Superheroes spread viruses?

 It is well known that when a group of people are introduced to a new virus even one as simple as the common cold that their immune system will not be able to handle it and it will make them much sicker than people who are used to it and built up an immunity. It happened to the natives of Americas and the explorers. Scientists fear that Earth will be introduced to an alien Virus 
So my question is would it not seem possible that when you have Superman, Green Lantern, and so on planet hopping all the time would they not spread disease and viruses between planets?  
Maybe Superman's Kryptonian suit kills all viruses and The GL Ring as well. Or the JLA has a immunization chamber. 
What do you think? 


The Ten Things that are killing the battle forums

I would say it is rather obvious that Battle forums are not what they used to be so I will not make my list and describe the ten things that are having the largest affect on the Battle forums. No real order.

  1. Troll and Fanboys: This is an obvious threat and their are some trolls who we do not even realize are trolls yet we continue to feed them. People go off on rant arguing with Fanboys and Trolls and all you are doing is destroying a thread and eating up all the conversation time. If they are simply ignored and go un mocked or debated with forums will go by allot smoother
  2. Character Worship: A character will begin to gain an almost mythology and legend to his or herself where they are completely unbeatable and nigh god status on the Vine. This causes people who do not know the character only the legends and hype to just randomly assume every fight they are in with no facts to back it up thus creating a poor debate.
  3. Viner Worship: Though I respect and admire my fellow Viners with these grade and rate a Viner threads Viners are put on plateau of God Hood to the point where no one questions them anymore. They just assume they are all knowing and always right. They will not even make a case for the other part and just follow like sheep. Elite Viners do not know everything.
  4. Not Reading The Thread: People will jump into a thread and randomly post their opinions without reading anything that was posted before hand. They wind up looking dumb if there answer was factual disproved and it will also lead to disorder and name calling which is not needed. As well they will keep randomly posting their opinion not even bothering to look back at others and not even caring that they have been disproving ignorance is bliss.
  5. Unnecessary Hostility: This travels through the rank from Elites to Trolls. People on the site will just be very aggressive and rude about their opinions and what other people think. If someone is wrong their is no need to say nasty things to them it can easily be solved in a friendly manner aggressive tones make our site look unintelligent. Also if there is and opinion based question and you have a different opinion than someone else shut up. Do not make your self a jack ass and go after someone for their beliefs.
  6. Vine Gangs: Viners will join almost little clubs allot of the time this can be good I have been in a couple of these tight friend clicks before and it can be fun healthy friend ship talking in PMs or even on other communications services. But sometimes these just create disorder of people with all the same beliefs who will flood and always back their friend up even if said friend is wrong and they know it.
  7. Company Stereotypes: Viners will base a character after stereotypes of that character respective Universe, This tends to happen more or so to characters in the DCU and it's multiverse allot of times to win debates Viners will rely on calling out that DC is to over powered or is filled with plot holes and it is no fair instead of creating a feasible argument or respectively declining 
  8. Never Know When To Quit: I do not know if it is Ego or delusion but a big problem is that people do not know how to respectably surrender and congratulate the other Viner. Even when all the tides are turned and it is a man vs an army people will still say they are right as if admitting you are wrong is a crime worthy of death. I feel if people were more comfortable accepting defeat it would improve the over all "Zen" of the Forums and make life allot easier.
  9. Anti-Worship: Their are characters who are very popular and when something is popular people for some reason tend to hate it maybe in an attempt to be cool. But this just becomes a problem for us all when for example popular characters who tend to be victorious allot get a allot of heat and people just try to come up with ways for them to lose or join a thread just to bash the characters instead of even debating and that is just plain immature.
  10. Recycling Characters: There is a world of untouched characters and debates we could enter into but people always want to do the same guys over and over and over again. When some one trys something new it is usually turned away faster than an old glass of milk. Now some people may say "Well we do not know of that character." Well OP how about adding a little info and refrences in your thread you know to help your viners learn about new characters and have new super fun debates!
Well that is what I have gathered and please I would love commentary and your own views so please let 'em come. =] 

 Magnus signing out 

Reasons why Chipotle is thousands times better than Baja Fresh

For one it just tastes hundred times better and the portions are huge. The size to price radious at Chipotle is is ten times better than Baja. Chipotle's food is healthier and better not the frozen canned crap at Baja. Service at Chipotle's is awesome everyone is super cool and super nice at Baja it is always people who don't speak English or douchey teenagers. Baja always f@cks up my order While Baja you sit there and build your food with the clerk. As well Chipotle has an actual Vegetarian menu.  Chipotle restaurants are always really cool with great atmosphere and decorating and best of all awesome music
Needed to get this off my minds thoughts shared opinions?


