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Killer Frost and Captain Cold in one show? That would make for quite the showdown when they both get their powers.

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In my brief comic-reading history, I've never really had too much of a problem finding any particular older comics that I was looking for. Generally so far, it's been easy to find older back issues or TPBs collecting the issues I've wanted.

But I recently decided that I wanted to give Bryan Q. Miller's Batgirl series a whirl, after hearing consistently good reviews. But my attempts to find single issues from the series OR TPBs collecting said issues have been crashing failures. I'm actually rather surprised that it's easier to find 20 year old comics for a reasonable price than it is to find a series from 2009.

Does anybody have a reasonable source for finding no-longer-printed comics for reasonable prices? Or am I going to be forced to read the series digitally (something I try to avoid where possible)?

Thanks for the assistance. Cheers.

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I'm a complete novice when it comes to Green Lantern mythos. But I've recently decided that I want to try to immerse myself moreso in that universe.

The Red Lanterns (conceptually) have always interested me, so I was hoping to start with them and, if I like what I read, to move on to the other Corps afterwards.

So I am looking for recommendations on what to read to get into the Red Lanterns. I've heard VERY mixed reviews for the New 52 series (often varying between issues, as well). And some people say to start with Rage of the Red Lanterns, others say jump in at the New 52 etc.

Any recommended reading order, or even a suggested place to start for a general novice to the mythos would be greatly appreciated.

@joygirl (I call out specifically to Joygirl because I've seen that she is a pretty big Red Lantern fan and I've found that I agree with her opinion in the past; recommendations from anybody will be considered and appreciated though!)

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This may be old news for some, but I only just stumbled upon this:

Arrow: Blood Rush mini-series

It's a six-minute short featuring Roy and Felicity before Roy officially joins Team Arrow. I thought it was a pretty fun watch. There's not much substance, and it bears little importance to the plot of the actual series, but it certainly makes me chuckle.

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I'm a big fan of Impulse/Bart Allen in Young Justice. And I'm interested in reading up on him a bit more.

So I was wondering, is Bart in comics anything like he is in Young Justice? I know he definitely isn't in the New 52, so I'm looking for Pre-New 52 recommendations.

Thanks for the help.

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As long as they are hot.

What about gay male relationships?

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@supbatz: Great writeup here! Everything is very well said and I agree with a lot of your points.

harley quinn fans have got to suck it up and let it in things could get interesting

Wow dude, did you even read the original post? Because you come off as exactly what the OP warned against. So either:

a.) You read the OP and decided to comment in an attempt to undermine everything the OP said, which by the way is exactly what they said that people tend to do when Harley fans voice their opinions.

b.) You're just a troll with no motive other than to step on toes

c.) You read the OP with a complete lack of understanding of what the OP was saying.

Either way, that's kinda rude. It's okay to have a differing opinion than the OP on the subject, but you should at least be respectful by not doing exactly what the OP says they hate: generalizing Harley fans and saying that they need to just "suck it up".

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Oracle/Barbara Gordon vs. Root/Samatha Groves.

- Pre-New 52 Barbara Gordon; Person of Interest season three Root
- This is not a physical confrontation; this is a battle of wits and skills. Both players have the same objective. Oracle has access to her Clocktower and computers, Root has access to the Machine.
- Oracle utilizes Black Canary as her field agent, directing her movements. Root acts as her own field agent, with access to the machine via her cochlear implant. Root is armed with a handgun. Canary has access to a bow staff.
- At the start of the match-up, Canary and Root are at different positions and out of one another's range. They both have the objective of reaching a particular, highly guarded locations from different angles. Again, Oracle directs Canary's movements and the Machine informs Root as she makes her way to her target.
- Both players are aware of one another's presence and goal.

Who would come out on top?

The match-up came to mind during this week's Person of Interest.

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What are some things that you think need to happen that would make Arrow a better show?