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Asteroth says:

"It's a good thing they'll be some new episodes, much as I love the series I'm nearly at the point where I'm getting sick of re-runs! I think they'll be coming out next year, hopefully it'll take off again and be around for quite some time."

I know how ya feel. My station only plays the same 10 episodes over and over.

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Methos says:

"Apparition says:
"they say it's organic and it certainly allows movement but i remember magneto always being able to affect him and i definitely remember magneto healing him."
ugh, this is why i stay away from marvel comics... they're always changing their 'rules' lol if it's organic, then magnetics won't effect it... simple :D M"




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Sorry bout the double post. Comp messed up.

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The man was at his computer. He went by Sol, it was his screen name for hacking. He had just finished a transaction....a big one. He grinned from the payment that he would receive. He shut off his computer, and got ready for bed. As he walked to his large bed, his computer flashed back on.

"Huh?", he wondered aloud. He walked back to the computer. It read one sentence.

The Matrix has you.

"Uh....okay....", he said aloud. He was creeped out. He suddenly had a extreme urge to leave his apartment. He got dressed, and stepped out his room. He took the elevator down the the bottom floor, and was surprised at what he saw. Three men in black suits stood in the middle of the lobby, looking facing the elevator with sunglasses on.

One walked towards him.

"We've found you.....Sol", he said, emotionless. Sol was stricken with surprise. "Come with us......we just want your help", he said.

"Whoa......first of all, my name ain't Sol. It's Frederick. Second, I've got rights, you can't just whisk-", but he was cut off as the man grabbed his arm and tossed him across the lobby towards the other men. Frederick slid over the hardwood flooring.

The men moved towards him. Suddenly, bullets flew through the glass doors, and hit the agents in the hit, except for the one that tossed Fred. A woman clad in black ran through the front doors, and grabbed Fred's arm.

"You're Sol, right? C'mon!", she yelled as she hefted him up.

"How does everyone know that name? I must be the worst hac-", but he was cut off as a bullet flew towards him from the one remaining agent.

He slowly moved towards them.

Sol-Fred-and the woman ran out the doors.

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Post Deleted.

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Uh, I would join, but I don't know what it's about cause I haven't seen the the place where you posted it.

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Post Deleted.

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Cherry. Or, if they had a grape flavour, grape.

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Do yourself a favour, if you like classic, metal, or just plain rock music, LISTEN TO THIS SONG.

End Of All Hope, by Nightwish. Just heard it a couple of minutes ago.

Plus, the singer is pretty easy on the eyes, IMO.

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I'm gonna say Reed is 22. Someone like The Leader is 23.

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