My Top 20 DC Villains in Order

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Posted by fanboy

the joker is the #1 dc villain every one knows joker

Posted by Darth-Spidey

You should really put Joker at the top of the list.  And also, you're not alone in liking Prime.  He's one of my absolute favorite DC Villains.

Posted by Major Canuck

Joker should be at or near the top. He always gets under the skin of any character. Also Lex Luthor is one of the top Villians for sure.
Posted by brc2000

Why should he put Joker any higher than he did? The tile says "My Top Ten DC Villains". That means it's based on opinion, not on importance or popularity.

Posted by Decoy Elite

Not to nit pick, but why is this a top ten list with 13 people?

Posted by batman_is_god

I respect you very much for not putting joker on the top of your list. Bandwagons are only temporary. I love Deadshot as well, but my favorite is Ra's al Ghul.
Posted by Black_Manta

My favorite is black manta.