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i think arrow has two more seasons. i think this because Olivier says he's been away for 5 years and the show has shown 3 year of his past life, well really 2/3's since they only on season 3 episode 10. its very abc logic I know, but that's the way i see it.

That's what I'm guessing as well.

yes! im not alone

I think that that was the plan when Arrow started. But so much else has changed in Arrow that I wouldn't be surprised if they change their minds about that as well. Arrow can survive without flashbacks. In a lot of ways, it might even make the show better.

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2) Less Super Sexy, Hot, Steamy, Model Sidecharacters

The hot IT girl, Laurel's hot friend at work, Laurel's hot father (played by an actor who's only 43), the bodyguard's hot galpal....yes, TV is a place of pretty people but if it's noticeable to the point of absolute ridiculousness on a TV SHOW then you know you're really pushing it. It's just goofy. I'm not saying there shouldn't be any pretty people or that there's anything wrong with being pretty, it just gives the show a distractingly synthetic vibe that doesn't do any favors for it's alleged "grittiness". I'm uncomfortably attracted to Laurel's father and this IT chick looks like a Playboy bunny infiltrating a major corporation by pretending to be an IT chick using a naughty librarian porno as a reference.

Come on, people, this doesn't reflect even an approximate reality and this show isn't so extravagant it can get away with it. Let's see real people. There's enough sexpots on the cast, they aren't hurting for sex appeal over at Arrow so let's dial it back a little.

It's kind of funny reading this part now after what they've done with Felicity since this list was made.

It does seem like in the past two years the Arrow writers have tackled a lot of the issues in this list. Good for them.

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@haydenclaireheroes: Cool deconstruction. Do you have any recommended reading for Mia Dearden? I love Thea on Arrow but haven't read anything with Mia yet. I'd like to try if you have any suggestions.

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** Warning, spoilers from season three of Arrow. Only information about things that have yet to air on the show will be spoiler blocked. Meaning things that have already happened will be freely discussed **

With recent developments in Arrow, it has become a common speculation that the Lazarus Pit will be appearing in some form on Arrow. I think few would argue that the Lazarus Pit doesn't exist in the CW-verse at this point. Malcolm Merlyn's ambiguous return from an (apparent) death in season two and RIa's al Ghul's line about having dueled somebody sixty-seven years ago are commonly cited examples of references to the Lazarus Pit in-universe. And we all know Oliver will be returning from the dead sooner-or-later, with the Lazarus Pit being the most likely venue for his return.

With all of that being said, I would like to backtrack to Sara Lance. I, like many others, was very sad to see her leave the show. And for a while, I didn't really consider the chance that she might come back to life. But recently, I've given it a bit more thought and am wondering just how possible it would be to see her alive again.

For starters, now we know for sure who her murderer is. With Malcolm Merlyn's masterminding her death, a character who may have indicated knowledge AND use of the Lazarus Pit in the past, the possibility that he retrieved Sara's body and brought it back to life is worth discussing. Merlyn is a pretty calculating guy. He seems like the type who likes to have many controls and contingencies. Having Thea kill Sara was meant to further his agenda. But if Merlyn could accomplish the desired affect of Sara's death AND revive her after death to be used as leverage in the future, who's to say he wouldn't?

We also know that episode 13 of the show will be titled Canaries and that it will feature the return of Sara (albeit, most likely via flashback).

Am I just making a large example of wishful thinking, or do others think it's possible that we could see Sara again someday?

Her death was primarily aimed towards setting Laurel on the path to becoming Black Canary. But if they could accomplish this goal without leaving Sara dead, perhaps they would indeed do so.

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Arrow season 3 has been a bit inconsistent in terms of quality and pacing. But one character I've found consistently enjoyable has been Ray Palmer. It might just be the charisma that Brandon Routh brings to the role, but his presence on the show just feels very fresh and exciting for me.

That being said, I am not exactly sure where they are really going with the character. I believe the producers of the show have confirmed that Ray will be suiting up eventually. But aside for that, we don't know much about the direction he'll be going.

There has been some speculation that Palmer may move to The Flash eventually. But even that seems like a bit of a strange move to me. I honestly can't picture the Atom taking up permanent residence as a hero in either show's setting.

I'm curious what others think or hope we will see from the Atom in the future of both series. Do you think we will see him shrink eventually? Do you want him to? What role do you think he'll play in this universe? And where? What do you want to see?

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4. Canary Cry: This power is one of the most iconic things about Black Canary (Aside of her fishnets and being heterosexual to the bone).

Can you elaborate on this?

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What do you think?

It seems that in most fiction (not just comics) creators are more inclined to include lesbian relationships than gay male relationships, and the fans become more interested in/excited for lesbian relationships.

Is this true of you? Why or why not?

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I know what the event is on a superficial level, and I know that there is at least one weekly series under the name and that September is Future's End month. But I'm not exactly sure what future is being looked at. Is Future's End just the future of the New 52 for reals (I hope not, considering some of the more radical futures)? Or is it an alternate future based on a particular catalyst?

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Killer Frost and Captain Cold in one show? That would make for quite the showdown when they both get their powers.

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In my brief comic-reading history, I've never really had too much of a problem finding any particular older comics that I was looking for. Generally so far, it's been easy to find older back issues or TPBs collecting the issues I've wanted.

But I recently decided that I wanted to give Bryan Q. Miller's Batgirl series a whirl, after hearing consistently good reviews. But my attempts to find single issues from the series OR TPBs collecting said issues have been crashing failures. I'm actually rather surprised that it's easier to find 20 year old comics for a reasonable price than it is to find a series from 2009.

Does anybody have a reasonable source for finding no-longer-printed comics for reasonable prices? Or am I going to be forced to read the series digitally (something I try to avoid where possible)?

Thanks for the assistance. Cheers.