Green Lantern TAS: A Dream come True

As a kid I was only barely into comics. I'd read some of my older brother's and occasionally buy a trade or two here and there but it was mainly Marvel, with some DC here and there which was mainly Superman. Anyway, my first encounter with the Green Lantern concept came from reading comics with my grandpa, who had a surprising amount of vintage Golden Age comics he had gotten from my great uncle and added to the collection as the years went on, and that Lantern was Alan Scott. Now up until I started ACTIVALLY reading DC I was under the impression Alan Scott was the ONLY Green Lantern. However I soon discovered the Green Lantern Corps and just fell in love with the mythos.

Now, Green Lantern is a unique superhero to me because I like ALL Green Lanterns. To me they're all just great which is why I do not list a particular Green Lantern in my all time Favorite Heroes list and just have the CONCEPT page for it because so far, every Green Lantern shown I like. Even if they're a background Lantern I usually love their look. My point is Green Lantern can do no wrong for me. I have Lanterns I like less than others for sure, but I still like them.

Now for years I wanted an animated series for the Green Lantern. Something that focused either on the space stuff, the Earth bound stuff, or even a mix of the two which would've been awesome.

My dream came true with Green Lantern the Animated Series. It had everything a Green Lantern fan could ask for! And now it's over. WHY?!?!??!?!?!

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Posted by Avenging-X-Bolt

because Cartoon Network cares more about toy sales then the enjoyment of its viewers

Posted by dondave

@Avenging-X-Bolt said:

because Cartoon Network cares more about toy sales then the enjoyment of its viewers