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Well it's basically not Lucifer in any way shape or form. In some ways that a good thing. Maybe this might it's own entertaining whatever. Honestly how would they have actually done the real Lucifer justice on a tv show's budget?

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Cullen Bunn said he isn't allowed say if the book is ending or not which is very odd.

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I can't believe they are realizing a Blizzard action figure and I am still waiting for Polaris!

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Thanks for answering my questions.

Dammit @g_man stop making excuses for weekly and overpriced comics! We need less of those! Buying comics weekly has become ridiculously expensive and it's not cool! Damn you MARVEL!


I bought the two Eva Bell annuals this week and it cost me 11 euro. Nearly 13 dollars. If your American at least you don't have to worry about import tax. They even charge it on comixology and they aren't importing anything! It is less though than if you buy in store. It's a shame too because I like the stores but they are just fucking expensive. First foray out of digital in a while and, great story but I was fleeced.

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@timelord said:

I hope Amazon doesn't bump up the prices in NZ. For a physical comic a $3.99 book is normally $10.00 $2.99 is $7 I know why my local store where I buy my trades imports direct from the states getting things here is not cheap.

Trades are better $24 for Paperbacks $35 for the Hard Covers. I by digital first then pick up the trade if Amazon aren't careful they will price there self's right out of the market.

Digital should be cheaper as you don't actually own the comic and there is no shipping and handling involved. Comixolgy where actually quite good in this regard as you only pay full price for that month's comics and stuff gets cheaper the father back you go which makes it easier to get caught up on a series and there frequent 99 cents sales have made it incredibly easy to get caught up on a book.

I was about to say that was crazy expensive but with the conversion it's more or less the same in New Zealand and Europe. Usually I thought you guys got overcharged for basically everything. It's crazy that the yanks were complaining about that rise of 1 dollar to 3.99 and as a result refusing to buy books because they really don't know how lucky they are not having pay tax on their comic books as well.

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I'm really looking forward to this actually. I loved her character as a kid. I thought it was hilarious that they had to change her name as the Hell's Angels threatened to sue.

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Wow that was amazing. Such a shame I'm dropping the book now that James has left.

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Is X-Factor going corporate?

I think so. They were hinting this in the Polaris issue for the End of X-Factor. Looks like she'll be in it. I have a feeling Quicksilver will be too.

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David Yardin is the guy that does the X-Factor covers. He updates pretty frequently.

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@artisticneedham said:

Still in the midst of listening to the podcast, but I am surprised that so far you guys haven't mentioned James Robinson's last issue of Earth 2, or one of X-Factor's last issues, or All New X-Men. Just surprised.

Yeah I know X-Factor #260 was my favourite issue of the week. Great character driven story about a superhero character actually dealing with superhero events as a real person would i.e not well. Poignant story about the effects of survivors guilt. Quicksilver and Polaris had such a good dynamic in that issue. It was as Corey said in his review, they are the perfect foils for each other.