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Because it's an inherent part of who she is. And in that lies some of the brilliance of Azzarello's run.

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@outside_85: Judging from the comment section in most youtube videos I've been, those ignorant opinions vastly outnumber the good ones.

Unless you can support this some kind of measures and analyzes this is utterly meaningless. So I can only hope people think a bit about stuff like this.

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You can't just pick negative comments about Wonder Woman from multiple videos across months and call it "public's perception".

This is a very lame topic and you should feel embarrassed.

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He done such an wonderful job in this first arc. I cannot wait to see what comes next.

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@k4tzm4n said:

Dear whatever has power over our universe,

I know you're probably pretty busy with like, cosmic matters and such, but if you have a moment, could you make sure this doesn't turn into a "SUPERMAN/WW ROCKS! NO IT DOESN'T! YES IT DOES! NO IT DOESN'T!" kind of thread? That would be great. Thanks and keep being awesome.



You gave 4/5 to SMWW #6 and you expect him to listen to you? No way!

I'm joking by the way, it seems you have to clarify that kind of stuff now.

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I'm sorry, but not giving this issue a 5 stars was a crime against humanity.

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I thought it was absolute incredible. Not only the story itself was amazing with a powerful and momorable finale, something that few other, if any couple could pull off, but the way so much of what came before was smoothly integrated and connect in this last issue was a great show of writing, Apollo powering subtly powering up the kryptonians was a special touch. Not few people talked about how Zod and Faora shouldn't be that powerful so fast, well, there you have a perfect explanation.

However, the best thing that can be said about this issue might be how it felt like both worlds coming together. It didn't feel a Superman stor or a Wonder Woman story, it felt something that took from both and create something new. It's no only that you had members of both mythologies in the story, that's easy to do, it's how they were connected and woven together to create this epic issue.

Really, I wasn't expect something so good. A round of applause to Soule and Daniels. The latter who delived a beautiful art, as always.

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Talking about Wonder Woman, why you guys stop reviewing it?

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What I liked about Zod and Faora is how coordinated their attacks felt. You can see Zod blasting Clark with heat vision while Faora kicks him, later they blitz him, one from each side... it felt Clark didn't know how to counter that.