Favorite DragonBall Villain

With the lift of the Anime VS Comics ban and the rise of a thousand Goku VS ____ threads i decided to (semi) hop on the bandwagon !

So who is/are you favorite DB, DBZ,DBGT villain(s)?

1. Android_13

2. Turles

3. Freeza/Coola


5. Dabura (would have liked seeing goku or vegeta fight him )


The MAX universe

quick question and apologies if its been asked , i know the MAX universe isnt in continuity with the 616 universe but does it have its own designation ?



gutters is a comic strip about... comics! written by ryan sohmer and drawn lar desousa and guest artists , 
it pokes fun at recent story arcs or comic writers themselves. sohmer also has two other strips looking for group which is based off 
a world of warcraft / role playing type story  and least i could do , which follows the crazy adventures of one rayne summers 
 a 24 year old comic enthusiast and lady's man . you can see the first strip of gutters at  http://www.the-gutters.com/comic/1-lar-desouza
if your intrested in the other two : 
least i could do at licd.com and looking for group at lfgcomic.com 

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New costume?

seeing the beast and wolverine (spidey as well?) as avengers is cool and all but i was thinking since their uniforms represent the x-men and solo adventures respectively
why not have diffrent costumes/uniforms while on the avengers . i wonder about mostly because of wolverine's style . in astonoshing he wore a "new " blue and yellow costume while on his solo book he wore the brown and yellow. in the x-force series he wears a black and silver costume. to me it makes sense if he wore a avenger variant. so i brain stormed a little and wondered why the beast never wore a variant . it just looks a little silly to be on one team but bear the insignia of another . i brought spidey because  eh why not . seeing how the thing is going to be on new avengers maybe he can go with that black leotard look from the late 80's / early 90's but instead of a 4 in the middle it will have a "A ". same with beast and wolverine a diffrent color scheme and a "a " instead of a " X. so what do you think? am i just ranting or do you agree to a point? 

 like this except a "A" replacing the 4