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Robin vs. Raphael. Were it any OTHER Robin, I would back my man Raph any day. Raphael is not so much as a superhero but a warrior and unlike the more namby pamby Robins such as Dick Grayson, Tim Drake, or Steph Brown; he has and is far more willing to kill. And he has the physical skills to do so as well.

Jason Todd has the killer mojo working for him, but he seems to rely more on technology like guns and explosives to do his dirty work and I feel that Raph would be able to overcome him when it got down to hand-to-hand combat.

On the other hand, Damian is far more violent and brutal than Grayson, Drake, or Brown and trumps Todd in skill and cunning. But can he overcome a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle? Particularly the Master of the Sais and Sarcasm? I think that he has a better than decent chance.

I do think that this is a great match-up with similar skills and ruthlessness in both characters! For myself, I have always felt that in many of these match-ups; people seem to underestimate that some characters are always a bit more vicious, a bit more willing to go the extra mile which compensates for say a lack of raw power or skill as unlike their opponent, the more ruthless individual would be more willing to go for a more lethal or aggressive blow.

Were another TMNT facing Damien like Michelangelo or Donatello; I feel that they would underestimate him too much and would be annihilated before they could recover. Leonardo is iffy, but I think his sense of honor would be his downfall as Damian would take advantage of it.

Physically, I think Raphael dominates. He's stronger and has the reach advantage. Speed, I'm not sure which would be superior but I'm betting they're close. Finally, durability is something up in the air. The Turtles seem to be at least bulletproof on their shells and Damian is doubtless wearing some sort of kevlar and body armor; but as far as impact or knife proof? I think Damian's armor probably falls short there.

Next comes to skills. Again, they come close. Both were trained from childhood in combat. I think were it come down it; Raphael would exceed Damian in certain aspects in ninjitsu where Damian would be better and more broadly trained in a wider variety of skills like parachuting, deep sea diving, etc.; Damian would also be trained in a wider variety of hand-to-hand combat skills than Raph. Damian is trained on how to negate his disadvantages of size and proportionate strength and has gone up against metahumans to boot. I think that in this case; Raphael's physical superiority and experience would ultimately prove triumphant where it come down to a case of pure skill.

However, I think that Raphael has a number of disadvantages that Damian does not. First off, Raphael's weapons of choice; the sai are rather range limited unless he throws them. Then he's unarmed, so it's a last-ditch sort of tactic.

Damian has a utility belt and is armed with a number of throwing projectiles and weapons so he has a distance advantage. Next off, due to the fact that Raph tends to stay mostly underground in the sewers and stuff; I'm assuming that he is not as well equipped or knowledgeable about the environment above ground. Damian strikes me as the sort who is quite willing to hotwire a car and run his opponent down if he could do so; likewise he might turn a car into a firebomb.

Finally and most damning of all is Raphael's temper. He is the sort to lose his cool in the middle of battle particularly if egged on by Damian who will exploit this to the fullest. Against perhaps the most cunning and most vicious Robin of them all along with his skills? I'm afraid that Raphael is Turtle Soup.


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I have to say that in terms of raw physical power, I'm probably going to have to go with Invincible over Wonder Woman. Invincible is like the equivalent of a teenage Superman. In her varied incarnations, it seems that Wonder Woman is close to--but never quite able to surpass or defeat Superman without some aid or assistance even with her magical items like her bracelets and lasso.

And while some might claim that Invincible's youth makes him not quite as powerful as Superman; Invincible isn't quite as bound by Superman's tendency to restrict himself to avoid injuring people. He doesn't like it, but Invincible seems to have less morals inhibiting him from unleashing some major smack down if he has to.

While I think that it could be a very close match-up with Diana's skill overcoming her physical limitations, I think that Invincible would be able to overcome her just from his sheer physical toughness, his raw strength, and blinding speed. And while her fighting skills and martial arts prowess might be able for her to get in a few licks in; Invincible's powers plus his willingness to unleash some brutality would ultimately trump her, making him the victor of this match-up.


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I have to say that this is one of those one rare battles that I think would go either way. I honestly cannot say that either one has a major advantage or disadvantage over the other. The fact is that both of these characters are chosen by the Gods of different pantheons.

Beta Ray Bill is Thor's BFF, regarded as being one of the few beings in the Universe as being the Thunder God's equal in Odin's eyes--er, eye. Wonder Woman in the new 52-Universe is the daughter of Zeus and apparently has inherited a major bit of her old man's might.

As far as strength, stamina, and constitution goes; both of them are top tier. I think that Bill might have the slight edge in strength and durability; but Wondy is probably faster plus she does have those bracelets. I remember seeing the last Wonder Woman animated movie and I'm not sure if it counts or not in this particular battle; but I distinctly remember Wonder Woman deflecting a lightning bolt with one of those babies so she does have some major league protection providing she can block an incoming attack fast enough. And this is the woman who routinely deflects machine gun bursts--I think she's fast enough for even a lightning bolt too. Both are also highly trained and extremely skilled fighters as well.

As far as mobility goes; both are capable of flight so neither concedes a major advantage there either. I'm assuming that Bill is kinda like a rocket; explosively fast since he relies on hurling his hammer and holding on but not so great on midair turns. Wonder Woman is more akin to a bird in flight--more maneuverable but speed might be a problem; particularly since she's up against someone whose atmospheric control might be good enough to create a counter wind against her flying.

