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The Rob Zombie of the Seven Seas....

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It simply KILLS me what they've done with her since X-Force.... I mean seriously pains me to watch. That short lived series of hers to now being buried under that Avengers nonsense. Yost, Tan and Crain did her so much justice. So dark and violent. Now that Wolverine is a big wuss in the comics I was hoping she'd fill that void. But no....they completely waste her potential. She needs to seriously be rescued by that team and made a mature title again.

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Batman felt the need for that dopey looking fur lining...and Wonder Woman is still rocking a one piece bikini. LOL

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Well the fact it's on a channel that had 10 seasons of a non-super Superman, I have to say I'm less than enthusiastic about this. The writing may end up being tolerable, but it boils down to whether they get a girl who looks like an Amazonian that could actually kick your ass....or some anorexic Gossip Girl reject. Not some powerless girl trying to fit in to modern Facebook blogging and One Direction concerts. She's practically on par with Superman in the heavy hitter category for cripes sake...come on...

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I'm sorry but that hand gun is just ridiculous. It either shows how horrible his imagination and constructs are, or Rob Liefeld sneaked in and drew on the development pics and everyone just assumed it was legit. I mean it's like Superman flying around with a crowbar. And being a criminal...why would the ring even chose him? I don't know...this just smacks of the usual "let's shake shit up by doing something completely lame and against type." And I'm not commenting on his ethnicity, I could care less about that, it's EVERYthing else about him that's in question.

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The Gwen Stacy Spidey cover is the best. Greatest example of reducing a superhero to simply being human. And thanks to Sony's renditions of the character we'll probably never see that moment.

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This title is going to tank....

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The budget for the special effects alone is going to be astronomical when they have to CG all the weapons at impossible angles in everyone's hands and inhuman bodily proportions. Not to mention editing out all the hands and feet. I mean if they want it to be true to the source material...

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@Trodorne said:

So are they going to make a Lego Giant Eagle so history can be corrected and just drop the one ring in mount doom instead of traveling all that way and ending up losing alot of good people on the way like boromir. I MEAN COME ON GANDALF! YOU HAD GIANT ****ING EAGLES!

Even decades ago Tolkien knew that Sean Bean must die in everything...LMAO