage @jhazzroucher @abaldo @spidey_jackson @_sojourn_

I tagged mage just in case he pops up..

Unless these assassins have special gear that completely neutralize her power (good luck with that) I'm not really seeing anything to get happy about. I mean I guess the fact she's in a plane will limit just how much (if any) power she'll be able to use. So I suppose this issue will be filled with H2H.....and hopefully some nice feats that happen to feature her energy sight....

If that doesn't happen then I'm sorry but I just don't see the point of this least from what the solicits say about it.

Pak needs to up his game already. I appreciate that we have a writer that is extremely passionate/knowledgeable about Storm. But giving people a bunch of stories that could easily be classified as 1 shots isn't going to keep this book going past 12 issues.

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You should. Unlike comics like Buffy and Angel the Charmed comics have kept the same sense of realism. They haven't let the fact that they are no longer on a budget let their imagination run wild. Plus they all get new powers which is always cool.

Wish the art was better though. With some exceptions, in the issue I checked, the art was rather weird looking. And especially when it comes to their faces.

Yea I do agree that the art could be way better. But it's better than nothing at all. Because honestly no one was really expecting them to continue. The final episode was really a nice tie-up and they could of left it there.

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@son_of_storm: hmm well I think she should do some type of glamor or illusion spell to get back to lookin like she use to... I'm not diggin this short blonde Ellen look lol... but thanx for fillin me in on everything

The only reason they did that was because Shannen Doherty wouldn't allow her image to be used in the comics like the other stars. So they found a sneak around by just body swapping her. Shannen doesn't own the character so there's nothing she can do.

And not a problem.

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@dondave: Didn't notice that. I don't keep up with the comics. Charmed ended after season four as far as I'm concerned.

You should. Unlike comics like Buffy and Angel the Charmed comics have kept the same sense of realism. They haven't let the fact that they are no longer on a budget let their imagination run wild. Plus they all get new powers which is always cool.

@son_of_storm: no offense taken, it was a lot lol. But thanx for the scans! Like I said I never read the comics but based on the show, prue was always more impressive to me and I always knew she'd win in a battle of the two. So what's the deal with prue now? Was she still considered a charmed one or what?

Yes and no.

Yes- Because she still had access to her charmed powers, the collective resistance to magical attacks, and the connection to the power of 3.

No- Because none of that was suppose to happen. Melinda Warren never prophesied 4 sisters. Only 3. So Prue keeping her hold on the Po3 actually weakened it. In fact Prue herself stated that Billie and Christy were never suppose to get that close to killing Piper, Phoebe, and Paige.

Current Prue is now the keeper of the All. She protects it from future threats. So she's evolved beyond the Charmed destiny......unless the writers come in with something different in season 10.

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@son_of_storm Add to the fact that she's now the Caretaker of the All, Paige doesn't have a chance.

That too lol. But I just wanted to clear up the whole TK vs TK part of the fight.

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@son_of_storm: I hate to be the guy to bring up a 4yr old thread buuuut I am lol. Im actually suprise tht almost everyone is leaning towards paige when her 5yrs as a charmed one doesn't even come close to being as impressive as prue's 3 year run. Prue would mop the floor with paige with lil hassle. Paiges orbing feats were less than impressive. She didn't even start throwing demons till the end of season 8??? I'm sorry but she shoulda been throwing demons around from tht begining! Shes my favorite character and i felt like she shoulda and coulda been the most powerful of the 3 but she never did nothn but orb throw lamps/fire extinguishers/daggers and tables and occasionally the demons power back at them. I always felt tht since she was half witch & lighter tht she shoulda been more powerful. Like throw orb balls like tht one white lighter tht trained prue and them. But she never did anything impressive really. Even when she took time off to work as a witch she still did nothn battle or power wise impressive. It was always piper tht killed everything and saved her and stuff like tht. Plus she can't even use her powers without speaking (which has to be a joke). I kno she has a few times but not very often. She was powerless when she lost her ability to speak. Not to mention when she calls on an object it takes like 10sec for the orbs to surround the object and then dissapear/move but the demons must be to stupid to shimmer or move out of way cuz over half the time they stand there for like 10sec watching the pretty blue balls (haha I said blue balls lol) cover the object then start moving towards them and hits them. They shoulda been able to avoid being hit by over half the things she threw at them, not even kiddin. I mean her orbing/tk feats weren't very powerful and it was slow. I'm just tlkin feats from the show. I haven't read the comics

Didn't really read all that (no offense but it is 2am atm) but whether or not I agree Paige would win is now a moot point. In the comics She and Prue already went at it in a mini scuffle and Paige was pretty much powerless against Prue's TK.

Here are the scans of the scuffle

Like I said. It's not much but the writers proved their point so I accept it even though I don't 100% agree with it.

And for some reason the picures needed to be swapped. So read the second one first.

And yes that is Prue. Long story short...after she died she possessed another witch who's soul had been taken by a demon and she was living in secret for a few years.

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Bumpity Bump Bump

Aww Mal did you have to even acknowledge this toilet paper with ink issue existed ?

unfortunately, someone felt the need to post this garbage on Tumblr .. i only like the art .. not sure why anime storm turned up in this issue..

The art is about the BEST thing lol. Wish more artists would try and do that smokey energy that is around her hands. Looks cool.