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What's that? Power Girl's old costume is back?!

*Purchases issue

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Sorry Netherrealm, you can't impress everyone apparently.

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Hit the gym to give you some leverage. My father is your size but told me in his younger days he had no problem netting women because bodybuilding made him feel big and confident. In the end that's all that matters. I guarantee you'll feel better and meet other ladies who could give fk all about ur height.

@sc said:

Sorry bro, I am only 10 years old, and already I am 7 foot 9 tall, with mansion and swimming pool. I have a ten pack of abs, and huge sexy muscles that make woman and gay men swoon hardcore for my hot bod. Plus I treat people bad, but I good at sex, like real good. Like if sex was Olympic sport I get all gold, silver, bronze medals, and finish first and last and then get voted President of it. Its my charisma and body and height and good at sexiness really, plus I smell nice and date super models - woman ones, and so I can't relate to normal people problems, sorry.

Did I mention I am kind of a big deal? My advice though is spend all your time daydreaming and wishing that you were me. Makes you feel good in side. Peace out!

My second advice though if your imagination not good enough to imagine life as me, don't worry about things you can't change. Worry about things you can change. Height is a relatively superficial trait. If you view shortness as a negative and that it reflects negatively on yourself, what does that tell other people about you? Focus on other things, focus on being happy for your own sake, take up a sport, taking up a martial art, take up dance, take up rock climbing, take up a musical instrument, take up art - life drawing. If you are fond of the idea of having a romantic partner in your life, then do things that increase the size of your social circles, but probably better to find happiness for yourself on your own terms first, which means not worrying about things like height, embrace your height. Then if you are around people, especially those with common and shared interests, you demonstrate to people your best qualities and thats attractive to people, more so than height. I mean if your most attractive quality is that your tall, then your kind of screwed. It is a desirable trait for many people sure, the same way lots of shallow traits can tend to be desirable, but there are a lot of people out there who are deeper with their priorities. Okay now I have to go back to working out my 10 pack. Good luck at finding self acceptance, all people should find it. Not everyone is lucky enough to be born really really really good looking and smelling like me.

I'm glad we can all be adults about discussing a serious topic.

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@lilben42 said:

Great! I was surprised at how good I was with aquaman.

Aquaman is a beast in Injustice! His trident attacks cover a long range and come without warning. Nightwing is my favorite so far, I love how I can alternate between close quarters combat with his escrima and straight melee my opponents or switch to a defensive stance switching to the staff at the drop of a hat. Really need to learn how to integrate my offense and defense with him so I can really flow in there. I'm in the process of learning how to string together his combinations atm. Batman is a great counterstriker, absolutely dig his moveset as well. Then again he's meant to be the most accessible character to pick up and play as for beginners.

Good job DC.

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Strategy games like these really grind my gears. I understand that graphics aren't everything, but wouldn't someone rather player DC Universe? It's also f2p and the online community is pretty good. I'm a fan of RPG games and MMO's but I have to agree with @doordoor123:, the depiction of Infinite crisis leaves something to be desired. If anything, it's a bastardization of MUA and Diablo. How much did the developers smoke before pitching this idea to corporate? My ADD pulled me out about halfway through the vid unfortunately. I kno, I kno.... it's only in the beta stages of testing. But still. -__-

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@ritchieb: I followed the comic for Nightwing but felt let down at the lack of presence he holds. I counted 1 cameo scene where he's sparring Robin in the batcave and mentions to Supes how Damian always tries to sucker in a sneak attack whenever he's not looking, which I guess was foreshadowing. Damian thanks Superman for murdering Joker and Dick begrudgingly pulls him away so Bruce and Kal can have their alone time. Makes sense but I feel mislead.

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Glute envy

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Aye. Poor boy Shazam.

Dick's role in the storyline was minimal. I played through entire chapters waiting for Nightwing to get his turn. Instead we get two cracks at Batman and Cyborg outshining all of his Titan colleagues by beating Slade and actually contributing to the plot. Does the comic ever explain when Nightwing sides with Superman?

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I pre-ordered at gamestop, should there be a redeemable code inside my instruction guide or do I find it online about the red son package?