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Although I'm a Percy fan,I would've said he would probably lose this ...if it wasn't for the setting.Achilles Curse + Golden Fleece-he's pretty much invincible.And while it is true that water conducts electricity,Percy can be on the bottom of the ocean and still remain completely dry unless he wills himself to get wet(done once to avoid suspicion from mortals).So the argument with water conducting electricity goes down the drain.And he's an extremely skilled sword combatant,although I'm too lazy to name any feats right now.

I don't know if the flying shoes would help him-he's never actually used them due to the sky being Zeus's domain,so he's probably pretty inexperienced with them,and he's fighting a god with wind control.And there is the extremely important question of whether Thor would be affected by Medusa's gaze.But I think Percy could stand a chance,although I can't really say if he wins or not.

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Not really familiar with Hellboy's comicbook feats,but Percy has gone toe to toe with Ares(the war god) in a sword fight(and was able to stab him in the leg),as well as Kronos,the chief(although admittedly not most powerful) Titan.Mythology-wise,you don't really go much further than that.It has been both implied and plain out said on multiple occasions,that he is among the most powerful/skilled demigods of his time,if not the most skilled one.And he's close to a water pool,which is to say he's in his prime.Even if Hellboy is standing between him and the water,he could just will it to rise(pretty much quoting the book here) and consume him.He was able to do it to a river in order to destroy two Gorgons while with amnesia and not really aware of his power,so I doubt he'll have any trouble with a pool.

Once again,I'm not familiar with Hellboy,so I could be wrong...but my vote goes to Percy.

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Thanks for the clarification,that's what I guessed too,but I wasn't too sure...

P.S The Hulk bashing was friggin" hilarious :D

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Well,I kind of mentioned that in my first post,so... :D I don't even read comics,although I find this site, as well as any comic-based movies/some cartoons,pretty enjoyable.But since I'm not really a comic reader and am surely missing on an enormous amount on info,I'm asking you about your opinions on the movie.

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Alright,this has been bugging me so much I registered here just for it.

1)In the movie,when Thor is trapped in Hulk's cage and falling,could the fall actually have killed him?

2)How does Loki stab him(although it could be that the dagger is Asgardian and so on)

3)When he's fighting Hulk on the Helicarrier and the jet starts shooting at Hulk,why does Thor so desperately jump for cover?

I thought he was invulnerable/immortal,but now I'm confused...