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@petey_is_spidey: Which is stupid since they OWN Captain Marvel now!! If they're fine with Batman overtaking Superman then why not give Captain Marvel a chance?! I love all three, but honestly? Billy DESERVES this

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What? Disney owns Marvel, perfectly legit song now! 0_0

But anyway. Out of the THOUSANDS of reinterpretations, adaptations, and portrayals, both in and OUT of comics, Hercules continues to be a character worth revisiting again and again and Marvel's Hercules is by far one of, if not THE, best adaptations of the Lion of Olympus.

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@mattydavehalpeo: The thing is? I LIKED Earth 2. At first I was against it, could not get into it all that well since they were changing this up WAY too fast in my opinion with the JSA, a team I LOVE and is my favorite cast of characters in DC in general by and large. But? I decided to give it a real shot, despite my gut feeling about it to begin with, and? I was disappointed SO much. It started great for me... Then slowly went down..... And down..... And down...... And yeah. I despise it and I HATE that I despise it since it did NOT have to go in this bizarre and TOTALLY OFF THE WALL direction that doesn't even BEGIN to fit the Justice Society, rebooted version or OTHER WISE!

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The Justice Guild was created as a pastiche of the Justice Society for the Justice League animated series, as they did not have the rights to do the Justice Society proper, though certain characters like Wildcat were cleared later.

Tom Turbine was a combination of the Golden Age Superman and Atom, having an origin more closely tied to Al Pratt as The Atom and his powers being almost identical to Superman in his first appearance. His squinty-eyed appearance is based on that of traditional renderings of Captain Marvel.

Catman was a combination of the Golden Age Batman and Wildcat, though his personality is modeled more after the Adam West version of Batman from the 1960's TV series.

The Streak was its version of Jay Garrick.

Green Guardsman was its version of the Alan Scott as Green Lantern, with his power ring's weakness being aluminum.

Black Siren was its version of the Golden Age Black Canary AKA Dinah Drake.

So with that in mind and the actual Justice Society being over on Earth 2..... Could we see this team implemented in the New 52's past?

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@trickyman86: Yeah I'm getting..... Tolerant of the name change.... But it still feels like a cop-out to just go with Shazam as a name rather than trying to go for something closer to his original

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@trickyman86: Yeah but... DC treats it like they can ONLY call him Shazam or Captain Marvel..... The latter of which being trademarked by well... Marvel. But if Marvel can have a Wonder Man and a Power Man and DC a Wonder Woman and Power Girl.... Why not just do the same with Billy Batson and call him Commander Marvel?

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Why has no one ever considered THAT as a name for Captain Marvel? I mean.... It's always Captain This or Captain That, but not a lot of Commander's worthy of note in comics. Just an idea, but am I alone here?

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@lvenger: Well I wouldn't say he could beat him. In fact I'd actually place Saitama more in Captain Marvel or Captain Atom level, since? He only SEEMS all that powerful since he literally DOES NOT hold back at all on monsters or supervillains, so all those one-shots DO tend to give that impression. Still one cannot deny that he's basically a FAR more amped up Golden Age Superman in terms of powers, like.... Picture Kal-L in his first appearance with nearly SILVER AGE Kal-El power in just the basic powers he had at the time

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In Justice League: Secret Origins and later in JLA: Year One, the Justice League was formed by Green Lantern(Hal Jordan), The Flash(Barry Allen), Aquaman, the Martian Manhunter and Black Canary. Superman and Batman were not founding members, and Wonder Woman's revised continuity precluded her from same.

This wasn't the first time as Superman and Batman were actually relegated to part-time members, though still founding members in early pre-Crisis

The point being... DC could do a Justice League movie with the League already formed and it's about BRINGING the big three into it, or at the very least Superman and Batman with Wonder Woman having already joined. They could be focused on being more discrete... But with the GL Corps getting wind of something big coming and alerting Hal to it, they could see the need to bring in some help... Such as Superman and Batman and depending on how Batman V Superman goes in terms of Clark and Bruce's working relationship.... Could be pretty interesting.

Still it's just an idea... On a related, what DO you think of the line up as seen in Secret Origins and JLA: Year One? If not used in the movies, could we see this as a TV version of the League like say on the CW since they clearly don't wanna use Martian Manhunter in the movies?

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@jkfallen: True, but still. While his abilities will probably remain that way for a while, one can't deny he's probably the only anime/manga character that draws SO MUCH on the Superman mold, feats and all. Seriously he even wears a red cape sometimes or on another note, swap the colors of his gloves and boots with his suit and he's got a Captain Marvel outfit.