Catholic Super Heroes and darkness

I have noticed that it is quite common for characters who are shown as devout Catholics are entombed by darker characteristics and histories. Dr. Mid-Nite and Daredevil both are blind as well as characters who work best in the darkness and are dark characters in general Daredevil has Devil in his name for one. As well their are characters like Blue Devil a devout Catholic who can not walk in to his weekly Mass without burning up as well he of course being filled with Demon energy and having a very dark twisted and brutal origin. Than characters who are not so good but are still fighting for the right cause in their own way and still Catholic and that Catholicism again stressed such as Jesse Custer who's origin and upbringing is extremely in best used words f'ed up, John Constantine a just all around screwed up guy, and Kid Crusader crazy Priest who went nuts after his parents died. There are a lot more but I want to keep this short since I want there to be a discussion. It seems like in comics Catholicism pulls out the dark and evil more than any other Religion. Views and opinions?  


Should Tim Drake kill Captain Boomerang?

Tim Drake has been one of the most screwed over characters in comics to date he has suffered more close losses than most other heroes combined but most hard

hitting would have to be the loss of his father Jack Drake to The Original Captain Boomerang. Though Tim seems to be at peace with the loss of his father now we have seen how his emotions get the best of him instances of him trying to bring back every loss through

Lazarus Pit and others. Tim is know for letting his emotions get the best of him at times when confronted by them. So my query is with the return of his father's killer in Brightest Day do you think it is possible that Tim will attempt to kill him and if so would you like that would that be a good story. Or do you think that it will be brushed under the rug or Tim will just not be as bothered as should. As well how do you think Tim will be affected by the fact that villains were resurrected while his father and Bruce were left dead. I personally would think that it would be interesting if Tim did kill Digger and see how that would affect him as a character and his relation with the rest of the Bat Family. Forgivness for murder has been done in the Bat Family before like when Dick killed The Joker in Last Laugh but would Tim not receive the same sympathy? I think it would be interesting if Tim broke the sacred law and committed the act of murder he is not like
any member of the family as is. So share your opinions how do you think this will all turn out and what you want to see.


Grant Morrison is an @$$hole

Ok I do like Grant Morrison but he aint god and now that he is in charge of The Return of Bruce Wayne he seems cocky as ever with all his ballsy moves in Batman and Robin. For one what is up with Damian I have never liked Damian but Morrison lately has made him completely intolerable and how was his little implant getting past a Batman?. 
Than I look at images of Batman through time and just want to barf. But my main reason for hating on Grant is his total ignorance of Tim Drake. For over a year now Tim has been on the search for Bruce Wayne while everyone else was busy with Blackest Night or their own BS. But not Tim he has been shot stabbed gotten the $h!t kicked out of him all to find his adopted dad. He has found definitive evidence that Bruce was alive months ago. But now Morrison is starting the return and from previews and rumors it looks like Tim is gonna have near Jack to do with it while Morrison is in charge. Like what the ultimate slap in the face am I wrong? I do not know if he just hates Tim or is in love with Dick and Damian. I do know that if Tim is not there when they find him I will be pissed. Like Really pissed. Grant Morrison's doped up @$$ has done Batman allot of good but the Bat Family is really big now and the same characters can not always get the spotlight naw mean? I can not really say much though since the whole report is yet to be released but if all goes as gossiped and is a Bruce Dick bro fest someone may be removed from my top writers list.


Best Year Ever!

 Like the VH1 show we all panel and discussed who had the best year ever so please discuss with me completely open =]
For DC I say Tim Drake Wonder Woman or Hal Jordan and for Marvel  Luke Cage Hank Pym or Norman Osborn

Tim got his own book this year that is an amazing book with an interesting plot one of my favorite books. Tim has been going off on his own and proving himself to everyone this year he went off to prove he is Red Robin he is not Nightwing or Batman. Tim finally proved to himself he will never be Bruce like he said he would he has proved that he is Red Robin and proud. He also has taken the mantle of Tim Wayne with honor pride and love.

I have never been more pleased with Wonder Woman then I am this year her own series and Blackest Night run is amazing. Gail and Rucka are great WW writers in my book. Gail is great at adding humor and serious tones into her books usually that gets on my nerves but they way she does it works great with me so entertaining. Then in her BL run we got to see just how powerful she is on a mental level by maintaining nothing but love after all the atrocities Maxwell had done that was ballsey.

Hal is great this year he is in charge of the rainbow corps He is back in action as DC main Lantern which I am very happy about. I love what they are doing with his relationship with John and Sinestro the tension when he is with Sinestro is so thick you need a hacksaw to cut it. Then the friendship and caring he has for John is heart warming (no homo). Each GL book is better then the next having to wait a month is torture.

  Luke is pretty much the leader of The New Avengers and we have seen a complete character turn around no one else has wanted to be the leader of The New Avengers and Cage is basically taking charge from my view. He is a leader and now he has a child and is a caring parent showing a soft and cushioney side to the man with steel skin. His love for his child and wife feels like one of the most real relationships I saw in comics. I like what Bendis has done with him he is the only thing besides the Mighty Avengers I like about Bendis. 

