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I just discovered that by the "Top Rated Lists" is actually a link that shows all of the lists that is linked to the wiki page. I was extremely pleased to discover this but it's too well hidden.

It is vital to emphasize that the link even exists in the first place. I discovered it accidentally when I moved my mouse cursor over it and it lit up. I figure that some people don't realize that it even there at all.

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@pikahyper: Well, that's ... lousy. OK, I guess I'll keep plugging away and making my suggestions and hoping they get around to fixing stuff. Thanks for trying.

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@pikahyper: So basically, don't hold my breath on an addition like this coming forth anytime soon then. I have seen some incremental changes; like the Active Friends display has returned AFTER years of pleading about it. Is there some plan for any of these suggestions being implemented or is it just whatever the Staff feels like actually adding in or fixing? I know that I've been posting various suggestions on this thread for years.

I do hope that the Staff is working on fixing some of the errors and bugs too. I made a note on the Bugs and Errors Thread a while back along with @etragedy that ComicVine seems to have lost most of my older Reviews; they don't show up on my Review Pages and sometimes even on the movie articles under the Review Tabs as well don't always show up. I haven't heard anything about a fix though and I'm starting to wonder if they've forgotten the problem. So I suppose another suggestion to improve the site is that the Staff has a Problems Update Thread or something that lets us know that they are working on an issue.

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@pikahyper: You do have a point after I took another look at the sheer number of issues that ComicVine has. It was a bit staggering for me to realize just how MANY entries that we have. It also didn't occur to me about what kind of database glitches and stuff that might create doing such a massive reformatting.

It did occur to me though, instead of creating a new subcategory and having to readd them in; could we apply something like an adjustment to the Issue Details Box instead?

It already has various stuff like the Name, Volume, Issue Number, Cover Date, and In Store Date. Could they add in something like "Type"? And we can click on various options like 'Comic Book', 'Graphic Novel', 'Magazine', 'Comic Strip Collection', etc. Yes, it would be a lot of work having to have people go back and edit things but they wouldn't have to do it from scratch. And I have to admit that the Issue Details could use a bit of expanding as well. Perhaps something like Language or Country of Origin?

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Really? We can't create a new category and simply overtime, correct those that fit? Geez, Comic Vine is kinda limited.

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I was thinking that the Comic Vine issues could use a bit more organization. For example, could we separate the Graphic Novels from the Comic Book Issues? Like as an actual subdivison category?

I've noticed that when I was a kid, GNs were rare but these days, a number of series do collected issues GNs. In addition, Viz used to print out comic book issues for their manga but its seems to have fallen out favor and instead they are simply printing out an entire graphic novel series. It needs to be clearly labelled that a title/series is a Graphic Novel.

In addition there are other formats that don't fit into the idea of a comic book for example: newspaper comic strip books. I've always thought that they deserve their own separate subdivison category.

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I find that most of the updated looks pretty decent, a mix of traditional and some new modernizations. Not all of them are winners though.

Dr. Strange's outfit along with the battleax looks pretty weak to me. Not a real improvement of his old threads.

I am also appalled by the Vision's new look. I'm assuming it's an attempt to make him look more like his Cinematic appearance, but it just looks ... goofy to me. Particularly that weird "collar" he's sporting. Bleh.

C'mon. Write down the first word that springs to mind when you see some of the character's newest look.

Vision: Goofy.

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I dunno if this is some new mod to Comic Vine but I can't seem to open up the images in the image galleries. Before I would click on the image and a larger, full sized version of the image would pop up. Now, it's not doing it anymore.

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I've noticed that the past few weeks that the ComicVine guys haven't been posting that Weekly Battle Poll & Forum. What happened to it? Is it still around?

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Overall, I think DD will overcome The Man Who Broke the Bat. DD is close in capability to Batman in fighting skills, stamina, technique, and tenacity. While there are those who will undoubtedly point out that Bane took down Bats and thus indicates he is a tougher and stronger than the Dark Knight, there were extenuating circumstances behind that "defeat".

Everyone seems to forget that Bane did not engage Bats one-on-one in fair or equal combat. No, he used strategy to weaken him by running him ragged through a vicious gauntlet and then, when he was at his weakest was when Bane struck. Plus, Bane was an unknown when he fought Batman. He had surprise on his side and that counts for a lot. If you don't know what your opponent is capable of or how he fights, then you're at a major disadvantage. Bane on the other hand; researched, watched, and studied Batman in combat so he knew Batman's fighting style and prepared for it.

As a result, we have a villain who has a completely overblown rep as being the guy who broke Batman. Thus he MUST be a complete and total bad@$$ who is nearly the equal to Batman. I don't think that Bane has had that much success as a major super villain since his big debut. It sounds better that Bane has been able to decisively win against Batman since.

As this is a complete random encounter; Bane hasn't had a chance to research his opponent nor strategically weaken DD beforehand. DD is I think far superior in hand-to-hand combat, plus he's got his billy club. He can tell Bane is a BIG guy and he's used to dancing around, using nerve strikes and pressure points to whittle his enemy down. Bane resorts to his Venom enhancement but DD is used to fighting superhumanly strong opponents so is a bit more cautious and he can lock onto the Venom device is working to pump more of the Venom steroid into him and he'll probably go to disable it, despite Bane's attempts to protect it.

Bane realizes that he can't overcome his opponent so he decides to retreat, declaring that he'll be back to fight again another day. It's a strategic retreat and a victory for the Man Without Fear!