Inhuman Hybrids

Inhuman Hybrids

The Inhumans are an extremely xenophobic race, as such there have been very few cases of Inhuman’s mating with members of other species. However, even rarer are the occasions when these unions have produced children. So far the Inhumans have shown the ability to mate successfully with two other sub-species of mankind, the Deviants and the Mutants.

Inhuman/Deviant Hybrids

Case-Study - One

The earliest known case of an Inhuman mating with a member of another species was between famed Inhuman geneticist, Phaeder and a deviant handmaiden named Morga.

Phaeder was a member of the Genetics Council nearly a century ago. He was expelled from the council by Agon for conducting genetic experiments that had been forbidden by their ancestors. Refusing to allow his work to be halted by age old traditions, Phaeder faked his own death, using a cloned body and escaped from Attilan. [Marvel Two-in-One #72]

Some time after leaving Attilan, Phaeder came across a colony of Deviants. Phaeder’s skill as a geneticist was of much use to the Deviants and they brought him to their capital Lemuria. The Deviants had hoped that Phaeder skill at genetics would give them insights into their own unpredictable genetic codes. In general every member of the species has a completely different appearance to the rest of their people, there are however exceptions, Morga was one of these. Morga was a deviant with a human-like appearance and therefore a pariah to her species. At some point after he arrived in Lemuria, Phaeder met Morga, the two fell in love and married. Morga later fell pregnant and gave birth to Phaeder’s son, Maelstorm. When Phaeder fell out of favour with Lemurian monarchy, and Maelstorm was thrown into the Lemurian slave pits. [Marvel Two-in-One #72, All New Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe #6]

Note: There have been contradictory accounts regarding Morga final fate. Most sources claim she died, murdered by her own people when Maelstorm was thrown into the slave pits other sources claim however that she is only presumed dead.

Some time later, Maelstorm was rescued by his father but he was traumatized by the incident and grew to despise the Deviants. Phaeder raised Maelstorm to be as every bit the geneticist that he was. Some time later, upon hearing that the Inhuman’s had left the original site of Attilan, both father and son relocated there. While there, Phaeder experimented on his son. He found some remaining terrigen compounds in the abandoned Attilan site and exposed his son to them. This granted Maelstorm the ability to manipulate kinetic energy making him immensely powerful. [Marvel Two-in-One #72]


Characteristics of Subject A

Subject Name: Phaeder

Species: Inhuman

Distinguishing Characteristics: None

Powers: None known


  • Despite his interest in mutation and genetics, Phaeder never displayed any powers himself and may never have been exposed to the Terrigen Mists.

Characteristics of Subject B

Subject Name: Morga

Species: Deviant

Distinguishing Characteristics: human like appearance

Powers: None known


  • Morga has never been seen but she has been recounted as having a human like appearance. This made her an aberration to her species as all Deviants are hideously ugly and completely different to each other.

Characteristics of Offspring- Subject C

Subject Name: Maelstorm

Gender: Male

Species: Inhuman/Deviant Hybrid

Distinguishing Characteristics: Purple hair and eyes

Powers: possessed the ability to absorb kinetic energy from any source to enhance his own physical strength, project energy blast, fly and/or grow in size.


  • It hasn’t been revealed whether Maelstorm’s purple hair and eyes were present at birth or they happened after his “terrigenesis”.

Progeny of Subject C

Maelstorm also went on to have a child himself, a son named Ransak with a deviant woman. Her name was Medula. Maelstorm was so disgusted at himself for his dalliance with a member of the Deviants, the race he despised that he quickly abandoned her. [Fantastic Four Unlimited #10]

Ransak was born with a human-like and apparently spectacularly handsome appearance. At some point his mother died and Ransak was sold into slavery. As he got older he was forced to fight in the Gladiatorial arena for the right to live. It was here Ransak true abilities could be displayed. Ransak had incredible strength, durability and fighting skills, to such an spectacular level that he can go toe to toe with someone of the mutate Deviant Karkas’ strength and win.[Eternals Vol.1 #8-9]

Characteristics of Subject D

Subject Name: Medula

Species: Deviant

Distinguishing Characteristics: None known

Powers: None Known


Characteristics of Offspring- Subject E

Subject Name: Ransak

Species: 75% Deviant/25% Inhuman Hybrid

Gender: Male

Distinguishing Characteristics: human like appearance.

Powers: superhuman strength and durability. Prone to berserker rages in these rages his physical abilities increase and he more resistant to pain and injury.

Analysis of Inhuman/Deviant Breeding

So far the findings are inconclusive, as there are only two subjects and only one true hybrid.

In the both cases, however, hybrid status certainly hasn’t dampened their potential for power. After being exposed to the Terrigen Mists, Maelstorm gained abilities second only to king Blackbolt himself. Ransak’s powers on the other hand manifested by themselves. His physical abilities and fighting prowess made him unmatched in Lemuria [Marvel Two-in-One #72, Eternals #9]

Despite their aptitude for power, one possible side effect of the pairing of Inhumans and Deviants may be mental instability. Both Maelstorm and Ransak have shown degrees of mental illness. Ransak has uncontrollable bouts of anger and an almost complete lack of empathy. Maelstorm has full blown egomania in conjunction with psychotic and sociopathic tendencies. It’s not clear however if these mental deficiencies are genetic or as a result of the trauma both subjects faced throughout their lives. [Marvel Two-in-One #72, Eternals #9]

Inhuman/Mutant Hybrids

A significant period of time would pass before the birth of another Inhuman hybrid. This time the union was between an Inhuman and Mutant.

