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Y: The Last Man-
Yorick Brown
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Oh, I miss Freakazoid.  

I have had some time to think about my initial post. This was supposed to be a comic book cartoon revival. Star Wars has multiple comics, but its origin is with film. So with that in mind, I would want both Young Justice and Wolverine and the X-Men back.
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The Show I want back..... 

The Clone Wars- I am more interested in knowing what will happen with Ahsoka than I am in most of the other shows. They left to much open not to have some sort of resolution with certain characters. I know that they wrapped up a lot of arcs with certain characters, but others are still left with me wanting more.... I know they have plans, but I would still like a sixth season.  
The ones I don't for whatever reason.
Avengers is turning into Avengers Assemble, I accept that now.  
Young Justice is great and I watched each weekend, but with who they ended with- I can deal without. Plus I am kind of excited to see Beware the Batman (I think I may be alone in this). 
Wolverine and the X-Men- It's too late for my desires to have this be rekindled. If a new X-Men show must be made, I will watch that. 
Green Lantern- Watched a episode, didn't care for it. 
Same with Transformers- watched an episode or two, but could not get into it. 
As for Spectacular Spider-Man- Like Wolverine, its a little late for a return, plus I like Ultimate Spider-Man now. 
Not on the list. 
GI Joe Renegades- I want this back or some GI Joe cartoon, they never last more than one season.

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Nice, but I would rather see them in this order. Iron Man 3, Thor: The Dark World, Man of Steel, Kick-Ass 2, Anything else then The Wolverine

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I love the passerby at the end who is just standing at the fire in the bin, just pacing. Doesn't even have an interest in the massive battle that had just happened.  
And I agree with the above statement, Raven's voice sounds off.
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Wonderful clip, really want to see the continuation of what just happened. As for a new series, I would love to see an Old Republic cartoon.

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@mk111: No as fans of DC you will HAVE to watch the movie. But without Aquaman it just isn't worth it.

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Simon Pegg for rocket raccoon

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I would prefer Wolverine and the X-Men to continue myself. But if anything does happen, you need to air the cartoon in the states at the same time as every where else. Watching The entire run of any cartoon on Youtube before it airs is just plain wrong.

But the idea of Jubilee coming to grips as a vampire would be awesome.