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I've noticed that there doesn't seem to be a specific or dedicated section for the Weekly Polls that we may or may not have voted in on the site; save for the News Section. If we don't have one, I think we need an archived section or something for them if we ever want to look one of the Polls up later on.

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Deadpool is a great character. I love 'em. He's funny, he's sarcastic, he's just plain nuts. He's like a murderous version of Spider-Man. But I'm going to have to side with the original ruthless and unstoppable merc, Deathstroke here.

Just because Deadpool is more popular and funnier does not counteract the fact that DP would be busy running off his mouth while Stroke would get down and dirty really fast. Stroke will probably open up first with a simple double tap gunshot wound to the chest and the head. When THAT doesn't put down the yammering fool in red and black, Stroke will realize that his opponent is superhumanly tough and a regenerator. He might not be able to kill him, but he can definitely incapacitate him for quite a while.

He could simply cut off his limbs or head and simply scatter them. Or maybe even find the nearest hardware store, buy a bunch of chains and concrete blocks and sink DP in a pool/river/ocean. Burying his bits and pieces wouldn't be that much of a stretch either.

That's it, match over.

While I'm sure that DP will somehow drag himself back out from the grave, reunite his disparated body parts, and come back stronger with an insane masterminded plot to take Stroke down, the fact remains; he will have LOST the first battle and this match. That's DP's strength; that he's like the Energizer Bunny. He'll just keep goin' and goin' and goin'. You can take him down, it's getting him to stay down that's the trick. But he simply won't take this first round seriously and that will count as Stroke's win. In the end, I figure DP will overcome and prevail and win the war but this first battle? Deathstroke for the win.

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@renchamp: Yeah, I totally agree. I still can't understand why they cut out the regular users' reviews. They could have simply separated them into two different pages; the Mods/Staff Review Pages and the User Review Pages. I also totally miss the fact that they also cut out that we can't give 1/2 STARS or even 0 STARS anymore. It totally means that even if you think a movie or comic is junk or crap, you HAVE to have at minimum 1 STAR. I think at best, they should have allowed us to give something 1/2 STAR at the very least.

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I was just looking at the Review Page and it suddenly occurred to me that is there anyway to add more filters to that "Sort Reviews By" search bar? I see that you've got Alphabetical, Comic Company, Newest, Oldest, Highest and Lowest; but could you also add other filters like Movies, Cartoons, and TV Shows? For that matter, does that Search Feature even work? I was trying to fiddle with it and it doesn't seem to do anything.

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@renchamp: Perhaps they need to do some sort of weekly cut off. I've noticed that the News displays stuff chronologically but there is a lot of things sometimes so I might miss certain things.

How about something like some sort of automatic weekly news feed where only this week's news stuff is displayed on the News Page like from last Friday to Thursday. Anything older than that gets knocked off automatically, it simply doesn't get displayed anymore on the Main News Page.

Instead, it gets kicked into something like an News Archive where you can look it up through some sort of filter menu like First Looks, another for Interviews, Previews, Spotlights, Questions of the Week, Battles of the Week, or simply chronologically.

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Teen Titans animated version! First off, I don't care that much for some of Deathstroke's other costumes, which I think has to do with the fact that they seriously over complicate his outfit with a bunch of extraneous gear. To a point, it looks cool but they can't seem to help themselves from adding too much.

For example, for his classic first suit, I always wondered why he had that bandolier of ammo cartridges strapped to his chest. It seemed pretty useless as those looked like gigantic sized bullets like rifle sized and he seemed to only carry a pistol so ... what was the point? Not to mention that I couldn't believe that some stray shot couldn't set off the whole string which was STRAPPED to his chest. It was like he was begging someone to try and take a shot at him. The swashbuckler orange boots and the long flapping straps from his mask also don't help and make him look goofy. The straps were probably for dramatic effects, sort of like a mini-cape or something; or to try and make him look more militaristic like those pictures of Vietnam-era soldiers wearing scarf covers on their heads that dangled down in the back.

And while I could appreciate the slight modernized look in his blue-black suit; the coloration just does not suit him very well. The Flashpoint outfit was just a mishmash of his looks, plus with the whole trenchcoat and the two-toned head scarf on-top on his head was stupid-looking. It sort of made him look piratical, but felt too heavily influenced by his past costumes. His 52-suit by Art Thibert is another costume that simply has too much stuff going on and too much unnecessary bits like the spikes, chainmail, and all combined make the costume look far too complicated and impractical. And don't get me started on his Young Justice suit. I just found his mask to be stupid looking with the black patch while some of the rest was orange not to mention the whole ponytail. On some guys, it looks cool. But on someone of Slade's age? Nuh uh. The Son of the Batman outfit was lacking as well. Deathstroke looked too slender and unarmored in that they went in the opposite direction and stripped away TOO much for once of his extraneous gear. Not to mention that I found myself still disliking those distracting mask straps fluttering in midair.

