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I haven't received a reply back from my earlier post.

I was trying to vote for the Battle of the Week: Green Arrow vs. Black Widow earlier this week and couldn't. First, I got an internal error message and then when I tried again, I got this note that said that the voting session had expired on October 10. Which was three days in the future.


What's going on?

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Hey, I think I'm running into the same problem. I was trying to vote for the Battle of the Week: Green Arrow vs. Black Widow and got the same problem; first an internal error message and then that the voting session had expired on October 10. Which is three days from now.

What's going on?

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I definitely want to see Professor Zoom but not in a first movie. A villain like that needs some build-up time, maybe some teasers and cameos in the first two movies as a behind-the-scenes mover. Personally, I think that they should have some minor level villains for a first movie but no major ones because I think it distracts too much from the origin movie; or possibly have the Rogues as an established villain team who inadvertently start some big disaster or event that the Flash needs to resolve instead. Separately, the Rogues are one-trick vills who can't really hold up to the demands of a big screen threat while as a team, they could be viable. As long as they don't make the mistake of focusing too much screen time on them instead of the Flash.

In the sequel is when they should start bringing in the big guns like Gorilla Grodd or possibly Abra Kadabra and have the Rogues play like a minor part.

Finally, in the finale is where Professor Zoom should be the big final boss.

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@pikahyper: Currently using Windows 8.1. Haven't tried to modify it on another computer but for some reason, I can apparently modify stuff on the list again, I removed the Guardians of the Galaxy plus added some stuff in the description boxes. So it's apparently working again.

I don't know what happened, it just stopped working and now it's back and I haven't modified or done anything to my computer either. Maybe it was a temporary glitch or something?

Nevertheless, I do want to thank you for your aid and attempts to assist.

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Noticed spelling error in Insepector Gadget movie title. It should be Inspector Gadget.

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@pikahyper: Sure thing. It's the:

Comic Book Superheroes TV & Movies Review Part 2

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@pikahyper: Tried the cache clearing thing, still doesn't work. I've done it in Firefox, Safari, and Internet Explorer too.

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I just tried to update one of my lists and Comicvine says that my list ordering is invalid? I only have 25 items on my list and I thought that it was only when the items were 100 or more that it needed to be re-ordered.

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This is one case where I believe popularity is overwhelmingly in Batman’s favor. Everybody knows who he is, everybody knows he is the best hand to hand fighter in the universe, he’s like a super-ninja with batarangs and all sorts of super-bat-gadgets in his utility belt so how does a guy who gets his butt kicked regularly by four anthromorphic turtles possibly match up?

I believe that most people are wrong in this particular case as the odds are not in Batman's favor. In case they're basing the pathetic Shredder as he appeared in the 1980s family friendly Turtles cartoon or the live action films in the 1990s; in the comics the Shredder was far more dangerous and lethal than you're thinking of. He was known to take on all four of the Turtles and win.

First off, Batman's main advantage of using his assets and resources is not in his favor. He's deprived of his infamous Batmobile or Batwing and left engaging the Shredder one on one. Plus, the environment is not in his favor. As this battlefield is set in a dojo with probably wide open areas and spaces; he is incapable of trying to sneak up on his enemy who is by the way; a highly trained ninjitsu master. Batman's grappling lines aren't useable plus misdirection via smoke bombs or the shadows aren't going to cut it. In fact, they may even HELP the Shredder.

Most importantly, Batman is NOT a killer. And there is no doubt in my mind that the Shredder is. He's not going to hesitate, he can and WILL go for a finishing blow. And he's got the skills and weapons to do so. Batman's armor is defensive in nature, whereas trying to grapple with the Shredder is like asking to impale yourself on razor sharp spikes. I do know that Batman's suit is bulletproof but knife proof? I believe it is slash resistant but the Shredder is like a human can opener; studded with razor sharpened blades!

Batman's weapons such as they are, tend be disabling or defensive. His batarangs won't inflict enough damage through the Shredder's armor, nor will wrapping him up in a bat-line do it--he'll just cut through it. I'm pretty sure that Shredder is fully familiar with other tricks like tear gas or knock out gas or sedatives/poisons so that's out as well.

Batman is going to have to be on the defensive right out, forced to block and dodge while the Shredder will have a slight range advantage with his built-in blades. It will come down to hand to hand combat skills and stamina. And since Batman will be forced to keep moving, he will wear down faster. I believe that in end, since Batman will not be able to retreat according to the battle rules; he will be worn down and the Shredder will then take advantage of his tired state and BAM!


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There are certain things that I do like about Hickman's run. I do like that he seems to want to upgrade the Avengers to a new level. They're powerful, but if you were to compare them to say the Justice League; then they're not quite up to that level. On the other hand, I do feel that he doesn't really grasp the dialogue and characterization of some of the Avengers. While, I sometimes disliked some of Bendis' storylines or plots, I did think he had a great grasp on character dialogue whereas Hickman's comes off as a bit forced or heavy exposition handed and sometimes I find his plots to be a vague here and there. It's like, I read it but was left with me scratching my head afterwards.

Not to mention that he's simply added in a bunch of strangers like Hyperion, Smasher, Captain Universe and called them Avengers. That's it. I would have appreciated to see some build-up or something, not all of them have to have some sort of encounter or run-in with the Avengers, but it's like I flipped pages and suddenly they're members. We don't even see how they got recruited or voted in or anything.

Overall, I would have given him a 2 and a 1/2 out of 5; if they allowed 1/2 stars. I'll withhold final judgment until his run is over, hopefully when he wraps things up in a more understandable fashion.