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@amazoness_lea: AC Nightwing was slightly easier on the eyes. Luckily I heard the Devs say you can swap out any skin from the onset of the game(maybe then we can use the previous models)... unless of course that only applies to Batman! :O

I don't think it's terrible. Hey it's a PLAYABLE Nightwing, how many games can you honestly say that about?? I feel like a kid on Christmas morning nightwing[1].gif

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I probably won't be using that skin other than for the campaign. Rocksteady could do worse..

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@kyle_dornez I wish they'd have just made him Jace from the beginning. I hear people argue he is an amalgam of Damian/Tim. His hardnosed determination comes off as Jason-like to me. I don't understand how come we can't just get to play as a headstrong older Robin casual audiences and teenagers can actually get down with. In a way it helps shed the image of the campy boy sidekick and sets up a big surprise death for later on.

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Grayson #4 gives us a great example of Dick's freerunning skills when he's chased through St. Hadrians. Of course there's tons and tons of examples when it comes to Nightwing. He's got to be somewhere in the top 5..

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...Too busy watching Daredevil instead.

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Exactly why I DON'T watch it.

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Overheard a couple of coworkers of mine discussing Baltimore the other day. The one Jamaican guy commending the behavior explained that things needed to change, and that it was time to stand up.

Other dude was in total agreement and admonished law enforcement, basically telling him he was tired of watching his people never get a fair shake. That they needed to "do something" which in my mind I interpreted as encouraging more violence.

It was heartbreaking but at the same time it terrified me--how two otherwise softspoken, civil gentleman could be afflicted by news coverage that had absolutely nothing to do with them or their daily lives. The media is a scary thing.

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@jayaaerow: AS long as I live that will always be my knock against Barbara Gordon. She's not a one dimensional character and can be written to be compassionate when the situation calls for it.

As a reader I just don't have the patience for waiting on a decades old on and off relationship to suddenly blossom when I know it's eventually going to come at the expense of Dick Grayson's happiness. How many times must a writer visit the same well?

Sometimes I swear Babs is like a window into Gail's subconscious mind where she secretly wishes she could make out with Dick Grayson, then dominate him. I'm not certain whether it's because she's on some female power trip or what. All I know is the story's titled Nightwing/Oracle. She is the b-side to the equation, there's no reason for Dick to be taking the backseat to anyone here. He was the goddamned Batman. Where was that guy at, in the midst of lunging at two overmatched Thanagarians or relying on Babs intel when it came to asking for permission to crash through a window? Oracle isn't a fixture in DC the way Grayson is. Oracles come and go. These event tie-ins are designed to be defining moments for our heroes.

We don't know if we'll ever see them again two months from now. It NEEDS to matter. We need to matter as fans.

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^^^^^ That wasn't awkward opening up in front of my coworkers lol