According to Me: Is it time for a new Riddler story arc?

Okay Riddler is my favorite Batman villain(Joker is just a favorite villain in general), but we haven't gotten to see him DO anything in the New 52. Personally I would like them to make Riddler Joker's equal, like how dangerous he is.

How to do this? Riddler is a narcissist and people with severe narcissism are known to do things that will get them attention, anything really. If it involves doing something horrible? Then yeah they'll do it. Full list of what narcissism entails are as follows:

Reacting to criticism with anger, shame, or humiliation

Taking advantage of others to reach own goals

Exaggerating own importance, achievements, and talents

Imagining unrealistic fantasies of success, beauty, power, intelligence, or romance

Requiring constant attention be it positive or negative

Becoming jealous easily

Lacking empathy and disregarding the feelings of others

Being obsessed with self

Pursuing mainly selfish goals

Trouble keeping healthy relationships

Becoming easily hurt and rejected

Setting goals that are unrealistic

Wanting "the best" of everything

This fits Riddler to a T. Also here's something that furthers the point

A lot of these traps for the people Batman has to save in the game would definitely lead to a Saw-esque death. Which actually brings me to my next point. Currently there's been a theme going for all of Batman's villains. Make them horror themed. This really started with Rocksteady's Arkham game series, with characters like Scarecrow, Solomon Grundy, and Riddler to name a few being more or less modeled after horror movie characters. Scarecrow after Freddy Kruger, Grundy after Frankenstein(The electrical aspect and undead nature), and finally Riddler who's traps were obviously lifted right out of Saw.

What I would like to see is a story where Riddler gets an idea. People are always afraid of The Joker while they treat him with little respect. This drives Mr. Nigma to step up his game. Now this isn't to say he's not compelling on his own or to compare him to Joker, but with his narcissism Riddler wouldn't take this lying down. Picture this scene in a comic

Sure he's never done anything this bad, but if you're going for a darker more driven version then this is pretty much what you'd get. Now this isn't to say make Riddler a Jigsaw rip off, but make it where he's a VERY big threat that's pushing Batman not only mentally but physically.


Smart_Dork_Dude Reviews: Evil Dead(2013)

First off I must say this. Anyone who is an Evil Dead fan NEEDS to see this film. There is so much attention to detail and references to the original films that it was enough to make me geek out so hard!!!

Now to address the elephant in the room, no there is no Ash character in this movie. No one is named Ash, has the last name Williams, nothing. However the traits of Ash are spread throughout the main characters. The character David shows Ash's resourcefulness, and the character of Eric has Ash's near inhuman ability to take a LOT of punishment, to name a couple.

The effects in this movie were EXTREMELY well done practical effects with only one or two instances of CGI that I noticed and even then it was so little that I didn't even care because the way the scene was shot it needed the CGI. I can tell you that I have gotten so sick of CGI in my horror movies that I can't tell you how relieved I was that it was used only when needed in this movie.

The next part of this review is a spoiler just as a warning.

Mia is the last survivor and has something in common with Ash as well. She was possessed for a good chunk of the movie, but managed to break free of this.

Also at the premiere of the movie, the director Fede Alvarez announced that a sequel is in the works. In addition, Sam Raimi confirmed plans to write Evil Dead 4 with his brother and has specified that this film would be Army of Darkness 2.

Also for those of you unable to attend the panel at WonderCon last month, Bruce Campbell and Alvarez stated that their ultimate plan is for Alvarez's Evil Dead 2 and Raimi's Army of Darkness 2 to be followed by a seventh film which would merge the narratives of both the original series and this new take. Can anyone say "Return of The King"?

So with that in mind, just go see this movie. If you love Evil Dead or are just looking for a GENUINELY scary horror movie then this is the perfect film for you.

Also I HIGHLY encourage you hard core Evil Dead fans to stick around after the credits for a "groovy" surprise

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According to Me: DC and Hypertime

Not too long ago DC came up with the idea of Hypertime. The basic premise of the idea was summed up by writer Mark Waid as, "It's all true." It presumes that all of the stories ever told about a DC character in any medium are equally valid stories. For example, despite overt contradictions between the versions of Superman (and his adventures, supporting characters, and setting) that appeared in:

1: The 30's and 40's comics by Joe Shuster and Jerry Siegel,

2: Portrayed by George Reeves in the 50's TV series,

3: Depicted in 60's and 70's comics drawn by Kurt Schaffenberger or Curt Swan,

4:Portrayed by Christopher Reeve in the 1978 movie and its sequels,

5: Portrayed by Dean Cain in the 90's TV series Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman,

6: Portrayed by Tom Welling in the 2000's TV series Smallville,

7: Depicted in the DC animated universe by Bruce Timm and Paul Dini or

8: Portrayed by Brandon Routh in Superman Returns.

No one of these versions supersedes any other as canon. This was a break away from the unconnected alternate universe idea that DC had originally utilized with the multiverse.

As it appears within comic stories themselves, Hypertime is a superdimensional construct which, under very limited circumstances, can allow versions of characters from one continuity to interact with versions from another. For example, in The Kingdom , a version of Superman extrapolated into the future briefly encounters the Golden Age Kal-L.

