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Limited by a Lack of a Decent Plot 0

When I first saw the DVD cover, I had a bad feeling about this movie. My instincts started tingling even worse when I read the blurb on the back. But my younger cousin was adamant and I indulged her in agreeing to watch. But frankly, I should have listened to my initial instincts.What can I say about this lackluster disappointment to the Batman franchise? It’s not the utter shame of the Batman series, but I will say it’s not going to win awards either. My cousin found it decent but m...

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Ugly Character, Ugly Film 0

Jonah Hex may be an excellent example of how to make a flop of a movie. It was simply that bad. I’m only passingly familiar with the character but I do know that he is not supposed to be able to raise the dead even though they got most of the rest right. I thought that bit just simply didn’t make that much sense and was a vain attempt to throw in a supernatural element to the film. Why? I don’t know and apparently neither did the filmmakers.The storyline is barely comprehensibl...

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Not At All Cartoony 9

One of the best adaptations of Hal Jordan aka Green Lantern to the silver screen. The animation is crisp and interesting and this is what Green Lantern should have been doing in the live action film; flying in space, using planets as billiard balls/make-shift weapons, and everything else.What I particularly liked about this one is unlike the live action piece of crap, this animated feature actually had a storyline in it that was fairly compelling. This isn't so much as an origin story but showin...

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Doomed for Watching 0

Bleah. This could have been something. They were adapting the “Tower of Babel” to the animated screen, which was one of the bigger and one of the most stunning JLA storylines by Mark Waid, who I unabashedly claim as one of the very best comic book writers of this generation. Unfortunately they fell short in copying his masterpiece, and they did it badly too.First, it was over too damn quick. Like so many of these adaptations, they compress way too much in order to fit the movie in ba...

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Better Cartoon than Movie 0

Unlike the big budget, live action monstrosity which let me down immensely, DC Showcase: Jonah Hex is an example of what a really good gritty Western flick is all about, even if it is a 12-minute animation short.Hex is the bad@$$ bounty hunter who is hunting down a criminal and stumbles across some even worse fellas. And despite his brutality and mercilessness, he’s got a sense of justice lurking beneath that scarred exterior.My favorite part was at the end where Hex and the brothel madam ...

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Best of the Bixby Hulk Movies 1

Another made-for-television movies that continues the trials of the Incredible Hulk. As I have mentioned before, I don’t particularly care for the Bill Bixby’s version of the character as it didn’t really feel too much like the Hulk that I was familiar with in the comic books. This Hulk was way underpowered and he never fought any extraordinary villains or opponents plus he even lacked the ability to speak. I also found the lack of a real supporting cast to be a turn off with h...

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