The CVNU: Solace City "Charter/Provisions"

Wesley Weston III

After a summit meeting with the United Nations, Billionaire Wesley Weston proposed a multicultural plan for cities entering the 22 century with the inclusion of Solace City as the world’s first futuristic “City-State”

Located exactly four miles from the Isle of Samoa the proposed “Solace City” would be the premier location for United Nation affairs.

Upon acceptance of the new charter, Weston set up a new branch in Solace City offering permits to new vendors private business owners.

The City-State nicknamed by multiple politicians as “Agenda 22” has caught fire for its liberal agenda regarding the state of individual rights. “Agenda 22, is a local plan for a city that will set the tone for a global affair; passage of such a city is a threat to the civil liberties of the 21 century” – Glenn Beck

The World Police Grant

By order of the United Nations, the formation of the World Police was authorized to police Solace City as well as other patrons. The world police or “Time Force” as they are called in Solace City; uses precognitive technology to apprehend criminals before they commit a crime.

The Super-Human Exclusion Act/ Containment Act

“Super-Humans aren’t legally liable for their actions anywhere else, in my city they will be” –Wesley Weston.

In a surprising move, the United Nations rushed through passage of the Superhuman-Exclusion act, as well as the Super-human Containment act.

The SHEA states that super humans of any sort are absolutely prohibited from unauthorized usage of Powers. SHEA is strictly enforced by the precognitive World Police; hundreds of research dollars have flowed in from supporters of the act (Mostly Criminals) to fund technology that would allow for the complete disabling of power in general.

The SHCA is a law that states that super-humans from any of the patron countries will be transported and detained in Solace City and will face prosecution from a “World Jury.


Wesley Weston III is the heir to his grandfather and father’s massive weapons empire. He gained significant attention for himself when he crafted “Quantum Power” or Zero Point Energy. Using his vast knowledge of the energy Weston fashioned several “ZP” monorails, as well high tech flight systems. Though Weston has several corporate buildings located across the globe, his main HQ his located in Syndey, Austrailia. Weston came under scrutiny for the prototype of the world police uniform. The uniform encompasses the head of the employee and renders them completely “robotic”

“The World Police Uniform is a way to get absolute obedience out of the wearer, morals and ethics are thrown out the window; they are programmed to uphold the standard of law…in it’s severity”

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