It was love at first sight when Princess Crystal met the mutant speedster Quicksilver. After a surprise whirlwind romance Crystal and Quicksilver married. Crystal’s marriage to a non –Inhuman was unprecedented. Everyone wondered what the union might produce. Surprisingly the baby, a girl, named Luna was born without any superpowers and apparently a baseline human. The couple made the decision to initially not expose Luna to the Terrigen Mists fearing the effect that the mists would have on her as the daughter of both and Inhuman and Mutant. [Fantastic Four (1st series) #131-132, 150, 239-240, and 248, The Thing #3]

When Luna was six however this would change as her father would expose her to the Terrigen Mists against her mother's wishes. Despite Crystal’s concerns, Luna’s exposure to the Terrigen Mists granted her the dual abilities of Empathy and Mind-Control without any gravely detrimental effects. Interestingly Luna’s abilities are quite similar to her mother’s first cousin, Maximus. [Son of M #2-3]

Case-Study A

Characteristics of Subject A

Crystal Amaquelin

Name: Crystalia Amaquelin

Species: Inhuman

Distinguishing Characteristics: None

Powers: Manipulate the four primal elements of fire, wind, water and earth.


  • Crystal was exposed to the Terrigen Mists while in utero.

Characteristics of Subject B

Name: Pietro Maximoff

Species: Mutant

Distinguishing Characteristics: Silver Hair

Powers: speedster with accelerated metabolism, reflexes, and reaction time. Briefly depowered and had the ability to travel through time after exposure to the Terrigen Mists.


  • Second generation mutant born to a mutant father and human mother.

Characteristics of Offspring - Subject C

Name: Luna Maximoff

Species: Inhuman

Gender: Female

Distinguishing Characteristics: None

Powers: Empathy and Mind-Control


- Luna powers were catalysed by exposure to the Terrigen Mists when she was six years old in Son of M #3.

Case-Study B

There have been no other cases of an Inhuman mating with a Mutant on Earth-616. However there has been on a divergent timeline of Earth-616 designated Earth-691.

In 31 century the Inhumans had been driven into the servitude of the norse god Loki. One of these slaves was the feline Inhuman Talon. Talon was later rescued from this life by his era’s sorcerer supreme Krugaar who made him his apprentice. Eventually these two allied with the Guardians of the Galaxy and Talon became a member of good standing. [Guardians of the Galaxy Annual #18-20, 27 and 39]

As a member of the Guardians, Talon fought against a variety of foes including Dormammu and even Galactus. None of these however would have quite the impact on his life that the Mutant Queen Rancor would. Rancor was a fifth generation descendent of the X-Man, Wolverine. After her homeworld, Haven was destroyed by the Phoenix and she suffered a second near death experience courtesy of Doctor Doom, Rancor had a moment of clarity and she realised that had she of died, she would have left no one to continue her line. [Guardians of the Galaxy Annual 8-11, 27, 37 and 39]

Firstly she conquered the Inhumans of the 31 century and moved them to a new planet, Haven II. Deciding she needed an heir, Rancor choose Talon as her “mate” and orchestrated his capture. After capturing Talon and testing his limits Rancor claimed Talon's seed.(it was heavilyimplied Rancor had raped him). Nine months later Rancor gave birth to an orange skinned boy that she named Talogan. [Guardians of the Galaxy Annual #4 and Guardians of the Galaxy #62]

Characteristics of Subject D

Name: Talon

Species: Inhuman

Distinguishing Characteristics: Orange fur covered body, razor sharp talons on hands and feet, fangs, elongated pointed ears, prehensile tail

Powers: detachable razor-sharp talons on hands and feet that can be used as projectiles, re-grow instantly. Great magical aptitude but limited training so far he has shown the ability to levitate himself and objects.


  • It’s not known if Talon was exposed to the Terrigen Mists or if his abilities developed on their own.

Characteristics of Subject E

Rancor - Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 1 #9

Name: Rancor

Species: Mutant

Distinguishing Characteristics: white eyes no visible pupils, elongated pointed ears, fingerclaws

Powers: superhuman strength, speed, agility, endurance, and reflexes, hyper-regenerative healing cells, enhanced animal senses, razor sharp retractable fingerclaws


  • Rancor is a sixth generation mutant.

Characteristics of Offspring: Subject F

Name: Talogan

Species: Inhuman/Mutant hybrid

Gender: Male

Distinguishing Characteristics: orange skin

Powers: None known

Analysis of Inhuman/Mutant Breeding

Although it was said that Luna was born a mere human this was proven inaccurate by the events of the Son of M and Silent War mini-series.

Luna was exposed to the Terrigen Mists without consequence, save that fact that she is unable to turn off her powers. However when you consider Blackbolt, Triton and an assortment of other “true blooded” Inhumans this affliction is hardly uncommon. As we’ve seen repeatedly in the Silent War series, exposure to the Terrigen Mists is fatal to humans. This proves that there are genetic differences between Luna and humans so subtle that even Inhuman science cannot detect them. [Son of M #2-3 and Silent War #1-6]

Additionally on Earth-691, the union between a Mutant and Inhuman produced a visibly mutated child. However it’s unclear if these traits are merely cosmetic. One possible explanation for this difference to the union of Quicksilver and Crystal could be that as Rancor is a six generation mutant is of a higher “pedigree” than Quicksilver. It is also unconfirmed whether Talon’s powers could have developed on their own of by exposure without exposure to Terrigen Mists, if Talon had not been exposed that would differentiate him from Crystal. [Guardians of the Galaxy #62]

As both hybrids are still mere children it’s impossible to give a correct analysis of their potential. It has been proven however, that despite the claims that Inhuman and Mutant DNA cancel out each other nothing could be further from the case.