Comic Book Superheroes TV & Movies Reviews Part 1

Comic Book Superheroes TV & Movies Reviews

I used to have this list (or most of it) on Screened but since that website has closed down, I was forced to move them here.

I'm a life long superhero comic book fan and I've noticed that there is an increasing number of superhero and superhero-like characters who are making the jump to the silver screen or as television series. Some of them are fairly good, while others fall flat.

This list will cover those that I've seen and my opinion of them. I'm slowly working on filling each one and rating them. For the most part, this list is alphabetical, but with some multiple entries with similar names, I tried to make it chronological. Due to current limits on how Comic Vine organizes our Lists, I'm going to have to break it up into different parts to maintain their order.

  • 5 STARS: The Best of the Best! You HAVE to go and see this!

  • 4 STARS: Really, really Good. You are definitely missing out if you don't see this.

  • 3 STARS: Mediocre to Decent.

  • 2 STARS: Fair to Okay; if you have nothing else to do and want to kill some time...

  • 1 STAR: Didn't like it.

  • 0 STAR: Junk. A piece of horrible crap that you will regret and agonize over the fact that you will never get back the time you wasted watching this..

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