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I really enjoyed superior but I am glad they are ending it before it gets stale.

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Apparently Batman isn't selling so they need to recycle the cover? Between this cover being printed 3 times and issue 28 Batman has had some iffy covers lately. Capullos covers were so sexy before too :(

Minor rant, still buying it ofc!

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That Iron Spider would win me 1 million points with my nephew..

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The Sentinel one is def the best looking cover to me, although the blink and warpath ones have a cool synergy going on.

Hugh Jackman with his shirt off looks like he is about to explode with those veins popping out..

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Hi ho! First topic after stalking the site a few years, hope this is the right place to post this in.

So finally getting a chance to read last weeks comics I noticed a couple of hints toward Iron Man 2020. Arno Stark appearing in the last couple issues of Iron Man and then being pulled out of time by Kang in Uncanny Avengers.

It might be a long shot but do you think this could indicate a long term plan by Marvel to give a slow introduction to the character who 6 years from now ends up being Iron Man in 2020?

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@noj said:

Its funny that BY FAR the best known actor in the film is going to play a talking Raccoon. I honestly will not be very surprised if this movie is a flop. I would feel bad for the fans but this has the makings of a flop all over it. Heavy use of CG, pretty much no A list actors, relatively unknown source material and whats sure to be a pretty large budget. This is starting to sound exactly like John Carter.

Glenn Close and Benicio del Toro are Oscar winning A-list actors, donno what rock you been living under :P

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Great issue. Refreshing to get inside Jessica's head and see the action from her POV

I liked this about it too but the spacesuit thing REALLY bugged me..

I read Avengers 18 first and it annoyed me but we didn't see them go out into space so I thought it might close up around them or something. Then when I got to AA I just couldn't help hoping the whole issue that it would get addressed. Can't help but think it was a just cheap way for them to show which person is which :\

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His pal Kevin will be happy atleast :S

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They really make some amazing stuff, if only I could afford it all!

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I really liked this superman, the pose really jumps off the page

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