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Is anyone else bummed about this day and age of x-men? I mean, they're all viewed as a villain, the family is broken, and all they do is fight each other. Hell kitty is dating star Lord... I just really miss the days when the X-men fought villains, when they taught children math and flight classes, and when they sat back and enjoyed each other's company


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I like both ladies and am fine with how they are currently treated.

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Wolverine and Cyke

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Are you people blind? What do you think is happening in Magneto solo? Humans being fair to mutants and shaking their hands? NO. I might agree Jean hacking Magneto's mind for a sec but, this I don't agree. I don't agree with Xavier's dream, fantasy, stupid dream (matter for serious thought it is). It will never happen, and even now which they are being cruel to mutants. So much for Cyclops (or X-M) is better, is right, and "cyclops already saved the mutant race to be extinct" (as a matter of fact they're about to be extinct). I don't see Cyclops doing any of that in Magneto' series. Right now neither Cyclops or X-M are saving any. Magneto is an old man and yet, he is doing (what X-M should have been doing) everything by himself and pretty well he's handling those cruel people (and with hardly power). Open ya eyes that Magneto (not was) IS right. They are killing mutants for enjoyment, using even REAL humans and turning them into cyborg so they can kill mutants, and making MGH so they can have power. Ahem... don't this sound like they do wish to have power and all this war started because they actually do envy them??

I'm surprised no one mentioned anything about Magneto's series when the answer for all this "bigotry" and "hate" can be found there (and people think they should work together? Shame). This is evidence why Magneto don't fall for Xaviers's unrealistic dream.

If I were a mutant I will be with Magneto since all he wants is peace with his fellow while humans all they want is war war war war war war war and WAR. Shame on you for those who didn't know.

I feel that is the problem with how Marvel handles Xavier's dream in that the human reaction towards mutants is often times unrealistic and unsympathetic, where seemingly every human is ready to pull out a shotgun at a mutant regardless what the mutation is or whether or not that mutant is bad. This is even more idiotic considering e the x-men live in a world filled with super beings, particularly with the fantastic four who everybody loves as of now in current marvel comics. There was an image i saw comparing how three humans would react towards Agnel in the x-men movies to the real world. Humanity should be divided on mutant-kind, not this one-sided bullcrap where they have no problem with allowing the government to have giant robots hunting mutants- most of time innocent mutants- and causing alot of property damage along the way that would make Zack Snyder proud. There has not been a real strong progression towards mutant and human relations in the X-men comics. If they were, then the current x-men comics should show and build upon that. So of course Magneto was right, because Marvel has not done a good job to make Xavier's dream of co-existence as compelling and sympathetic as Magneto's viewpoints. In addition, I wouldn't say that Xavier's dream is unrealistic. To say that is to say the equivalent of saying MLK's dream is unrealistic.

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I would choose neither and form my own team which will be a combination of Xavier's and Magneto's viewpoints. I feel like creating a synthesis between the two ideals will lead to better results.

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In 2099.

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The revolution should begin for reals by 2020, I'm positive about it.

lol no longer XP

Unfortunately, yes. Cyclops might either die or go full-blown villain after AXIS.

is the good guys turning bad and vise versa happens at the end of axis????? Also since the O5(since they were in a different universe) are not affected by AXIS they will be the layla miller of this time?????

Im not familiar with who Layla Miller is. And one of the good guys turned bad is supposed to remain that way permanently. Read the Solicits for December. Its gonna turn out to be BAD for the X-Franchise and Cyclops in general.

Layla miller is the girl from HoM that remembered how life was before house of M happened and made everyone else remember(luke cage, wolverine, emma frost, scott summers, etc)

Ah ok thx. Yeah I guess ANXM are in the hands of Bendis so they're safe. Unfortunately Remender getting his hands on Cyclops = Disaster for the X-Men. His whole Assimilation bull**** and the way he completely destroyed Havok shows that nothing good for the X-Franchise will come out of this event.

if all the good guys turn evil and vice versa that means emma frost would be good, lol......just a twist maybe


Actually it seems like anyone who's not an Avenger is evil.

Avengers are always right and marvel loves them

They made Marvel a crap ton of money, so of course they love the Avengers.

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Bendis's run on X-men has been bleh. I wouldn't care if they retconned parts of his run

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Squirrel Girl beating opponents that are leagues above her in strength, speed, and skill. It's just grating to see her do it all the time.

So this!