Hypertime works like this. The timeline and continuity background of any given story is like a river, with a nearly infinite number of distributaries, AKA alternate timelines, branching off. Most of the time, these alternate timelines go off on their own and never intersect with the main timeline. On occasion, the branches return, feeding back into the main timeline, sometimes permanently or temporarily. Thus, history can sometimes change momentarily and then change back(or not). Because alternate timelines have been "splitting off" from the main flow for as long as it has existed, vast numbers of very different versions of any given character or situation can exist. If characters from a very different Hypertimeline move into another, this accelerates the process of change, causing more noticeable yet shorter changes to the timeline. For example when the Titans were visited by their counterparts from The Kingdom, Jesse Quick was briefly replaced by a version who had taken her mother's Liberty Belle identity.

Aside from a mention in the later 52 series Hypertime as a concept has been all but dropped. I despise this. Why? Not only was it a fantastic idea in that it allowed for a unique look at how an alternate reality works, but with the New 52 it could have saved the pre-New 52. If Hypertime as a concept was kept, then it would easily allow for things from the pre-New 52 universe to be worked in.

Now I can handle change, but the major thing that completely irks and just outright makes me rage about the New 52 is the callous destruction of history. The Justice Society of America? The first superhero team in history? Yeah, gone with it's members ruined with nothing short of another reboot that can save them. The Teen Titans? A long running series that showed sidekicks can be just as good heroes as their mentors? Gone with the original team members having NEVER been members and at this point over half probably don't exist or have even met each other!!!

My point is that you cannot do that. I would've taken the universe going back down to square one than this!!! Dick Grayson is still the one and only Robin, Superman haven't having died yet, no Superboy, everything the way it was at the start of the Silver Age. Why? Because at least THAT way it would've stopped ONE team(Titans) from being mangled and destroyed!!!

In other words with Hypertime DC could have appeased older fans by saying that the pre-New 52 still exists, but that they'd be focusing on a NEW timeline now. That would have been fine with me because the characters I know and love would still be themselves and still exist. Now? DC has basically killed off their entire universe and replaced their heroes with new ones. Sure some are good replacements(Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, Flash), but the others just aren't. They're not even in the same league(No pun intended) as their pre-New 52 selves.

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According to Me: Superman and Anime/Manga

I've noticed that in most anime/manga series there's a character that represents Superman. This can all be traced back to Goku who truly is the Superman of Japan and like with the real Superman from him other heroes started to take after him. Take Naruto Uzumaki for instance. He wears orange, he's blond with spiky hair a lot like a Super Saiyan, and by being the jinchuriki of the strongest tailed beast in existence he's by default the most powerful person on the planet because of it.

What about Luffy? Like Goku and Superman, Luffy is an eternal optimist, always looking on the bright side and towards the future, also like Goku he's got a huge appetite and like Superman he's more than willing to die for what he believes in.

And lastly we have Ichigo Kurosaki. Now how does he fit with either Superman or Goku? Take a look at it like this. He's not human at all if you think about it, he's half Shinigami and something else though I won't spoil for those who aren't up to speed on the latest chapters. He got his powers in his teens, like Superman, and started slowly getting stronger and stronger to the point he could stand against god-like beings and match them. Ichigo also has a great deal in common with a young Clark Kent in that he rejects the idea he's anything but human a lot of times, despite his steady increase in strength as not only a Shinigami but a Vizard as well.

So is it just me or has Superman had an effect on the Eastern heroes as well as the western?


Fox to Merge X-Men and Fantastic Four into one Universe

The current rumor floating around is that Fox is planning to merge their Fantastic Four and X-Men franchises. Okay to me this would be a disaster. Fantastic Four doesn't lend itself to the X-Men styled universe. They have powers like mutants, but the Fantastic Four have always been loved in the Marvel universe by the general populace. They're celebrities AND superheroes. Public identities, and even despite Thing's monster-like appearance is an accepted hero who people have little, if any, trouble with. Yeah, doesn't really sound like it would mesh well with a universe where people with powers are hated and feared.

The F4 would work a lot better in Marvel Cinematic Universe in that respect, especially considering the fact they've had more to do with the Avengers than the X-Men over the years. In fact Reed and Sue were Avengers for a time, as was Ben, and I think Johnny was at one point in an alternate universe. My point is that for the Fantastic Four to be portrayed properly they would need to be in a universe where people are more accepting of people with powers. The Marvel Cinematic universe is perfect for this. Now Spider-Man would work in an X-Men styled universe. He's usually portrayed as the hero no one likes in New York, therefore he fits right in with a universe of hated mutants.


Green Lantern TAS: A Dream come True

As a kid I was only barely into comics. I'd read some of my older brother's and occasionally buy a trade or two here and there but it was mainly Marvel, with some DC here and there which was mainly Superman. Anyway, my first encounter with the Green Lantern concept came from reading comics with my grandpa, who had a surprising amount of vintage Golden Age comics he had gotten from my great uncle and added to the collection as the years went on, and that Lantern was Alan Scott. Now up until I started ACTIVALLY reading DC I was under the impression Alan Scott was the ONLY Green Lantern. However I soon discovered the Green Lantern Corps and just fell in love with the mythos.

