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Best there is indeed 0

After cleaning up the mess that's been done by the yakuza/hand war, Wolverine sets his sight on sabretooth and plans to finish himThe GoodWhat I liked most about this issue is the irony that sabretooth used to beat wolverine to an inch of his life every year on his birthday but now it's the opposite also the return of many missed wolverine such Strikeforce X, Dr.Rot,bloodscream and roughouse Lord and lady deathstrike ..... and also the variety of artists (even renato guedes)The BadI just didn't ...

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Some time has passed since Schism and wolverine has completed the rebuilding but they need approval to make it an official school !! a Jason aaron really puts a comedic effect in this issue I LOVED IT !!!! surprsingly LOGAN keeps his composure and doesn't go into an ALL CAPS RAGE !!! but the one thing i can't understand is who the hell are those nightcrawler babies ?? so yeah i have a problem with this part but the rest is A+++ Even the ending !At first i wished that Bachalo would not be the art...

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The battle of the centry is upon us !!! 0

Schism kicks into high-gear FINALLY the two greatest X-men start fightingThe art done by alan davis is FANTASTIC he really knows how to make speechless and also the writing is not half bad because we don't really get what the schism is all about it , cyclops wants to fight that big ass sentinel while wolverine is scared for the kids and wants to evacuate utopia, jean popps into the conversation and then BOOM everything goes red,with one issue left Aaron has some real explaining to do but this bo...

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X-men Schism # 2 0

X-men Schism #1 was a hit issue but let's see if this next issue will follow it's predecessor's foot stepsThe GoodThe writing Done By Jason aaron is phenominal he's taking he's introducing some new cool villains And the Art is good in my opinion but last issue's art was better and it leaves readers with a very good endingThe Not so GoodI didn't say Bad because technically ther's nothing bad about this book but it has some minor setbacks like Jason Aaron is dragging the story and the event is hal...

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Wolverine The Best There is # 8 0

Hi!! Everybody !! Today i'm gonna be reviewing wolverine the best there is The Good Personally i couldn't notice anything good about this book it's ABSOLUTE CRAP  The Bad The writing by charles huston doesn't make any sense wolverine isn't himself and i was done with reading this book i was left with so many questions like: what THE HELL is that giant spider's roile in this whole story and those spacemen ?? Wolverine doesn't say a single word that makes he just screams like RAAAAAAAAAGH or HGGGG...

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Wolverine Weapon X #2 Review 0

So maverick contacts wolverine to inform him that a couple of black ops got the blueprints for the weapon x and they plan on recreating wolverine, for me this was an awessome comic Jason Aaron did a very terrific job he actually showed all of wolverine's skills i mean he's all about tactics i adored this issue and since Jason Aaron is in charge of writing all wolverine comics i except all of them to be this good  this an amazing issue it's tottaly worth your Time and Money ...

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marvel universe vs wolverine #1 0

hi! everybody today i will be reviewing wolverine vs marvel universe  #1 after the hit series called marvel universe vs punisher Marvel comics decided that it was about time that wolverine got his own rights in this kind of series personally i loved this issue it starts with gruesome scenes like wolverine stabbinng colossus in the head etc... but also they made the ultimate badass taking on the marvel universe in hope of salvation he acts on pure animal instincts hunting every zombie like person...

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wolverine the best there is # 1-7 review 0

today i will review this godman terrible miniseries called wolverine the best  #1-7 and i mean this in the sweetest way this series is a PIECE OF SHIT i mean really?? the writers were stoned when they wriiten this crap the point is this series sucks i hate whoever was involved in making this crap and if you are a wolverine i do not consider you buying it i wish i could give it a 0 out of 5 but too bad ...

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fear itself wolverine #1 0

hy everybody today i'm gonna be reviewing fear itself wolverine  #1this issue was not so much a fear itself tie in as it is a normal day in wolverine's life and it comes off to a very weird start with wolverine fighting a scarecrow and bunch of ravens but it's still worth picking up i do consider this issue but the wrriting has got to get better  that's it peace out...

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