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Yeah they actually had a connection and they were good together. Nevertheless we all knew it was only a matter of time before he leaves her for MJ

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Avengers Arena (only for Chase & Nico; they better not kill either of the two), Superior Spider-man, FF (maybe), Uncanny Avengers (maybe), Young Avengers (1st arc to see if it is worth getting)

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@Superdork said:

@Wboy: It worked in Justice League: Doom

Well Doom wasn't an origin movie. The legion of Doom would be very risky in an origin movie. It is better to use them when the team is already settled in sequels

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Starro or the White Martians would be a great villain to unite DC's finest into the Justice League. The likes of Darkseid and Brainaic should only be used in sequels

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Green Arrow any day. Ollie has an awesome team made up of Conner, Roy, Mia and obviously his girlfriend Dinah.

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Im glad Arrow has been doing well so far. I am excited that Huntress is going to appear about the show. I wonder if we would get some references to the Bat-family when she appears.

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Is the show worth watching? I loved the 80s and 2003 tv shows and I enjoyed the TMNT movie but for some reason I had my doubts about checking out the new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles show. Is the show worth checking out?

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@Destinyhero20 said:

So what happen if Batman face Batman?

O_O *Mind explodes*

On a more serious note obviously Batman can't beat everyone and about 99% of the people on this thread "hopefully" knows that. Batman is just a fun and easy character to make seemingly unstoppable.

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I haven't heard many people refer to Batman as an anti-hero because he isn't.

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On the CW, the premiere of Arrow scored a 1.3 among adults 18-49. It was also the most-watched CW premiere in 3 years, and gave the network its best adult 18-49 ratings in two years (since 10/13/10). The dreamers were right! Supernatural earned a 1.0, up two tenths from last week's 0.8 adults 18-49 rating.Alth

If it can keep those ratings, that would be awesome. Although that is very unlikely

why is it unlikely? Even if ratings drop, there are still other shows on cw that are way behind arrow in ratings.

I believe, the only competition is TVD. Being in the top 2 guarantees that there would be no cancellation

I agree but premiere ratings are usually high because everyone wants to check out the new show. In the following weeks more than half of those viewers usually loses interest and drop the show eventually and that can lead to a show's demise. For example, in this thread there are already quite a number of people saying they would either drop the show or give the show a few more weeks so yeah. Nevertheless I am not worried right now. As long as the show can develop a big enough fan base like Smallville did then it would be okay

One thing to note is that people online are often not a real projection of reality.

Secondly, it is the second highest rated show in CW for the whole week.

So its pretty much safe. Even if half of the viewers are gone, it'll still be safe considering at 0.7, it'll still be better than other shows like 90210. But I have faith in the show.

Good point. For Arrow sake I hope that you are right