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I dunno if this is some new mod to Comic Vine but I can't seem to open up the images in the image galleries. Before I would click on the image and a larger, full sized version of the image would pop up. Now, it's not doing it anymore.

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I've noticed that the past few weeks that the ComicVine guys haven't been posting that Weekly Battle Poll & Forum. What happened to it? Is it still around?

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Overall, I think DD will overcome The Man Who Broke the Bat. DD is close in capability to Batman in fighting skills, stamina, technique, and tenacity. While there are those who will undoubtedly point out that Bane took down Bats and thus indicates he is a tougher and stronger than the Dark Knight, there were extenuating circumstances behind that "defeat".

Everyone seems to forget that Bane did not engage Bats one-on-one in fair or equal combat. No, he used strategy to weaken him by running him ragged through a vicious gauntlet and then, when he was at his weakest was when Bane struck. Plus, Bane was an unknown when he fought Batman. He had surprise on his side and that counts for a lot. If you don't know what your opponent is capable of or how he fights, then you're at a major disadvantage. Bane on the other hand; researched, watched, and studied Batman in combat so he knew Batman's fighting style and prepared for it.

As a result, we have a villain who has a completely overblown rep as being the guy who broke Batman. Thus he MUST be a complete and total bad@$$ who is nearly the equal to Batman. I don't think that Bane has had that much success as a major super villain since his big debut. It sounds better that Bane has been able to decisively win against Batman since.

As this is a complete random encounter; Bane hasn't had a chance to research his opponent nor strategically weaken DD beforehand. DD is I think far superior in hand-to-hand combat, plus he's got his billy club. He can tell Bane is a BIG guy and he's used to dancing around, using nerve strikes and pressure points to whittle his enemy down. Bane resorts to his Venom enhancement but DD is used to fighting superhumanly strong opponents so is a bit more cautious and he can lock onto the Venom device is working to pump more of the Venom steroid into him and he'll probably go to disable it, despite Bane's attempts to protect it.

Bane realizes that he can't overcome his opponent so he decides to retreat, declaring that he'll be back to fight again another day. It's a strategic retreat and a victory for the Man Without Fear!


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About the Powers List on the General Info Submenu for the Character Pages, we used to be able to click on the individual powers to track down all of the characters who might have had that particular power set. I'd like to bring that option back. I also sorta miss the cute little icons that Comic Vine used to have for some of the powers; although I can understand it makes sort of crowded lists for the multi-powered characters.

But I have to say that there are some 'powers' that I think are silly and shouldn't be on the list such as the whole 'Attractive Male' and 'Attractive Female' thing. Is it possible for a revamping of the Powers List; adding some and removing others?

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I'm afraid that Aquaman has finally met his match in the Weekly Battle Polls. Unlike his previous opponents, Rulk is in a class all by himself and has the power, brains, and stamina to put the Sovereign of the Seven Seas down for the proverbial count.

Unlike She-Hulk or Iron Man from the previous weeks, Rulk is far more ruthless and much less willing to pull his punches. While I had no problems with believing that Aquaman's strength level is on and near She-Hulk's level and is capable of going toe-to-toe with Iron Man; Rulk is another story. With the ability to go blow for blow against the Hulk who could hurt even Superman; the King of Tides is simply out of his weight class in terms of pure strength.

Plus, Rulk has shown himself to be an incredibly brutal fighter who is willing to take a hit if it means that his opponent gets in nice and close for him to get a good grip on. Yeah, I can believe that Aquaman can land a blow, even with his Trident--but a decisive one? Probably not. Which negates Aquaman's speed and agility. Rulk is far more able to soak up damage than She-Hulk so I can imagine even with Aquaman's trident stuck in an awkward spot; Rulk is more than capable of delivering a counterattack that lowers the Lord of Atlantis to the mat.

Not to mention that Rulk has the whole super-heat "the madder Rulk gets, the hotter Rulk becomes" generation deal. Even trying to cool him down with broken fire hydrants or something is probably not going to do the trick. The whole super-heat will undoubtedly severely burn Aquaman if he tries to fight hand-to-hand and even trying to maintain a distance from the burning temperatures will weaken him, dehydrating the water-borne hero. Even dumping him in the East River or the Hudson might not be enough, Rulk would turn whatever section to a boiling cauldron and he could easily leap his way out of there.

Finally, Rulk has the strategic brains of a trained Army General behind him. Were it the regular Hulk, I'd lay odds that Aquaman might be able to outwit him, but Rulk is another story. Unlike Iron Man who could be tricked into overconfidence, Rulk has the ability to back up his confidence and the ability to withdraw when things aren't in his favor and attack from another angle.

I'm afraid that Rulk just has too many advantages for Aquaman to overcome on his own. This is perhaps one of the worst match-ups for him to have; someone with the raw strength and durability to hold up to his strength, the ability to weaken him simultaneously, and the smarts to use his assets and prevent Aquaman from outmanuevering him. Not even the Human Torch can compare! Which means ...


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I noticed that under the submenu for Wiki that Objects are mistakenly labelled as "Things", you might want to retitle it.

I don't focus on such things usually but the "Concepts" and "Story Arcs" pages aren't really tied to the Character Pages (much like the Locations and Objects Pages). They can link to the Characters but not vice versa. I think it would be good if Concepts and Story Arcs could also create links between one another as well.

For the "Story Arcs", I think they need something like "Major Characters" for those individuals who play a major or important role in the story arcs themselves. Instead, it might be better suited for the "Character Pages" if ComicVine simply dropped that "Recommended Reading" tab and replace it with "Story Arcs" instead as well.

