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I never buy digital comics...

I never BUY digital comics...

I never buy DIGITAL comics...

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@jaken7: Yeah, it does look a bit like an owl head... I think it's supposed to be a tiger head though.

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I'll admit, I'm usually only interested in the sexy ladies (very nice Gambit... Gambita?), but that Mole Man deserves a prize.

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Spectacular Spider-Man. It was, in my opinion, the best and most true to the comics adaptation of Spider-Man we've ever seen. There wasn't a single bad episode, the quality of the animation more than made up for any qualms there may have been about the art style, it was pretty much perfect. There was still so much that could've been done with the show, I have no idea how anyone could've justified replacing it with Ultimate Spider-Man, which isn't bad but is juvenile, unintelligent and markedly inferior to Spectacular.

Young Justice I'd also like to see more of, although I'm not going to get all angry and emotional about it like I will if I really get going on Spectacular Spider-Man. It had some great moments, but not all the characters were as fully fleshed-out as they should've been.

Avengers I thought was superior to Young Justice in everything but quality of art & animation, and it left itself wide open for more. I'd expect it to be picked up again with Guardians of the Galaxy and Avengers 2 lurking somewhere in Hollywood's future.

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Scarlet Spider and the Red Hood - Red Spider? Scarlet Hood? I dunno, I think that'd be cool, but it's hard to come up with a new name...

The Hooded Spider?

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@cborg: I think people who haven't seen either film should be ready to admit that Tom Hardy's a better Bane.

I agree with you, Drax is an interesting character who requires some degree of subtlety in his portrayal that I don't think Batista can pull off. I'm not even a fan of the guy as a wrestler, and as some may be able to tell by my avatar, I love pro wrestling.

Then again, I don't think Jason Momoa could pull it off either, nor does he look the part. He's far too handsome to play Drax, whereas Batista just needs a lick of green paint.

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I love all of these. Especially the X-O Manowar Metroid homage. Valiant are probably going to overtake Image as my favourite comic book publishers, I'm loving all their series at the moment.

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I'm never happy to hear about Joe Quesada doing anything. Not because I dislike his art; simply because I don't think he deserves his job.

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I loved most of these, but what the hell is up with Wonder Woman's legs? That's just a really ugly way of drawing her. Never like that guy's art, mainly because he has some kind of weird fetish for really fat legs.