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not much of a post but its something

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Solomon Grundy, Born on a Monday, Christened on Tuesday, Married on Wednesday, Took ill on Thursday, Grew worse on Friday, Died on Saturday, Buried on Sunday. That was the end of Solomon Grundy.

But this time he wasnt going to die so eagerly, Last time his death was something he wanted. His fate in that life already planned out for him, the Fate told him "This will be the last time Grundy you come back with any shed of intellegince. The last time you will be able to tell friend from foe. And the last time I will help you with your passing, after this the man known as Cyruss Gold is on his own." Then I went out in a blaze of glory for the world...yeah right, They threw my sorry ass on a barren planet an let me die. Left me their when I hadnt done a single thing wrong that time around.

Grundy stands at the front of Arkham Asylum. A large lamp post in on hand, his large hands gripping the post. Anger filling his vacant face. "And this time around, i came back as a moronic baffon with tendency's of intelligence. My mind is capable of speech an intelligent conversations but expressing it is almost impossible, unless i force my self to break through the bonds of silence." Pulling the lamp post behind him he thrusts his arm forward and it soars through the air slamming into the side of the Asylum. He smiles a moronic smile and walks back down the long road down back into Gotham. As he nears the end of the road he pulls a phone from his pocket and "Smile man....done it is."

He continues down the road taking a cigar from his coat pocket an lighting it, forcing a tune out of his bodies mouth he begins to whistle as the rain slams down onto him.
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im starting mine now

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Imitates breaking Bats back again

"Craaack" he then burst into a loud laughter
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Slamming into the wall Grundy stands licking his lips

"Oh well a magic user, now i just cant kick your ass." (Sarcasm)

(occ: Gotta go to work for a sec be right back. Teddy i will kick your ass)
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Again a loud laugh booms from his throat

"Your a fool." He grabs the boys hand with the gun an forces him to pull the trigger. And moves forward the little knife digging into his thigh and his parts "Is that really what you think will defeat me. If so I think its best you go back to your team an do a little research."
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A deep laugh bellows from his throat and he gets inches from Teddys face

"Leave it to a human to rely on others to do his dirty work. Your all worthless cowards."
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His anger again controling him

"Boy i have seen much more deadlier opponents than you, you dont even come up in the bottom twenty. So leave it be an walk out that door when you still have the ability to use both of your legs."
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Amazed that he saw the teddy mans body fly through the air yet hes back in the hosue

Your beginning to become a pest, one moment"

Solomon grabs the jokers body by the head an tosses him hard, the body flies through the air before slamming hard into the river

"Alright back to you. Get the hell out, I really dont feel like making you leave."
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Teddy Lupin said:
"Solomon Grundy said:
"Strolls in behind Teddy towering over him

I doubt that little man"
raises a brow and then just laughs"
Grundys anger controls him as he lifts the tiny man off the ground by his neck. his hand getting tighter

The Joker said:
"Grundy sweetie, show mr. Teddy where the door is"
looking back at Joker "Dont call me sweetie." Grundy walks with the man in tow and tosses him hard out the door