You could have something like the "Like" or "Hate" voter thing for the individual "Story Arcs" and have the readers determine which "Story Arcs" are better than the others if you wanted too, with the most liked showing up at the top of the page for the 'most recommended'. Or have the "Story Arcs" under 'alphabetical' filters too.

"Concepts" can fit under the "Relate" tab along with Friends, Enemies, Teams, and Movies. I'd like Objects and Locations under that tab; I think I mentioned that in an earlier post.

Another thing that I dislike is some people are adding in all sorts of people under the "Creators" in the "General Information" sub bar. A bunch of people have been added under the "Creator" for Spider-Man for example instead of simply having it as Stan Lee and Steve Ditko. While I admire many of the writers and artists that people have been listing under the Creator listing, it simply isn't true that they 'created' Spider-Man.

Yet for many of the longer lasting characters, many writers and artists have made their mark and influenced them. I'd like it if ComicVine could add in some sort of 'Notable Writers/Artists' or something in the "General Information" sub bar. Something like that for Spider-Man, Superman, and Batman would be great.

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This one is tough. Unlike last week's contestant, She-Hulk; Iron Man is a tougher nut to crack. The Gamma Gal had strength and durability stats to pull off a close tie with the King of the Seven Seas. The main reason why I thought Aquaman came out on top was that his toughness and strength were close to her own and he had the advantage in hand-to-hand with his trident.

Iron Man on the other hand has flight plus range with superior beam weapons like his repulsors. Iron Man is rocketing around, probably tries a taunting demand to surrender and when that doesn't work, goes for a few low-powered repulsor blasts to test the waters and see just how tough Aquaman is. Aquaman shrugs it off but he's definitely got a problem here. Iron Britches is out of his range but obviously he doesn't have that problem.

That's not to say that Aquaman can't overcome his range handicap but it'll be harder. I'm thinking that he'll try to either try jumping or the ol' car-as-a-projectile-weapon. I think there's a good chance that Tony will dodge which was what Aquaman was expecting. Iron Man becomes overconfident in his tech can overcome whatever the blonde surfer dude has. He can't even fly like Namor the Sub-Mariner!

But Aquaman is a lot sneakier. His first move was just a feint to get Iron Man to lower his guard as he goes for his trident next. I'm betting that Iron Man doesn't think that hunk of metal has a chance against his super-titanium alloy diamond-hard armor and doesn't even try dodging. Tank rounds bounce off his suit after all, what's that oversized salad fork going to do?

Aquaman splits open Iron Man's suit like a sardine can and suddenly Tony is in big trouble. "Magic. I HATE magic!"

Suddenly he's just a normal guy in a badly damaged suit while Aquaman proceeds to rip it off him with his Atlantean-born strength. One finger flick knocks out our Un-Armored Avenger and just like that it's over.


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Speaking again of our Lists, I seem to remember that before the upgrade that the sidebar used to display a random sampling of similar lists instead of now showing the Top Rated Lists of the person who created them. I'd like to have that random sampling of the lists back or maybe a mix of the creator's top rated lists and similar lists too.

And I know numerous people have mentioned it and I have too, but I'd really like the ability to organize our lists that are larger than 100 entries rather than have it randomized brought back too.

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@rouflex: Lots. Massive. Brobdingnagian. Loads of cursing. Lots of squinting and muttering outloud: "Is that brown or green?". More squinting and more cursing.

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Aquaman is not given the respect he deserves. I think it's probably due to that God awful "Super Friends" series back in the early 1980s where he's thought of the guy in the orange shirt who talks to fish. Big whoop. He's bigger and better than that.

The "JLA: Welcome to the Working Week" graphic novel said it best I think: "A King is a King in every corner of his kingdom. And when he's not in his kingdom? He's still a King."

Nobody seems to disrespect Namor the Sub-Mariner yet Aquaman is scoffed at routinely. For those readers who bring up that She-Hulk has beaten Aquaman in one of those DC/Marvel Crossover Events; I remember Aquaman beating Namor in another one of those. True, I think he did some sort of sucker punch kind of deal, but it still counts that Aquaman is one of the big guns in the DC-verse.

Overall, the King to Tides holds the advantage in a battle between himself and the Jade Giantess in my opinion. First, I believe that in terms of raw strength that both of these individuals are fairly close than many would suspect.

Aquaman is severely underrated simply because of the company he keeps. If you hung around Superman, Wonder Woman, and the Martian Manhunter; you'd be thought of a wimp too compared to those powerhouses. While he's no Hulk, there aren't many who are in his weight class either and I believe that She-Hulk is around the same level in terms of raw strength.

Second, She-Hulk has always been a bit of a brawler. She's so confident in her strength and power, she rarely bothers to take a fight seriously at first. Aquaman on the other hand, has been forced to fight in the DC-verse and I think has increased his battle savvy-ness. If you're up against Superman-class powerhouses, Flash-class lightning speedsters, and Batman-class fighters, you either get dead really fast or you learn to fight on a higher level just to survive. So even if She-Hulk does have a slight edge on him in pure strength, Aquaman is the better all-around fighter in my opinion.

And while the East River and Hudson aren't around the corner for this battlefield, it's not as though Aquaman is totally cut off from water sources either. I mean, there has to be water lines, fire hydrants, etc. around. This is Times Square, not the middle of a desert.

Finally, Aquaman is equipped with a gigantic magic trident weapon. That means he's got better range than She-Hulk when it comes down to a melee fight. With his strength and the magic inherent in the trident, She-Hulk won't be able to shrug it off like nothing. Stick a fork (or trident) in her, she's is done.