According to Me: Superman and Anime/Manga

I've noticed that in most anime/manga series there's a character that represents Superman. This can all be traced back to Goku who truly is the Superman of Japan and like with the real Superman from him other heroes started to take after him. Take Naruto Uzumaki for instance. He wears orange, he's blond with spiky hair a lot like a Super Saiyan, and by being the jinchuriki of the strongest tailed beast in existence he's by default the most powerful person on the planet because of it.

What about Luffy? Like Goku and Superman, Luffy is an eternal optimist, always looking on the bright side and towards the future, also like Goku he's got a huge appetite and like Superman he's more than willing to die for what he believes in.

And lastly we have Ichigo Kurosaki. Now how does he fit with either Superman or Goku? Take a look at it like this. He's not human at all if you think about it, he's half Shinigami and something else though I won't spoil for those who aren't up to speed on the latest chapters. He got his powers in his teens, like Superman, and started slowly getting stronger and stronger to the point he could stand against god-like beings and match them. Ichigo also has a great deal in common with a young Clark Kent in that he rejects the idea he's anything but human a lot of times, despite his steady increase in strength as not only a Shinigami but a Vizard as well.

So is it just me or has Superman had an effect on the Eastern heroes as well as the western?

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I can say that a lot of works tend to be influence from other works. I remember hearing that the original Dragonball was based on the journey to the west story. I tend to think that Naruto really has its inspiration from old Asian Folklore and Beliefs. Now One Punch Man would definitely one I think would be inspired by Superman, it is mostly a comedy in its own right.

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Hafta say, Luffy and Superman are nothing alike. Luffy likes and admires heroes, and even has heroes, but he himself doesn't want to be one. Luffy will let destruction go on, so long as his friends or anyone he likes isn't in trouble. Luffy wants nothing more than incredible, epic, unpredictable adventure, even if he is putting himself in obvious danger. Luffy does what he wants and doesn't care what other people think, even if it's completely retarded.

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Uhh no , superman is lord jesus christ in spehss with a red cape

Goku was inspired by sun wukong which in turn was inspired by hanoman, these things existed literally centuries before siegel & shuster sicced their lawyers at anything remotely resembling their caped figures

But then again Ichigo might be part Kryptonian too

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@Rumble Man: Let's transport Sun Wukong to a foreign planet and have ours destroyed (by a tyrant overlord) and have some old guy raise him to be gentle to all that is good, but hell to all that is bad. Let's then have some mercenaries from our planet track him down and try to kill him. Let's do it!

Superman is just as much an inspiration of Goku's character as Wukong.

But, I did like that bit about Siegel and Shuster. Lord knows that's true.

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@Twentyfive: Wukong was inspired by hanoman and the whole planet enslavement thing happened with moses and the pharaoh waay before that

minus smoking the burning bush

and nope, the earliest version of superman (which appeared in a sci-fi mag) is an outright villain by the name of william dunn (Reign of Superman, who has more in common with ultra-humanite and luthor compared to the 'man of steel' stolen from steel sterling by limp-d!cked lawyers that we know today)

He is not inspired by the blue boyscout

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@Rumble Man: I meant Goku. I apologize tremendously. But the way I typed my comment, one can almost see my humor.

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@Twentyfive: No worries, got the gist of it

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