Now, Green Lantern is a unique superhero to me because I like ALL Green Lanterns. To me they're all just great which is why I do not list a particular Green Lantern in my all time Favorite Heroes list and just have the CONCEPT page for it because so far, every Green Lantern shown I like. Even if they're a background Lantern I usually love their look. My point is Green Lantern can do no wrong for me. I have Lanterns I like less than others for sure, but I still like them.

Now for years I wanted an animated series for the Green Lantern. Something that focused either on the space stuff, the Earth bound stuff, or even a mix of the two which would've been awesome.

My dream came true with Green Lantern the Animated Series. It had everything a Green Lantern fan could ask for! And now it's over. WHY?!?!??!?!?!


Evil Dead 4 still a go?

Sam Raimi has currently said that he and his brother Ted Raimi will be working on a script for Evil Dead 4 this summer. Now normally I would be taking this with a grain of salt as Raimi has been saying Evil Dead 4 will be coming for a while now. However with the release of the new Evil Dead so close at hand, and being a producer for it, it makes sense to me that Raimi may indeed be on track to actually make Evil Dead 4. Think about it, both Bruce and Sam have been working on this new movie, which is a reimagining of the original Evil Dead, which I see as something to really ignite Raimi's love for his second best known trilogy. Source of this news?

So what do you guys think about this? If there was an Evil Dead 4, what would the story be? Bruce Campbell is guaranteed naturally, but does that mean Ash will have a major part in the movie or just a cameo? Could this work?


According to Me: Why the Golden Age should not be forgotten

The Golden Age. What a wondrous time. It was during this time that the world was introduced to something that would change media forever. And it all started with three sentences.

"Faster than a speeding bullet! More powerful than a locomotive! Able to leap tall buildings in a single bound!"

These were the words used to describe the FIRST superhero. Everything in superhero comics that was, is, and will be must all be attributed to Superman or should I say Kal-L? Yes the first Superman, the GOLDEN AGE Superman. Everything that is Superman, from Krypton to Metropolis, it all started with Kal-L.

From Superman came other costumed adventurers, other "superheroes" as they were called, that were created by DC Comics. The Batman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, The Flash, Aquaman, Hawkman, Plastic Man, the list goes on!

Soon other companies created their own heroes. For Timely Comics, their first superhero was Namor the Sub-Mariner, then Captain America and his sidekick Bucky Barnes, The Destroyer, the Whizzer, Miss America, and Nick Fury and the Howling Commandos.

However as time went on and people began buying less and less superhero comics, mainly due to outside forces claiming them to cause violent streaks in children, the Golden Age ended.

However, soon enough the Silver Age of Comics was to begin! Timely Comics had become Marvel Comics, published their first superhero book in years, The Fantastic Four! From there DC Comics, began to revamp their old Golden Age titles. They created a new Green Lantern, a new Flash, even a new Superman!

However there was a problem. DC had been publishing Superman nonstop even during the times between the Golden and Silver Ages. This would mean that they still had to deal with Kal-L who was to be replaced with Kal-El the modern Superman. The solution? An alternate universe. DC Comics created the idea of a multiverse and placed all their Golden Age heroes on Earth Two while all of their modern Silver Age heroes would be on Earth One. This meant they could still publish their Golden Age characters and titles like the Justice Society of America without it breaking any kind of continuity with their Earth One titles.

However Marvel had not forgotten about the characters from their Timely Comics days. No sir! In fact, they made it so that all of their Golden Age tales did indeed happen in their new Marvel universe. Namor was still well and kicking and Captain America himself was found frozen in the arctic. In fact it was because of Namor he was found! Since Captain America's thawing, countless characters from Marvel's Golden Age have returned! Nick Fury became the head of the spy organization SHIELD, Captain America became leader of the Avengers, Namor becoming an infrequent Fantastic Four villain/ally, the original Human Torch making his come back, and so many more!

But what of DC? Well after many years the Earth Two universe and Earth One universes merged, with DC now having an entire history of heroes spanning decades into the past! All seemed well with this situation! The newer heroes still existed and had the older heroes could act as mentors to the younger generation of crime fighters!

Unfortunately. This was not to last. DC, in an attempt to draw in new readers, destroyed every trace of their Golden Age roots and "revamped" their Golden Age characters along with their rebooted DC universe. But what of the Justice Society you ask? It's gone. It's members only shallow husks of their former selves. DC has made a grave mistake in this. They have rebooted their Golden Age characters into Earth 2, where they are only the same characters in name alone.

On Marvel's side? Captain America, Bucky, Namor, the original Human Torch, Nick Fury, everything that they have of their Golden Age still exists and their Golden Age is still canon........ unlike DC's.

The Golden Age is a part of history. Marvel has treasured theirs, even making the ORIGINAL Captain America one of their flagship characters. DC on the other hand has callously thrown their history away and with that is weaker for it. It's easy to forget.

With that I pay a send off to DC's Golden Age with a tribute to the first superhero team ever made, the Justice Society of America.