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Great review, I also loved the realism of Candie's bad teeth. Schultz being a former dentist should of made a crack about them tho.

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Scarlet Witch

Ms. Marvel


Monica Rambeau


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If Rod Stewart was a Spider-Man Villain, then this guy would be perfect.

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@Cherry Bomb said:
"Not bad, not bad.  [:  haven't heard of him, so I'll definately look forward to seeing him as Harry if it turns out to be true.  Anton resembles Harry atleast.
He certainly has a way with the ladies ...

I don't think he's an unknown.  
I liked him in Alpha Dog (Where this image is from)  but it seems like he's popping up in way too many remakes or reboots or sequels in iconic roles made famous by other actors. He's the new Charley Brewster in the (unnecessary) Fright Night remake as well. 
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They announced this back in March, probably even earlier. Fans were up in arms back then over the casting, it was out there, can't see how people missed the news.
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Since the 1970's I have always pronounced "Kamandi", "KaMANdi", not "KaMONdi", either I was saying it wrong for 35 years or Babs is saying it wrong. What is the correct pronounciation?  Even G-Man says, "Ka-MAN-di, very confusing.
Great review, I passed on the single "issues" of this, because I  knew they were going to somehow trade it but loved the art in them. I'm a huge fan of retro DC and this has it. It's got a pricey cover but looks worth it.     
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@doordoor123 said:
"Its weird how Marvel didnt put a big name for Captain America, yet theyre putting a lot money into smaller parts. "

With the exception of Tommy Lee Jones, I don't think those other guys would cost that much. Maybe Hugo costs a bit, but certainly not Stanley Tucci.
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I was born in the early 70's and I love both the Batman: Brave & The Bold (The series & especially the comic version) as well as his darker incarnations. I was exposed to a lot of the campy comics back in the 70's then the revamped Neal Adams & Marshall Rogers versions so I guess that's why TBATB appeals to me as well as  the darker stuff. I'm sure this is like that for a lot of fans born in the late 60's early 70's. There will always be both versions of Batman for kids and adults cause some adults still dig the cartoony stuff as well.