The other suits were all fairly good, although I still had my minor grievances with them. The Gods Among Us outfit had that lame eye scope on it, but I did like the Arrow live action suit, it just needs a bit more coloration here and there and the Arkham video game outfit went a little bit overboard on the armored protection with the thigh armor plates for example, when they could have done away with them easily. Otherwise the functionality and militaristic appearance blew me away.

His Teen Titans outfit on the other hand slightly edged to the top as my favorite simply because it is one of the more simplistic ones and strikes a nice balance between stark militaristic practicality and protective armor without sacrificing his agility, although I will admit that I wouldn't have minded a hint of orange stripes here or there on his armor to give him a bit more color. I also liked how his mask was a helmet with those breathing slits. Not to mention the utter starkness of the armor lines along with the lack of apparent weapons gave you the feeling that "I'm so bad@$$, I don't NEED frickin' weapons to kill you". That arrogance was the main reason why the Teen Titans suit pushed itself to top of my favorites list.

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First off, great match up. Two of the deadliest mercenaries up against each other in winner-take-all battle. It will be bloody. It will be nasty. When it is over, the entire block will be only fit for rubble. That said, I think it will take him some time but and he will be walking wounded, but Boba Fett will reign supreme. Deathstroke might be the Greatest Mercenary in the World, but Boba is the Greatest Bounty Hunter in the Galaxy.

Deathstroke will have the advantage, physically in strength and speed; but his arsenal of human-made weapons simply can't match Boba's high-tech alien gear and his cunning and ruthlessness easily equals or surpasses Stroke's military-trained mind.

Boba has been up against Wookies and Trandoshans, run into and earned the grudging respect of Darth Vader, and even been digested through the Sarlacc so he's not only pretty darn tough but extremely deadly. The only time that I can recall that he got ever 'defeated' was more like comedic chance and dumb luck on Han Solo's part in "Return of the Jedi".

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I've recently gotten into debating in the weekly theoretical battles between characters and noticed that these threads pop up on the News Page, but they sometimes get quickly overwhelmed by all of the other news stories you guys got that sometimes I miss 'em. I think you guys need to start dividing up the News Pages; one section for say First Looks, another for Interviews, Previews, Spotlights, Questions of the Week, Battles of the Week, etc. That way, we have our specific sections that we can focus on.

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@owie: True. I wasn't aware of that python coil thingee until this battle thread but it seems pretty awesome. That said, it appears that Batwoman actually beats out MK in nifty techno-gadgetry. Bane is a formidable opponent. Up close that is. Not to diss Batwoman, but that's his major weakness right there; he's mainly a hand-to-hand guy. It's when he gets his hands on you that you're in BIG trouble. Batwoman is far more balanced with body armor, hand-to-hand skills, and cool gadgets which makes her a far more formidable opponent for MK.

I'm thinking he does have a slight edge over her on sheer physical strength and experience. Old age and treachery will beat youth and exuberance. And python coil thingees.

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@patrat18: I think it would have been a lot closer than most people think. I do think that there were quite a few examples as to why she would have and MK also had some pretty good examples as why he could have taken her as well, particularly if he injured or disabled her before she unleashed her Canary Cry which she tends to reserve as her last ditch defense/weapon, not to mention I thought that MK has a defensive advantage with his armor over Canary's outfit plus she doesn't usually carry weapons.

And some people like Fallschirmjager stated that her winnage was because of "Boobs". I'm pretty sure that he was kidding, but I do think that the percentages between the two; MK had 38 percent and BC had 59 percent was overinflated simply because that Black Canary is a more well known and popular character over Moon Knight.

I just think that MK should have something akin to 45 percent and BC should have topped off at maybe 55 percent. Maybe a larger "it's too close too call" even. The ratios are simply slightly skewed in her advantage based on her popularity. Sorry, that's what I think and my statement about "Black Canary's popularity was a major factor in her winning last week's battle too" came out a bit wrong too. What I meant to say was that her stats were higher than they should have been simply because of her overall popularity, not that her popularity won the contest. Which is probably what's happening this week.

Honestly, I'm not that familiar with this incarnation of Batwoman and I think that probably why a lot of the people watching this thread and voting are similar as well. Give Batwoman a few more years and I think more people would be more familiar with her and her feats and the battle would be a lot closer. Heck, she might even topple the Crescent Crusader but with most people dismissing her rank as a female clone of Batman or as a newbie, her dismal stats reflect that.

The only reason why I came down on MK's side in this conflict is simply battle experience over her's. And I was seriously considering the "too close to call" option.