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smile smile smile hehehehehe
okay, so one day the universe gets made, but you already know that hehehehe, okay, so everything exists, life/death/after life/undeath/non existence/ everything exists together as chaos, but one day, one day, one day chaos gets bored cuz it's fun to be chaos but, being everything and nothing a new game needed to be played, so within itself; everything made this new idea, its just an idea, but chaos never told it that, chaos made up belief, belief began deeming it necessary to make order, order was once again not an absolute truth, but a working idea, for even though belief now symbolized order, good and SANITY, almost all methods of achieving great beliefs like afterlives and religion are obtained through madness, even crazy people can believe things, this is why belief never quite triumphs ideal, order never quite defeats chaos, for they are simply aspects of each other, order and belief won't admit it, nor will chaos or imagination/ that might ruin the game hahahaha there's the problem with you humans, you've got entire universes bouncing back and for behind your eyes and yet you look to the sky as if there's something infinitely more powerful than you, hehehehehehehehehehehe YOU DON"T GET THE JOKE!!!!!!!    hahahahaha