When we get down it basically it's going to be weapons against weapons which is where I have to say that on first glance; Bill's Stormbreaker Hammer wins hands down. A copy of Mjolnir, Stormbreaker can be hurled with superhuman force and returns to his hand and commands the weather. With Stormbreaker, Bill has a major tactical advantage over Wondy. He doesn't have to get close but use wide area attacks which would neutralize her ability to block with her bracelets. Soften her up with a barrage of freezing rain, cyclonic gusts of winds, chunks of hail battering her from all sides and then fire off lightning bolts to finish the job. If she's still standing, Hammer Time!

That was my first impression at least. Then occurred to me that in the new 52-continuity--Wondy is the daughter of Zeus who among his other traits; is the God of the Sky, Storms, and Weather. Would such attacks even work on her? Could she even counter Stormbreaker thanks to her divine heritage? I don't know and I'm not about to start citing continuity or making stuff up as I go along but I have to say that I'm not keen on the idea that Stormbreaker would be able to overwhelm Wonder Woman so easily.

Plus, they are located in a city and I think Bill would be hesitant towards unleashing his full weather powers in such a place, endangering helpless civilians. No, Bill is a good guy and he's going to try and limit damage so he'll pretty much try to close in to defeat Wonder Woman which brings him into melee range--which is probably where Wonder Woman is at her most dangerous and HER weapons come into play. The unbreakable lasso, her sword, and bracelets.

I couldn't even begin to speculate which one would top the other here. They're too close to one another physically to positively overwhelm the other and too good at hand to hand to overcome any disadvantages.


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Green Arrow is a tricky opponent thanks to his arsenal of high-tech arrowheads but he is primarily a distance fighter who relies on his gimmick of shooting his opponent and incapacitating them. He's great at it. World class even. But up against the Winter Soldier, he's at a severe disadvantage.

Even if GA gets lucky and say shoots an electro-arrow or whatever and disrupts Bucky's cybernetic arm; I have seen Bucky fight without his arm entirely so I can't believe that it would slow him down that much. He's trained himself to fight without it so it wouldn't totally incapacitate him like some other people have suggested.

Not to mention that Bucky isn't just a distance fighter, he's also excellent at moderate or even hand-to-hand ranges.

And while Green Arrow is fast and can shoot multiple arrows so that he can engage most people with guns and win; I do not believe that he can do so with Bucky who has demonstrated that his reflexes are good enough that he can shoot arrows out of the air or even catch them if he was so inclined. In essence, Ollie is going up against someone who is every bit as good as he is with a gun as he is with a bow.

So basically Green Arrow's best ability is effectively nullified or countered. If anything, he's at a disadvantage since his bow is a fairly big target and Bucky is sure to shoot to damage or disable it leaving Ollie with a hunk of reinforced plastic that is a badly shaped club and no way to fire off his arrows except by throwing them. Against a speeding projectile like a bullet? He's screwed.

Green Arrow is an excellent hand to hand combatant but he is definitely not in say Batman's league in hand-to-hand combat who I think is easily in Captain America's level which Bucky has demonstrated he can fight at as well. He's also better than Green Arrow is at exploiting the terrain so GA has no advantages there either.

Overall, the Winter Soldier has too many advantages with fewer weaknesses to exploit than Green Arrow does.


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I haven't received a reply back from my earlier post.

I was trying to vote for the Battle of the Week: Green Arrow vs. Black Widow earlier this week and couldn't. First, I got an internal error message and then when I tried again, I got this note that said that the voting session had expired on October 10. Which was three days in the future.


What's going on?

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Hey, I think I'm running into the same problem. I was trying to vote for the Battle of the Week: Green Arrow vs. Black Widow and got the same problem; first an internal error message and then that the voting session had expired on October 10. Which is three days from now.

What's going on?

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I definitely want to see Professor Zoom but not in a first movie. A villain like that needs some build-up time, maybe some teasers and cameos in the first two movies as a behind-the-scenes mover. Personally, I think that they should have some minor level villains for a first movie but no major ones because I think it distracts too much from the origin movie; or possibly have the Rogues as an established villain team who inadvertently start some big disaster or event that the Flash needs to resolve instead. Separately, the Rogues are one-trick vills who can't really hold up to the demands of a big screen threat while as a team, they could be viable. As long as they don't make the mistake of focusing too much screen time on them instead of the Flash.

In the sequel is when they should start bringing in the big guns like Gorilla Grodd or possibly Abra Kadabra and have the Rogues play like a minor part.

Finally, in the finale is where Professor Zoom should be the big final boss.

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@pikahyper: Currently using Windows 8.1. Haven't tried to modify it on another computer but for some reason, I can apparently modify stuff on the list again, I removed the Guardians of the Galaxy plus added some stuff in the description boxes. So it's apparently working again.

I don't know what happened, it just stopped working and now it's back and I haven't modified or done anything to my computer either. Maybe it was a temporary glitch or something?

Nevertheless, I do want to thank you for your aid and attempts to assist.

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Noticed spelling error in Insepector Gadget movie title. It should be Inspector Gadget.

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@pikahyper: Sure thing. It's the:

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