Hank Pym comes back just doesn't give a #$%& anymore gets an awesome team and starts kicking @$$ and taking names. The Dark Avengers are off being puppets for Norman the New Avengers are off being useless but Hank and his Mighty Avengers are out there being Avengers. Hank's new attitude is so different then his old attitude. Before Secret Invasion he had so many self confidence and other personal issues he was always trying to prove himself to people who already loved him. Now he is just trying to be a good Avenger and I love it
Siege #1
  Norman well anyone reading Dark Reign knows why Norman is having a great year he pretty much has the world in his hands. He has a teams of super power beings at his disposal and a endless number of highly trained HAMMER troops. He went from annoying Spider-Man villain to Dr. doom over night.

Thoughts On Deadpool

There is no denying it Deadpool is a hot item in comics right now, he has multiple titles he has appearances in almost every Marvel book and a movie deal. His fans are multiplying like rabbits he is climbing to levels of Spider-Man and Wolverine for Marvel's market. But is all this attention well deserved? What makes him so special that he is becoming every fanboys wet dream? He has been around for over ten years but only in the past three has he really received any of the attention he is getting right now. I think we have Joey Q to thank for that. I really do not like Deadpool and see no place for him in the 616, he comes off as an annoying pest and has ludicrous events and happenings in his books. He breaks the fourth wall and takes nothing serious it ruins the 616 for other characters making it look like some big joke. When a big event is going on he comes in and you are like oh right this is just a comic why am I reading it? He takes the fun away from reading comics I use Comics to escape the real world and just pretend while reading those books that for the fifteen minutes I am reading it that somewhere that stuff is real and is happening. It is one of my few pleasures, so when this annoying wise cracking freak comes in and totally shatters that comfort for me I get really pissed off. He makes serious books like Avengers and Daredevil look like jokes and totally ruins that character.  If he had his own book in his own Universe to be silly like The Mask or The Tick I would not care I would probably like him, but when he is doing this stupid sh!t in 616 and taking away any seriousness from the story at all I really have no reason to keep reading it as a serious book. 


So Simon Dark good series but some issues.(spoilers)

     So we have a Frankenstein teenager decapitating people, a zombie infestation taking over Gotham, a dark luminous cloud of death over Gotham. I mean don't ya think Bats would have done something that was my only problem with this series. If they cleared up why the Bat Family abandoned there city I would be a little happier. I was talking about this with my shop owner when the series first came out. He was really the one to bring this problem to my attention in the first place, as the series went on we kept hoping to see that cape and cowl show up. I am not sure if I am the first person to bring this up on this sight but I have discussed this with friends and people on other sites before, and I am the only one who thinks so deeply into it. I mean we know it is not another dimension without Batman they discussed Batman in the series they just did not say where he was or why him and the Bat Pack were not doing any thing. I mean Batman is so passionate about Gotham always talking about it as he owns it how nothing goes unchecked in it, but one of the most chaotic events in its history is going on and Batman is no where to be seen. This series was not in continuity so they could have at lest made something up as to why Simon is the only hero involved, like they were out of town or even under a spell.
   I really can not say how Batman being involved would change the story line since this was all demons, monster, and wizards, but I do know he would not sit around while all this was going on. Even if he was not there he was off with other heroes helping out some where else he would certainly not leave it unprotected he would have at least Dick or Tim in Gotham. So again I do not really know what he would do he would work his bat magic some how I am sure this is just something that has always ate at me and I enjoy venting it. If you have not read Simon Dark yet I highly suggest picking it up you seriously will not regret it in my humble opinion, it is a nice mix of something new and creative with a familiar undertone of The Crow and Batman to me. Thanks for listening


Blessed are the Comic Shop owners.

I have been strapped on cash for a minute now because of the damn state of New Jersey's tyrannical traffic laws. So as can be understood I have not been making it to comic book Wednesdays anymore so now as you can guess it is like a druggie needing his fix. My regular comic shop that I go to is not as close to my house as others. Those other shops are like Wal-Marts of comics there huge and run by jerks who are not helpful and NOT  in to comic book gossip. They have a better inventory and statue collection but there back issues suck, unlike my shop they do not have as much but they have better back issues quantity not quality. But what my message is that me going to the smaller shop making friends there with the other regulars and owner with my dare I say charming attitude has helped me because, like I said I have been strapped so my books on hold are piling up. I go to the shop to buy what ever fraction I can, my shop owner has held on to all of them, Plus added books he knows I would like from our discussions to the pile. 
I am standing in front of a humongous pile of books I am like.
"I can't pay for this now Is it cool if I take some and come back?"
He says
"Dude you've been comin here for years take em give me what you got and pay me when you get the money."
This is why I will always take the smaller company over the large one there is heart and soul in the smaller company. Plus he has an awesome collection of used trades, essentials, and showcases and sells them three for ten bucks.

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