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I'm one of those people that torrent comics. And while I may be a thief, I'm also a student living at home (from a low-income family mind you) and with a casual job that doesn't give me enough shifts to always enjoy the little things like comics. And I live in Sydney, a city which has a ridiculously high cost of living.
Now comics is EXTREMELY niche in Australia with a very small handful of comic book stores. Add to the fact that the prices of single issues are jacked up despite a strong dollar, I'm guessing for importing and shipping reasons. A single issue of a comic will cost us between $4.50 to $8, most averaging $6 for the Big Two. That's for a SINGLE issue so complain away about $3 issues, either way, we still pay double. 
Aside from expense, the thing that I've found about downloading comics illegally is that it allows me to keep up with major storylines, read some comics I probably wouldn't even consider browsing at my LCS and it's in a digital format that is simple and easy to read and are usually absent of ads. If a storyline or series really grabs me, then I wait and grab it when it's in trade form and hence try to support my LCS that way. I also regularly borrow trades from my library but it takes at least 3 months for them to process them into the system and often don't stock the trades you want. I tried reading some free back issues from the Marvel site but it lagged heavily. I wanted to be good and downloaded Graphic.Ly. Each issue ended up taking up to double the memory I would with a torrented file and as it's still in its early stages, is still building up its library. Also, new weekly releases weren't up to date with their published counterparts. I tried my cousin's Comixology app on his iPhone and I really could not see the point in reading a comic so small where you can't even appreciate the artwork. The thing is, legal means of digital comics really needs work. Torrented comic files are just easier to read and near emulate the physical thing.
Piracy is bad, I know it and I do feel guilty when pissed off creators rant their spiel on Twitter that they're not getting paid back for their hard work. But frankly I can't afford to pay extorted prices for comics I may not even end up liking. Trades I can afford every now and then as a treat but until they ease down the costs of comics outside of the U.S and improve on digital comics, I'll be predominantly sticking to my torrented comics until I get that disposable income I've so been looking forward to. 

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Oh IGN, black people from Africa don't necessarily make them American... ah how has the political correctness gone mad

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Eww... Just because Supes won't be married to Lois doesn't mean they necessarily can't be together. Anyway everyone knows it's going to be BatWondy! They sizzled in the Blackest Night Wonder Woman arc.

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Honestly I don't find it graphic at all and as someone who has just come out of their teens (seriously, a week ago) I can safely say that I've seen a lot worse. Maybe this is because I'm from across the pond in Australia but we start sex ed from around age 11/12. If a thirteen year old read this then they'd probably giggle and move on, no biggie. And considering 16 is the legal age to have sex over here, I'd be worried if a sixteen year-old didn't understand what sex is so really I find the T+ rating quite age appropriate.

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All comic book villains hang at The Villains Hangout! Unless Lex Luthor calls a meeting at his place. And maybe except Deadpool and Green Goblin, who seem to be everywhere they're not supposed to be. And Magneto, he's allowed in Stan's Place for some reason...

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The first thing that came into my head was "it looks like a PVC fetish wet dream" and "did they get their inspiration from the porn parody?"  
I just can't take her seriously as the warrior she's supposed to be. God even Lynda Carter in her swimsuit costume could kick the plastic out of that costume. Also those boots are just plain horrible. Whoever's doing their costume design should be ashamed. I've seen cosplayers do better.    

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I've never seen the Secret Six as heroes. Occasionally they can be anti-heroes (like when Batman was off doing his death thing or the Amazon breakout) but the Six are essentially mercs for hire. Yeah they turn on their clients if they're total douchebags (which nearly always seems to be the case) but they can't be categorised as heroes since everything they do is nearly always in their own interests. I think that's what makes them so effective as a title since killing is so normal for them which is so different to what you get in the usual DC Heroics. Frankly I'm surprised DC let's Gail Simone get away with half the things she puts the Six up to but I'm glad. It's easily the most unique, violent and sexy masterpiece within the mainstream DCU. 

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@taylorpalooza: Agreed. That poor bloke has gone through so many masks and they just won't let him stick with one. I do hope they go with the Red Hood anti-hero one though when he eventually gets brought back, he was so much fun then.
I was re-reading Lost Days and Batman and Robin and the other thing that annoys me the most is how inconsistently the character has been written over the years. I loved how Winnick wrote the character and I just hope that the next lot of writers to take him on will keep that persona consistent (unlike Morrison) instead of making him from an angry young man who deals with his anger in a somewhat more calm manner in one instance to raging psycho in the next. I do hope he breaks out of prison soon since he's one of the best characters to come out of the Batfamily. 
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@SC: Haha, tell me about it!
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You too? Bummer.