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@smart_dork_dude: My question is, if Batman is so great and can plan for anything, why is Gotham still a toilet in comparison to a lot of other places in the DCU?

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If this ends with Archie and the gang being trophy kills stacked on the Predator's mantle, I will buy all of the issues.

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The look is fine. I was never a fan of Frank Miller's design for the character, but if you want an older Batman that's still built like a brick sh*t house, than that's the one you turn to for inspiration. My problem with it stems from the worry that, once again, Batman won't be able to turn his head in the costume.

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@dondave said:

What's the genial plotline of Halo exactly?

Ancient aliens created space rings to kill all life because of an unstoppable species that fed on all life. Turns out it didn't kill the species so Master Chief has to shoot them and stuff. Also a ton of mystical BS. At least that's what I got from the first two games, haven't played any since.

To be fair there's nothing "mystical" about Halo's story. It's all science fiction. I think you might be referring to the religious nature that drives the Covenant.

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Is that top image what Thanos looked like in Infinity (haven't read it) or are they now taking cues from the MCU design?

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I like how they adapted a D-list character like Batroc the Leaper. In the MCU now he's a terrorist played by George St-Pierre and is an expert in Savate and parkour. They turned him into David Belle from District B-13.

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The only film in phase two that's actually good.

I disagree. I think all three of the Phase 2 movies have been really good. And instead of trying to wow the audience by squeezing out a "first time" experience with the characters, each movie has been a great character piece. Iron Man 3 focused a lot on Tony's insecurity of who he is in a post Avengers world where he now fights side by side with super soldiers, assassins and demi gods, and how his over reliance on his armor has made him forget about his own actual brilliance. Thor 2 focused on Loki and Thor's brotherly ties, and the price of family and loved ones. Where do Thor's responsibilities lay now. Defending Asgard and the nine realms are his responsibility but his place is now on Earth.

Yeah, there are aspects you can nit-pick. I know a lot of people still have a stick up their ass about the"Mandarin" in Iron Man 3. I am not among those people. But after seeing "All Hail the King", the Marvel short that came with Dark World, I think that character is in a very interesting place.

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I'm sure Snyder will deliver but I can't help but have that little tick in the back of my brain that says "Go back to when it all began, for the 100th time. Now remixed. With dubstep and lasers and cool sh*t"

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Wasn't this kind of spoiled already? The armor we've been seeing is what, Mark 48 or something along those lines? The other 39 are copies that Tony's supposed to be controlling form his armor.